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It's been said that 60 Minutes is America's TV magazine of professional journalism.. On the other hand, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics often says that journalism in America has been dead for the last 15 or so years. I have been a devoted fan of 60 Minutes for many years. It's one thing to question whether journalism in 60 Minutes still exists, but I know for sure what doesn't still exist--and that is opinion letters from TV viewers. At the end of each show, 60 Minutes would read about 3 letters that commented on segments in a previous show. I would like to correct that omission by giving the opinions of at least one individual--namely me.


May 9, 2021
1) The Martian probe Perseverance - The US space probe was launched on July 30th of last year; and it landed on Mars in February on the 18th.
* Its mission is to look for life.
* Not only are the people at NASA joyful of its success, but also so are the companies who built it.
* Perseverance also includes a helicopter with a camera which is built of strong light-weight materials.
* The challenge of the helicopter is to fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars.
* The cost of the program was $85 million.
* Both the rover and the helicopter are mostly controlled by computers. Control by humans is not fast enough. 
* Scientist estimate Mars to be 3.5 billion years old.
* One scientist said if life is not found on Mars, it is unlikely it will be found anywhere else.
* Life on Mars could possible be something we don't know about. "How do you look for life as we don't know?" is the question.
Comment 1: We seemed to be locked into believing that the evolution "theory" is true, and that Mars, Earth, and the universe are billions of years old. If the solar system were that old, the sun would have been much hotter than it is now and would have melted the inner planets. 
Comment 2: We go to Mars in search of life. If life cannot be found on Mars, then it's not likely to be found anywhere else, one scientist tells us. Perhaps life will be found on Mars simply because we have already begun to contimate it with life from Earth. Scientists who think life evolved on Mars have to accept the theory of spontaneous generation which is the belief that living matter came from non-living matter. This has been proven unscientific. The scientific law is that life can only come from life; and living matter can only come from living matter.
2) The Ritchie Boys - World War II's greatest heroes. 
* German born - they were mostly Jews
* One of them was Guy Stern, now 99 years old.
* He was born in Hildesheim, Germany. 
* When Hitler came to power, he was a student in school. He told his father, "Classes are becoming a torture chamber."
* His family could only send one of their members to escape to America. He was the one; and he was only 15 years old.
* Looking back on how valuable his service was to the USA. He said he was only doing his job.
* He and the other took satisfaction that they were getting revenge on Hitler.
* He discovered that every member of his family in Germany were killed. 
* The Ritchie Boys take their name from the military school in Ritchie, Maryland. 
* Their performance during the war was rated as "very effective." Sixty percent or more of the information obtained from the enemy was gathered by the Ritchie Boys.
* The Ritchie Boys were trained in intelligence gathering and in fighting. Guy Stern said he was trained to sneak up on an enemy soldier with a bayonet, put his bayonet to the soldier's neck, and then "boom."
* The Ritchie Boys were mingled in with all parts of the US Army. They fought from D-Day to the invasion of Germany to the Battle of the Bulge.
* They interrogated the prisoners. They wanted to know where the mine field were and where the machine guns were.
* They tried to be friendly with the prisoners. Violence and threat of violence didn't work.
* One of them posed as a Russian commissar. They said the German prisoners feared them the most.
* Sad stories include one of the Ritchie Boys being shot and killed by American GI's because of his German accent.
* They were shocked by the horrors of the Nazi death camps with the sight of people who were close to death. 
* They keep in touch with each other.
* The contributions they made to this country make each of them feel they have the right to be an American.


3) Short Note On Exploring the Ancient Ruins of Via -
* From gathering facts about the undersea ruins, scientists were able to reconstruct how this Mediterranean city once looked like.


May 2, 2021
1) Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin -
* He says we are competing against Communist Red China. 
* We do not wish to contain Communist Red China.
* The situation with Communist Red China has worsened. They are becoming more repressive at home and more aggressive abroad.
* It is not in anyone's interest for a military confrontation.
* He said we are in the dawn of a new cold war.
* Comparing Communist Red China with the USA: Communist Red China thinks long term while the USA thinks short term. We are starting to learn to think long term.
* On Afghanistan, our troops are leaving, but we will have a presence there with economic assistance.
* Guantanamo Bay is to be closed.
* On illegal immigrants, 170,000 are in custody.
* Claims that the Joe Biden Administration inherited a broken system when it came to stopping illegal aliens from entering our country.
* His message to illegal aliens: Don't come in.
* He wants to treat unaccompanied alien children humanely.
* On Ukraine, he said there's Russian troops building up on the border, but they are pulling back.

