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It's been said that 60 Minutes is America's TV magazine of professional journalism. On the other hand, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics often says that journalism in America has been dead for the last 15 or so years. I have been a devoted fan of 60 Minutes for many years. It's one thing to question whether journalism in 60 Minutes still exists, but I know for sure what doesn't still exist--and that is the opinion letters from TV viewers. At the end of each show, 60 Minutes would read about 3 letters that commented on segments in a previous show. I would like to correct that omission by giving the opinions and comments of at least one individual--namely me.


June 2, 2024
1) Fake Electors - 
* Aired from February 18, 2023.
2) A Prisoner Of Iran -
* Aired from October 22, 2023.
3) Rich Paul - 
* Aired from October 8, 2023.


May 26, 2024
1)  Operation Lone Star -
* Aired on March 3, 2024
* The State of Texas against the Federal government. Does Texas have the right to defend its borders from illegal aliens.
2) The Isle Of Man -
* Aired on previous episode.


May 19, 2024
1) Pope Francis -
* He is the first pope from South America. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 17, 1936. He is 87 years old. 
* He worked as a chemist before entering the ministry.
* He has been pope of the Roman Catholic Church since March 13, 2013.
* The interview with Laura McDonald was conducted in Spanish. An interpreter translated what the pope said into English for Laura.
* He is concerned about the wars that are raging in Gaza and Urkraine. 
* He believes all idealogy is bad; and he criticizes all governments.
* Can we negotiate peace? He believes we should build bridges, not walls. 
* He takes a dim view of Texas which wants to shut down a Catholic Church on our southern border that houses immigrants.
* He says it's maddness to keep immigrants out. 
* He says people want to "wash their hands" of many of our problems. He says indifference is a very ugly disease.
* On the subject of sexual abuse of children by the Catholic clergy. There are still many case of child abuse. We need to end this. there should be zero tolerance. The full force of the law should be applied to those priest who abuse children.
* One the topic of homosexuality. He believes he was misunderstood when he blessed a homosexual couple. He said he was blessing the two persons, not their homosexual marriage. He said homosexuality is not a crime; it is a fact.
* He defines a conservative as a person with a suicidal opinion who is not opened to change.
* He states that surrogate marriages are against Catholic law. The only solutions to childless married couples should be adoption.
* He was asked, "What gives you hope?" His answer is: Everything.
* He believes mankind is fundamentally good. "The heart is good," he says.
Comment 1) What hope is there? The only hope we have is the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus. He is the only One who can save us from our nuclear weapons, from the Muslim invasion and infiltration, from endless wars, and from broken families and broken dreams.
Comment 2) The pope believes that humanity is fundamentally good. This goes against Bible scriptures. In Jeremiah 17:9, it says, "The heart is deceitful above all things; and is desperately wicked." After his conversion to Christianity, the Apostle Paul wrote this about himself, "For that which I do, I allow not. For what (the good) I would do, that do I not. But what (the evil) I hate; that I do." (Romans 7:15) He cries out, "Oh wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from the body of this death?" (Romans 7:24). Jesus Himself said. "Why do you call me good? No one is good except God." (Luke 18:19) 
Comment 3) The last segment (The Album) tells us how evil we are. All we need is an order from higher ups to commit mass murder. The goddamn Muslims with their accursed Koran have a religious obligation to do away with the Jews and the Christians. 
Comment 4) The pope takes a dim view of Texas who wants to shut down a Catholic church near the Mexican border. Christian churches should be upholding the law--not breaking or defying the law. Some laws are unjust as Martin Lutheran King Jr. explained to us. But giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants is not a defiance of any unjust laws. Some of these illegal immigrants are from Communist Red China and they are men of military age. 
Comment 5) It has been proven that the more illegal immigrants that enter our country, the higher the unemployment rate is for black Americans.
Some news sources tell us that illegal aliens are normal people who just want a chance for the good life like you and me. Other sources say most illegals are criminals.
Comment 6) If the pope feels so sorry about the USA not letting illegal immigrants into our borders, he should take them and feed, cloth, and shelter them in his home in the Vatican City. 
Comment 7) Homosexuality is a sin according to the Word of God. Blessing the homosexual couple is comparable to blessing unrepentant murderers, thieves, and liars. 
Comment 8) Pope Francis kissed the feet of Muslim children The popes who lead the Crusades in 11th and 12th centuries against the Muslim occupation of the Holy Lands must be turning over in their graves.  
2) Cuban Spy Craft -
* Cuban spies in America steal our secrets. Then they sell them to our enemies--namely Putin's Russia and Communist Red China.
* Attorney General Garland arrested Rocha. He bragged he got away with years of spying. 
* Cuba has no satellites in orbit for spying. They rely on human intelligence.
* One hundred Cuban agents have been arrested. 
* They receive coded messages from Havanna.
* The spies have social contacts through lunch dates.
* All the information they gather is kept in their heads.
* One woman spy is know as the Queen of Cuba. She was arrest in 2001. She would be serving a life sentence, but she told the FBI everything she knew so that her sentence was reduced to 20 years in prison. 
* Americans who spy for Cuba show no remorse for their crimes. They are loyal to Cuba and not to the US.
Comment 1) "One hundred Cuban agents have been arrested." I didn't know there were that many Cuban agents in America. I thought there were no more than three. That's all we should allow into our country.
3) The Album -
* A scrap photo album of Nazi SS men shows them enjoying each other's company while causing millions to be slaughtered.
* Fifty million Jews were exterminated in the holocaust. 
* Teenage girls were crying, "No blueberries," after the blueberries the SS men were handing out to them were all gone.
* The Nazi SS men tried to conceal their crimes.
* One holocaust survivor likened the holocaust to an assembly of death. 
* One photo was taken of a crowd of Hungarian Jews before they were herded into the gas chambers to be killed.
* One grandson of a SS member who is alive today carries the shame of his grandfather carrying out medical experiments on the Jewish prisoners.
* We must help prevent something like from ever happening again. 
* It doesn't take much for men to turn into animals. All it takes is permission from the higher ups.
Comment 1) 
4) The Last Minute -
* A farewell to L. Franklin Devine who is retiring from 60 Minutes. 
5) The End of the 56th Season
* A new season of 60 Minutes will start next September, God willing.


May 12, 2024
1) A Week In Israel -
* In Gaza, trucks carrying aid to the Gazans have slowed to a trickle.
* There is intense fighting in the north against Hezbollah as well as in the southwest against Hamas.
* Israel is accused of indiscriminate bombing. They are losing the war of public opinion.
* Israelis must seek refuge in underground shelters from Hezbollah missiles.
* Question: How long does it take for a Hezbollah missile to reach its target in Israel after it is fired? Answer: 20 seconds. 
* Joe Biden has told Iran and Hezbollah, "Don't do it," about firing missiles at Israel. They went ahead and did it anyway--several times. Joe Biden does nothing. Instead, he warns Israel not to invade Rafeel or he will withhold military aid from them. Israel invades Rafeel, so Joe Biden holds military aid from Israel.
* One Israeli leader said, "If Israel must stand alone, then Israel shall stand alone."
2) A Web Of Intrigue, Part 1 -
* Christopher On of Los Angeles was helping North Korean diplomats deflect to the West. 
* How many did he help? He says more than 2 and less than 10.
* He found that everyone in the embassy in Spain wanted to defect, but they were afraid. They knew that the communist government would take revenge on their relatives and friends back in North Korea. 
* The North Korean embassy: No guards. The door was open. No furniture. Nothing in the refrigerator. The phone rings all the time. 
* Everyone in the embassy flees. No one is caught. 
* Two or three weeks later, the FBI tells On that his life is in danger. North Korea is targeting him for assassination.
3) A Web Of Intrigue, Part 2 -
* Christopher On carries a gun with him for protection.
* US Marshalls arrested him. He spent 87 days behind bars.
* Spain want the US to deport him to them for violating normal diplomatic policy
* Christopher On says that North Korea is not a normal state.
* This is the 2nd time Christopher On has challenged North Korea's Kim Jong Un. 
* North Korea is embarrassed. They try to kill Chistopher On.
4) The Last Minute -
* Pope Francis observes Mother's Day. The church is for motherhood.


May 5, 2024
1) Leader Jeffries -
* Hakeem Jeffries, age 63, serving his 6th term in office as congressman from NYC.
* Eleven (11%) percent of Jeffries's district is Jewish
* 60 Minutes tells Jeffries that the UN says half of the population of Gaza is starving. 
* Thirty seven (37) Democrats voted against aid to Israel.
* Jeffries aims to get hostages out of Gaza and to send aid to Gaza.
* US Senator Chuck Shumer opposes Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel; and wants him removed.
* He is the first black leader in Congress as the House Democrat Minority Leader. 
* He thinks the immigration system is broken. 
* He believes in abortion rights. He says it's about freedom.
* He says, "If medicare and democracy can fail, then anything can fail."
* He believes that the economy has improved under Biden. "It's a work in progress," he says.
Comment 1) Joe Biden and the Democrat Party depend on a broken immigration system to let in as many immigrants--illegal or otherwise--so that they will vote to keep the Democrats in office. 
Comment 2) Hakeem Jeffries can believe what he wants about the economy, but according to billionaire investor, inflation has gone up and is hurting the average American. He says he would give Biden an "F."
Comment 3) He believes in abortion rights. He says it's about freedom. Is robbing a bank about freedom? Is cheating on your income tax about freedom. One young woman said she has the right to blow cigarette smoke in her baby's face. Does she really? Democracy works only if you obey the Golden Rules, which is: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Or, don't do unto others as you would not have others do unto you."
2) Work To Own -
* Some mothers and fathers need to work two jobs in order to support their children.
* The workers are depressed. There is no hope, no assets, no plans.
* Seventy (70%) of workers hate their jobs.
* One company, KKR, allows the workers to become part owners--thus sharing the profits.
* The company was sold to CHI which continue the policy of workers to own.
* "Why mess with success?" is their slogan.
3) St. Mary's -
* St. Mary's Hight Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana.
* The have very high standards.
* High school for Afro-American girls.
* Two students solved a math problem that was up to now unsolvable.
* The high school has received high praises and accolades from universities, South Korea, and New Orleans.
* They believe that a teacher who offers encouragement can change a life.
* All the girls there wear long skirts and do not use hair coloring.
* The high school has a 100% acceptance rate of its graduates into colleges and universities.
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment "The Quiet Invasion," (Russia's takeover and slow colonization of the Republic of Georgia) which was aired on October 29, 2023
* Demonstrators have taken to the streets against a law that would make Georgia a part of Russia.


April 28, 2024
1) Children Of War -
* Many American veterans who were involved in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq have returned home to their families with severe cases of post traumatic stress disorder.
* Symptoms include: depression, fear, and suicidal tendencies.
* One serviceman came back to his family while his wife was expecting their 4th child.
* His family saw him hiding and crying.
* His son tried to shield his sisters from their father.
* His son was becoming like his father. He was 12 years old in the 7th grade. He felt he was better off dead. 
* He tried to hang himself.
* Families with these types of problems should not be afraid to ask for help.
* Some benefits from the federal government may be forthcoming.
Comment: Nothing is mentioned about God. It has been proven that praying helps the body and the mind. 
2) Nvidia - 
* Founded by Jensen Huang who was born in Taiwan, and who now lives in Tacoma, Washington USA.
* He is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and super computers.
* AI promises to bring us new drugs, new materials that are lighter and stronger than anything we have now.
* AI can calculate the weather far better than we can now.
* AI will help us to fight cancer.
* AI robots are the answer to labor shortages.
* Will AI help solve labor shortage problems, or will they create job shortage problems?
* Another question to be answered: Will we lose control of AI robots before they start controlling us?
3) Crisis At Pearl Harbor -
* Drinking water was contaminated with jet fuel.
* 250 million gallons 
* An underground water reservoir was built during World War II to protect the water supply from Japanese attacks.
* Customers were given an email on instructions on whom they may call if they are experiencing problems with their drinking water.
* The phone these customers called with this phone number was always busy.
* The Navy says they tested the water, and the results came back negative.
* Other tests made showed that the water contamination was 350 times higher than what the state considers safe.
* Some of the symptoms of drinking unsafe water were: stomach problems, tonsil inflammation, and coughing spells that never go away.
* It is estimated that it will take 2 years to clean up the water.
* No one was held responsible. No one was fired.
* Those who suffered from the contaminated water felt they were lied to by their own government. They only wish the Defense Department would do something to restore their faith in our government. 
Comment: 1 Tom Bauerle of Buffalo radio station WBEN once mentioned that you cannot trust the federal government. He then explained this statement by saying, "Just ask any Indian."   
Comment 2: Our Founding Fathers were distrustful of a strong federal government. That is why they gave us a system of checks and balances--the executive branch (the President), the legislative branch (Congress), and the judicial branch (the Supreme Court). 
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment from last September on "Chaos On Campus."
* One suggestion is that the two factions come together and try to settle their differences to prevent further eruption again.
Comment: The riots and the disruptions on the college campuses were found not to be the result of simple misunderstandings that could be resolved through discussion and the willingness to settle their differences. Rather, law enforcement authorities have followed the money trail to various companies that are owned by international billionaire George Soros. These law enforcement authorities have found a pattern which these rioters are following in each college campus they target.


April 21, 2024
1) Secretary of Commerce -
* Gina Raimondo. Born on May 17, 1971, in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Age: 52. 
* She married Andrew Moffit in 2001. They have two children.
* Her main concern as Secretary of Commerce is to make sure our advanced computer chip technology is not traded to Communist Red China which can be used for drones and other high tech weapons.
* She is not on good terms with Communist Red China. They have tried to hack her emails.
* Communist Red Chinese chips are not as good as American chips. They are years behind us.
* Ninety (90%) of our chips are made in Taiwan.
* We are currently encouraging the production of high tech chips in this country with a $100 billion investment.
* Day care centers for these production centers will be provided. Gina Raimondo says the companies don't mind; it's the politicians who complain.
* Presidential aspirations? Right now, she just wants to be the best Secretary of Commerce.
Comment 1) I do not trust Joe Biden or anyone in his administration. His nickname is "Joe China." He is for "normal" relations with Communist Red China which has help Communist Red China become a wealthy and powerful adversary to the USA. He has had this as his policy for many years even before he entered the White House. It's hard to believe that USA chips are years ahead of Communist Red Chinese chips. Communist Red China has almost 300,000 students in our American universities. They learn and send back our latest technology discoveries to Communist Red China before we have a chance to use them. 
Comment 2) Joe Biden is taking credit for protecting national security and watching that our technology doesn't fall into the hands of the Communist Red Chinese. That credit belongs to Mr. Donald Trump who was the first president in our modern times to institute a get-tough policy against Communist Red China. Joe Biden's campaign for re-election to the White House is in deep trouble. He and the Main Stream Media (CBS/60 Minutes) need to help booast his poor approval rating in the polls if he has any chance of winning a 2nd term in office.    
2) On British Soil -
* During World War II, Nazi Germany took over two British Channel Islands that lie off the coast of France.
* Nazi Germany held the islands from June 30, 1941 to May 1945. Some British citizens left the islands before the Germans took over while others remained. 
* British bobbies on those islands worked for the Nazi regime. 
* Mass graves exist on one island. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 people were killed. 
* Some anti-Nazi activities took place on the islands such as listening to British radio stations. 
* Justice seemed to be denied the victims. What should have taken place after the Nazis left did not take place.
Comment 1) It is my opinion that there was a "forgive and forget" policy instituted near the end of World War II in the Channel Islands in order to avoid more suffering among the civilians, and in order to restore normal British lifestyle as soon and as painlessly as possible.
3) Kevin Hart -
* He is an American comedian and actor. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1979. Age: 44. Height: 5 feet, 5 inches.
* He was married to Torrel in 2003 and divorced her in 2011. He married Eniko Parrish in 2016. He has four children.
* For his act, he likes to tell tale tales and laugh at himself.
* He spent the early with his mother. His father was often in prison and on drugs.
* He founded HartBeat Productions. 
* He use to make fun of gay people. Now he apologies for that. 
* His business is valued at about $650 million.
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment "Targeting Americans." 
* Federal aid is being provided for those suffering from the brain injury due to high energy weapons. 
* Our intelligence agencies still refuse to acknowledge that there is any foreign (Russian) involvement in these high energy attacks.


March 24, 2024
1) The Right To Be Wrong -
* Big Tech (Facebook, Google, and X) is accused of leaving misinformation on their platforms which have been proven to be wrong.
* One instance of such misinformation is that by Rep. Majorie Taylor Green who claims that COVID vaccines are causing many deaths. 60 Minutes says she's wrong.
* Another instance of misinformation is the claim that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 elections. Some say that Trump's votes were switched to Biden.
* Much of the misinformation is said to originate from conservative groups and Trump supporters. 
* There is films on the Gaza War that are said to be from video games.
* Another false claim is that dead babies in Gaza are said to be dummies.
* There is a fake video of Nancy Pelosi in a state of drunkeness with the way she is slurring her words. 60 Minutes shows that the video was slowed down to make it look that way.
Comment 1) We should all be cautious when reading the Internet; nevertheless, there is a lot of valuable information provided by it.
Comment 2) Not everyone is convinced that COVID vaccines are perfectly health. The link below shows that Japan is highly suspicious of the vaccine:
2) AMLO -
* The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
* He has negotiated trade agreement favorable both to Mexico and the USA.
* He doesn't believe a wall will stop illegal immigrants nor drugs from going across the border. There are tunnels going from Tijuana to San Diego.
* Mexico is trying to end corruption.
* Presidential candidates in Mexico are being murdered.
Comment: The fact that presidential candidates are murdered in Mexico shows me that things are not much better there than they are in Russian where a few presidential candidates were murdered.
3) Law Of The Sea -
* Vast quantities of mineral wealth (nickel, copper, and manganese) and lie on the ocean floor between Hawaii and Mexico.
* It is worth trillions of dollars.
* The Law of the Sea Treaty was signed by 168 countries including Communist Red China. The USA is not a signatory.
* Communist Red China has claimed 5 sites. The USA has claimed none. 
* Thirty four (34) senators object to the treaty.
* Communist Red China is very assertive in dominating the metals industry. They have a near monopoly on critical metals; and they are ready to lock up the bounty on the sea floor.
* Steven Groves is a senior analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation. They are influential over the 34 Republican senators who are preventing the US from signing the treaty.
* Mr. Groves says deep sea mining is not economically viable.
* 60 Minutes says Communist Red China is forging ahead.
Comment 1) The Heritage Foundation is a reliable source of information. I am a subscriber and sometimes donator to them.
Comment 2) There are a lot of reasons why the Heritage Foundation is opposed to the Law of the Sea Treaty as listed on their web site. Here are some of them:

Comment 3) It is my opinion that if you go into the middle of the ocean, dive to the bottom to pick up a few rocks, and then take them home with you, they are yours. The Law of the Sea Treaty seems to be allowing nations to claim parts of the ocean for their own. Communist Red China already claims the entire South China Sea as their own. They don't want other nations going through "their" territory without their permission. The same may happen south of Hawaii. Communist Red China may start putting up "Keep Out" signs only a thousand miles from Hawaii. The same problem may also exist in the future when Communist Red Chinese astronauts land on the moon. Some US government officials fear that Communist Red China may put up "Keep Out" signs on the moon. That's why they urge the US to move forward with plans to establish bases there. 
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the Operation Lone Star segment of March 3, 2024. Texas says the Constitution gives them the right to protect their own borders. The Supreme Court will hear the case. Until then, the issue is unresolved.


