Joe Biden .

This is my appraisal of the man who now occupies the White House as our 46th president of the United States.

Here are some of my notes I have taken from various sources. First, here is a list of the people Joe Biden either has in his Cabinet or wants in his Cabinet: It helps us to know Joe Biden by the people he has chosen to surround himself with. They are:

1) Secretary of Defense - Lloyd Austin
2) Secretary for Health and Human Services - Xavier Becerra nominee - he wants Medicare for All and to end your private health insurance. He is one of California’s lockdown enforcers. He fought to keep churches closed but marijuana shops open. He closed schools, small businesses, playgrounds and even banned outdoor dining. He’s a pro-abortion zealot who sued nuns for practicing their faith. 
3) Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services - Dr. Rachel Levine - she moved her mother out of a nursing home prior to requiring nursing homes in Pennsylvania to accept COVID19 positive patients. She’s a transgender - a man. He was married; had two children before divorcing his wife and transitioning. (Source: Culture Watch News)
4) Secretary of State - Anthony Blinken 

5) State Department’s Iran’s envoy - Robert Malley - is a vocal critic of Israel
6) A top National Security Council Advisor - Maher Bitar - spent his youth organizing boycotts of Israel
6) Secretary of Transportation - Pete Buttigieg - former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a presidential candidate in the 2020 elections. He is a Catholic who is married to Mr. Chasten Glezman. Some sources say Mr. Buttigieg has no skill in managing his department.
8) Secretary of Education - Miguel Carona. He nominated Cindy Marten who was or is superintendent of a school in San Diego where she covered up numerous sexual crimes. She said it’s appropriate to allow males to compete in girl’s sports
9) HUD - Marcia Fudge
10) Attorney General - Merrick Garland - he will go after the rioters on the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, but will do nothing to the rioters of LA who burned down businesses during the summer.
11) Secretary of Energy - Jennifer Granholm
12) Secretary of Interior - Deb Haaland- voted to end Pres. Trump’s emergency funding of the southern border wall.  She also voted to impeach Pres. Trump for abuse of power, she is against the development of fossil fuels (oil). 

13) Secretary of Homeland Security - Alejandro Mayorkas
14) Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Denis McDonough - a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. (Source: Jihad Watch)
15) Secretary of Commerce - Gina Raimondo 
16) Secretary of Agriculture - Tom Vilsack
17) Secretary of Labor - Marty Walsh
18) Secretary of Treasury - Janet Yellen
19) Press Secretary Jennifer Rene Psaki - would not call Israel an ally.

April 2, 2021 Friday.
Here is a list of the candidates Joe Biden plans to nominate as judges:

April 10, 2021 Saturday
Joe Biden has been busy signing executive orders since he was inaugurated into the White House last January 20. In his first day in office, he signal-handedly he eliminated the Keystone Pipeline Project.

Joe Biden has stated that "No amendment (to the Constitution) is absolute." This is not what the president of the United States should be saying. Joe Biden took an oath to defend the Constitution, not make excuses for it.

April 28, 2021 Wednesday. Joe Biden gave his speech to Congress and before the nation. It lasted an hour and a half. I did not watch it, and I did not miss it. 
According to former president Donald Trump, Joe Biden left out the crisis at the border. Mr. Trump said we are allowing criminals who are harming our citizens. What he could also add is that the more illegal aliens we allow in, the fewer jobs there are for black Americans. 
Other complaints about Joe Biden's first 100 days are:
* crippling taxes to support his social programs.
* strangling regulations
* unsecure elections
Joe Biden made mention of his traveling over 17,000 miles with Emperor Xi of Communist Red China. This statement was fact checked and proven to be false. Regardless, friendly relation with Communist Red China is not a good idea. They are determined to be superior to the United States in everyway. After that--God only knows.

May 1, 2021 Saturday.
On Thursday, the day after Biden promised electric vehicles would be made in America, GM moved its $1 billion electric vehicle plant to Mexico. (source: Patriot Truth News)
The headline said the reason for the move was to escape Biden's tax plan. 

May 6, 2021 Thursday.
Joe Biden made today The National Prayer Day. He omitted God from the Day. He is the first president in modern history to have done so.