Comment 1: So far, the only thing I have against Anthony Blinkin is that he is an outspoken critic of Israel. He is also the former Secretary of State under Obama. I don't consider that an asset to this country. 
Comment 2: "We don't wish to contain (Communist Red) China." Joe Biden is often called "Joe China" in conservative news sites. They say that Communist Red China has been funding his family businesses. 
Comment 3: He said it is not in anyone's interest for a military confrontation. What does Communist Red China say about that? They say the South China Sea belongs to them. They say Taiwan belongs to them; and they will take by force if they have to. They have the largest army and the largest navy in the world. One of their generals said that their goal to take over North America and Australia and to extinguish everyone on those two continents.

Comment 4: Blinkin says that illegal aliens are not welcome in the USA. His message to them, "Don't come in," appears to be an outright lie when you read this article on how Biden is preventing the deportation of most of the illegal aliens that enter this country. It is as Mr. Trump told us, that criminals are being allowed into our country.
2) The Manufacture of Microchips -
* Microchips are used in every part of our daily lives-in our hospitals, in our cars, and in our computers.
* There are fewer companies manufacturing microchips. Intel of Phoenix AZ is the one and only company making microchips in the USA.
* Leslie Stahl had to suit up from head to toe in something like a space suit before going inside the factory to look around. 
* It takes 6 months to make a microchip.
* Each machine involved in the manufacturing of microchips costs billions of dollars.
* There is a shortage of microchips. It will take years to catch up to the demand.
* There are only three companies in the world who manufacture microchips.
* The USA use to manufacture 37% of the world's microchips. Now it only manufactures 12%.
* A promise of $50 billion by Joe Biden to help out our microchip industry.
* The most advanced microcomputer chips that are used by Microsoft, Apple and other computer companies are made by TSMC of Taiwan--the leader in microchip manufacturing.
* Because it takes 6 months to manufacture a microchip, it takes 7 to 8 months for the microchips to move down the supply line.
* More money should come from the US government for research and development of American-made microchips.

* TSMC is investing in computer manufacturing factories right next door to Intel in Phoenix AZ.
* Twenty five percent of the customers of microchips are in Communist Red China. 
* Taiwan's safety is in doubt. There is no telling what will happen to Taiwan in the future.

Comment 1: I am surprised we had any microchip manufacturers left in this country. I thought Communist Red China put them all out of business. Maybe I suspected there might be a few American microchip manufacturers who build the computers for our military.

Comment 2: Perhaps the reason why TSMC is investing in a plant right next door to Intel in Phoenix AZ is because Taiwan's safety is in doubt during the Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration. 
3) Michael Lewis - author of The Premonition.
* He said scientists foresaw the coming of the COVID-19 epidemic.
* There are other events of the future he can foresee happening.
* He saw the welding of doors shut in Communist Red China to contain the COVID-19 virus.
* There's a group called the Wolverines whose mission is to make Americans aware of and to respond to the CORVID-19 epidemic.
* On the ocean cruiser Diamond Princess, 30% of the passengers were infected with the virus. He predicted that 300,000 could die from these infected passengers.
4) Those people who are willing to roll up their sleeves to be injected by the COVID-19 vaccination are becoming fewer and fewer. There are incentives to have them take their shots such as offering them free drinks.

Comment 1: I still haven't gotten my shots. I am still worried that the vaccine will cause death as it has with a few individuals.

Comment 2: In the web site below, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch talks (starting in time frame 34:15 and ending in time frame 34:30) about the lockdowns of churches as a way of persecuting the Christian church.


April 25, 2021
1) The Prosecution -
* Officer Derek Chauvin who is accused of killing George Floyd.
* McMillian was crying in the courtroom for him.
* One half of the police force is white, the other half is black and Hispanic.
* The white policemen looked defiant because they are never convicted of murder.
* George Floyd did everything he was told to do except go into the police truck because he was claustrophobic.
* Nobody wants revenge--only accountability. 

Comment: I may be wrong, but this reminds me of the O.J. Simpson trial in which a black man was accused of killing two white people, but the black man was declared "not guilty." Many blacks are anti-white; and there are more than a few whites who are anti-black. It's a case of black vs. white. This story should not have been shown on 60 Minutes.
2) Alexei Navalny - Political opponent of Russia's Putin.
* Was treated for drug overdose.
* His family and friends wrote letters to Putin for his help.
* Alexi was sent to Berlin for treatment for strongest poison created by man - Novichok. 
* France's Macron and Germany's Merkel criticizes Putin for use of poison. USA's Trump does not.
* Corruption in Russia being exposed by Alexi. Yachts and mansions are given away for favors.
* Alexi's skin was dyed green; he was beaten, arrested, and jailed.
* The whole system in Russia is corrupt - police, judges, courts, and the media.
* Concern for his two children? He is fully supported by his wife and two grown children (son and daughter). 
* Biden warns of consequences if Navalny dies while in Russian custody.