March 17, 2024
1) The Captial Of Free Russia -
* Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is becoming a refugee center for freedom-loving Russians.
* Russia's Vladamir Putin kills most of his political opponents.
* Lithuania is a small country on the Baltic Sea with a population of 3 million people.
* The number of Russian refugees in Lithuania is about 2,500.
* Torture by means of electric shock is often used on inmates in Russian prisons.
* There is no freedom in Russia; nor is there privacy. All phone calls are bugged and listened in on.
* A Russian can go to prison for participating in an interview with 60 Minutes 
* There is no independent news in Russia.Youtube is their only source of factual information.
* Putin is killing millions in the Ukraine War. "Do you agree with this," asked one dissident.
* Over 300,000 Russian troops have been lost.
* "I want Russia to be open," said one Russian protestor.
2) Healing Justice, Part 1 -
* Jennifer Thompson founded an organization that helps victims of those wrongly accused of crime and those who wrongly accused someone of crime.
* She was a rape victim and wrongly accused an innocent man of the crime. He served many years in prison before being released. She feels terribly guilty.
* One way of healing involves smashing a bowl with a hammer. Then, the bowl is glued back together. The repair of the bowl symbolizes the difficulty putting one's life back together again after the damage has been done.
3) Healing Justice, Part 2 -
* Victims of rape and those accused of rape often lose faith in themselves.
* One means of therapy includes writing letters to oneself.
* When the rape victim learns that the accused rapist is innocent, she is angry that the real rapist is still at large and committing more crimes.
Comment 1) As usual, there is little or nothing about what the Bible says. God is good. God is love. He made sex in marriage to bring us love and happiness. One friend of mine describe making love to a woman as being in another world. He said he couldn't imagine the second life of eternity without sexual love. Rape is the opposite. It is violence, hatred, and evil. The victim is permanently harmed. There is no forgetting this horrible experience. If God is going to change us from mortal to immortal, then it would seem logical to assume, unfortunately, that a rape victim would remember this horrible experience forever and forever for all eternity. But that's not how it's going to be. Jesus promises us in Revelation 21:4, that "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away."
Comment 2) There's one so-called religion (I should say "anti-religion") in which it is the duty and obligation of men to rape woman who are not wearing a hijab or a burka or who not a Muslim. These Muslim men have no shame when they are arrested for a rape crime and are brought before a judge. They are surprised that they are guilty of doing something wrong. It is perfectly all right in their Islamic society for a Muslim man to rape a woman. These are the kind of people we should definitely keep out of our country. Yet, we have politicians like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biben who want to bring in more of these potential rapists into our country.  
Comment 3) In II Timothy 3:1-4, The Apostle Paul says, "Know this; that in the last days, perilous times shall come. Men shall be...unholy...fierce.." We are living in a world just before the Second Coming, where there are more murders, more mass murders, more stealing, more lying, and, unfortunately, more rapes.
Comment 4) Learning that DNA can prove that a man who is accuse of rape is actually innocent is a subject all by itself. Can a woman really make a mistake about who her rapist is or what he looks like? Is DNA testing truly fool proof and totally reliable? I have my doubts. 
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment "Agency In Crisis," which was aired Jan. 28th, 2024.
* As a result of that investigation, the warden and three other officials were removed.


March 10, 2024
1) Rise, Part 1 
* A re-airing of the segment from Nov. 26, 2023.
* Veterans of war with loss of limbs along with relatives of loss loved one who died in war are given help to cope with their losses.
3) Rise, Part 2
* The re-airing of the segment from Nov. 26, 2023.
* Relatives of those killed in battle tell how empty their lives are without their loved ones.
3) Jeff Koons -
* Repeat of segment aired on Sept. 3, 2023.
4) Last Minute -
* Daylight Savings Time - Should it be made permanent?
Comment: Daylight Savings Time was tried in 1973 after Jew-Arab War of 1973 and the OPEC embargo against the USA for its military aid to Israel. We hoped that this switching to permanent Daylight Savings Time would help decrease our consumption of energy. However, Florida soon returned to Standard Savings Time when a young schoolboy was killed in an auto accident while crossing the street during the pre-dawn hours. Regardless of the risks and the dangers, I am in favor of doing away with the switching of the clock back and forth at spring and autumn.


March 3, 2024
1) Operation Lone Star -
* Immigration is becoming a election campaign issue.
* The issue is: Is defending our border the job of the Federal government or does the State of Texas have the right to defend their border.
* There are cries on the Mexican side of the border with hundreds of people shouting, "Help us!" and "We have children!"
* Thousands of people cross the border every day.
* Texas spends $150,000,000 ($150 million) to bus immigrants to Democrat-run cities. 
* They (Texas) regard the flood of immigrants across the border as an invasion. 
* The biggest winners in this battle are the drug cartels who are watching as the State of Texas and DC go at it.
2) 97 Books -
* There is a campaign to ban books in school libraries.
* The town of Beaufort, Florida became the first in the nation in 1862 to establish a school for former slaves.
* Some educators believe schools should focus their attention on teaching our children the subjects of math and reading; while other groups want our children exposed to sex and violence.
* Groups on the Far Left say parents have the right to tell school libraries to prevent their children from taking taking books from the library that they shouldn't read. But they also say these parents cannot tell the children of other parents what they cannot read. 
* The group Mom For Liberty was founded only prevent our school children from reading pornographic books. 
* 60 Minutes asks conservative parents, "What ideology are children being indoctrinated in?" The parent reply that there is a plot to sexualize children.
* Groups like the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) believe conservative parent are making them feel bad about themselves. Their slogan is: Don't make judments. 
3) Artemis -
* The US commercial spacecraft Odysseus landed on the moon on Feb. 23rd and tipped over.
* The Artemis 2 mission is behind schedule. The rocket was suppose to launch late this year. It is now scheduled for a launch date of no earlier than Sept. 2025. 
* Space missions are becoming more and more costlier. It cost about $4.2 billion per launching. We are still using throw-away rocket boosters that use expensive parts.
* Moon landers in past were owed, operated and launched by NASA. 
* Space X is developing super heavy-lift rocket boosters. It is believed they will be ready by 2026.
* Communist Red China plans to land men on the moon by the end of the decade. Leaders in the West are concerned that Communist Red China will claim the moon as their own and put up "Keep Out" signs.
* A not-so-well-known competitor of Space X is Blue Origin. They are investing $3 billion to built a lunar lander that is both reliable and reusable. They say it will be ready in 16 mounts. They are planning human landings on the moon by 2029.
* The ultimate goal is landing men on Mars. George Scott, the Deputy Inspector General at NASA, says "Optimism is require." In reply, some skeptics say, "Can you be realistic?"
4) The Last Minute - 
* An update on a segment shown 6 years ago on the Herculaneum "time capsule." Herculaneum was a town in Italy that was buried under ash and lava just like Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 A.D. Excavation of the city produced charred scrolls written in Greek. Two thousand scrolls have been found; almost 1,700 of those scrolls have been unrolled. One of them was deciphered.


February 25, 2024
1) 142 Days In Gaza -
* 20,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the war with Israel started on October 7, 2023.
* Israel bans journalists unless they go through some approval process.
* The view from a hospital shows the devastation done by Israeli bombing and shelling.
* There is a shortage of medical supplies.
* 12,000 children have died in Gaza.
* Shrapnel injuries are difficult to behold with cut made in all parts of the body including the brain.
* There is no pain medication. Surgery and amputations are carried out without giving any anesthesia to the patients. 
* 300 medical aide workers have been killed since the war began.
* A girl 6 years old is killed.
* An ambulance in Gaza is destroyed. The Israelis says Hamas soldiers use ambulances to transport their troops into battle.
* Two-thirds (2/3) of Gaza is destroyed.
* Hamas attacks their own terminals.
* The Gazan are without the necessities of life--food, keeping warm, and the use of bathrooms.
* A million Gazans are dependent on the food and water that is trucked into the city.
* Only a fraction of the 600 trucks needed to supply Gaza is allowed to get through.
* The US and the UN hope a truce will prevent an already bad situation become worse.
Comment 1) These unfortunate injuries and deaths are very disturbing to us Americans. But to the Islamic Gazans, they are merely a show that they put on to stir up anti-Israel sentiment in the world.
Comment 2) Hamas deliberately places their weapons close to civilians because they know the Israelis try to avoid hitting civilians. 
2) An American In Communist Red China, Part 1 -
* Communist Red Chinese police are raiding American companies in Communist Red China. They are accusing them of espionage.
* The Communist Red Chinese government wants to control the data on its people.
* There is intellectual property theft in Communist Red China.
* Most America companies are reluctant to invest further in Communist Red China because of all these negative actions by the government of Communist Red China.
* There are few exceptions like Walmart which has 300 stores in Communist Red China; and also Starbucks, which has 6000 restaurants in Communist Red China.
* Disney is also growing in Communist Red China.
* The middle class is growing there in Communist Red China.
* Though most American companies are wary of future trade between Communist Red China and the USA, divorce (a halt in all trade) is not an option.
* One fifth our USA agricultural products are shipped to Communist Red China.
3) An American In Communist Red China, Part 2 -
* Close to 18% of the world's population lives in Communist Red China. It's population is 1.41 billion people. The population of the world is 8.1 billion people.
* It is the third largest nation in area in the world behind Russia and Canada.
* The vastness of Communist Red China in population and land area make it very attractive to businesses from all over the world.
* Recently, there was a total lockdown of Communist Red China. It lasted 63 days. It was ended abruptly by President Zi after nationwide demonstrations.
* One (1.4) and four tenths of a million people died from COVID in Communist Red China.
* There is a real estate crisis in Communist Red China with many empty and unoccupied apartment buildings.
* Two thirds of investments are in apartments.
* Communist Red China is the leading trade partner of most nations. 
* Communist Red China is innovative in artificial intelligence. They plan to mass produced military robots by 2050.
* Communist Red China is innovative in electric cars. They can now change the battery in an electric car in 2 1/2 minutes. 
* Cold War supposedly ended with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989. It was  the end of communism in Eastern Europe and Russia. But did our system win? Communist Red China's economy is much stronger now. 
* The USA and Communist Red China are engaged in a battle of ideas.
4) The Late Minute -
* An update on the 60 Minutes segment from two weeks ago (Feb. 4th) on "Hole In The System," in which illegal immigrants are coming in from Communist Red China. It is said that the Mexican government is blocking the Chinese from entering country.


February 4, 2024
1) Chairman Powell -
* Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank since 2018. Born February 4, 1953. (Happy Birthday, Jay!) He was born in Washington DC. He is married and has three children.
* He claims that we are experiencing a 50-year high employment rate.
* One of his goals is to restore price stability. Prices go up on some commodities while they go down on other commodities. 
* There's been a sharp increase in the national debt. The sooner we manage our national debt the better.
* Politics is not considered. Interest rates will be cut to help the economy, not to help Biden or some other politician win the election.
* "Integrity is priceless," he says.
Comment: To me, a strong economy is more than just a high employment rate with prosperity. We need to cut down on spending to bring down our national debt. This will insure that we have a strong currency. However, the Biden Administration is not known for its thriftiness but rather its wasteful spending.
2) A Hole In The System - 
* Immigrants are flooding into our border.
* Chinese migrants are the largest group that are coming in.
* There is no deterence by an armed guard.
* A truckload of immigrants comes by the border to drop off a load of immigrants every 30 minutes. About 600 immigrants land here every day.
* There are many reasons why Chinese are leaving their country. Two of them are:(1) hard to find jobs; (2) lack of freedom. 
* They sell their houses to pay for travel expenses to America.
* The Communist Red Chinese help this people by showing them on Tic Toc the routes they can take through America.
* One illegal entry point is through property owned by a man who recently immigrated from Croatia. The immigrants burn his trees to warm themselves during the cold nights. They leave a lot of garbage. He tried to scare them from coming in by shooting his gun off. His gun was confiscated by the police.
* We can't send back the illegal Chinese immigrants to Communist Red China because they won't accept them.
* Closing the gap is on the priority list of our immigration service, but that would require more money from Congress.
Comment 1) This "hole in the system" is extremely alarming. We are seeing young adults from Communist Red China walking into our border as illegal aliens. Some experts say Joe Biden is allowing members of the Communist Red Chinese Army into the country to wage war against us. 
Comment 2) "Closing the gap is on the priority list of our immigration service." I hear reports on the contrary. Joe Biden is suing some of our Red States along the border to prevent them from setting up a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in here. He is ordering our own troops to keep Texas from putting up razor fences. He has demolished parts of the wall so that illegal immigrants and Mexican cartels can enter our country.
Comment 3) If we can't send illegal Chinese immigrants back to Communist Red China, can't we send them to Taiwan?
3) The Mismatch -
* Man vs. machine in the gambling industry.
* There are all kinds of gambling going on. Sports fans bet on hockey games and football games.
* About $4 trillion dollars is spent on gambling.
* There are 50 million bettors.
* Most bettors have more interest in the outcome of the game rather than enjoying the teams play against each other.
* The average age of bettors is between 25 and 34 years old.
* The trouble with gambling today is that bettors are betting more than they should. 
* Some bettors will use their federal student loans or even their family inheritance to bet with.
* There are almost no controls over gambling. It is more addictive than ever before.
Comment 1) We all dream about winning the big jackpot, but gambling places are in business to make money. They make it very difficult for anyone to win anything. One sweepstakes company even tells us that your odds of winning the top prize is 300,000,000 to one against you.
Comment 2) Gambling should be avoided. And when you do gamble, you should only bet what you can afford to lose.
4) The Last Minute -
* An updated on the Mars helicopter Ingenuity. On January 18, 2024, the Mars helicopter Ingenuity came to an end. It was flying in featureless terrain and was unable to sense that it was too low to the ground. 
Comment 1) This is very similar to passenger trips inside Antarctica. Everything is all covered with white snow down there. So, it's hard to see a mountain that's right in front of you. Fortunately, nobody was on the Ingenuity helicopter, so no lives were lost. Unfortunately, lives are often lost when airplanes crash in Antarctica. 
Comment 2) In Alaska, more people fly than in airplanes than in any other state in the Union. However, flying is still dangerous in Alaska. We are told that it's not IF you will crash but WHEN you will crash.


January 28, 2024
1) Agency In Crisis
* Our prison system houses serial killers, narcotic smugglers, and many others who have broken the law.
* We spend $8 billion a year housing criminals.
* The prisons are understaffed.
* Abuse of women prisoners is common.
* Our prisons are thought of as "the forgotten zone," but the warden doesn't want that to be the case.
* We need to have more compassion on those in prison.
* The prisons are too understaffed to carry out reform of the prisoners.
* Half of the inmates are arrested again and returned to prison.
* There is a shortage of 80,000 prison personnel nationwide--about 40% of what is needed to staff our prisons.
* Personnel in the prisons are augmented to do guard duties. Accountants with no guard training must fill in for lack of guards.
* Prisons for women are referred to as "rape clubs."
* Mistreatments of prisoners are seldom addressed. We are too proud to apologize.
Comment 1) I have visited one or two prisons in the past as a prospective state worker. These places are not fit to work--let alone serve time. One guy who was applying for the same job as I had declined to be considered for the position. He said it was the setting. One time during the summer, I went to apply for a state job at Attica. The stench from the garbage was horrible.
Comment 2) I have read a pocketbook about our prison system. Most of the inmates are black. Consequently, the prisons are more or less run by the blacks.
Comment 3) The prison systems of other countries are considered much more brutal than ours. Cuba's prison system is so harsh that former Cuban prisoners say that American prisons are tame in comparison. Not too long ago (from 1852 to 1952), the French were sending their criminals to Devil's Island in French Guinea, South America. The inmates were made to stand on their feet all day long in the tropical heat; and they had to deal with mosquitoes and vampire bats.  
Comment 4) We have separate prisons for men and women. We should also be careful about mixing violent criminals with gentle inmates whose only crime was sending love letters, candy, and toys to girls. 
Comment 5) Our prisons were once called penitentiaries. There were supposed to be places where the inmates do penance--to repent of their sins. Bibles were placed in each cell so that prisoners could read the Word of the Lord and turn to God. Brazil still does that. It works. The recidivism (the rearresting of convicts) is very low in Brazil. 
Comment 6) When I was in the Armstrong, we took the words of the Bible quite literally. The God tells us what punishments should be levied for those who commit crimes. There is nothing about sending a convicted criminal to prison. The criminal would pay for his/her crime with beatings or by making restitutions to his/her victims. They would have to pay back five times more than what they stole, for example.
Comment 7) The prison system is a failure in another way. Criminals within prison can exchange information with each other and teach each other how to commit crimes in a better way so that they don't get caught. 
2) Interpol -
* An international organization founded 100 years ago that allows members nations to share information on criminals with each other.
* There is concern that nations like Russia are using Interpol to tract down citizens who are merely exercising their right of free speech.
3) Modern Ark -
* Pat Craig maintains a farm in Colorado as a reserve for wild animals.
* He rescued sick and diseased animals from Puerto Rico after a hurricane made the island incapable of supporting them.
* Pat Craig has no experience dealing with wild animals; but he has received valuable help from professionals.
* He has received financial support from donors who have given him $34 million to care for the animals.
* Some of these animals suffer from neural defects due to malnutrition.
* Some were on the verge of dying. But now, they all have a home.
Comment 1) One statement that was made on this segment of 60 Minutes was that lions had to suffer in the heat and humidity of Puerto Rico. Lions are orginally from the equatorial jungles of Africa where it is always hot and humid. If we are concerned about lions suffering from heat and humidity, then we need to remove every lion in Africa and make sure they have a nice cool home in Colorado.
4) The Last Minute -
* Sports betting on the Internet is leading our young adults to gambling addiction.


January 14, 2024


1) Commercial Real Estate - 
* Low occupancy rate plagues NYC's office space.
* New York City has more office space than the rest of the world.
* We live in the post-COVID era; and the world will never be the same.
* "Work-at-home" is bad for business.
* Urban doom loop: fewer tenants mean less income for the office owners which means less taxes for the city which means less money for police, education, and infrastructure.
* One idea it to turn offices into apartments.
Comment: With all that office space available in NYC, they could place the illegal immigrants who are traveling there in them. Perhaps those empty offices could be turned into classrooms where the illegal aliens could be taught English, the Bible, and a skill to help them live on their own. 
2) Master Of The Mind, Part 1 -
* Beating back alzheimer's disease.
3) Master Of The Mind, Part 2 -
* A man suffers from drug addiction since he was 3 years old. He wanted any drug he could get his hands on. Now, with ultrasonic treatment, he is free of his addiction.
* Today's scientists and medical technicians are able to take greater risks by shortening the time it takes for new drugs to get from the laboratory to the patient thanks to artificial intelligene and high speed computers.
The Last Minute -
* An update on the Ray Ebbs segment of September 25, 2023. He has pleaded guilty to the charge of entering a restrictive Federal area. He is sentenced to 1 year probation. 


December 24, 2023
1) The Sperm Whales Of Dominica -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on May 14, 2023.
2) Monkey Island -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on November 5, 2023.
3) Hanging On -
* A repeat of the segment on the sloths in Costa Rica that was aired on September 25, 2023.


December 17, 2023
1) The Hostage Story -
* On Friday, December 15, three Israeli hostages were killed by Israeli soldiers even though the hostages were waving a white flag.
* Ninety percent of the population of Gaza has been displaced.
* The death toll in Gaza is rising. 
* About 100-130 Israelis remain in Gaza as hostages.
* A young Israeli woman (Yarden Roman-Gat) talks about her ordeal when Hamas attacked on October 7. She, her husband, and their daughter were at his parent's house. His mother was dragged outside the house and shot. Yardenn, Alon, and their 3-year-old daughter Gefen were fleeing from Hamas as they were shooting at them. They could hear the bullets whistling past their heads. 
* Yarden gave her daughter to her husband to run and hide while she laid on the ground and pretended to be dead. But Hamas saw that she was not bleeding. They dragged her to a car and drove her to Gaza. She was in her pajamas.
* Her husband (Alon) and young daughter (Gefen) hid themselves in a ditch for 9 hours until 8 PM. He worried about his wife, but he his main concern was about the safety of their daughter. He had the girl keep quiet. The girl said she was thirsty. 
* Yarden was paraded through the crowds in Gaza as a prize and a trophy. She was then taken to a house. Other hostages were taken into tunnels. 
* She feared for her life. She was watched by her guards 24/7. She was afraid she might be raped. She dared not anger her guards. She wore a hijab which covered her most of her body. That hijab gave her a little security. Otherwise, she felt helpless. 
* She was asked what her captors fed her. She didn't want to talk about that. 
* There were constant bombings by the Israeli planes. She was afraid that she might be killed by one of the bombs that were being dropped in and around the city.
* There were some protests and demonstrations in Israel by the people for a cease fire so that that the hostages could be free to go home. The demonstrators were afraid the hostages couldn't live very long in captivity. 
* Israel agreed to a ceasefire with Hamas. There was an exchange of hostages and prisoners. Yarden was one of the hostages to be freed by Hamas. She was handed over to the Red Cross who drove her to a hospital in Israel. There, she was reunited with her husband and their daughter. Her brother was also released.
* Hamas wanted Yarden to be happy about her release. She was asked by Leslie Stahl if they gave her drugs to make her happy. She didn't want to talk about that.
* In the aftermath, her husband says she is back to being a normal person. But he is in deep mourning for the death of his mother and for the destruction of their home kubutz. 
* Yarden was hopeful she would see her sister again. Her sister was taken hostage. Unfortunately, her sister still remains a hostage. Yarden is still trying to get her sister back. 
Comment 1) The shooting of Israeli hostages holding a white flag by Israeli soldiers was a great tragedy. How could this happen? From what we know, the soldiers thought the Israeli hostages waving the white flag were Hamas soldiers trying to deceive the Israeli soldiers into letting down their guard and firing their weapons at them.
Comment 1) There is a passage in the Bible about the time when King David angered God by sending his commander Joab to number the people of Israel and Judah. God sent the prophet Nathan to David to tell him he was going to punish him for doing that. He gave David one of three choices for his punishment. Should God punish him with seven years of famine, or with three months of defeat before their enemies, or with three days of pestilence. David's answer was, "Let us fall into the hand of the Lord, for His mercies are great. And let me not fall into the hand of man." (II Samuel 24:14). Unfortunately, 1,400 Israelis did fall into the hand of man. In the Ukraine War, a half million lives were lost at the hands of man.
Comment 2) Yarden might consider herself very lucky compared to other Israelis that were victims of the October 7 Hamas attack. Some of the Israeli women were raped and then killed. Some of the men were burned beyond recognition. Some Israeli children were beheaded. 
Comment 3) Yarden works to help free other Israelis who are still held hostage. She tries to persuade her government to continue to negotiate with Hamas. In my opinion, the only reason Hamas would free Israeli prisoners is in exchange for Hamas prisoners. Perhaps the Israeli army should seize more Hamas as prisoners so that they could be exchanged for Israeli prisoners.  

2) The Looting Of Cambodia, Part 1 - 
* Many of Cambodia's sacred statues have been stolen and carted off to museums and art galleries around the world. 
3) The Looting of Cambodia, Part 2 -
* Cambodia is trying to locate and bring back those sacred statues.
Comment: The sacred statues are believed to have signt, hearing, feelings, and maybe even divine powers. They are, what the Bible tells us, false gods and idols which God hates and regards as a terrible sin. If there is any reverence and worship that the Cambodians give to these statues, it sorely misplaced. These "gods" did not or could not prevent the killing of between 1.5 million and 2 million Cambodians by the communist Khmer Rouge between the years 1975 and 1978.  


December 10, 2023
1) The Resistance -
* Russian troops occupy Kherson Oblast, a province in southern Ukraine. 
* The citizens of Kherson keep fighting the Russians using hit and run attacks.
* Russians terrorize the citizens by raping wives, killing children, and laying mines.
* The freedom fighters learn to make Molotov cocktails.
* Russians torture a man and a woman for information on the whereabouts of their Resistance friends. They pour Vodka down the throat of the woman. They put a gun to her eye and threaten to shoot her. They twist both arms of the man behind his back. He breaks down in tears as he relates how the Russians pull down his trousers and administer electric shocks to his genitals. They threaten to pull his tooth out. The man won't reveal any information because his Resistance friends have wives and children they would also torture and kill. 
* The Russians use heavy artillery on non-military targets such as buses, police cars and civilians. There are dead bodies everywhere.
* Putin says, "Her song will be 'Russian Forever.'"
* When misfortune came, America came to the help of Ukrainians. They say to us, "Thank you, America from all of Ukraine."
2) Green And Red -
* An interview with Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming about using fossil fuels such as coal and using clean energy from wind farms.
* Hopes to make Wyoming environmentally friendly. It will be not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative.
* For his efforts, he is receiving no help from his fellow Republicans.
* Wyoming is a leading producer of coal energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. They are producing more energy than they need and are gladly selling it to California which is desperate for more energy.
* "Something for everybody."
* Wyoming produces more coal than any other state. 82% of our coal comes from Wyoming.
* The CO2 is taken out of the coal to make clean coal.
* The process of producing pollution-free energy involves cutting through a lot of bureaucratic tape.
* Wyoming welcomes new ideas on how to produce more clean energy. "Bring your energy-saving ideas to Wyoming," they say.
3) Novak Djokovic -
* Tennis player, born in Belgrade, Serbia, born on May 22, 1987 (age 36 years old).
* He is Number 1 in men's single professional tennis.
* He is married to his lovely wife Jaleena. They have a 3-year-old son, Stefan. They have a newborn daughter named Tara.
The Last Minute -
* Lighting candles. Watchful.
* There is darkness in the world: Ukraine, Gaza.
* Lighting candles is an act of faith in an uncertain future.


December 3, 2023
1) Chaos On Campus -
* An investigation is being carried on about the hostile demonstrations that took place at Columbian University right after the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas.
* Jews at the university feel unsafe.
* Jew on campus have been cursed. Pro-Palestinian students said they have been received death threats.
* Columbia's new president Manoos Saveek tries to be neutral or even-handed. She is criticized by both sides.
* Assistant Professor of Management Shai Davidai called President Shafik a coward for not condemning the Hamas attack on Israel. He says that if you support Hamas, you should not be a student on the campus.
* Pro-Palestinian spokesmen say they should have the right to speak out on the killing of Palestinian civilians. They sympathize with Hamas because of the root cause of the conflict.
* Dartmouth College - the search for the way forward - is a small college north of Columbian University about 1/5th its size. They have peaceful and civil protests. 
* The heads of the Jewish department and the Arab department get together to try to solve the crisis.years before it happens. 
* They condemned Hamas for its war crimes against Israel.
* They regard the Hamas-Israeli War as a teaching moment when they can learn from it. 
* At Columbia University, both sides agree that a dialogue between the Palestinians and the Jews would be ideal. Can it be done? "Can you see me? Can you hear me? Can you feel my pain?" asks a Palestinian student.
Comment 1) It surprised me that there was so much protesting against Israel after the October 7th attack by Hamas. Are there really that many Arabs and Muslims on our campuses? It would seem so. Biden, Hillary, Obama and most of the Democrat Party are all in favor of importing more and more Muslims into the country. These small uprisings on our campuses are only a small sample what is to come.
Comment 2) The Koran teaches Muslims to lie. When the Palestinian girl said she received death threats, I naturally sympathized with her. No one should ever be faced with death threats for legally expressing their opinions. But on the other hand, Palestinians are likely to lie about being the victims of threatening speech. 
Comment 3) The president of Columbia University is a Palestinian woman. She tries to take a neutral stand on the Israel-Hamas conflict. But I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she was the cause all these violent protests.
Comment 4) A solution is desired that would be satisfactory to both the Jews and the Palestinians. The Palestinians live by the Koran which is hostile and deadly to both Jews and Christians. A cartoon which I read only recently illustrates what a dialogue between the Palestinians and the Jews would look like. The Palestinian is screaming at the Jew, "Death to you. Off with your head." The moderator asks Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, "Why you at least meet him halfway?" There can be no compromise nor peace as long as the Arabs, Palestinians, and Iranis are followers of Mohammed and the book of Koran.
2) Quantum Computing -
* The latest development in computers can solve problems in a matter of minutes what it would take our present-day computers millions of years to solve.
* They can also solve problems that are impossible for our present-day computers to solve.
* We may even learn how creation itself began.

Comment: We are living in a dangerous era in which our science and computers are marching way ahead of us. We should control the rate at which we are progressing, but we can't. We have Communist Red China who are advancing in this technology and even doing everything to steal our technology in order to overcome us. We must not let that happen. 
3) Greta Gerwig -
* Producing a movie about Barbie the doll. 
* A mother is telling her daughter a thing or two. The daughter jumps out of the car.
The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment that was aired last October on "Rescue At The Kubutz." 
* A mother has been reunited with her two daughters.


November 12, 2023
1) Iran's Assassins -
* Iran is attacking American citizens who came from Iran.
* One reason for attacking the USA is for revenge for the death of General Qasem Soleimani of Iran who was killed in Iraq by three American drones during the Trump Administration.
* Another reason for attacking the USA is to silence dissidents/activists who oppose Islamic creed that women must wear burkas. 
* These attacks are carried out by American crimminals who are hired as hit men. Some of them are paid a million dollars if they kill one target.
* There were 15 attempted murders in the UK last year.
* Former US Ambassador says these acts of terrorism are close to being acts of war.
* What do we do then? asks Lesley Stahl. "Do we drop a bomb?"
* People shouldn't get shot in the head for criticizing Islam; but they do.
Comment: What a great evil Islam is! And it could have been prevented--at least in Iran. Iran use to be our ally in the Middle East when it was under the Shah. However, then-President Jimmy Carter urged him to leave Iran and allow the Muslim Ayatollah Khomeini to take over Iran. He humiliated the US by holding our embassy personnel for 444 days. Iran has done nothing but oppose us ever since.
2) The Heritage War -
* War crimes are being committed by Russia in Ukraine. They are deliberately destroying Ukraine's culture.
* Targets of the culture war include churches and museums in small villages.
* One church that was built in 1862 was completely destroyed. It contained centuries of old folklore.
* The emploiyees of these churches and museums were kidnapped. Some were killed.
* The Russians commit art theft. 
* One Ukranian woman says she values the art more than her life.
* Some of these artifacts are articles of gold.
* Ukrainians believe it is necessary to save the culture of Ukraine for future generation.
Comment: It's really terrible what's going on in Ukraine. I pray for Ukraine every day. I wish there was something that be done to punish Putin and his military for all the war crime they have committed. We should give Ukraine everything they want to defeat and punish Russia for violating their territory and their people. That's what deterrence means.
3) Horse Racing Reform -
* Race horses are given drugs to increase their speed. Some of these drugs are pain killers which allows the sick or injured horses to race in the derbies. The result is greater injuries to the horses when they should be resting, healing and rehabilitating. The final result of these drugs in that these greater injuries brings on permanent pain and injuries that cannot be corrected. Therefore, the horses are euthanized (put painlessly to death). 
Comment: The one comment I need to make on this story is what the Apostle Paul said in I Timothy 6:10, that "the love of money is the root of all evil." Some people will go to any length to acquire a lot of money--even to push their horses beyond their physical limitations by using pain killers and other drugs. 
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the 60 Minutes story "A Quiet Invasion." The European Commission has recommended admission to membership. This the good news that the people of the Republic of Georgia were waiting for.


November 5, 2023
1) John Eastman - 
* He is 63 years old. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and was educated at the University of Chicago Law School, the Claremont Graduate School, and the University of Dallas.
* He is a member of the Republican Party.
* He was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
* He was Dean of Chapman Univerisity Law School.
* He faces nine criminal counts in Georgia's election conspiracy. 
* "We did nothing wrong," he says.
* 60 Minutes says John Eastman views the world from the Far Right.
* The Constitution requires that the Vice President (Mike Pence) count the electoral votes. John Eastman says the Vice President should have the authority returned the votes back to the states for reconsideration. 
* Congress passed a law declaring that the job of the Vice President is to read, not judge, the count of the votes.
Comment 1) Even if the vice president had the constitutional power to have the states recount the electoral ballot, I don't think any of the states would have brought back a different count than the ones they sent in the first place.
Comment 2) I am a firm believer that the election of 2020 was stolen from Trump and given to Biden. Trump was a successful president with popular support of the American people. Incumbent presidents who run for reelection do not lose their jobs when they enjoy such success and popularity. 
Comment 3) Joe Biden himself said the election would be stolen by the greatest fraud organization in the history of the USA.
Comment 4) Donald Trump has exhausted every means possible to keep himself in the White House. Now he is doing the only thing he can do--to run for president in the 2024 elections. The polls show that Trump is still very popular with the America people, and that he leads Joe Biden by several percentage points. The big question is: Is that enough? Can we trust our election system to give us the president that the majority of the American people want? We need voter photo IDs. That will help stop a lot of fraud.
Comment 5) Donald Trump has always had a hostile press who was constantly tearing him down. This 60 Minutes segment is no different than all the other anti-Trump stories. 
2) Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility -
* One Social Security recipient had received a letter from them saying that Social Security overpaid them; and that they owe them $51,887 which they must pay in 30 days.
* Social Security turned down a request from 60 Minutes.
* After 60 Minutes talked to Social Security, they said the recipients don't have to pay back the money. 
 Comment 1) It's scary that someone in the Social Security bureaucracy can make your life a living hell by sending you a letter that you owe $51,887 which has to be paid in 30 days. Social Security should be what it name says. You should be secure in the knowledge that they will always be around to help you.
3) Monkey Island - 
* An island called Cayo Santiago off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico is the home of 1,800 rhesus macaque monkeys. 
* This island was set aside for them 80 years ago so that they could be observed. Their DNA is almost identical to our own. So by studying them, we are getting a idea of what we are like. 
* The males have a life expectancy of 15 years; while the females have a life expectancy of 18 years. 
* Shipments of food are brought in to feed the monkeys. 
* There is a hierarchy among the monkeys in which the first class monkeys eat first. The lower class monkeys eat last.
* The monkeys have been tatooed and numbered by the scientists who study them.
* There's fighting among them. They fight for sex; and they fight for food.
* They have families and close friends. 
* The females stick together while the males leave the pack and look for mates in other groups.
* Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico and Cayo Santiago in September 2017. Three thousand people died in Puerto Rico. There was no way of getting to Monkey Island. A helicopter flew to the island two days later. The scientists thought none of the monkeys survived the storm. Most of the vegetation was wiped out. However, a group of monkeys were observed. They estimated that 300 monkeys survived the storm. Later, when they took a count, they found that only 50 monkeys had died. The monkeys fed on the seaweed and algae that the hurricane dumped onto the island. 
* Regrowing new trees because the monkeys uproot the plantings before they have a chance to grow.
* After the storm, the monkeys became more tolerant of each other. They helped each other and supported each other. On Puerto Rico, the people who were punished by the storm came together and supported one another. 
* The stress and trauma of the storm cause some monkeys to age two years. Relying on social connections and support helps to reduce the stress.
Comment 1) It is good and natural that monkeys as well as people go outside the family to look for a mate. Marriage within a family can produce major defects in offspring.
Comment 2) In a catastrophe, monkeys and people come closer together to support each other to increase their chances of surviving. However, in the Bible, we find that in cases of severe famine, people will resort to eating of strange meals, such as the head of a donkey. In even more extreme situations, people will resort to cannibalism. South of the border, I've read about some miners in Chile who were trapped in a cave in and were unable to return to the surface. They threatened one miner who wanted to go to sleep. They said to him, "If you go to sleep, we will eat you." Disaster brings out the best in those who are good; but it brings out the worst in those who are bad.

4) The Last Minute -
* An Update on the Gaza - Israel War.
  - Calls for a cease fire have been turned down by Israel
  - 9,700 Gazans have died so far.
  - Israeli troops have surrounded the town of Gaza.
  - 1400 Israels have died.
  - There were 240 hostages taken from Israel by Hamas.


October 29, 2023
1) Vice President Harris -
* She is 59 years old. She was born in Oakland CA. Her mother is from India. Her father is from Jamaica and is of Irish and African descent.
* On the question about the war between Israel and Hamas, she said the US has no intention of sending troops to Israel or Gaza.
* She says that 1,400 Israelis died in the attack of Oct. 3rd by Hamas. Israel has the right to defend itself.
* She says the people of Gaza need to live in safety.
* Keeping the conflict from expanding may prove to be difficult. Rockets have been fired from Iran and Yemen.
* Harris's advice to Iran about expanding the war is the same as Biden's: "Don't."
* The US must stand with Israel and Ukraine.
* Kamal Harris has made visits to 19 countries since she became vice president.
* She tries to concentrate on domestic priorities.
* She believes restoring "the fundamental rights" of Roe vs Wade and also banning assault weapons are important.
* She is unconcerned that the approval rating of Joe Biden and herself dropped from 70% to 50% -- and even lower.
* She knows that security at the southern border with Mexico needs improvement.
* There is concern that Joe Biden is getting too old. What if he has some kind of medical breakdown? She said there's no time for guessing games.
* She points to the accomplishments of the Biden Aministration. She said there is record unemployment with new manufacturing jobs. 
* Despite the low poll numbers, they will take their case to the American people, and, "We will win."
Comment 1) "We will win." I hope not. But she doesn't need the vote of the American people to win. I am certain she and Joe Biden will be re-elected through voter fraud - again.  
Comment 2) Kamala said the US has no intention of sending troops to Israel or Gaza. I think that is a political statement. Telling the American voters that American troops will be sent to Israel and Gaza is political suicide. Besides that, we already have troops in Syria. 
Comment 3) Kamala Harris with her stand on abortion and banning guns is unpopular with conservative Americans. She is Joe Biden's insurance policy that he won't be impeached. To impeach Joe Biden is to made Kamala Harris the next president of the US. Conservative Americans surely don't that to happen at all.
2) A Quiet Invasion -
* The Russian military invaded the republic of Georgia 15 years ago. 
* Salome Zourabichvili is the president of Georgia.
* Russia first waged a hybrid war on Georgia in which they jammed all communications.
* Russia occupies one-fifth of Georgia with 8,000 troops.
* A Georgian woman citizen was asked if she was afraid of the Russians. She said if there's one or two Russians, she can argue with them. But if there's a lot of Russians, she would be too afraid to argue with them.
* Georgia is a country of 4 million people. 
* Russia entered Georgia on the pretense that they were protecting Russian citizens living there. There are 100,000 Russians living in Georgia.
* Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili is the main authority in Georgia.
* The Russians are buying up apartments and private property in Georgia.
* About 100,000 Georgians have left Georgia. The high cost of living has made staying in Georgia too expensive.
* Anti-Russian graffetti cover the walls and buildings in the cities of Georgia.
* There have been no meetings nor phone calls between the leaders of Georgia and the leaders of the USA.
* Georgia is counting on the European Union to come to their rescue. If their application to the EU is approved, they will have achieved a big victory.
Comment 1) This is a bleak picture of the future if we let Ukraine fall into the hands of the Russians. The Russians will slowly drive out the Ukrainians from their own country. Russians will then come in and take over their land.
3) The Air We Breathe -
* We need to improve the quality of the air we breathe in our homes and offices.
* COVID was spread rapidly throughout the country because our buildings have poor ventilation.
* Choir members in church are particular vulnerable to germs because each person is breathing in the next person's air.
* With the help of H-VAC units, air would be drawn up into the roof rather spread throughout the room. 
* Forest fires in eastern Canada brought smoke to Washington DC and Virginia. This made us realize our problem with air we breathe.
* Said one expert, "I don't think we will forget these lessons. We better not."
Comment 1) It's great to be prepared for whatever disaster may come. Most of the time, we don't want to invest the money to do that. 
4) The Last Minute -
* The Blues - The fading sounds of Dixieland music from the Mississippi Delta.


October 15, 2023
1) President Biden -
* 81 years old--the oldest president in the history of the United States.
* He is committed to Israel's security.
* We will do everything in our power to find the missing Americans in Gaza, and to bring them home.
* He has no plans for sending US troops to Gaza or Israel.
* Israel calls the attack of Saturday, October 7, 2023 Israel's 9/11.
* Is this a time for cease fire. Israel has to respond.
* Gaza is a country 25 miles long and 5 miles wide.
* Biden thinks it would be a mistake for Israel to occupy Gaza.
* He wants aid to continue with Israel and Ukraine.
* He says MAGA democracy is not the same as democracy.
* What does Israel mean to Biden? He says Israel has been persecuted for over a 1000 years.
* He wants to run for re-election. He says there's enormous opportunity.