Comment 1: "The whole system in Russia is corrupt - the police, the judges, the courts, and the media." It sounds a lot like the USA. We even have a man in the WH that many say got there through voter fraud.

Comment 2: If Navalny dies, there's nothing we can do to Russia--unless I'm missing something. Russia can tough it out. They need nothing from the West. I think Putin is having a big laugh over this.
3) Showstopper -
* Live music and dancing discontinued in NYC.
* The music and dancing is the human connection between the entertainers and the audience.
* Of those entertainers, 95% are currently unemployed. They are selling their homes and musical instruments to pay off their bills.

Comment 1: My opinion is that the reaction to the COVID-19 disease is exaggerated, I have seen signs on the doors of stores and restaurants that say, "If you are sick, don't come in here." I think that is enough. People who are coughing shouldn't be allowed in a public building. We should be zealous about using disinfectants. But we shouldn't shut down our theaters, stadiums and churches. 
Comment 2: There are some people who say the closing down public buildings is some kind of power grab. I am inclined to believe this--especially when there are states like South Dakota and Texas who have no shutdowns and no requirements for wearing of masks. 


April 18, 2021
1) The Oath Keepers -
* They are known as an anti-government militia group.
* Four hundred members of their group have been charged with some crime that was committed in the Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol.
* Their main means of communication is through Zello. Over 150 million people use that talk system.
* Conversations can easily be intercepted and recorded. One message that was recorded was "Revolution or bust."
* As a Far Right organization, their communications should have been paid more attention to.
* Since Jan. 6, Zello has deleted 2,000 channels.
* One of the leaders of Oath Keepers is Stewart Rhodes from Lexington MA. He is an honorably discharged veteran who served in the Army for four years.
* The Oath Keepers consider themselves to be guardians of the Constitution. 
* They considered Donald Trump "their" man when he was in the White House.
* Some Oath Keepers consider Rhodes to be too violent.
* The Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers is the largest chapter in the country. Jim Arroyo is the vice president of that chapter.

Comment 1: So just who are the Oath Keepers? What oath are they keeping? Almost everyone (Wikipedia, Southern Poverty Law Center, 60 Minutes, Anti-Defamation League) describes them as an anti-government, right-wing, radical, fringe organization. Their oath and loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States. On 60 Minutes, they claim that they are against evil. "Evil" as they define it is opposing the words of the Constitution. You are either for the Constitution or against it. Nothing is mentioned about God. So would i join this organization? I am slightly curious about it, but I don't think I would join it. Their web site is if you want more information on them.

Comment 2: It's been said that the left-moderate-right view has been shifting towards the left. So that the moderate people JFK would have nominated to the courts and appoint to his cabinet back in his day would be considered conservative and Far Right in our day. 


2) The CDC Says That Racism Is A Threat To Health -
* Unequal access to quality health care.
* There are 200 premature deaths per day.
* In countries like South Africa, Australia, and the UK there is discrimination.
* A black college graduate is three times more likely to die than white college graduates.
* The N word is used. Someone goes by flying the Confederate flag.
* Need to improve living conditions to improve health.
* The need to lower obesity and to eat healthy foods.
* No store in black neighborhoods.
* Carver Markets of Atlanta is trying to alleviate that problem.
* The mayor of Atlanta commented that it took 400 years to get into this dilemma. It will take a while to reach a solution.

Comment 1: It is unfortunate that there is a difference in the quality of medical care received by whites and blacks. Is it racism like 60 Minutes implies? My guess is that more white people have higher paying jobs with better and more comprehensive health care. On the other hand, most black people rely on Medicare and Medicaid which isn't as good. 
Comment 2: There was mentioned that the neighborhood where these black people lived is rat infested. Rat control should be the responsibility of both the residents and the city government. Garbage should be disposed of in metal cans so that there is nothing to attract the rats. Buildings should be secure so that no rats can enter any structure from the outside. The city should educate the residents on rat control in their neighborhood.   