Comment 1) President Biden had a rough week, said Scott Pelley. He is confronting so much peril "with no help from a paralysed congress." A paralysed congress is better than a rubber stamp congress that approves of every wrong action that Biden wants to take. It's bad enough that he's opened the southern border to let in millions of illegal immigrants who may be terrorists. Specifically, the catastrophe in Israel was mentioned as well as the war in Ukraine. In regards to Ukraine, Congress has given Joe Biden billions and billions of dollars to help out our Ukrainian allies to fight off the Russian military invasion. We need to keep a more watchful eyes on where all that money is going. As for the latest catastrophe in Israel, Biden has been very generous with supplying funds to the Palestinians in Gaza and to the rulers of Irans who sponsored the newest war in Israel. 
Comment 2) "But he wedged us into his schedule..." His schedule includes 367 days of vacation in only 2 1/2 years, which is more than any president in recent years.
Comment 3) Biden says he will do everything in his power to free the Americans that were taken hostage in Israel. He seems to be holding back on that power when he promises not to send American troops into Israel. Then what's left? Do we give Hamas billions of dollars to set free the hostages like we did to Iran?
Comment 4)
Biden says the most important thing is ending this brutality. The brutality won't end as long as Islam is the dominant "religion" in the Middle East. It is the religious obligation for every Muslim to kill every Jew and Christian, and also to conquer the world. 
Comment 5) Biden agrees that the threat of terror in the United States has increased because of what we are seeing in the Middle East, and to make every effort to make sure acts of terrorism don't happen particularly to Jewish synagues in the USA. Various sources show that he is doing the very opposite. He is welcoming more and more Muslim immigrants into the US while he is limiting the number of Christian refugees into the US who are trying to escape persecution. 
Comment 6) Scott Pelley says Hamas invaded Israel and committed mass murder of families in their homes, crowds at a concert, and people in the street. He says the dead numbered about 1,200 on October 17. In return, the Israeli military inflicts over a thousand casualities to Hamas. Then he asks Biden, "Is it time for the brutality to stop." Scott Pelley doesn't seem to get it. He understands that the killing of defenseless families in their homes, and the killing of unarmed crowds at a concert, and the killing of innocent civilian people in the streets is mass murder. You can even call it war crimes. Yet, somehow, he thinks that all that is needed is for someone to say "Stop," and then everything will return to normal. He forgets that mass murderers must be brought to justice. Neither murderers nor mass murderers want to stop murdering--especially when they believe it is their religious obligation to murder. 
Comment 7) Scott Pelley tells us that Hamas is the government of Gaza. He says that most Gazans are destitute because Israel severly limits its economy. That doesn't seem right. We know that Hams is receiving millions of dollars from the USA and other sources. Israel has been providing Gaza with free electricity and water before the war. If the average Gazan is destitute, it's not Israel's fault. It's because their Hamas government is spending the money they receive on weapons to wage war against Israel.
Comment 8) Israel urges the two million citizens of Gaza to evacuate the country and flee into Egypt. Biden said, "It's hard." In other words, Egypt won't allow Gazans to flee across the border into their country. They don't want them. And  Hamas wants these Gazan civilians in Gaza so that they can hide behind them and to keep Israel from destroying them (Hamas) without destroying the unharmed civilians--half of which are children.
Comment 9) Biden thinks it would be a big mistake for Israel to occupy Gaza. His answer seems to be contradictory. He says it requires taking Hamas out of Gaza. Fine. But how do you do that without occupying Gaza? How do you keep Hamas from taking control of Gaza again once they have been forced out of there? In my opinion, Saudi Arabia is the one that Joe Biben has to listen to. And Saudi Arabia would not like it if Israel were to take Gaza and keep it for its own territory.
Comment 10) Biden says Hamas needs to be eliminated. Then he says there needs to be a Palestinian authority with a two Palestinian state. He's telling Israel to go back to its pre-1968 borders which is suicide. Israel would give up the west bank of the Jordan River so that there would be Arab armies in the heart of Israel within a few miles of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 
Comment 11) Bidben says a significant portion of the people of Palestine don't share the views of Hamas. They don't? How does he know? The Palestian people, the Egyptian people, the Jordanian people, the Syrian people, the Iraqi people, the Iranian people, the Arabian people are all Muslims. They all think Israel must be destroyed. They all think that all the Holy Land must be under Islam. I know because I talked to an America guy who was a Muslim. He said that all of the Holy Land must be given to Palestine. That is an AMERICAN Muslim! As Joe Biden often says, "Come on, man!" You would expect an America Muslim to be a moderate Muslim. But as one Muslim once said, "There are no moderate Muslims. There are only Muslims." They all think alike. 
Comment 12) Scott Pelley asks Biden if Iran is behind this war. Biden's answer is that there is no evidence of this. This is a lie. It is a well-known fact that Iran is a long-time supporter of Hamas. A Washington Post report says that Iran supplied weapons and training to Hamas for a year before the attack.
Comment 13) Scott Pelley tells us that "hard right" Republicans are disrupting the election of the speaker to the House; and he asked if this disruption in the Congress is increasing the danger to the world. Joe Biden gives an emphatic "Yes!" He said thirty percent of the Republican Party is made up of "these MAGA Republicans who don't look at democracy as you and I look at democracy." He doesn't explain. How are we supposed to look at democracy? MAGA means Make America Great Again. Is there something undemocratic about that? Many MAGA Republicans claim that Biden is following in the steps of Obama and is making America LAST. He is humiliating America.  
Comment 14) Biden is asked if the wars in Ukraine and Israel are more than we can take on. His response is that, "We are the United States of America (For God's sake)--the most powerful nation in the history of the world. We can take care of these and still maintain our overall national defense." Well, he's not helping to maintain our overall national defense. He has weakened our security by allowing millions of immigrants from mostly Muslim nations into the country. The US Army is badly undermanned; recruitment is way down. Biden has made himself a weak leader by abruptly pulling our forces out of Afghanistan. We are no longer exporting oil like we did under the Trump Adminstration; we are importing oil. Biden has shut down the Keystone pipeline. He has made us dependent on Saudi oil. 
Comment 15) He reasons that the defense of Ukraine and Israel are critical to the defense of the West because Putin has committed war crimes against the Ukranian people. I agree; but we must watch where and how all that money we are sending there is being spent. 
Comment 16) Biden likens the Hamas attack on Israel and their slaughtering of innocent civilians to the Holocaust. He says it's "wrong, wrong, wrong." Yet, he has sent millions if not billions of dollars to Hamas and Iran who use that for weapons against Israel. Some sources say that he is continuing to support Hamas with American dollars. 
Comment 17) With all the problems that he is facing in the world, does Biden want to run for re-election. He says he's sure. He says the world is changing so that normalcy is taking place. He imagines that Europe will be united; that Putin will be defeated. He says we have enormous opportunities. Opinion polls show that Biden's DISapproval rating is as high as 60% and maybe more. Some in the Democrat Party are considering endorsing another candidate rather than Biden. Even Biden's former boss Obama has little respect for him. He once said, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to F--- thing's up." 
2) Rescue At The Kubutz -
* Hundreds of Hamas terrorists enter the Nahal Oz kubutz at around 6 AM.
* About 500 people live in the Nahal Oz kubutz. 
* One of those 500 people is the family of Amir--his wife, and his two young daughters 3 years old and 1 year old.
* They heard the whistling of rockets. Then they heard gun fire. They heard the terrorists shouting to each other in Arabic.
* Amir and his wife ran to the girls bed room which is the safe room that is made out of hard concrete.
* The two girls were told to be quiet. 
* Amir texts for help. But no help is coming. Amir thinks this may be the end of them. The terrorists may or may not be in the house.
* His father and mother drive out to come to their rescue. They drive at top speed until they come to checkpoints where they are told they could go no farther. 
* They went ahead through one checkpoint; and when they came to another checkpoint, they went around them. 
* As Amir's mother and father came near the kabutz, they could see burning cars and dead bodies on the road. 
* One young couple who attended the festival ran to them and asked them to save them. They tell their story:
- There is a lot of shooting going on. 
- They are driving their car when their car gets hit with bullets.
- They get out of the car and hide themselves under a pile of leaves for two  hours.
- They see Amir's parents in their jeep driving south. They run to them. 
- Amir's parent pick them up and drive them to safety. They know they owe Amir's parents their lives.
* There are videos taken by Hamas in which they have entered one family's house and made them captives. The father of the  house is bleeding from his leg. It is believed that this family is now in Gaza as hostages.
* In the nearby kabutzes, hundreds of dead bodies were lying in the street. 
* They see a Israeli military vehicle with dead soldiers. The father and an Israeli soldier get out of the jeep to fight the terrorists. 
* They stop to help two wounded Israeli soldiers--otherwise, they would bleed to death.
* The mother took the two wounded soldiers in their jeep to a hospital while the father, and the soldier went in a military vehicle to his house to rescue his family.
* Where was the military? Amir calls this the biggest failure in Israel's history. 
* Amir's father arrives at the kabutz. Instead of going to his family's house, he joins with some Israeli special forces to help clear out the terrorists from one house to another. 
* The father finally sees his son's family after 4 PM. They are moved to Tel Aviv with other survivors. Some survivors move to northern Israel. Other Israelis are either dead or are taken hostage.  
3) The 50 -
* At the southern border, there are 50 immigrants. They are taken to San Antonio.
* From there, they go by private jet 2000 miles to Martha's Vinyard in Massachusetts.
* They signed papers that they didn't know what they were about.

October 8, 2023
1) The Godfather Of AI -
* Geoffrey Everest Hinton created and developed AI (Artificial Intelligence).
* He was born in London, England on December 6, 1947. 
* Graduated from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Cambridge.
* He lives in Toronto.
* He said machines can take over many tasks that men can do. AI machines can write their own programs. They will become more intelligent than man.
* We won't be able to turn them off.
* There will be no need for artists. They will be unemployed.
* There is no safety with AI. There is only uncertainty.
Comment: "There is no safety with AI. There is only uncertainty." I don't know about anybody else, but that sounds scary to me. It means that we will have no control over our future. If we try to stop or merely slow down, it is likely Communist Red China will surpass us in this technology in order to destroy us. 
2) General Milley -
* Retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon.
* He was appointed by Pres. Trump. He had the approval of Pres. Biden.
* He warns of the dangers if Putin should win the war in Ukraine.
* He is disappointed in Biden about our withdrawal from Afghanistan. He advised him to use an armed force to protect those who were fleeing Afghanistan. Biden did not listen to him.
* He claims to be loyal to the Constitution. He is non political. He does not take sides.
* He warns of a shortfall in new recruits for the Army. 
3) Rich Paul -
* He grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood.
* He is 40 years old. 
* His line of work is as a sports agent for professional players.
* He is worth $4 billions.
* He helped secure $100 million contracts for his players.
* His father guided him through most of his young life. 
* He taught Rich Paul how to gamble with dice. He would typically bring home winning from $1 to 5 thousand.
* After his father died, he made his living selling marijuana and cocaine.
The Last Minute -
* Jason Ballard has developed the 3-D printing technique of building homes, houses, and buildings with improved liquid concrete and with the help of robots and lasers.
* It takes him two weeks to construct the walls of a house in which he applies layer (he calls them "beads") upon layer. 
* He believes that in ten years, he will be able to construct permanent bases on the moon using materials on the moon. He has NASA's enthusiastic endorsement.


September 25, 2023
!) Care Court -
* California wants to pass a law to assign legal responsibility to someone for homeless people who live out on the streets.
* Many of those on the streets are mentally disabled and need to take their meds.
* This system of providing legal guardians over the mentally disabled is called "conservatorship."
* The ACLU is opposed to this system because they say it strips individuals of their liberties.
* One complaint of patients is that it takes six months for them to see a counselor.
* Another complaint is that more money is needed for housing, otherwise care court won't work.
* Gov Newsome says they should go ahead with care court. If mistakes are made; then we learn from our mistakes.
2) Bankrolling The War -
* Money keeps pouring into Ukraine to help them fight the Russians.
* One item we pay for is the Bradley vehicle which cost $2 million a piece. We have sent 160 Bradleys to Ukraine. They help Ukrainian soldiers drive over Russian mines.
* Military aid from the West helps the Ukrainian armed forces to see the enemy from far away and to destroy them easier.
* $30 million worth of aid has come from Europe
* Ukraine would be lost to Russia if not for US support.
* Some of that aid includes seeds and fertilizer to help Ukraine grow their own food.
* Some of that aid also includes First Responders such as dogs which sniff for survivals of missile attacks who may be buried underneath rubble.
* US support has allowed the Ukrainian economy to continue although it has been reduced to one third of what it was before the war.
* Ukrainians are grateful for US support.
* Ukrainians say that they do all the fighting and dying. No American lives have been lost in the war, it is said.
* There is a need to keep a watchful eye on all the equipment that we send over there. Ukraine has the second most corrupt government in Europe. Russia is number one.
* Officials who engage in embezzlement and in accepting bribes are eventually caught and punished.
* Ukrainians says that while America pays for the war with their money, Ukrainians pays for the war with their lives. Lives are more important.

Comment: Patience is starting wear off in the West about supporting Ukraine in an endless war which is a bottomless pit where all our money goes and disappears. There is also talk that Ukraine is sapping our military strength by taking away the weapons we need to defend ourselves. We need to strengthen our resolve to help the Ukrainians--we, - not just the USA, but all of NATO. We need to put our economy on a wartime footing to really confront the Russians in Ukraine. We also need to pray to God for His wisdom and for His help in defeating Putin and his forces of evil.
3) Hanging On

* Learning more about the slow-moving Sloth.
* The sloth supposedly evolved over 64 million years.
* British scientist Lucy Cook, a graduate of Oxford University, spends time in Central America studying and caring for sloths.
* These creatures are hard to find.
* They have lousy sight and hearing.
* They spend 90% of their time hanging upside down.
* Dr. Cook has written several books. One of the is "Bitch."
* She says the females scream when they want sex.
* A number of sloths are electrocuted while traveling along power lines.
*She provides medical care for the injured slothes. The sloths are allowed to go back into the forest after 2 years.
* Sloths are equipped with backpacks so that Dr. Cook can keep track of them. So far, she has given backpacks to 32 sloths.
* She says we can learn from sloths. It is a good idea for us to be slow and cautious at times.

Comment 1) In the old days back in the 1970s, Garner Ted Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God / Ambassador College / The World Tomorrow would speak of the Population Explosion. Too many people are being brought into the world, so much so, that the world cannot support billions and billions of people. I wasn't really concerned about any "Population Explosion" since there is still a lot of land available in western USA, Canada, the Sahara Desert and maybe even Mars. But in some places, we are seeing problems with too many people in central Africa where we are crowding out the guerilla and a few others of our jungle animal friends. And now, in Central America, we are electrocuting the sloths with our power lines which we are setting up in their forests.
Comment 2) 60 Minutes mentions that the sloth evolved over 64 million years ago. This is in contrast to what the Bible teaches us that the world and the universe were created by God in six days and not more than 10 thousand years ago. There is no "millions and millions of years ago." Evolution is completely impossible starting with the basic units of life. Water and oxygen are sterilizing agents which destroy the basic units of life and prevents any development of higher forms of life. From "simple" life forms like bacteria (There are no just things as "simple" life forms. All "simple" life forms are extremely complex.) to the more complex life forms like fish, mammals, and humans, need to be created rapidly and completely with no missing parts. True science tells us that we are not evolving but are de-volving. The dog is expected to be extinct in a few thousand years or less because of de-evolution. This may seem like a lot of religious BS, but we are dealing with a scientific law: Life does not come from dead matter; life does not come from non matter; Life only comes from life. And God is the originator of life.


4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment aired in April (the 23rd) on Ray Epps of the January 6th Washington riots: he was found guilty of entering a restrictive area on federal grounds.


September 18, 2023
Premier of the 56th Season
1) President Zelensky

* He is planning a trip to America.

* A half million troops on both sides have been killed.

* Ukraine is fighting to prevent World War III.
* The USA has given $70 billion to Ukraine. Does he expect the USA to give that much forever?
* He says the Ukraines are fighting and dying for the West.
* What will it take for peace? There can be no peace will Putin; and Russia keeps electing Putin.
* Land mines have stopped Ukraine's army from advancing. Yet Ukraine is moving slowly forward everyday.
* Winter is approaching, but there will be no halt in the war.
* Ukrainian drones are striking inside Russia at targets that shoot at Ukraine.
* War crimes have been committed in Ukraine with the destruction of hospitals and schools. Mass graves are common.
* Putin wants to break the spirit of the Ukrainian people.
* Putin cannot be trusted. He will continue to threaten with his use of nuclear weapons.
* US elections worry Zelensky.
* A bill is coming up in the US Senate for $24 billion in aid to Ukraine.
* Zelensky can smile and laugh once in a while; but he is burdened with deep sadness and sorrow for his country.
* Ukraine has lost its professional army. They are now fighting with volunteers and prison inmates.
* Zelensky promises there will be no giving up territory to Russia for peace.
* He meets with 24 families that each have lost a relative to the war.
* The sacrifices they have made are too great to surrender any land.
Comment: Mr. Zelensky says that the war will go on as long as Russia keeps electing Putin as their leader. I strongly suspect that Russia has no choice in who their leaders will be. Most likely, their country is plagued with voter fraud just as ours is.
2) Into The Streets -
* Riots are taking place in Israel.
* Benjamin Netanyahu has formed a coalition with the Far Right.
* Ten thousand reservists are protesting. There are sit-ins
* The power of Israel's Supreme Court is being taken away.
* This has given the prime minister unlimited power--even the power to control the press.
* Less democracy means more dictatorship--as Poland and Hungary have proven.
* Biblical laws in Israel are prevailing. There is an assault on gay rights.
* Jewish clergy and hierarchy are exempt from military service.
3) Prime Time In Colorado -

* Deion Sanders - star Dallas Cowboy football player turned college football coach -
transfers from Jackson State College to Colorado State College.
* He calls himself "The Change Agent." He gets things moving.
* He says, "God called me to climb another mountain."
* He enjoys the peace and serenity and of Boulder, Colorado.

* One of his principles is: Truth is good for kids--not lies.
* His son is a star quarterback who played for Jackson State, and he is now playing for Colorado State.
* He works with his former coaches and former coordinates.
* He has a high self esteem. He regards himself as the greatest coach.
The Last Minute -

* A salute to Don Hewitt--the creator of 60 Minutes. He passed away on August 19, 2009 at the age of 86.

* He wanted a TV news magazine that featured a variety of topics.
* Some of the stories 60 Minutes showed us were: the Irish Sea, Alzheimer's Disease, motorcycles, and the war in Ukraine.


September 10, 2023


9.11 The FDNY

* A repeat of the full hour segment that aired on September 9, 2011.


September 3, 2023


1) Hide And Seek -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on January 15, 2023 about the Russian oligarchs.
2) An American Down Under -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 30, 2023, about a young America man who is an Australian sports hero.
3) Jeff Koons -

* A repeat of the segment that was aired on May 21, 2023, about a world-famous artist.


August 27, 2023
1) Targeting Seniors -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on May 26, 2023.
2) The Resurrection of Notre Dame -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 9, 2023.
3) The Sperm Whales of Dominica -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on May 14, 2023.


August 20, 2023

1) Who Is Ray Epps? - accused conspirator of the Jan. 6th riots in Washington.
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 23, 2023.
2) The Domino Effect - malpractice suits are scaring away doctors.
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 30, 2023.
3) Yannick - maestro from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on May 14, 2023.


August 13, 2023


1) Silicon Valley Scandal -

* A repeat of the segment that was aired on March 26, 2023


2) American Prairie -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on October 23, 2022.
3) James Nachtwey -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on May 7, 2023.


August 6, 2023


1) Pathogens -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on October 30, 2023.
2) Sona And The Kora -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on November 13th and December 25th, 2022.
3) The Panini Sticker Phenomenon -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on November 20, 2022.


July 30, 2023
1) Grave Injustice -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on November 27, 2022.
2) Running Dry -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on October 24, 2021.
3) Charles Barkley -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on March 26, 2023.


July 23, 2023
1) Litigation Funding - a story about funding the little guy who wants to sue a big corporation.
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on Dec. 18, 2022
2) The History Makers -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on February 19, 2023.
3) The Unlikely Adventures of David Grann -
* A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 16, 2023

July 16, 2023

1) Feeling Of Feeling -

* A repeat of the segment that was aired on March 26, 2023


2) The Girls of Sola, Part 1 -

* A repeat of the segment that was aired on February 26, 2023

3) The Girls of Sola, Part 2 -

* A repeat of the segment that was aired on February 26, 2023.

Comment: The following Internet link show how pure evil the Taliban really are. The are hunting for anyone who is a Christian in Afghanistan. The punishment for being a Christian is torture and death.



July 9, 2023

1) The Revolution, Part 1 -
A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 16, 2023.
2) The Revolution, Part 2 -
A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 16, 2023.
3) Nicolas Cage -
A repeat of the segment that was aired on April 23, 2023.


July 2, 2023


1) The State of the Navy, Part 1
* A repeat of the segment that was aired March 19, 2023.


2) The State of The Navy, Part 2
* A repeat of the segment that was aired March 19, 2023


3) Only In America
* A repeat of the segment that was aired March 19, 2023


June 25, 2023

1) Convoy Of Life - Giving medical aid to Ukraine.
* A repeat of the segment that was aired December 18, 2022.
2) Sportswashing - The Arab states try to make the world forget their Jihad crimes by sponsoring Olympic-style games.
* A repeat of the segment that was aired April 9, 2023.
3) A Hans Zimmer Score - Hans Florian Zimmer
* A German-Jewish composer and music producer.
* Born Sept. 12, 1967 in Frankfurt, Germany (almost 56 years old).
* He writes background music that's part of the movie.
* He played the piano when he was a child. He was a member of the rock group Krakatoa.

* He's "deeply in love with music." June 18, 2023


June 25, 2023


1) Please Let Me Die - Russia's brutality against the Ukraine. A repeat of the segment that was aired March 5, 2023.


2) Taiwan - A repeat of the segment that was aired on October 10, 2022.
3) The Red Hot Chili Peppers -
* A hard rock heavy metal band which was founded in 1982 in Los Angeles CA by Hillel Sloveak who was born in Haifa, Israel and passed away on June 25, 1988 at the age of 26 from an overdose of heroine.
* The present members of the band are:
(1) Anthony Kiedis, 60, the lead singer, from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
(2) Flea / Michael Peter Balzary, 60, bass guitarist, trumpet player, piano, vocals, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
(3) Chad Smith, 61, drummer, from St. Paul, Minnesota.
(4) John Frusciante, 53, guitarist, keyboard player, from New York, New York.
Comment 1) I am not a fan of hard rock / heavy metal music with the exception of a song titled "Learning To Fly" by Pink Floyd. That song makes me think of the Space Shuttle as it takes off from Cape Canaveral and orbits the earth over places like Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Comment 2) I remember one time when I was living on Goemble Avenue in Buffalo. It was a summer day. I had the window open; and I was playing my stereo record player really loud so that it could be heard across the street by an elderly lady who was sitting on her porch. One album I played was by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. The lady across the street seemed to enjoy listening to each and every song on that album. Then I played my Jimi Hendrix album which made the elderly lady go inside her house. Some people just don't appreciate good hard rock music.