Once, when I was a member of Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, I was reading in one of their magazines which they sent me, which was Tomorrow's World. Tomorrow's World was a much more spiritual magazine then The Plain Truth. It was sent to Church members only; it was not for the general public. In one issue, there was an article on Brasilia--Brazil's brand new capital city. Brazil boasted that it was the City of Tomorrow. The Church's response to that was, "Maybe, but there is one thing wrong with it--today's people." The magazine showed pictures of brand new high rise apartment buildings that were turned into an ugly, blighted slum area. "Tomorrow's cities will have tomorrow's people," stated Tomorrow's World. As the Bible warns, "And it shall come to pass, if you will harken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and do all His commandments which I command you this day, that the Lord your God will set you on high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come on you and overtake you if you shall harken to the voice of the Lord your God: Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field..." (Deuteronomy 28:1-3) "But it shall come to pass, if you will not harken to the voice of the Lord your God to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command you this day, that all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you: Cursed shall you be in the city and cursed shall you be in the field..." (Deuteronomy 28:15-16). It matters that people learn to obey the laws of sanitation and cleanliness as well as the laws of love and mercy.

3) Viola Davis - Triple Crown of Acting
* She gradually climbed her way to the top.
* She first had a career in recording.
* She never felt feminine.
* She played the part of a bisexual character.
* She pushed the bounds of femininity.
* She was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island.
* When she was in high school, she decided she wanted to be an actress.
* She has a need to tell people how others feel.
* The movie industry thinks of her as second rate. 
* Now she is calling the shots.

4) A Look Back At The Report Done On Global Warming -
The ice sheet in Greenland is constantly melting.


April 11, 2021
1) An Interview with Jerome Powell - Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. 
* He predicts a strong economy in the near future.
* Right now, some parts of the economy are good while other parts of the economy are bad.
* An example of the bad economy - some people are forced to live in tents.
* The interest rates are being held to zero %.
* Back in 1980, the interest rates were 20%.
* $800 billion were borrowed by investors to invest in stocks.
* Cyber attacks are occurring on all institutions.

Comment 1: It is difficult to understand all that. My thinking is that Joe Biden will be allowing more Communist Red Chinese goods to enter the USA. Communist Red China likes to cheat on trades deals wherever and whenever they can. Donald Trump would not let them do that. Joe Biden will.

Comment 2: He mentions that cyber attacks are occurring on all institutions. In other words, the Communist Red Chinese army is as busy as ever trying to disrupt our banks and educational institutions and is also trying to steal our technology from our companies. The American news media isn't suppose to say anything bad about Communist Red China. It seems like Jerome Powell was just barely able to sneak that little piece of information in there.
2) Report On The Progress of the COVID19 Cures -
* There is an active program being carried out by DARPA and other agencies. 
* One method of treatment is a device that takes blood out of the patient's body, filters out the germs and bacteria, and then pumps the purified blood back into the body.
* Another device is placed under the skin so that it monitors different aspects of the blood.
* In 1918, there was the Spanish flu epidemic which caused widespread suffering and deaths. There are still patients close to 100 years old in which the immune cell of that disease can be extracted from their bodies.
* The search goes on for the "needle in the haystack" immunity cell. There are immunity cells for each and every disease. We just need to find that particular immunity cell and activate it.
* There is currently two COVID19 vaccines for two varieties of COVID19. In 5 years, there will be a vaccine that will be able to cure all varieties of COVID19.

Comment: I am skeptical about these predictions. It seems too good to be true. There are sources (including 60 Minutes) who say that the American medical field only cares about making money. They don't want you to be healthy and immune to disease. 
3) Prince -
* Prince Rogers Nelson was a prolific writer of rock songs. 
* One album that is about to be released is Welcome to America. Another album is Check The Road.
* His schedule was 24/7--writing and playing music.
* He could play any musical instrument.
* He died at the age of 57 on April 21, 2016 from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. 
* He left no heirs. He left no will. 
* He is survived by his father, a sister and two ex wives.

Comment 1: Prince lived a life of success and failure. He was highly talented in the music business and reaped the rewards of a successful career. But he seemed to be a failure in love and marriage. This is like the USA in which we highly value money and financial success, but are poor in spiritual matters. The Bible mentions those of us who obtain wealth but are poor towards God. In I Corinthians 13:1-2, it says, "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries, and have not charity, I am nothing."

Comment 2: Prince was known to stay awake 24/7. This is incredibly unhealthy. The loss of sleep was sure to have wrecked his physical and mental health. 


April 4, 2021 (Easter Sunday)
1) The Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccination-
* Biden Administration has set a goal of 90% of the USA population to be vaccinated by April 19th.
* Palm Beach, Florida is giving vaccinations. They are the only town in the county to give out vaccinations. West Palm Beach says they are ready and willing to give out the vaccine. 
* Mistakes have been made. Vaccine meant for the poor areas are instead going to the rich areas.
* Florida Governor Ron Desantis is trying to make sure the vaccine is available to all senior citizens.
* Rich folks from all over the world are traveling to Palm Beach to get their COVID-19 shots.
* Some folks have no problem getting their shots. They make an appointment, travel to where they have to go, then they get their shots.
* Others have difficulty making an appointment. Only 2% of blacks have been vaccinated; and only 3% of Hispanics are vaccinated. These groups make up 50% of the population.
* Places where vaccinations are available are 25 miles away.
* Publix is given responsibility for vaccinating the public. Publix is an active political campaign donor. They charge Medicare $40 for each person they vaccinate.