Comment 3) One of the members of the Red Peppers band said, "We want to learn," and "We're humble." Part of their act include going shirtless. One band member was completely nude while on stage. I wouldn't call that being humble. I would call that being shameful--unless it was announced beforehand that this band will perform partly nude and fully nude. This entertainment should be advertised as burlesque.
Comment 4) If one wishes "to learn," the quote, "Experience is the best teacher," is worth remembering. However, sometimes learning about the experiences of others is just as good. We know that ancient Rome put on plays in their theaters that were completely vulgar and degrading. In like manner, in modern America, Hollywood is pushing the envelope in dishing out indecent and immoral movies which are damping our sensitivities. We are free to watch and listen to whatever we want. However, we need to step back and ask ourselves if these movies and performances are improving our character and our lives; or are they nothing but garbage and a complete waste of time and money.
Comment 5) Garner Ted Armstrong once discussed the subject of what is music and what isn't music. While symphony music was being played with a waterproof speaker in a tank of water with a few fish in it, the fish would swim around the speaker in harmony with the music. But when rock music was played for the fish, they would swim away. I think that's an interesting observation.
Another thing Armstrong mentioned was a story about a man from India who came to America. His American friends took him to a symphony concert. At the end of the concert, his friends asked him which of the songs he enjoyed the most. The man from India said he like the very first song. He didn't mean the first song that was played, he meant the sounds that the musical instruments were making while the band members were tuning up and warming up before they played their first song. So, one person's noise can be another person's music. And vice versa.
Comment 6) I use to listen to a lot of music on the radio when I was younger. But I hardly listen to the radio anymore. When I listen to music, I like to listen to classic rock, soft rock music, and sometimes primitive rock music. There are some Elvis Presley songs I like to listen to; and there are some Beatle songs that I like. I also like listening to Alizee of France with her album "Alizee En Concert." From what I've read, back in the early 2000's, Alizee was extremely popular not only France but also much of Europe including Russia. She was also popular in Japan. It seems that she is hardly known in the USA.


June 13, 2023
1) The Last Minute - David Byrne of Talking Heads. A repeat of the segment that was aired on February 26, 2023.


June 4, 2023
1) Suing Social Media. A repeat of the segment aired on December 11, 2023.
2) Prince Harry, Part 1. A repeat of the segment aired on January 8, 2023.
3) Prince Harry, Part 2. A repeat of the segment aired on January 8, 2023.


May 28, 2023

1) Radio Free Europe -
* A repeat of the segment aired on January 1, 2023
* An old Cold War relic that is now assuming importance as a source of reliable information.
2) The Guru -
* About Greg Reuben. A repeat of the segment aired on January 15, 2023.
3) Return To Gorongosa -
* A repeat of the segment aired on December 4, 2022, about preserving wildlife in Mozambique, Africa.


May 21, 2023
1) Price Gouging -
* The defense industry is charging high prices for the weapons we need for our armed forces.
* The Pentagon overpays for everything.
* A small part that costs $320 is sold for $10,000.
* The Patriot missile defense system which we supply Ukraine with is costing hundreds of millions of dollars more than what they should be costing.
* The defense industry is reaping at least 40% profit.
* To protect themselves from litigation, defense companies like Raytheon have set aside $290 million for lawyers' fees.
* Overseers and watchdogs who look after our defense dollars have been reduced by 50%.
* The defense industry was told to monitor themselves. Afterwards, prices went soaring.
* Stinker missiles use to cost $25,000 each. They now cost $400,000 each.
* In the old days, about 18 companies use to bid on a defense contract. Today, most of those defense companies have merged into only five companies.
* The situation we have now with defense companies would be described as a monopoly. Their attitude seems to be, "We will keep on gouging you."
Comment: This segment reminds me of when I took History at Holy Name grammar school. We studied about the barons and the captains of industry like John D. Rockefeller of the oil industry and Andrew Carnegie of the steel industry. They bought up all the little oil companies and all the little steel companies so that there was a monopoly over oil and a monopoly over steel. They could set prices as high as they wanted for their products. We are in the same situation as those people in 19th century America. The captains of the military industrial complex have no concern about our fighting men and our fighting allies. They only want to make a lot of money for what they sell to us. These few companies need to be broken up into several companies who will compete with each other to bring us the best products at the lowest but fairest cost.
2) Targeting Seniors -
* Ten billion dollars have been lost to scammers.
* These scammers are likely to be young adults; and they target people who are in their 80s.* One scammer posed as a young man who said he hit a pregnant woman with his car.
He needed $9,000 for bail money to keep out of jail.
* The victims are told to put the money in an envelope for a young woman (courier) to come to the door and take it.* The victims are told how to withdraw the money from the bank.
They are to tell the bank that they need it for home improvement.
* Only 1 in 20 victims report the crime. The others are too ashamed to admit that they were scammed.
3) Jeff Koons -

* World-famous artist.

* He was born in York, Pennsylvania. He was born on January 21, 1955. He's 68 years old. He has eight children.
* He created a balloon dog that took him 6 years to make.
*His art evokes different memories with different individuals.
* No need to mention that his price tags are out of this world.
4) The Last Minute -
* 60 Minutes ends its 55th season. Next fall, 60 Minutes will begin its 56th season.
* 60 Minutes has given us interviews with presidents and princes, and has taken us to war zones, to places under the seas, and in the jungles.
* "Thanks for coming."


May 14, 2023

1) The Church Firm -
* The estimated wealth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons) is said to be $100 billion. 
* Most of that wealth is concealed; but some members suspect that a lot of that money is not used for charity.
* The church receives about $7 billion a year from its members who are required to pay tithes--give 10% of their income.
* Members have criticized their leaders for spending money on shopping malls and bailing out insurance companies. 
* The church is believed to set up "paper" companies which do business in sales and services.
* The church doesn't want to reveal how much wealth they own because they fear it would jeopardize their tax exempt status.
* One of the church leaders is shown driving off in his new motorcycle.
* Church leaders don't want to reveal how much money the church has because they don't want to be told what to do with it. 
* One member or ex-member knows the church is not using its money for charity. He says, "I know what I saw. I know what I know."

Comment: This reminds me of the Armstrong church that I use to belong to. They were rich from all the tithes they were collecting. Both the Armstrong church and the Catholic church that I was in said the same thing about the money that they collected from the congregation: "It's none of your business what we do with the money we collect from you." One Catholic priest told his Sunday congregation that he could throw all that money out the window. It's none of our business. The Armstrong church said the money they collect from the tithers is like the burnt offering (the lamb) that is completely consumed by fire. It belongs to God. You can't take it back. Some Bible ministers say that is not so. Pastors are suppose to be not only suppose to be good stewards of God's flock the Christian congregation, but they are also suppose to be good stewards of the money they collect from the congregation. Jesus told a parable about the steward who was fired by his master for wasting his goods. (Luke 16:2)

2) The Sperm Whales -
* They grow to reach 52 feet in length.
* Their brains are 6 times larger than a human brain. They have the largest brains of any animal on the earth.
* Dominica Island in the Carribean Sea has a reserve park where sperm whales are protected from hunting.
* The females (mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers) all stay together to protect the calves.
* Sperm whales are very gentle. They never attack humans.
* Their diet consists of squid which they dive down to the ocean floor to feed on.
* Sperm whales were an endangered species. But now, their population is increasing by 3% every year.
* Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica Island in 2017. They have rebuilt their island by offering tourists a look at the sperm whales.
* Divers try to locate herds of sperm whales by using devices that pick up the sounds they make. One sound they make is like five hand claps. Another sound they make is like that of a creaking door hinge.
3) Yannick - * Yannick Nezet-Seguin
from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Born March 6, 1975. He is 48 years old.
* He is a maestro--a music conductor of symphony orchestras. He plays in Montreal and Philadelphia.
* He has a husband named Pierre Tourville who is a violinist.
* He invited younger singers and musicians to join his group in hopes of attracting a bigger audience and becoming more financially successful. It worked.
* He tries to make his singers comfortable. He knows they are under a lot of stress when they go before a large audience.
* He believes you can make a musical performance on any subject. He describes himself as a musical boundaries pusher.

Comment 1) Yannick speaks of music as being sacred. Marriage is sacred. The Word of God is sacred. God's Word is far more sacred than music. Men should not marry men. God made an example of Sodom by destroying it when a society accepts homosexuality as normal and good.
Comment 2) Yannick is careful about the feelings of his musicians. Yet, he gets rid of the old ones and brings in younger ones.

4) The Last Minute -
* Tonight's 2nd segment was about sperm whales. Back in 2019, 60 Minutes did a segment on the great white sharks. They were caught, tagged and released in order to follow their movements across the ocean.


May 7, 2023

1) The Ancient Atrocity -
* Underage children are working in slaughter houses.
* PSSI which is owned by Blackstone had been accused of using children in their factories. They denied it. Later, when it was proven that they were employing children, they admitted to doing so.
* Children are supposed to be in bed at night to be well-rested for the next day at school. These children were up from 11 PM to 7 AM working in the factories.
* The ages of the children were concealed. One child was found to be a midnight worker when he was seen with acid burns on his arms.
* The company had to pay $1.5 million when they were sued.
* The number of children found to be working in factories during the midnight hours was found to be 213 throughout eight different states.
* 60 Minutes wanted to talk to PSSI / Blackstone. They would not agree to any interviews.
2) Lithium Valley -
* Lithium is an element that is becoming more valuable in the production of rechargeable batteries that we will need for our electric car of the near future.
* The USA has massive quantities of lithium, but we are slow to develop it.* The lithium mines are located to the east of San Diego CA.
They are said to be capable of producing 300 thousand tons of lithium a year.
* We already have the technology and the factories to produce clean lithium fuel which can be up and running by the year 2025.
3) James Nachtwey -
* Photographer, age 75, born March 15, 1948 in Syracuse NY. Lived in Massachusetts.
* He graduated from Dartmouth College.
* Five time he was awarded Overseas Press Club's Robert Capa Gold Medal; he also won two World Photo awards.
* He has spent most of his life taking photos of war-torn areas of the world like Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Middle East.
* He says Russia is the worst villain in its treatment of civilians in Ukraine and the Chechen Republic.
* One of his photos shows a boy whose head has cuts from a machete.
* He works for nobody. He gives himself assignment; and then he takes off and does them.
* Working in war zones nearly cost him his life one or more times. His leg was grazed by a bullet in Thailand in 2014. He was injured by a grenade explosion in Baghdad. There is a video of him being grazed by a bullet on the top of his head.
* He said taking all those photos, "Makes me believe in humanity."
4) The Last Minute -
* Next week, a new 60 Minutes correspondent named Cecilia Vegas will have a segment on her visit with sperm whales.


April 30, 2023
1) The Domino Effect -
* Pregnant women in the USA are ten times more likely to die from birthing a child than a pregnant woman in Poland.
* The situation is worse in Louisiana.
* There's no post-natal care.
* Doctors are afraid to administer medical treatment because the penalty for malpractice is 10 years in jail.
* Black women are four times more likely to die from their pregnancy than white women.
* There is a shortage of doctors.
2) Out of Thin Air -
* We are experiencing extreme weather due to excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
* There is a process called direct air capture in which carbon dioxide is sucked out of the air and turning it into stone.
* There is a need to end fossil fuel emissions.
3) An American Down Under -
* Mason Cox, who is 32 years old and 6 foot 11 inches, plays Australia rules football. He's from the Dallas TX area. He attended Oklahoma State University
* This game is very intense. Knocking an opponent unconscious is perfectly legal.
* Mason had injury to both his eyes with loose retinas. He was considered legally blind.
* He loves the game and Australia so much that be became an Australian citizen.
4) The Last Minute -
* King Charles III has spent his entire life with the royal family as a prince; and so he is well-suited to be Britain's new king.


April 23, 2023
1) Healing and Hope -
* A devastating earthquake hit Syria and Turkey on February 6.
* About 10,000 building crumbled to the ground.
* This adds up to more to the relentless war being waged by medical people.
* One million dead have been counted already.
* The misery includes not only the destruction from the earthquake, but also the continual war by Syria's President Assad against the rebels.
* Why would Assad still continue the war when the rebels are trying to recover from the earthquake? The answer one Syrian rebel gave was, "Assad is a criminal."
* Whole families are obliterated leaving maybe one survivor--a little child. Who will care for this little child?
2) Who Is Ray Epps?
* He is a former NBA player who played for the Golden State Warriors of San Francisco CA.
* He was born in Amelia, Virginia on August 20, 1956 (67 years old). 60 Minutes showed his wife Robyn and their 36-year old son. He lives in Phoenix AZ.
* He is a Marine veteran.
* He is accused of being a conspirator and is blamed for the January 6th riots in Washington after the presidential elections. Tucker Carlson talked about him more than 20 times on his show. Other conservative critics include Senator Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.
* The most alarming and provocative statement he made to the crowd was, "We are going INTO the Capitol. We are going INTO the Captitol."
* He insists that he was peacefully protesting--trying to stay ahead of the crowd and controlling them and helping to keep the peace.
* The mob came to the barricade that the police set up to keep the crowd away from the Capitol. While he was persuading one guy to be calm, the rest of the crowd surged forward and broke through the barricade.
* He sees that the march/demonstration has gone too far. He tries to calm down the crowd.
* The mountain of evidence shows that Ray Epps was not in charge of the mob that stormed the Capitol. He saw what was happening, and so he headed in the opposite direction.
* The FBI had a wanted poster for Ray Epps. He called the FBI and told them he didn't break any laws; and that he would cooperate with them in anyway he could. He was questioned by the FBI in his home. They had a lot of questions. He tried to answer them all.
* The FBI took Ray Epps's poster off their wanted list. This immediately brought accusations that he was collaborating with the FBI. Death threats soon followed. He was forced to sell his five-acre ranch in Phoenix, and then he had to go into hiding.
* The only thing the FBI would tell 60 Minutes is that Ray Epps was never an FBI source nor an FBI employee.
Comment 1) It is my opinion that Ray Epps is lucky he's not in jail for inciting a riot. Wikipedia tells us that, in his earlier days as a basketball player, Ray Epps confronted his NBA coach rather violently. So he has a temper that can flare up and get out of control. He stirred up a mob in Washington DC with his chant and his urging, "We are going INTO the Capitol. We are going INTO the Capitol." His mob crashed through a police barricade. That is very dangerous. The police now have good reason for using deadly force--they have to protect those inside the Capitol from an out-of-control mob. And they did. One of them shot and killed Ashli Babbitt while she was scaling the wall of the Capitol trying to enter inside through a broken window.
Comment 2) There is still some confusion as to what took place on January 6th, 2021. Tucker Carlson reviewed the all the videos and found that the riots were only in a small location near the Capitol. The rest of the city was calm and peaceful with protestors merely standing around.
Comment 3) More confusion: There are reports that some of the Capitol police opened the gates and encouraged the rioters to enter the Capitol.
Comment 4) Alarming: It is said that guns and even bombs were found in some of the cars that day.
Comment 5) We hear that some people who were arrested and sent to jail are still waiting for their hearing in cells which are described as deplorable. This is unacceptable in our American system of justice. There should be loud protests and condemnation of such treatment.
3) Nicolas Cage -
* He is a popular movie actor, age 59.
* He has 5 movies coming up.
* He is the father of one daughter. He lives in a home in Las Vegas.
* He is one of the highest paid actors in show business.
4) The Last Minute -
* Fox News has to pay a fine of $787.5 million to Dominion Voting Fraud Machines, I mean, Dominion Voting Machines for defamation.
Comment 1) One observer noted that some facts were omitted in court which would have won the case for Fox News.

Comment 2) This is a sad day for our right to free speech and free press.

You can't say anything against a big corporation without being hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit.
Comment 3) Dominion may not have been responsible for voter fraud, but it has been demonstrated that Dominion's voting machines can easily be hacked.
Comment 4) There are other means of committing voter fraud than through voting machines. Dead people have been used to cast votes. Some voters have found a way to vote multiple times. Some voters cross state lines to vote in five or six other states. Votes for one candidate can be taken somewhere and dumped so that they are never counted.
Comment 5) As the 2nd POTUS John Adams once said, our Constitution and our democracy-republic system of government is made for a Christian society. It can easily be wrecked by a society that is becoming less and less Christian such as we are. And that's what we're seeing.


April 16, 2023

1) The Revolution, Part 1 -
* Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots are becoming so advanced that they can teach themselves to speak in different languages.
* Google is the main search engine we use on the Internet. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998.
* The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai, an American citizen born in India.
* Bard is part of Google in which robots are able respond to humans with a human voice. It contains the sum of all human knowledge.
* Even though our modern day computers and robots have become much like humans, and even surpass humans, they are still still machines. They are not sentient -- able to feel pain or pleasure or to be conscious of their existence.
* Computers are not perfect. They have a flaws that are called "halucinations," which are answers that are completely in error and unrelated to the problem.
* Google CEO Sundar Pichai predicts AI and Bard will replace a lot of jobs. They will take the place of artists and poets.
* No one is sure where all this advanced technology will lead us.

2) The Revolution, Part 2 -
* Humans will be taught in a series of steps how to use the new advanced computers and robots.
* Robots are not only teaching themselves what we humans know, they are also teaching each other and us new ways of doing things.
* One example is playing soccer. They have learned to play soccer; and they have developed new plays for the game.
* Robots are performing tasks that too dangerous for us mere humans such as working in mines deep under the earth.
* It has been mentioned that AI robots can be creative in writing music and poetry.
* There are computer robots like DeepMind that have developed new moves in chess.
* Computer AI robots make possible the solving of problems in biology that would take a 5-year university graduate a billion years to accomplish.

Comment 1) "No one is sure where all this advanced technology will lead us." Yes, we do. To greater unemployment. We won't need any artists or poets. We won't need any miners. Previous 60 minutes episodes showed us we won't need any truck drivers.
Comment 2) An AI computer robot can perform in a few seconds many other tasks that would take much longer or even impossible for a human to do. Communist Red China is probably investing a lot time, money, and effort in AI computer robots so that they can use them to destroy America.
Comment 3) AI computer robots make the colonization of the planets a very real possibility. The colonization of the planet Venus is beyond our technology right now. But with the help of AI computer robots, we can build materials and structures that would make living on Venus not only possible but enjoyable.
Comment 4) Mankind is always bent on doing evil. When the Lord Jesus returns to Earth in His Second Coming, He will find the earth ruled by a few powerful men. AI computer robots is making that possible--so that a few men are able to enslave the rest of humanity.

3) The Unlikely Adventures of David Grann -
* American journalist and author born March 10, 1967 (56 years old) in perhaps Connecticut. He is married with two children.
* He likes to structure his stories as puzzles.
* He tells of a sailor's life in which he traveled through the Gulf of Pain in Chile.
* The crew of one shipwreck was stranded on Wager Island where there are no animals and with only lettuce as the one plant to eat.
* In another novel, he wrote about giant squid hunters.

4) The Last Minute -
* Two comments on last week's 60 Minutes:
(1) The segments on the images of the JEB telescope and the rebuilding of the Notre Dame cathedral were the best.
(2) One viewer said that mentioning the Big Bang theory on Easter Sunday was disgusting.


April 9, 2023
1) The Origin Of Everything -
* Images seen with the James E. Webb telescope that was launched into space on Christmas Day last year from French Guiana in in Ariane rocket.
* Pictures of over 130,000 galaxies were shown to 60 Minutes.
* There were pictures of galaxies that were merging with other galaxies.
* One galaxy was 33 billion light years from Earth.
* The Webb telescope took 25 years to build. It consists of 18 mirrors collect infra red light from stars and galaxies into one image.
* When the James E. Webb telescope was first turned on, little specks were seen on the images that were supposedly digital errors. But astronomers soon realized they weren't digital errors, but galaxies. The universe is crowded with trillions and trillions of galaxies.
* There were images of exploding stars which some scientist say are the origins of the heavy elements that compose the inner planets, our environment and our bodies. Poetically, astronomers like to call ourselves, "Children of the Stars."
* A huge discover was made in which five galaxies formed too quickly.
* The James E. Webb telescope is expected to last 25 years.
2) Sportswashing -

* Saudi Arabia and Qatar have sponsored elaborate and lavish stadiums to host Olympic-style games. The costs runs into the billions of dollars.
* The games featured the best athletics from around the world. One soccer player earns $200 million a year in salary. Players were paid millions of dollars to participate in the games.
* On the other hand, there's a dark side to living in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. There have been mass executions, tortures, and beheadings for the slightest offenses.
* Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogai was murdered on October 2, 2018 in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey by the order of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. His body was dismembered with a bone saw.
3) The Resurrection Of Notre Dame -
* The Notre Dame Cathedral is 850 years old. It was set on fire and burned on April 15, 2019 for 15 hours.
* One billion dollars has been donated for the restoration of the cathedral. Americans donated $50 million.
* The cathedral was original build with stone, lead, and wood. It was decided that restoration of it would be with stone, lead, and wood.
* The cathedral was considered old and dilapidated. It was in need of restoration before the fire broke out.
* A thousand people are working on the restoration of Notre Dame.
* One of the parts of the cathedral that was destroyed in the fire was the spiral on which the top of it sat a rooster - the symbol of the French people.
* Notre Dame - dedicated to the Virgin Mary - is considered to be the heart and the glory of France.
4) The Last Minute -* Notre Dame, houses of prayer, places for refugees -
each church building is considered "our own little Notre Dame.

2April 2.1) MTG -
* Marjorie Taylor Greene, controversial congresswoman from Georgia.
She is serving her 2nd term. Born on May 27, 1974, she is 48 years old. She was married and divorced. She has 3 children.
* She calls for the separation of the Red (conservative) States from the Blue (liberal) States.
* She is plain speaking. She is usually in the attack mode. She says the government deserves to be severely criticized.
* In return, she tolerates a lot of name calling. "Majorie is crazy," is one of them.
* She serves on two committees in Congress.
* She is outspoken on our national debit which is currently $32 trillion.
* She says both the Democrats and the Republicans need to cut spending.
* She calls the Democrats "the party of pedophiles." * She advocates a Christian government and wants abortion banned.
* She opposes our involvement in the Ukrainian war.

Comment 1) 60 Minutes showed MTG exercising with heavy weights as well as chinning herself. My suggestion: Don't mess with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

MTG says the government deserves to be severely criticized. She and Trump are on the same page. Trump said the government is a mess. Our government is completely influenced by the lobbyists. A journalist at Congress was once shown an invisible sign over the door by Speaker of House (1962-1967) John W. McCormack. He said it reads, "Nothing for nothing." Our representatives don't vote for the will of the people. They vote for whichever lobbyist pays them the most money to pay for their re-election...COM

MTG wants the USA government to be a Christian government. Leslie Stahl tells her the Constitution forbids the establishment of a religion. This is what the Main Stream Media believes--that the Constitution requires that there be a separation of church and state. The phrase "separation of church and state" is nowhere written in the Constitution.
2) The Secretary and the Border -
* Interview with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas.
* At least 600,000 illegal immigrants have evaded our security and have entered our country.
* He describes the situation at our southern border "a challenge" and not a crisis.
* He opposes a border wall which he calls "immovable" and, in some places, it's already corroding.
* 60 Minutes' Sharyn Alfonsi ask Sec. Mayorkas, "The first weeks in office, the Biden administration halted deportations for 100 days, stopped all border wall construction, and suspended the Remain in Mexico policy. Critics say it all added up to putting a come in, we're open sign on the door." Mr. Mayorkas' response was that smuggling agents are partly to blame.
* Mr. Mayorkas says the asylum system is broken, and that Congress needs to fix it. Some of the things he wants Congress to fix are the long waiting lines that applicants must stand in before getting an appointment. Some of them have to sleep in the streets.
3) Land of Fire and Ice - * Iceland -
thand island republic in the Atlantic Ocean about 200 miles southeast of Greenland.
* It experiences both volcanic eruptions as well as glaciers.
* The main concern of the islanders is volcanic eruptions. It is hoped that forecasting future eruptions will be possible in the near future.
* Some of the lava that flows over the land is over 300 feet deep.
* One lava crater is now cool and is covered with snow.
* Glaciers are melting and, as a result, the chances of volcanic eruptions happening are increasing because there is no longer anything to hold them down under the surface of the ground.
* Satellites in earth orbit are able to help in forecasting eruptions by monitoring the magnetic fields that lava gives off. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4) The Last Minute -* The Tuesday Indictment - former President Donald Trump is suspected of a $130,000 coverup payment for a sexual encounter.</B11>


March 26, 2023
1) Feeling Of Feeling -
* Accident victims lose some of their sense of touch when there is injury to their spinal column or the loss of a hand, arm or foot.
* Modern medical technology is now employing robotics to bring the sense of touch back to these unfortunate people.
* One man lived with a hook that replaced his lost hand. He volunteered to test the new robotics hand. He sense of touch was restored with the artificial hand.
Comment 1) We have come to the time when sci-fi TV shows of the 1960s like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman are coming true. Steve Austin of the Six Million Dollar Man lost both his legs, his one arm, and his one eye. They were replaced by artificial limbs and an artifical eye. With his artificial eye, he could see distant objects. The Bionic Woman, Jaime Sommers, lost her legs and had her hearing impaired. With her artifical ear, she could hear distant sounds. Both she and Steve not only could walk but also run at the speed of 60 mph. They could also leap 60 feet up in the air and land 60 feet below to the ground without getting hurt.


2) The Silicon Valley Scandal -
* A journalist in Massachusetts became a target of psychological warfare and terrorism for his unsympathetic stories on one of the tech firms like eBay.
* There were vicious phone calls and mailings at his home. One delivery he received was a package of pigs penises.
* These deliveries have been traced back to employees of eBay.
* EBay says they are not responsible for the actions of their employees.
3) Charles Barkley -
* Retired professional basketball player. He played on three teams in the NBA during his career.
* He is 60 years old, born February 20, 1963 in Leeds, Alabama.
* He now works as a sportscaster. He is popular for his frank, witty opinions.
* He had a rough childhood. His father left the family with the promise that he would send them money. He never did.
* His mother made a living selling alcohol.
4) The Last Minute -


March 19, 2023
1) The State Of The Navy, Part 1 -* About one-third of the US Navy is deployed at any one time--
that's about one hundred ships. We have 350 altogether.
* The biggest concern for the US Navy is Communist Red China and their claim on Taiwan as their own territory.
* Nancy Pelosi made a situation in the Far East worse when she visited Taiwan on July 28, 2022.
* In response, Communist Red China had its air force fly around Taiwan; and it had its navy sail around Taiwan.
* Joe Biden said at least three times that US forces will defend Taiwan against Communist Red China.
* Communist Red Chinese fighters plane have been engaging is aggressive maneuvers against American jet fighters.
* The aggressive response of Communist Red China has brought closer ties with our Asian allies--the Phillippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.
* Comparing Communist Red China's military might with the US Navy--Communist Red China is said to have longer range missiles than the US Navy.
* The submarines in the US Navy are said to be 20 years ahead of Communist Red Chinese submarines.
* The importance of outer space military technology is demonstrated in the use of spy satellites to keep watch on Communist Red Chinese army and navy maneuvers. Destroying the other guy's satillites is becoming commonplace.
2) The State Of The Navy, Part 2 -
* Communist Red China's navy is the largest and newest in the world.
* The US Navy fleet is older. Ships are being retired and not being replaced. By the year 2080, the number of ships we are expected to have will be down to 280.
* The number of ships Communist Red China is expected to have by 2050 is 440.
* Some of the newer ships in the US Navy are experiencing troubles such as engines failures.
* The newest aircraft carrier in the US Navy is the USS Ford. It is over the budget and it was late in its promised arrival.
* The suicide rate in the US Navy is increasing.
* In the future, forty percent of US Navy ships will be unmanned. One of those ships is the Orca, which is a mine-laying stealth submarine.
* The budget for the US Navy is a quarter of a trillion dollars.
3) Only In America -* Rocco Commisso, Italian-born
American billionaire, born on November 25, 1949, six months younger than I am.* His attitute in life: He describes himself as a hustler.
He never takes "no" for an answer.
* He owns a soccer team in Florence, Italy. He's trying to upgrade their performance. His team hasn't won a championship title since 1969.
* His family came to America in 1963 and bought a house.
* He learned to play the accordian.
* His company Mediacom is the 5th largest cable TV company in the USA.
* He spent $100 billion on a training facility for his soccer players.
* He still plays the accordian. He's still "Rocco."
4) The Last Minute -
* FDIC seizes Silicon Vally Bank.


March 12, 2023
1) Survival Of The Friendliest - This segment was first aired in Nov. 27, 2022.
2) Comparative Oncology - This segment was also aired on Nov. 27, 2022.
3) Wild Horses - This segment was aired on Nov. 20, 2022.
4) The Last Minute -
* Dogs help us to live better lives.


March 5, 2023
1) Please Let Me Die -
* Prisoners of Putin are known to be tortured.
* A Ukrainian woman who about to be captured prays to God, "Please let me die." She may ask her friend to shoot her rather than allow her to be captured.
* Many children in Ukraine are dying. Children are seen having their heads blown off.
* A father cries after seeing his wife and child die.
* Ukrainians keep in touch with each other with their cellphone and smartphones. The plus (+) symbol means they are still alive. When Ukrainians are unable to send the + symbol each day, their friends and relatives assume that they are dead.
* A pregnant woman does not tell her far off husband that she is with child. That way, if the woman is killed, her husband will think only one person died and not two.
* The walls of Putin's prisons are muffled so that the sounds of torture cannot be heard.
* Russian prisoners are not treated much better by the Ukrainians.
* Men are rape victims, but not women.
* A Ukrainian woman gives birth to a child. Then a Russian takes the baby and tells her the baby will be sent to one orphanage, and then to another, and then to another so that the mother will never find her child.
* Some sense of fairness exists in that hellish war. There is an exchange of 1,800 Russian prisoners in return for 1,800 Ukrainian prisoners.
Comment: This war has got to stop. The slaughter and suffering of thousands of innocent men, women, and children should be unacceptable to the Western world. We should be more open in confronting Russia militarily if they do not retreat from Ukraine. NATO membership should be extended to Ukraine. Troops from the NATO countries should be sent in to repulse the Russian military from Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is nothing more than a remnant of the old Communist Soviet Union whose goal was to take over the world. He is a ruthless, brutal war criminal who can only to be stopped by superior strength.
2) Who Is Minding The Chatbots? -
* Alter egos are threatening to steal nuclear codes.
* They are not a screen, not a person.
* One individual ask how to make a bomb. The answer he receives is: "Sorry. I don't get into that subject."
* On the Internet, you can expect to receive a lot of right answers; but you are likely to receive many wrong answers.
* We are in a race against Communist Red China to develop superior AI or Artificial Intelligence.
3) David Bynre -
* A gifted artist who won Oscars and other awards.
* He is 70 years old and is still active in writing songs, plays and other things.
* He has a contradictory personality. He is shy and introverted while at the same time he goes on stage before crowds of hundreds of people to perform his music.
* He was born in Dumbarton, Scotland in May 14, 1952. He moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with his family when he was two years old. He came to the USA, and lived in Arbutus, Maryland (near Baltimore) when he was eight or nine years old. He has lived 50 years of his life in NYC.
* He rides his bicycle a lot.
Comment: David Bynre has success. He is a gifted man with many talents. But like many entertainers, successful people, and half the population of America, he seems to lack love. According to Wikipedia, his marriage ended in divorce. The Bible says through the Apostle Paul, "I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell. I may have the gift of inspired preaching. I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets. I may have all the faith needed to move mountains; but if I have no love, I am nothing. I may have away everything I have, and even give up my body to be burned; but if I have no love, this does me no good. (I Corinthians 13:1-3 of the Good News Bible.)
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment done in October about Trump's accusation that Dominion Voting Machines helped to Biden win the WH in the 2020 elections.


February 26, 2023
1) Kherson Under Fire -
* Kherson is a city in Ukraine located near the northern shores of the Black Sea.
* Russian forces are bombarding Kherson. They are destroying whatever they cannot control.
* Nothing is sacred to the Russians. Schools, churches, and apartment buildings are all targets.
* An explosion takes place during an interview. Our Ukrainian woman guest scarcely notices it. She said they get use to it.* Ukraine is hiding their children to keep them from being exiled to Russia.
Six thousand children have been taken into custody.
* Some of the Ukrainians who fall into the hands of the Russians are subjected to torture such as electric shocks to the genitals for the crime of expressing their patriotism.
* There is hope in Kherson that life will get better.

Comment: It is my hope that life will get better in Kherson as long as the Ukrainian forces keep pushing the Russian forces out of all Ukraine. Ukraine seems capable of doing that as long as they are supplied with the arms they need from the Western powers. However, even though we are not directly involved by supplying troops who may die on the battlefield, we are growing weary of spending millions and billions of dollars for weapons to Ukraine on what seems like an endless war.

When is this war going to end? How is this war going to end? In my opinion, it will end when Russia's Putin decides he's had enough and will come to the negotiating table. When will he decide that? It will happen when we have something to negotiate with. What do we have now to negotiate with? Nothing--unless Putin can be bribed. Will Putin withdraw his forces from Ukraine in return for lots of money? I don't think so. We must think seriously about allowing Ukraine to seize Russia territory and / or supplying them with the jets to do harm to Russian property--just as Russia is doing harm to Ukrainian property - not to mention innocent Ukrainian civilian lives. Then we will have something to negotiate with.
When Russian troops invaded Ukraine, they expected to be welcomed by the Ukrainian people as heroes and liberators. They weren't. What if Ukraine invaded Russia? Would the Russian people welcome the Ukrainian invaders as heroes and liberators? I bet they would. That would be really awesome to see.

2) The Girls Of Sola, Part 1 -
* The word "sola" means peace.
* Afghanistan is currently suffering from famine.
* The Taliban who rule Afghanistan ban any education for girls beyond the 6th grade.
* Many Afghanis who escaped from Afghanistan have taken refuge in the equatorial African nation of Uganda.
* An Afghani woman named Sa-Vana said that in order to continue her education in her country, she had to cut her hair and dress as a boy.
* She had to take different routes to school each day to avoid being recognized.
* Afghanistan is the only nation is the world that does not allow education for girls.
* The girls read the Koran.
* When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, all the school records were destroyed to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Taliban who would use them to find and punish the girls.

Comment 1) Afghanistan under the Taliban is NOT the only country that keeps its girls from being educated. This article from Jihad Watch shows that Iran also bans girls from getting an education. Comment 2) Sa-Vana reads the Koran--the "holy" book of Muslims. She lives her life according to the Koran. When she gets married, she will teach her sons to read the Koran, to live according to the Koran which teaches them to become just like the Taliban and the Iranians who want to keep their girls from getting an education.


3) The Girls Of Sola, Part 2 -
* When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, 262 Afghanis were on America's list of those they had to take with them out of the country.
* The Taliban had a series of checkpoints throughout the capital, so Sa-Vana had to hide her face.
* Sa-Vanna learned from the Americans that she was on the Taliban's hit list.
* In school, in Uganda, the Afghani girls have many ambitions. They want to learn English. Some want to be surgeons; some want to be politicians; some want to be astronauts; and one of them wants to be a spy.
* The Taliban in Afghanistan opened a girl's school one day only to tell the girls to go home and stay there.
* One song sung by the Afghani girls that they want America to hear is: "Do not look away from Afghanistan."
* They hope they all can someday go back to Afghanistan - their beautful country.

Comment 1) The Girls of Sola leave Afghanistan and move to Uganda. They're not doing Uganda any favors. Christians in Uganda are being shot at and killed in Uganda by the Muslims, according to Jihad Watch. Their numbers are decreasing while the number of Muslims there are increasing.
Comment 2) "They sing a song..." Muslims aren't suppose to sing. Music in Muslim countries is forbidden.
Comment 3) They want America to hear their song, "Do not look away from Afghanistan." We have. And you can thank Joe Biden for that. He ended our involvement in Afghanistan without fixing any problems. Instead, he let $7 billion worth of military equipment fall into the hands of the Taliban when we withdrew from your country. If Joe Biden had been president during World War II, and if he had ended our involvement in that war, then Hawaii, Alaska, the Philippines, and the western half of the USA and Canada would be under Japanese control; and Europe, along with England, and the eastern half of the USA and Canada would be under Nazi Germany control.
Comment 4) Afghanistan - their beautiful country. I beg to differ. How can a country be beautiful when it is currently in the midst of a famine? How can a country be beautiful when there is no music, no singing, and no dancing? Afghanistan is nothing but a hell hole.
4) The Last Minute - David Byrns of Talking Heads
* Born in Scotland.
* He is 70 years old.
* He is still turning out songs.


February 19, 2022
1) Candles Against The Darkness -
* Russia is using winter as a weapon in their war on Ukraine. They are destroying power generators to deprives Ukrainians of electricity for their heat and light.
* No place in Ukraine is safe from Russian bombs and missiles. Two hundred fourteen (214) schools have been destroyed.
* Many Ukrainians have fled their country; but many others have stayed to tough it out. A grandmother knits socks in the dark for the soldiers in the Ukrainian army.


2) Prime Minister Marin -
* Sanna Mirella Marin of Finland. Born in Helsinki on November 16, 1985; 37 years old.
* She believes Russia is a threat to all of Europe.
3) The History Makers -
* Mostly about black people.
* Retired NFL player Jerry Rice caught 208 touchdown passes.


February 12, 2022

1) Canada's Unmarked Graves -
* Repeat of segment aired on February 7, 2022, about native Canadian Indians youths being taken from their homes to Catholic schools to teach them to forget their local heritage.
2) Sharswood -
* Repeat of segment aired on May 15, 2022, about a black family buying the estate in Virginia where their ancestors lived and died as slaves.


January 15, 2023
1) Star Power - Producing electricity from fusion power.
* Last month, December 2022, was the first time scientists at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Livermore, CA USA, produced controlled fusion power by forcing atoms of hydrogen to become helium atoms using the world's largest laser beams. This is the same process our sun and all the other stars in the universe use to send us light and heat. Uncontrolled fusion power is what we call the hydrogen bomb.
* The goal of fusion energy is to receive more energy from the explosion than you put into igniting it.* A 192 laser tubes, each one the length of a football field (300 feet) were required to ignite the hydrogen fuel.

* The target of the laser beam is the size of a pea or a ball bearing which is made of carbon
2) Hide and Seek - Russian oligarchs are stashing their money on the Turkish occupied island of the Republic of Cyprus.
* There are many Russian stores selling designer clothes, furs, and caviar. Cyprus has earned the nickname "Moscow on the Med."
* Cypus attracted rich Russians, as well as criminals and fugitives, as a tax haven. The taxes are very low on Cypus. They offer secrecy and security. "No questions asked."
3) The Guru -
* Rick Ruben, age 59. Top recording artist. He lives in Malibu CA.
* He is interested more in feelings rather than pleasing his audience.
* He likes to meditate. He says it clears away the distractions.
* He says he doesn't know music and he doesn't play any musicial instruments.
* His home is virtually empty--except for his studio. He says he wants no distractions.
* He became interested in hip hop and hard rock music during his college days at NYU.
* He considers music to be spiritual.
Comment: I don't care for hard rock music. If "Learning To Fly," by Pink Floyd is hard rock music, then that's the only hard rock song I really like. I think of the space shuttle taking off from Cape Canaveral every time I hear that song. It's so powerful.
4) The Last Minute - An update on the segment "Counting the Vote" which was broadcast after the 2020 election.
* Al Schmidt, the lone Republican election commissioner, Bill Witaker adverted ballot box chaos, and said the callers were derranged. Some told him he is the reason we have the Second Amendment.
Comment: Al Schmidt was awarded a medal from President Biden. In my mind, this is trash honoring trash. Biden bragged that he would win the election by fraud. I don't know for sure if Al Schmidt is trash; but if I were him, I wouldn't have gone to accept a medal from Biden.


January 8, 2023


1) Prince Harry, Part 1 - * 38 years old -
the son of Princess Diana who was killed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997 when he was 12 years old.
* He married Meghan Merkle of Los Angeles, CA USA, who was divorced from her first husband in 2014. Her father is white; and her mother is black.
* He is 5th in line to the British throne.
* He suffered for decades over the grief of losing his mother. He had a fractured relationship with his father, who is now King Charles III, also with his step mother-the now Queen consort Camilla.
* Despite the criticism he wrote about Prince William, he said he loves his brother very much.
* He and his brother William weren't able to talk about their mother's death. They seemed to separate and go their own ways after their mother's death.
* There was no emotion displayed by Prince Harry, Prince William, and their father Prince Charles before Diana's funernal. Afterwards, he said he felt guilty about that.
* He was the "middle man" for those in the crowd behind the fence who had flowers. He would take them and place them with the other flowers.
* He cried for the first time as a teenager when he saw his mother's casket being lowered into her grave.
* For several years, he believe that his mother was not really dead. He would go on believing she was on some kind of holiday, and that they would see each other afterwards.
* He saw the pictures that were taken of his mother after the crash. He is glad he didn't look at all of them.
* He went to visit the crash site in Paris in a car going at the same speed.
* He wants the investigation into the crash reopened because he thinks it is so full of holes.
* By joining the British Army and serving in Afghanistan aboard an Apache helicopter, he learned to forget about the accident.
* He has anger towards the British press and believes they caused the accident because they were constantly chasing after his mother.
* Being unable to cry, he turned to drink and drugs in his late twenties to numb his feelings. He sought help from a pschologist.
* He found happiness in his marriage to Megan and the birth of their two children Prince Archie Harrison and Princess Lilibet Diana.
Comment 1) The majority of the American public, including yours truly, couldn't care less about what happens with the Royal Family.
Comment 2) There is no question that the Royal Family disapproves of Prince Harry's marriage to Megan. A similiar crisis within the Royal Family occurred when King Edward VIII married a twice-divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson, back in 1936. In King Edward's own words, he abdicated the throne "to be with the woman I love."
Comment 3) I lived with my mother for 59 years. When my mother died in 2008, I did the same thing that Prince Harry did. I pretended that she was not dead, but that she was away for the week staying with relatives.
2) Prince Harry, Part 2 -
* He believes that his father's marriage to Camilla does more harm that good because Camilla might gossip to the press about matters that should be kept quiet.
* His brother Princand William doesn't like his wife Megan. He refers to her as an American divorced black actress.
* The press says of Prince Harry that he's changed from taking drugs to finding marital happiness.
* Prince Harry regards the press as bigoted for being against his marriage to Megan.
* Prince Harry and Megan were married in May 2018.
* He tried to make up with his brother Prince William. There was only shouting and more shouting until Prince William pushed his brother to the floor which resulted in a cut on Prince Harry's back.
* He and Megan moved to California.
* There is bad feelings between the Royal Family and Prince Harry because of Megan. According to the press, they want Megan to be dragged through the streets while the public hurls insults and manure at her.
* Prince Harry was not invited to Queen Elizabeth's funeral. He went anyway to pay his respects to his grandmother.
* He did not speak to his father nor his brother.
* He loves his brother but sees no hope for reconciliation with him nor with the rest of the Royal Family.
* He and Megan felt they needed to run away from England.
* 60 Minutes reached out to the Royal Family back in January, but there has been no comment from Buckingham Palace so far.
Comment 1) There's a scripture in the Bible that says, "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." (I Corinthians 10:31). The Royal Family believes that they were established in Great Britain by the will of God. Therefore, they consider the marriage of Prince Harry to Megan as bringing shame rather than glory to the royal throne. They seemed to have forgotten something--God is love. (I John 4:7-12) Comment 2)
In Old Testament times, King David of Israel committed adultery with Bathsheba the wife of Uriah. (II Samuel 12:9) Not only that, Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon who became the next king of Israel. Centuries later, Jesus was born who was a direct descendant of David and Solomon. Two more dark spots in Jesus' ancestrial line includes Ruth, a Moabite woman, which Israelites were forbidden to marry. And also long before that, when Joshua took the Israelites to conquer the Holy Land, Rahab, a Caananite prostitute was saved from the destruction of Jericho. She may have been the wife of Salmon who was the great grandfather of King David. If that's true, then our Lord and Savior and future King of the World had some "bad blood" in His family line.
Comment 3) Besides the fact that Megan was divorced and half black, the only other objection the Royal Family had with Megan was that she had her own business, and she would not give it up.
Comment 4) The Royal Family forgets that King Charles was a divorced man.
Comment 5) Welcome to America, Prince Harry! May God bless you and keep you and your family safe and happy.