Comment 1: Joe Biden set a goal of April 19 when America will be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Will that mean America will go back to normal? No, according to Dr. Fauci. We will still have to wear masks to avoid spreading the disease to those who weren't vaccinated. There's also news from Israel that even though most of the people there have been vaccinated, that the disease continues to spread in that country.
Comment 2: The importance of the COVID-19 vaccine seems to have been blown all out of proportion. Not only do we absolutely NEED to get our vaccination as soon as possible, but there seems to be some kind of race war or class warfare of rich vs poor and white vs black. Those who are rich and white are getting their shots while those who are poor and black are not. 
Comment 3: It is still my opinion that Hydroxychloroquine is the best answer to the cornavirus problem. That, and staying warm, and taking your vitamins--especially vitamin c. 
Comment 4: I am having doubts that people in warm climates are in danger of the "dreaded" COVID-19. There is plenty of sunshine and plenty of ultraviolet rays to destroy the cornavirus germs and to keep everyone healthy.
Comment 5: Republican Governor Ronald Desantis of Florida seems to be the liberal MSM's new favorite target. There are reports that 60 Minutes edited the segment so that much of what Gov. Desantis said is missing. 
2) Darren Walker - President of the Ford Foundation
* Homosexual; but his partner died a few years ago.
* He believes that philanthropy in America needs a major rethinking.
* The Ford Foundation gives out $14 billion or 1,500 grants a year to groups like PBS (Public Broadcasting Station).
* They are trying to fight inequality.
* Darren Walker was born in Ames, Texas. He comes from a large family. His father won't see him. 
* He believes in capitalism even though the top few rich own more wealth than all the poor people at the bottom.
* He's trying to help in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic. Theaters and others in the arts and crafts industry are closing and are in need of help.
* He says Americans must give up some of our privileges if we want to survive.

Comment 1: Darren Walker is a homosexual because, according to what I learned at one of the Armstrong churches services I attended, he had an indfferent, uncaring, and absent father. The elder who gave the sermon (Mr. Patrick Regord) used a text book in which the subject was carefully researched.
Comment 2: I am suspicious when I read that the Ford Foundation headed by a homosexual is trying to fight inequality. What is his ideal of "equality?" Is it that transgenders be allowed to use girl's bathrooms and to compete on girl's sports teams?
3) Survival of Castaways -
* A group of 6 school boys were stranded on a small island in the Pacific Ocean for 15 months in 1965.
* They stole a whaling boat and traveled 500 miles. They were in a storm in which they lost their sails and their rudder. They had no food or water with them.
* They came to a small volcanic island called Ata and wrecked the boat on the rocky shore. They thanked God for sparing their lives.
* They ate raw fish to satisfy their hunger; and they drank blood and eggs to satisfy their thirst.
* They learned to make fire and to keep it going.
* They prayed to God that they would return home.
* There was some fighting and quarreling between them when selfishness came upon them.
* An Australian sailor discovered their existence on the island.
* They learned that they were given up for dead back home. 
* Once they returned back home, they were arrested for stealing the boat.Eventually they paid for the boat.
* Thanks to a Dutch and a British author, their story is read by 17 million people.
* Rather than continue their education, they went their separate ways and obtained employment. One works for an Australian chef. Another became a pastor.

Comment 1: The Armstrong church spoke about most people having God and the Christian religion as their just-in-case religion. Those six adventurers weren't thinking about God when they stole the boat. They only started praying when their lives were in danger.
Comment 2: This story could have come out of the Bible. The six teenagers did wrong. God punished them for their wrong. They repented of their sin and asked God to spare their lives. God spared their lives and brought them back home again. Happy ending.


March 28, 2021
1) The Investigation of the Origins of the CORVID-19 Epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Was it the result of animal virus such as bats from caves or rabbits from the market place? The Communist Red Chinese government would not allow WHO to investigate. Communist Red China would do all the investigation and then make their determinations to WHO. There is no transparency. Communist Red China even claims that the virus originated from the USA. The Communist Red Chinese military is working along side with the Wuhan scientists to try to develop stronger and more infectious viruses. 