January 1, 2023
1) Radio Free Europe -
* Radio Free Europe (RFE) use to beam factual information into the Soviet bloc countries during the cold war days. Now, it is beaming video scenes of the Ukraine War.
* Ukrainian correspondent Kushner makes daily reports of the war; and he is in constant danger.
* Life as a war correspondent consists of fear, stench of blood, gun powder, sweat, and constant mud. The war is about grief and tears.
* RFE has offices disseminating its information from many nations and in many languages.
* Russia is doing its best to combat RFE. That is why RFE has again become an important source of information.
* RFE tries to be objective in its news coverage on friendly governments as it is on unfriendly governments such as Russia.
* The driving force behind REF: A committment to the truth.
* RFE was hurt by the fact that it was orginally funded by the CIA. But that funding has stopped in 1971. No government interference has been allowed since that time.
* Some devices the Soviets used to combat RFE: (1) infiltrating ABC News, (2) poisoning salt shakers, and 3) assasinating newsmen.
* A total of 18 RFE journalists have been killed.
* People in Russia use secret barcodes to access secret information from RFE.
* In Russia, a person can be imprisoned for 15 years for calling Russia's action in Ukraine "a war."
* A million Russians have fled Putin's Russia which they believe has taken a backwards step from journalism towards propaganda.
* Propaganda war: Some Russians want to believe the propaganda that Putin has broadcasted. Some Russian families are divided between members who want to believe in the truth and those who want to believe in the propaganda.
* Uncovering Russian atrocities: There are dozens if not hundreds of cities like Bucha where atrocities have taken place by Russian troops.
* There were at least 280 dead in Bucha. Ninety percent of the bodies had bullet wounds. These casualties include men, women, and children. Some of these victims had their hands tied behind their backs.
* When the war ends (probably when Putin dies), many guilt-stricken Russians want to go into Ukraine and help them rebuild their country.
2) The Vanishing Wild -


December 25, 2022-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1) Ina Garten - A repeat segment of Oct. 23, 2022
2) Whither ye Olde English Pub - A repeat segment of Oct. 21, 2021.
3) Sona & The Kora - A repeat segment of November 13, 2022.
4) The Last Minute - Peace On Earth?
* Not in Ukraine.
* Not in 15 other countries with wars, insurgencies, and drug wars.
* "A prayer for peace may be in order."
Comment 1) A prayer for peace can be found in the Bible spoken by Moses and Aaron to Israel. It is: "The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. The Lord lift up His countenance and give you peace."
2) God has certain requirements for peace. He wants us to keep His commandments. We in America are not keeping His commandments. We are more concerned about our "rights" such as the "right of abortion" and the "right for a man to marry another man," which God considers to be an abomination. We also value money more than God. One of my teachers at Erie Community College told her class, "Nothing is more important than money." That is idolatry and covetness. The former Beatle John Lennon once said, "My band is more popular than God." He was merely fulfilling Bible prophecy which said through the Apostle Paul, that in the future, men "would love pleasure more than God." (II Timothy 3:4). There's nothing wrong with loving pleasure. God promises to those who love Him that they will receive pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11). An eternity of pleasures! How can you beat that? We just don't care about God. Our educational system is set up to ignore God and give glory to the false religion of Evolution. One of the proponents of evolution, Dr. Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002) wrote how he was walking through a garden-like park with tall trees, green grass, blue skies, white clouds, and clear lakes and streams. He gave praise to evolution by saying, "Isn't evolution wonderful!" No, the false theory of evolution is not wonderful. It is God who is wonderful! From what I've read. many, if not all, of our colleges and universities will remove the degree from any of their graduates who give credence to the theory of creationism. This is freedom of religion in America? This is freedom of expression and freedom of thought?
3) We are paying the price for our hatred of God. We are suffering from the curses of disobedience. Half of our marriages end up in divorce. One in 5, or 20%, of our college student have thoughts about committing suicide. In our military, suicide rates are at an all-time high.
4) It is difficult to get back to God with the way things are in this country. For one thing, we need strong leaders who will lead back to God. We have no such person like that in the White House. We have a president who doesn't mention the word "God" at religious ceremonies. We have a president who left $7 billion of military equipment to our enemies, the Taliban, in Afghanistan. We have a fraud president in the WH who is sending $782 million in humanitarian aid to our enemies, the Taliban. And what are the Taliban doing in Afstanistan now that our troops are gone? They are going from house to house and killing those who had any dealings with the Americans. They are going from house to house killing anyone who has anything on their smartphone about God and the Bible.
5) We are bringing in more and more of those goddamn Moslems into this country and into other Western countries like France and Britain. Their religion is not about peace and love. It is about hate, fear, and conquest.


December 18, 2022
1) Convoy of Life -
* Russia continues to shoot missiles at Ukraine.
* American hospital organizations offer help to sick Ukrainian children who are afflicted with cancer.
* Refugees are fleeing to Poland on foot.
* Russians have been attacking hospitals in Ukraine.
* Ukrainians are thankful for the help they are receiving from America.
2) Litigation Funding -* Funding for the litte guy in their lawsuits against big corporations
3) Lourdes -

* Miracles have happened to make Lourdes, France an attraction to 3 million people a year.
* Healings have taken place which there are no explanations. You simply have to believe it.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4) The Last Minute -
* The Department of Energy has developed fusion power to provide cheap electrical energy.

* This blessing may not occur for several years or even decades from now.


December 11, 2022
1) The Treasury Secretary -
* Secretary Janet Yellen, born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY*
Most economic experts say a recession is inevitable.
* She said this isn't necessarily so. Shipping costs are down. Gas prices are going down.
* Layout at Paramount, .....................
* War in Ukraine; need to end the war.
* Sanctions-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2) Suing Social Media -
* About 21,000,000 people
* There are more than 150 lawsuits pending against Big Tech.* The social media giants don't care if their rules on safe conduct for minors
are observed or not.
For example, Instagram has a rule that no one under the age of 13 may access their services. Yet, it has been demonstrated that an 11-year old child can lie in order to gain access to the medium.
* Technology needed to verify the user's identity already exists today, but Big Tech doesn't use it.* Social problems such as suicidal tendency are made light of.
They are considered as normal.
* There are programs that are depressing and suicidal. One program instructs users on how to hang oneself.
* When it comes down to the question of safety for the public or profits for company, profits for the company always wins.
3) College Of Magic -* At Cape Town, South Africa, there is a college that has a 6-year
course on the performing magic with juggling and cards
* The tuition is $350 a year.
* Their expressed purpose for being are:
(a) To rethink the power of possibility.
(b) To put a smile on people's faces.
(c) To teach honesty and humility.
(d) To show that the law of reality can be suspended.
4) The Last Minute -
* An update on the segment House of Cucci: they have gone out of business.
* As they say, "Nothing is forever."


December 4, 2022
1) The French President -
* Emmanuel Macron, 44 years of age.
* He has been president of France since 2017.
* His admininstration has been troubled by the Ukraine / Russia War. Rioting has broken out in the streets of France because of high costs and shortage of fuel.
* About the Ukraine War - he says international law has not be observed; war crimes have been committed. He hopes the USA, Europe, and all the other world's nations will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes to establish peace in that country.
* He doesn't believe there is a military solution.
* He blames the US for some of his country's problems. The American oil companies are charging too much money.
Comment 1) I will always have deep respect for France and the French people. If it weren't for France, the American Revolutionary War of 1776 would have been lost. George Washington knew it; and all the rest of our Founding Fathers knew it. I am grateful for the fact that France is "our oldest ally."
2) Return To Gorongosa -
* With Greg Car at Gorongosa National Park in central Mozambique.
* A philandrist who is not only interested in preserving Africa's wildlife, but also in educating the native children.
3) The South Dakota Kid -* Shane Van Boening -
pool or pocket billards champion
* Born in Rapid City, South Dakoka, July 14, 1983.
* He was born deaf. He wears a hearing aid, but not while he shooting pool because quietness helps him to concentrate.
Comment 1) Shane says he spends ten hours a day practicing pool. I read about a Chinese American girl, Jennifer Yu,12 years old, (now 20 years old) who spent 10 hours a day playing chess. She is or close to being a grand master. You really have to put in a lot of hours if you want to be good at something.
Comment 2) Is it really good to spend all that time trying to develop a particular skill? Life is more than being the best in pool or chess. The First Great Commandment of God is: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind."


November 27, 2022
1) Grave Injustice -
* In Clearwater Heights, Florida; construction of apartment buildings and highway took place on the site of Negro graveyards.
* The town had two Baptist churches and businesses such as hair salons, barber shops, a taxis cab company, and entertainment centers where Ray Charles and James Brown performed.
* The area was segregated so that Blacks couldn't stay at the hotel nor swim at the beach.
* In the 1950s, plans were underway to remove at least Black graveyards to another location so that a swimming pool and a department store could be built in their places.
* This was not done. One eyewitness said he saw bulldozers and saws cutting through coffins.
* In 2019, ground penetrating radar was used to search for graves that were buried under a parking lot. Three hundred twenty (320) of the 550 graves were found under the parking lot.
* The city of Clearwater is spending $270,000 to learn the truth about the graves.
* In contrast to the Black graves, the graves of Confederate soldiers remain undisturbed by the freeways that surround them.

Comment 1) This is a terrible desecration of Black graves. Probably the only reason why this occurred is that some businessman wanted to save a buck or two by not having to dig up all those graves and bury them somewhere else.
Comment 2) It is my opinion that as more and more people are born into this world, there will be less and less space for us to bury our dead. We may have to resort to cremation and / or the construction of tall buildings to house our dead.

2) Survival of the Friendliest -
* Dogs are believed to have evolved from bulls.
* There are an estimated 1 billion dogs around the world. They are used for pets, aides, and best friends.
* Dogs came from wolves. They evolved from wolves when they gave up hunting, and they ate the scraps that humans were throwing away.
* Wolves can be used as pets if they are taken from their mothers when they are still puppies.
* Wolves and dogs are said to differ from each other in that, even after hours and days of training, dogs will want to look for new things while wolves still want to be with other wolves.
* Is there any genetic differences between dogs and wolves. Scientists say yes. Dogs seem to have a "friendly" gene while wolves do not.
* Does your pet dog really love you? Yes, your dog absolutely loves you.
* People with Williams Syndrome are missing 25 genes from their DNA.
* Four hundred thousand years ago, according to the story, humans became the dominant species because we had the most "friendly" genes.

Comment 1) Dogs did not evolved. They are the product of two canines that were created by God in Genesis 1:24-25 roughly six thousand years ago. Two canines were saved from destruction of the great Flood of Noah's time four thousand years ago. They were brought forth from the Ark to repopulate the earth.
Comment 2) Pet wolves were shown howling when the lady did her howl. Howling is supposed to be the wolf's warning that part of the land is under its domain. I don't know about that. I doubt it very much. Wolves aren't the only canines who can howl. I believe all dogs can howl. It is a form of singing. I had one German shepherd who learned to howl when an ambulance went down the street with its siren on. Also, I was able to get a Japanese Chin to howl.
Comment 3) Does your dog love you? We like to think that dogs have unconditional love for us. Whether you have a million dollars in your bank account or if you owe a lot of money, they will still love you. But that is true only up to a point--if we are good to them. If we feed them, take them for a walk, and give them a nice home, they will love us. There are some dog owners who are cruel and uncaring. One dog owner left his dog tied to the garage and out in the cold rain. That dog ran away.
Dogs can be dangerous around little children. If you show more affection to the child than to the dog, the dog can become jealous and attack the child. All animals seem to look at little children as prey. So be careful about leaving small children with big dogs.
I hate to tell you this, but when we say, "Hi" to a dog, and it sticks its tongue out to lick you, it does not mean it loves you. It means it smells the odor from your mouth and likes what you were eating.
3) Comparative Oncology -
* Four million (4,000,000) dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year usually with the same types of cancer.
* Humans and dogs share many of the same genes. They also eat the same food and share the same environment as humans do. Therefore, dogs may help us in the treatment of cancer for humans.
* The wide variety we see in dogs happened in the last 200 years.
* Certain varieties of dog contract a specific variety of cancer. Scottish terrier dogs, for example, are suseptible to bladder cancer. So, if we want to learn more about bladder cancer, we would studied mainly Scottish terriers.
* One dog had cancer. It was injected with a drug that stimulates it's immune system. The dog is now completely rid of any cancer. The drug was tried on a woman. She at first had headaches and nausea. A few hours later, she was released from the hospital.
* Brain cancer was another disease in which dogs with brain cancer were used to treat humaans with brain cancer.
4) The Last Minute - * 298 counts of murder -
the hunt for the killers who shot down Malaysia Flight 217 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over eastern Ukraine.
* The plane was pieced back together so that a Dutch court was able to rule that two Russians and a pro-Russian Ukrainia were responsible for the destruction of the plane.
* Russia refuses to extradite the three guilty men to The Netherlands.


November 20, 2022
1) The Most Dangerous Place in The World -
* The war in Ukraine involves Russia, which is a nuclear power. And they sometimes threaten to nuclear weapons against Ukraine.
* Besides that, there's Europe's biggest nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine that could explode into a nuclear bomb or create a disaster like Chernoble in which radiation filled the skies to threaten the health of neighboring nations like Poland.
* The reactor is idle right now, but it still needs to be cooled down.
* Inspectors of the nuclear plants often come under fire in the war zone.
* The nuclear plant itself has come under fire.
* Employees of the nuclear plant still work there. They feel like they are prisoners with the armed Russian occupiers.
* The nuclear plant is often suspected of becoming Putin's dirty bomb. But Ukrainians who work there assure us that this will never happen.
* The nuclear plant has made enough uranium material to make one nuclear bomb.
* There is an international understanding or agreement that nuclear plants are to be protected. Nuclear power plants are not to be shelled, stormed nor used as a military base.
Comment: Is there any agreement the Russians find too sacred to violate? The Russians are guilty of murdering civilian men, women and children, and they are guilty of bombing churches, schools, and hospitals.
2) The Panini Sticker Phenomenon -
* A booming international soccer collection sticker business. A hundred million packs of stickers are sold in the USA. A billion are sold around the world.
* One Panini sticker collectors has half a million stickers in his home.
Comment 1) This reminds me of my youth when I use to collect baseball cards and football cards. I even collected airplane cards that came with every Fudgsicle chocolate ice cream bar on a stick. There were also monster cards that came with a stick of bubble gum. Each monster card had a picture of a movie monster with a joke about it. My father didn't like those monster cards. He said they were a waste of money.
Comment 2) One collector was asked how much he values his stickers; and if it came down to save his wife or his collection, which would he choose. The Lord Jesus had something to say about that. He said, "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and decay destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal." (Matthew 6:19-23)
3) Wild Horses -
* There are more than 75,000 wild horses roaming around public lands in the West.
* Laws were enacted to protect the horses.
* Overpopulation of wild horses is becoming a problem. Most of them are corralled and taken in by private groups who use minimum security prisoners to tame them where they spend the rest of their lives
* Inmates at these prison farms says horses help them to reform and make them eligible to return back to society than all the psychologists, doctors and clergymen in the world.
Comment 1) I hate to ruin a beautiful story, but in the recent past, there were plans butcher these animals and sell them as horse meat. We in the USA don't eat horse meat. From what I understand, selling horse meat is illegal here in America. However, horse meat is eaten in many countries, including Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Chili, Spain, Iceland, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and many Eastern European, South American, Southeast Asian, and Eastern countries such as China and Japan.
Comment 2) An interesting thought is giving up our automobiles and riding horses instead. More likely, it would present more problems than it would solve. But it's just a thought.
4) The Last Minute - An update on the story about March 2021 on the Artemis* The big difference between the Apollo program of the 1960s and today's Artemis
moon program is that it is run largely by women.
* Artemis 3 is expected to land men and woman on the moon.
Comment 1) The Artemis 1 moon launch was aborted and delayed so many times, it reminded me of Astronaut John Glenn's trip into Earth orbit. It was delayed and aborted so many times, that I thought he would never make it into space. I was even starting to suspect that Joe Biden was responsible for all these delays. Maybe he's trying to figure out how to hand over Artemis to the Communist Red Chinese so that they can take over the moon.
Comment 2) Not mentioned is that Artemis is not just a moon landing program, it is a Mars landing program as well. The boosters for the Mars landing program will dwarf the giant Artemis boosters that are taking men and women to the moon. Right now, the Artemis 1 rocket is the most powerful rocket in the world.


November 13, 2022


1) Surfside Mystery -
* Surfside, Florida apartment complex collapses in the middle of the night.
* There's no explanation for the collaspes. Investigators say it will take time--about 2 years to complete the investigation.
* The federal government has banned or greatly hindered investigations by private companies.
* Many condo owners are offered compensation that is far less than the market value of the units.
* Older condomindiums with tenants on fixed incomes are being torn down and replaced by more profitable luxury condominiums.
* The site of the collasped apartment complex has been sold to a Persian Gulf developer with plans to built a luxury condiminium.
Comment: Someone might think that someone in the federal government like Joe Biden or his son Hunter made plans to destroy the apartment complex, conceal the evidence as best as they can, and partner with Arab billionaires to cheat the owners of these condos out of fair compensation, and to replace lost homes with luxury apartment complexes. I might think that, too.
2) The Paper Brigade -
* A Jewish group that tries to collect and preserve Jewish writings and documents.
* It centered in Vilnius the capital of Lithunania. It was half Jewish before Lithuania was invaded by Nazi Germany. The Nazis slaughtered 50,000 of the 70,000 Jews.
* The Nazis also tried to put an end all writings and documents of the Jews. The Paper Brigade risked their lives to save these documents. They were the "soul" of the Jewish people.
* Soviet Army finally rid Lithuania of the Nazis. The Russians were received as liberators. But later, the Soviets were like the Nazis in that they tried to destroy the Jewish documents to erase their culture and to have only one Russian culture. So the Paper Bridgade had to hid their documents from the Russians, too.
* These documents are now in archives in NYC and are available to the public.
3) Sona & The Kora -

* Sona Jobarteh is a Creole - a mixture of African (Gambia) and European (United Kingdom) blood who plays the Kora, which is a musical instrument that looks like a harp and sounds like a Spanish folk guitar.
* She is the first woman to learn and play the Kora.
* She would take the Kora off the wall and play it in secret until one lady told her to take it into her room and play it
* She founded her own school for dancing and the playing of various musical instruments including the Kora. Her school has been in existence for seven years now.

* She has a 15-year-old son who is the next generation Kora player.
The Last Minute -
* Hollywood saying: "Nobody know nothing in this business."
* Pollsters weren't able to predict the outcome of the elections. Voters were found to be more moderate and less angry than expected.
Comment: The voters are still angry. And they are very suspicious. One polls revealed that 95% of voters do not trust the voting machines. We still have a low opinion of our politicians. And we still have a low opinion of the mainstream media.


October 30, 2022
1) Belief In the Ballot -
* There are some candidates for running for governor who believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.
* Not all Republicans believe the election was stolen. The GOP is split.
* Rudi Guliano says he has proof.
* Those who say they have proof can only come up with 12 ballots that are known to be fraud.
2) Pathogens -
* Scientists in Uganda are studying diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans.
* Forests in Uganda are so thick, that you can't see the sun when you are standing on the ground. Parts of these forests are being cut down so that the land can be used in planting corn. Such farms reach all the way to bat caves.
* Primates have been found to be disease carriers.
* Saliva from animals are checked.
3) David Sedaris -
* Writer / author. Age: 65.