Comment: 60 Minutes admits that Communist Red China will not cooperate in helping the world recover from the COVID-19 epidemic. They are a secret society that is only interested in hurting America and our allies. They should be treated as a terrorist nation.

2) Boston Dynamics - manufacturer of robots. 
They are developing robots that run, leap, spin, and dance. They are made to resemble animals and humans with legs and feet which are able to traverse difficult terrain. Some robots like "The Cheetah" can run as fast as 30 mph. Robots are not independent. They need to be run by humans using remote control. Building robots is trial and error. For every success there are dozens of failures. The robotics industry is a marriage between bicycle technicians and engineers. The robotics companies seem to be losing patience with their product. They want something to market and make a profit on.

Comment: 60 Minutes said they had a hard time getting permission from Boston Dynamics to film their robots. We saw robots that walk, run, climb, spin, and dance. What we didn't see are robots that can kill. This web site give a sample of the drones and robots that both the US and Communist Red China are developing for future wars:
3) Dave Kindred - Sports Writer
He has interviewed Mohammad Ali the boxing champion. Ali use to call him "Louisville" after his hometown. He had been with him his entire career.
He's been in 40 Super Bowls, numerous Master Golf ternaments. 
He also likes reporting on the girl's High School Lady Potters. He says they don't pout and they don't b----, er, complain.
4) Outbreak Science - A forecasting agency for the beginnings of disease epidemics.

Comment: A map was shown picturing disease alert sites all along the Communist Red Chinese coastline as well as in other Pacific nations near Communist Red China. I am very skeptical about the reliability of these Communist Red Chinese sites.


March 21, 2021

1) Michael Sherwin is investigating the Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol. There are hundreds of law breakers he wants to prosecute. Ten percent of them were in some kind of militia. The demonstration started out with a carnival atmosphere with some people selling shirts and popcorn. Then the situation turned ugly as more militants joined the group. They had on military gear. One hundred thirty-police officers were attacked. The attackers used the kind of spray hunters employ to ward off bears. Two dangerous plots failed. There were found molotov cocktails with styrofoam. This would make them as painful as napalm. There were also pipe bombs found. The protestors say in their defense that they were there because President Trump urged them do what they did. Each of the offenders will be judged on whether or not there was an intent to do wrong. Everyone will be treated fairly under the law.

2) General Lloyd Austin - a black general in the military who made it to the top through a long slow process. He met resistance every step of the way. He mentioned the time he was with a group of officers. They all wore civilian clothes. Someone was looking for the general, and he passed right by him because he was black. Twice as many Hispanics receive dishonorable discharges than Hispanics. In order to be acceptable by whites in the military, a black must be smart, he must not be loud, he should not have good posture lest he appear muscular and threatening. The military is made up of 17% blacks, but of those blacks, only 8% of them are officers. Colin Powell was the previous black general. That was 30 years ago. Things haven't changed that much since.

Comment 1: Nobody complains about the majority of players in the NFL being black. 
Comment 2: "Birds of a feather flock together," as the old saying goes. Most whites want to be with whites; and most blacks want to be with blacks. I knew a young black woman who was a co-worker of mine in our office. She was the only black person in there. She was quiet and didn't talk much. But when another black woman came into our room, the both of them were chatting, smiling, and giggling non stop. That was quite a difference. Most of us were amazed!
Comment 3: In his early years, Stevie Wonder was interviewed by Dick Clark on his dance show. One of the questions he was asked was about his favorite singers. Stevie started with Ray Charles and named about 10 other singers. They were all black. How is it that a blind black singer only likes black singers? Someone had to teach him that this singer is a black and that he should like him; and that that singer is a white and he shouldn't really care about him.

3) Reopening Schools Before It Is Safe - One fourth of our students are still not in school because of COVID-19. 
How can we return them safely to school? We are collecting information in order to find some answers. 
The facilities are being wiped clean of germs. 
We are quarantining those students who have been in close contact with those who are COVID-19 positive. 
There are more transmission in elementary schools than in high schools. The use of "roomies" and "zoomies" in which students can be separated, and to learn with the use of cameras and microphones. The results of employing these "virtual" classrooms have been lower grades. 
Students need to interact without masks in music and cheerleading. Masks seem to be "political."

Comment: I feel the wearing of masks is ridiculous. Breathing through your nose is probably just as safe as wearing a mask. Young children under two years old are not required to wear masks from what I hear. Why not? Is it because it restricts the flow of air to the young person's nose and mouth? That's what I think it does to me. That's why you see all these football players and other athletics without masks. Another thing masks do is restrict your vision. I almost tripped and fell on my face last Sunday (March 21) because the mask I was wearing was partly blocking my view. It's probably why Joe Biden stumbled and fell on the stairways when he was boarding his plane. 

4) A Year Ago - And Now "The New Normal."
* Masks have to be worn.
* The streets are empty.
* People have to refrain from hugging. 

Comment: During the Obama Administration, America was hit by the swine flu which supposedly originated by (Guess where?) Communist Red China. Obama said of the COVID-19 epidemic that he would have much more than Mr. Trump did. What did Obama do for the swine flue. Answer: Nothing. He did nothing.
Here is a video of what South Dakota is doing about the COVID-19 epidemic:


March 14, 2021
1) Unusual efforts are being made to have COVID-19 testing kits become available like putting them in candy dispensers and at golf courses. Coronavirus will be difficult to eradicate. Three new strains of COVID-19 are developing. There's: (1) the UK variant, (2) the Brazil variant, and (3) the South African variant.

2) George Floyd was allegedly shot dead by white police in St. Louis. Kim Garner, a black woman, was elected on her promise to bring fairness. She said non-violent criminals should not be locked up. She said white home owners do not have the right to defend their homes with guns against rioters and mobs. She has received death threats. The out-of-control murder is at a 50-year high. There have been racial slurs on Facebook against blacks. Two police officers were fired for using racial slurs.

Comment 1: I don't know if this is a mistake on my part or 60 Minutes, but George Floyd was not shot by the police. He allegedly strangled by a policeman who kept his knee on his neck for eight minutes. There is evidence that the real cause of death was drug overdose.

Comment 2: Kim Garner said homeowners don't have the right to defend their homes with guns against rioters. This is a frightful state to be in the USA. For one thing, riots are becoming normal again just as they were during years during the Lyndon Johnson Administration. In these times as ours when people are less Christian, like in the Old West with bandits, train robbers, and cowboys-and-Indians. Only in today's world, Kim Garner says it's wrong for the good guys to use their guns to defend their homes. The following article is one example of how wrong this policy is:
This is a shocking case of two teenagers invading a poor defenseless mentally ill man in his home and setting him on fire. It is is pure evil. This is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment - so that we can protect ourselves from ruthless and merciless killers such as these two teenagers.

In the days when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York City, the streets were safe because the laws on the books were strictly enforced. This is what we expect of our city, county, and state leaders. This is what is written in the Preamble of our Constitution where it says that we the people have a duty to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility. 


3) Best Band In The Land - Featuring the all-Catholic St. Augustine H.S. Marching Bank in New Orleans.


March 7, 2021
1) Poor people in Columbus, Ohio living through the COVID-19 recession. Joe Biden is ready to sign the third COVID-19 relief bill. Before, 24-year old Cortney Yodler was just hanging on with several jobs. Now, during the COVID-19 recession, she can’t find any work. Nine million jobs lost. The poor are unable to pay their bills. Needs of the poor include warmth for their bodies, tents, shoes, and clothes. They have problems like diabetes, skin issues, and hunger. One individual was without food for two days. National guard has to taken over food bank jobs because the normal employees can no longer get to their jobs. Many of the poor lives in cars and vans. It won’t be until 2024 before low wage jobs return.

Comment 1: That is only half the story. There are some states where there is no lockdown and no requirement for the wearing of masks. These states (like South Dakota, Texas, and Florida) are experiencing relative prosperity in constrast to Ohio, New York and all the other blue states.

Comment 2: The day will soon come when every one in the USA and the world will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Isn't that wonderful?!!! It sure is, boys and girls!!!

2) The search for a treatment for COVID-19- One possible drug would be fluvoxamine. It may be ready for FDA approval, but it can cause nausea in some patients.

Comment: The drug hydroxychloroquine that is used to treat malaria has also been found to be a treatment for coronavirus. It is not only effective but it is also cheap. Which is probably why the second largest Hydroxychloroquine manufacturing plant was bombed in Taiwan. If there's one thing Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical companies) hate, it's a cheap cure for anything.

3) Artemis - the US space program to send American men AND women back to the moon. The moon rocket will produce 8 million pounds of thrust at launch. The US has plans to build a space station in orbit around the moon. It will be called Gateway. The number of astronauts in NASA numbers 9 men and 9 women. The question 60 Minutes raised was, “Why go back to the moon?” The answer is that ice was discovered at the south lunar pole. We go there to stay. 60 Minutes wonders why a capitalist nation like the USA practices socialism when it comes to the space program. It should be for private companies. Delays on SLS launch. It will cost $2 billion for each launch. Reusable rockets have been flown eight times. 

Comment: 60 Minutes has a very cold attitude about the US space program. "We've already been to the moon. What's the point of doing it all over again?" is their reasoning. So we've discovered ice at the south pole of the moon. "Big deal! Is that why we should go back to the moon?" 60 Minutes might ask. The main reason is because space is the new high ground. We cannot allow Communist Red China and Russia gain advantage over us in space.

Our secondary goal in space should be to mine the Asteroid 16 Psyche in order to eliminate our disgraceful $25 trillion debt.  

Another criticism of 60 Minutes is that the SLS moon program has suffered delay after delay. It started in 2011, but here we are ten years later, and not one SLS rocket has been fired from earth. The first scheduled launch of the SLS rocket is for November 2021. Will we see the first liftoff of the SLS rocket this November, or will it be further delayed? We'll see.

4) White supremacy movement - race war. Shoot minorities without facing the law.


February 28, 2021
1) Millions of Americans are still waiting for their COVID-19 shot. Johnson & Johnson is joining two other pharmaceutical companies to produce the vaccine. Five hundred thousand people have died from COVID-19 so far. Three hundred thousand Americans have been vaccinated. The demand for the vaccine far outstrips the supply. The neediest get the vaccines. The goal is to vaccinate 100 million by July. The scope of the project is comparable to a moon shot program.  A 94-year old man is on borrowed time. "When am I going to get my shot?" Americans are asking.
Comment 1: Even with every American vaccinated against the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci tells us that we will still have to keep wearing our masks.
Comment 2: One authority commented (which I have long been suspicious of) is that Communist Red China afflicted us with the disease along with the rest of the world. Now they are profiting from it by selling us the masks, the vaccines, and whatever else we need to cope with it.
Comment 3: This is my personal opinion more than anything else. Maybe I'm right about this--that COVID-19 is more of a hysteria than a disease. This 60 Minute segment strongly suggests that Americans are impatient for a vaccine that will provide complete immunity from COVID-19,and that life will return to normal once this is done.  

2) An Iranian strike against a US base at Al-asad in Iraq.  All of the servicemen crawled into bunkers that were made to hold 10 people. A total of 27 missiles were fired at the base. There were no causalities, but hundreds of the soldiers experienced headaches, vomiting, and traumatic brain injury.
Comment: There may not have been any casualties in this attack, but the story is far from over. One serviceman said the headaches occur every day. Many with this sort of injury have resorted to suicide. So it's not that there weren't any casualties, it's that they haven't occurred yet. 

3) Colson Whitehead - black American writer and winner of several awards including two Pulitzer prizes. He authored books on the underground railroad.


February 21, 2021
1) Threats against judges. Threats are increasing. Killer of woman judge’s son searched for information on the judge from the Internet. Since that time, 4,200 threats have been posted on line against judges. Trump tweeted about a "so-called" judge. This judge says that hurts the entire judiciary. Some threats come from Putin’s Russia. 

Comment 1:: I think 60 Minutes said that judges have always been threatened. But with the help of the Internet, those threats are increasing. The lives of our judges and the lives of their families are also increasingly in jeopardy--especially as our society deteriorates. 

Comment 2: The lady judge whose son was killed told 60 Minutes that she will not be deterred. She will continue on as judge, and she will continue to carry out the duties as judge to uphold the law. This is called bravery and courage. This what we sing about in our national anthem with the words "And the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave." All Americans should remember that we serve God, and that we are here to do His will no matter what the cost.
Comment 3: 60 Minutes quoted one judge who noted that Mr. Trump singled out one particular judge as "a so-called" judge. He said this remark was offensive to all judges. I think not. I think this is a cheap shot against Mr. Trump. Jesus said the same thing when He spoke the parable of the unjust judge as it is written in Luke 18:2-7. There are Clinton-appointed and Obama-appointed judges who are in favor of abortion. And there are Trump-appointed judges who are against abortion. For example, Planned Parenthood needed a judge's permission according to law before they could perform an abortion on a young woman. In 15 minutes, Planned Parenthood obtained court approval for the abortion. That judge is what you would call "a so-called judge."  


2) The war of Syrian President Assad against his own people using nerve gas which is banned throughout the world. There is also torture, gouging out of eyes, and rape. Evidence of these atrocities are being smuggled out of Syria in hopes of taking Assad to the world court.

Comment: It hard to believe that these atrocities are still be committed after we've through the Holocaust during World War II. Especially disturbing is the gouging of the eyes. 

3) QAnon - a global kabal involving Satan worship. They post hateful messages like "We are going to take out the Deep State." Trump said many of them like him. They are starting to militarize from QAnon to Qarmy. Son discusses what they have done to his mother--made her disassociate with her family. He’s trying to undo their effects.