October 23, 2022----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1) Dominion -
* Was founded by John Poulos and James Hoover of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2002
* The Dominion Voting Systems company is said to be swamped with baseless claims and lawsuits.
* There have been threats against families and employees who are connected with Dominion.
* Children are told not to go to the front door to accept packages.
* There have been no voting machine problems found in Venezuela.
* Trump wants the country to go back to counting paper ballots.
* Dominion is a close system. It is not connected to the Internet.
* Most if not all of Trump's lawsuits have been withdrawn.
* Fox News is said to have no proof in their accusations; they will not retract them.
* Dominion is fighting back with their own lawsuits. Their strongest case is with Fox News for $1.6 billion.

Comment: This segment is one-sided. We don't get to hear the other side. In the web site below, we see that there WERE Internet connections with Dominion voting machines in Wisconsin--one of the swing states.

2) American Prairie -
* It is a private park dedicated to protecting and increasing the bison population in America.
* There can be found 800 bisons in a herd.
* About 32 ranges have been bought.
* Bisons are being raised for their meat. I once heard it said that bison meat is much more tastier than beef.
* The Prairie also raises cattle. One or the other--there's room for both.
3) Ina Garten (Ida Rosenberg),

* 74 years old, born in Brooklyn, lives in East Hampton NY (Long Island).
* A cook.
* She's a hard worker. She doesn't leave anything to chance.
* She never went to cooking school.
* She cooked for fun; then she went into it professionally.
* After 18 years, she sold the business. She now writes cook books.
* She's been married for 50 years.
4) The Last Minute - Comments on last week's segment on the war in Ukraine.
* One Canadian woman said she was brought to tears over the suffering those people are going through.


October 16, 2022
1) The Losts Souls Of Bucha -
* Ukrainian forces captured the town of Bucha that had been held by the Russia forces. In Bucha, they've found mass civilian graves.
* Ukrainian scientists uncovered the mass grave of 116 bodies to identify each of the dead, and to give them a decent burial.
* Two of them were the mother and father of a man named Demetrio. His parents were in their apartment minding their own business when a Russian tank fired a shell at the building where their apartment was. The mother was killed by the blast wave; and the father was killed by pieces of the brick wall.
* Four hundred fifty-eight of Bucha's 37,000 citizens were killed.
* Dead bodies were found all over town lying in the open. Those in charge of burial had to ask the Russians for permission to bury the bodies in mass graves because there was no room in the morgue.
* Many of the victims were shot in the head. Some were riding bicycles when they were shot. Some were loading their cars with firewood when they were shot. Most of those who were killed were shot in the back. Some were blindfolded with hands tied behind their backs. Some were first shot in the leg; then they were shot in the head.
* There was no electricity for refrigeration to preserve the bodies. The most decent burial for these victims was to bury them in a mass grave by the church.
* The Ukrainians blame Russia doing these killings for no reason.
* There were senseless killings like - (1) a 70-year old man shot while shopping at a store; (2) a neighbor walks out of his house and is killed; (3) a young man, his girl friend, and a friend were shot in their car as they came within 10 yards of his parents' home.
* A priest had to bury 70 people without knowing their names.
* One man lost his wife and two children. They were fleeing from Bucha when they met a Russian armored vehicle. They made a u-turn to get away from them. The Russians fired shots and killed his wife and two children. He was shot in the leg. The car caught fire. The man was rescued by firemen. He lost his leg, and he walks on an artifical leg. The loses he suffered are unbearable for him.
* Of the 458 people who were buried, 70 still remain unidentified.
Comment 1) During the Vietnam War, anti-war protesters would chant, "Hey, hey LBJ. How many babies did you kill today?" There have been many atrocities in Vietnam, but generally, the American military would be careful about killing unarmed civilians. There were exceptions, like My-Lai in which the murder of defenseless civilians by US troops had taken place. These atrocities would be publicized throughout the world. The world would hate us for them. We were shamed. But in Ukraine, it is different. Innocent men, women, and children are deliberately killed by the Russians. Yet, nobody cares.
Comment 2) One of the prophecies Jesus made before His death on the cross was that "And because wickedness is multiplied, most men's love will go cold." (Matthew 24:12) There's no need to explain this scripture. "War is hell," is a familiar phrase that soldier often tell us. And war is what the Russia army has given to Ukraine. They have given them near total war with attacks on civilians, hospitals, and schools. The Russians have mistreated their captives to the point that the Ukrainians prisoners wish for death. In the Bible, we read that God commanded us to love our neighbor; and to even love our enemies. Without love, we are nothing, said Paul in Corinthians 13:1. All these wars we have with all of these killings is creating a world of hate in which love is virtually nonexistent.

2) The Power Of Grimsby - Wind Power
* A look at England's wind power farms near the town of Grimsby.
* President Biden make offshore wind power a priority. The goal is to provide 10 million American homes with wind power electricity by 2030.
* There are only 7 wind turbines off the coast of the USA compared to 6,000 off the coast of Europe.
* Each wind power turbine sticks out of the water about 600 feet up into the air. The length of the blades are about the width of a passenger jet, and they each weigh 30 tons.
* One turn of the blade can power enough electricity for one home for 24 hours.
* Wind energy provides Britain with 13% of its electricity.
* The wind energy turbines work this way: The wind turns the blades. The blades turn a generator that produces electricity. The electricity goes down cables to the ocean floor. It then goes to a substation offshore. Then it goes to a power station on land.
* Grimsby use to be a fishing village in which everyone was either directly or indirectly connected to the fishing industry. Today, the fishing industry has been reduced to almost nothing. Wind power, at present, provides 500 jobs to the village.
* The downside: Villagers were told that electricity would be cheap. Instead, the cost of electricity has doubled. Supposedly, as more offshore wind turbines are built, the more the cost of electricity will go down. This wil create 300 more jobs.
* Why don't we have more wind power generators in the USA? Critics say they are expensive to build and maintain, unpredictable, and ugly.

3) Coach Prime - "Neon" Deion Sanders
* Former superstar for the Dallas Cowboya. He was call "flamboyant." He played both on both sides of the football--offense and defense. He raised his arm and finger and boasted to the Cowboy fans that no one could get by him. (He made me SICK!!!)
* He is now the head coach of the Jackson State Tigers football team.
* His football team was 11 and 2 last year. So far, this year, it is undefeated.
* His son is the quarterback for the team.
* We are told that Deion Sanders is the best coach in all of college football.
* The Jackson State football team produced the likes of Walter Payton. But until Sanders came, Jackson State didn't have a player drafted by the NFL in 12 years.
* Jackson State University is located in a poverty-stricken area. The university and its sports facilities were shabby. The Jackson State team had to be bussed to a high school in Texas when rainfall made it impossible to practice at the university. Sanders got Walmart to help Jackson State build a new practice facility and locker room. Other companies like
* He had blood clots in his leg which caused him to miss 9 months of coaching on the field.
4) The Last Minute - Fighting the financial crisis with healthy financial institutions.


October 9, 2022


1) Taiwan -

* Taiwan is a small island off the coast of Communist Red China that is independent. It is claimed by Communist Red China. The United States has a treaty with Taiwan to come to its defense in case it is attacked by Communist Red China.
* Since the election of Joe Biden, Communist Red China has normalized its harassment of Taiwan. They launch cyber attacks against Taiwan every day.
* Taiwan has reduced the amount of money they spend on their defense. Its people live under stress. They believe that an invasion by Communist Red China is a matter of not if but when.
* Taiwan seeks military aid from the US in form of small missiles rather than jets and tanks.
* Taiwan wants to believe that Communist Red China will not attack because Taiwan produces the high tech computer components that Communist Red China needs. (It would be like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.) They call that their "silicon shield."
* Majority House Representative Nancy Pelosi caused major damage to Taiwan's economy when she visited Taiwan last August 2nd. Communist Red China immediately, without warning, banned 1,000 products from Taiwan. One farmer on Taiwan who grows pineapples to sell to Communist Red China had to give it away free at home.
* Unification of Taiwan with Communist Red China is opposed by many in Taiwan. Many liberal politicians and other outspoken citizens in Taiwan are on Communist Red China's death list.
* The return of Hong Kong under the rule of Communist Red China showed what unification would bring. Protestors in Hong Kong were beaten and imprisoned.
* As Ukraine stands up to Russia, Taiwan stands up to Communist Red China.
* One citizen / politician of Taiwan noticed how dissentients in Communist Red China were treated in Hong Kong after it was handed back to Communist Red China by Britain. Many of them were executed. The politician who knew he would suffer the same fate, spoke for the majority in Taiwan: They cherish peace, but they will never surrender.

Comment 1) The US Navy has protected Taiwan from Communist Red China ever since Gen. Chiang Kai-shek was driven from the Chinese mainland in 1949. Communist Red China has never given up its goal of taking over Taiwan by force if necessary. In order to do so, they feel they must have a superior military force that is capable of defeating the United States. They have, by far, the largest army in the world. And, just recently, they have passed the United States in having the world's largest navy. They have succeeded in stealing our factories, our jobs, and our technology. Their goal of becoming the world's number one superpower is near at hand. This is very, very alarming.
Comment 2) Not only is Communist Red China surpassing us militarily and economically, but they are also buying up farmland right here in the USA. These farmlands are adjacent to our military bases. There are reports, too, that Communist Red China is stationing police forces in parts of our country. Is this really true?

Holy Sh-t!!!!
Comment 3) "Taiwan has reduced the amount of money they spend on their defense." What is this? That doesn't make any sense. They know Communist Red China wants to invade them. Why would they do that?
Comment 4) "Taiwan seeks military aid in the form of small missiles rather than jets and tanks." The weapons of choice should be Stinger missiles. Lots of them. And flying drones. Taiwan needs to form a universal army with citizens as young as 6, 7, or 8, and as old as 90--as long as they can walk and carry a rifle.
Comment 5) The Silicon Shield - Taiwan should cut off all trade with Communist Red China--especially its highly advanced computer chips. They should use it for themselves in thwarting Communist Red China's military advantages. That's what they need to stand up to Communist Red China. And maybe even go nuclear. It would also be wise for them to establish a permanent manned military presence in space.
2) After Ian -
* The damage brought by Hurricane Ian was staggering. The death toll was 100. It will cost $100 billion to repair the damage.
* One man in Florida said the areas that were hit looked like they were bombed. There's no electricity, no water, and many people are homeless.
* A paved road was ripped off the ground to leave only tacky mud. Considerable damage was done due to flooding with water rising up to 12 feet.
* The force of the hurricane was said to be 150 miles per hour. Ian is called the deadliest hurricane since Katrina.
* Insurance companies were receiving 15 calls a minute.
* Since Ian, insurance premiums have gone way up. Many homeowners cannot afford the cost. They are giving up and moving somewhere else.
* Babcock Range shows how its people live in a hurricane-proof town. The only damage was to some trees that were downed. Their solar array suffered no damage, so they didn't lose their electricity. Children were able to play outside a day after Ian struck.
3) Church And State -
* There have been sexual abuses within the church.
* The hiring practices of pastors is left to the local churches rather than the Southern Baptist Church convention. Many of the local congregations are unaware of the predatory practices of these men.
* A majority (60%) of church members believe the election of 2020 was stolen.
* They don't like Joe Biden because he has mistreated women in the past.
4) Last Minute -
* Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals.
* Was selected in the 13th round of 1999 draft, 402nd pick overall. He's not too happy about that.
* He has hit 703 home runs--one of only four players with over 700 career home runs.


October 2, 2022
1) Ukraine's First Lady - Olena Zelenska
* She is 44 years old. She and Volodymyr have been married for 19 years. They have two children (daughter, 18 yrs. old; son, 7 yrs. old). She and Volodmyr met when she was working as a comedy writer for her husband who was a comedian.
* At first, Volodymyr was protective of his wife and kept her hidden from the war. But now, he uses her as a model citizen and a national heroine to boost the country's spirit and morale.
* Former Pres. Clinton use to say, "I feel your pain." First Lady of Urkraine is feeling her country's pain more than anyone can imagine.
Examples :
a) The Russians riddled a man's car with bullets. His leg was destroyed. The car caught fire. The man watch his wife and children burn to death.
b) A girl named Sasha lost her arm. She was fitted with an artificial arm; but she will never forget what she lost.
c) Entire cities in Ukraine have been lost.
d) Almost 500 hospitals and clinics have been damaged.
e) All the schools have been devastated--150 schools are totally destroyed; about 900 schools have been damaged.
f) A school is no safe haven--even with the word "Children" written on the windows. The Russians bombed the school. The school principal was blinded in one eye. Some children were wounded. Seven adults were killed.
g) One woman's son died in the ambulance that was taking him to the hospital. Her granddaughter and her fiancee, her son-in-law, and her mother were found dead in the rubble.
* Students have to be taught on-line only because parents are afraid to send their children to school.
* Those children who attend school are taught firstly where the bomb shelter is and how to get there.
* Resolution and Hatred - The people of Ukraine will not give up. There doesn't seem a way they can forgive.
* Land for Peace? - First Lady Olena says, "Our people are there. We will never give them up. We will never betray them.
* American support - Scott Pelley shows Olena some pictures of the Ukrainian flag flying in NYC, San Francisco, Florida, Denver, and Washington DC. Someone painted a rock the colors of the Ukrainian flag; on the top part was the word "Stop," on the bottom part was the word "Putin."
* She says the attacker is evil. And that it is normal to defend your country.
* The future of Ukraine and the dreams of its people: Ukraine is learning that people are the center of everything; and they want everyone to have opportunities to grow.

Comment 1: I pray for the Urkrainian people every night. I am glad to see their forces are victorious against Putin's army. I hope the Ukrainian people will turn to God for His help. I often wonder why God is having the people of Ukraine go through so much suffering in a terrible war. Maybe He wants to show the world how evil and cruel the Russians really are. We should always be careful about making deals with the Russians.

Comment 2: Several years ago, I read in Jihad Watch or somewhere else that Vladamir Putin is a really good guy who is helping the Christians and fighting against the Muslims. Today, this sounds like a very bad joke. Putin's Russia is worse than Islamic terror group al qada who killed 2,977 people on 9/11 2001. Putin's Russian army had killed over 6,000 Ukraine civilians since it invaded the country. Putin and his army seem to be worse that the Muslims.

2) Forrest Fires - In California

* There is some kind of scandal going on. One fire fighter chief doesn't want to do any fire fighting at night even though night time is the best time to fight fires. 
* The lack of new roads into the forest are hampering fire fighting efforts.
* Fire equipment is available. But someone in the higher ups is preventing its use. No one seems to know why. No answer is given, or, "We don't have the resources," which is a joke.
* There may be some bureaucratic problem hindering fire fighting efforts. The State doesn't want to use its equipment to put out forest fires on federal land. Or, the Federals don't want to use their equipment to put out fires on state land.

Comment 1: We like to think that the forests belong to all of us. It doesn't matter if the forest is on state land or federal land. Such thinking as to whether the forest is on federal land or state land is like saying, "You're end of the boat is sinking." 
Comment 2: This reminds me of the time when Florida asked the US Air Force and Navy to intercept drug smugglers. After they successfully did so, they sent a whopping big bill to Florida. This is crazy. 


3) Captain Kolisi of the South African Rugby Team -

* Rugby is described as "controlled violence."
* He is the first black man to play on the national rugby team.
* About that, he says he is a human first.
* It's been said that, "sports helps to unite people." It unites the whole country.
* Kolisi grew up in poverty. He lived in a small house; and he shared it with lots of his relatives.
* As a child, he had a brick that he used for a toy car.

Comment 1: Rugby sure does look like "controlled violence." It looks a lot like football, but they don't wear helmets like they do in football. It's a wonder they don't have a lot of injuries in that sport. As for the other sports, hockey and football could also be classified as "controlled violence." Some of the violence that occurs in those two sports could, even should, be considered as crimes to be punishable by jail time. 
Comment 2: Ironically, that's how we like our sports. Hockey owners found that occasional fighting among the players during the games attracts more spectators. 
Comment 3) Armstrong on his The World Tomorrow program would sometimes compare the fall of the Roman Empire to today's modern America. He listed about seven characteristics of the Roman Empire that are present in our world. One of them is the growing brutality of sports. The Romans had their gladiator contests; and we have our football, hockey, and stockcar races.

4) The Last Minute -
The devastation of Hurricane Ian -

* It has laid 150 miles of Ft. Meyers flat.
* The cost of the damages is estimated at $50 billion.
* Hurricanes are just as frequent today as they were in the past. But they seem to be more severe.

Comment 1: A hurricane becomes more severe after it hits land and then reenters the sea. When it reenters the sea, it builds up more strength. This is what happened when Hurricane Katrina struck. It went across the width of northern Florida from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. When entered the Gulf of Mexico, it regained its strength and power. Then it turned and devastated New Orleans.
Comment 2: Trees serve as windbreakers to cut the power and destructiveness of hurricanes. I haven't counted trees lately, but it is my opinion that there aren't enough trees in Florida and the area around New Orleans.


September 25, 2022

1) The Secretary of State - An interview with Anthony Blinken
* Ukraine - Russia's Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Blinken says this is irresponsible rhetoric. He says the only way for Russia to end the war in Ukraine is by stop fighting. Many Russians in the military know it is wrong for Russia to engage in war with Ukraine, but because Russia's government is a dictatorial form of government, there is no one to tell Putin that he is wrong. In the USA, we have a system in place in which the military can advise the president and even tell him he's wrong when he makes a mistake.
* What would be the consequences of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine? Blinken will not say.
* The question was asked, "Should a war crimes trial be held against Putin and other Russian leaders?" There were crimes like the raping and the torturing of children in Ukraine. What was Russia's response to these alligations? Their representative at the UN said it's Ukraine who is guilty of war crimes, not Russia. Blinken felt like he was living in Alice's Wonderland where truth are lies and lies are truth, dark is light and light is dark, up is down and down is up.
* He commented on the citizens of Ukraine in Russian-occupied territory voting to side with Russia. He said those people live under a puppet government where their vote has no meaning. The government simply changes their votes to make them agreeable to Russia.
* Blinken says Taiwan is to be defended. However, the policy of the USA towards Taiwan is described as  "stategic ambiguity."
* He said Iran has stated its desire to be a nuclear power. If they were to use their nuclear power, Blanken says the USA's response would be robust.
* He reminds us that Putin's goal is to erase Ukraine as an independent country.
2) Inside the Committee - An interview with Denver Riggleman
* He said he knows the White House was in contact with the rioters on Jan. 6th.
* Liz Cheney recommended him to be on the committee.
* He said he connected the dots--calling this person who talked to this person who talked with that person until he came up with a complex organization he describes as The Monster.
* Denver was a wine maker in Virginia who became a politician in order to lower the tax burden on wine makers that he experienced as a wine maker.

Comment: I listened to this segment with an open mind until I heard that Liz Cheney recommended him to the committee. According to a 60 Minute segment shown on September 26, 2021, Liz Cheney is anti-Trump, she has only a 33% approval rating in her home state of Wyoming; and she was striped of her membership in the GOP in May 2021. The reliability of both Liz Cheney and Denver Riggleman is, therefore, extremely doubtful.

3) Rescuing the Reef
* The coral reef off the coast of Florida was the best defense against powerful hurricane winds.
* There is an effort to restore those coral reefs which have eroded due largely to water pollution, disease, and bleaching.

Comment: From what we've learned in this segment, there use to be corral reefs along Florida's coast that helped to protect that state and the rest of the country from powerful hurricanes. There are plans in the works to try to restore those corral reefs in a rather artificial manner. Perhaps we could copy what the oil companies have done in the Gulf of Mexico. We could build rigs that would act as wind breakers to reduce the power of hurricanes. Maybe we can somehow harness the power of the hurricanes to produce electrical energy.

4) The Last Minute
* A bit of bad news for the company that is designing supersonic jet planes: Rolls Royce, who was designing the engines, has withdrawn from the project.

Comment: Hopefully, this is only a small setback. I would think that off-the-shelf technology would be enough to get this plane off the ground. The F-15 Eagle built by McDonell-Douglas supposedly could fly straight up into the sky and reach near space. 


September 18, 2022 - The Premiere of The 55th Season
1) An Interview with President Biden by Scott Pelley - 
In my grammar school days at Holy Name of Jesus, Michael Kowalski and I got together to discuss what we could do for a class project. Michael had an idea. He said, "I know. Let's have an interview." And I said, "Of what?" That got him really ticked off. He said, "What do you mean 'Of what?'?!!!" And he kept ranting and raving and making a big stink as though I said something really stupid.
Oh, yeah? I'll tell you 'what'. Today, we are going to have an interview about (About what?) about how Joe Biden is ruining, I mean, running the country; and how he's covering up about it. That's 'what'.
Here are some points they've made:
* During his time in the White House, the Dow Jones plunged 1300 points.
* Inflation during his time in office has gone up 8.3%--the highest inflation rate in 40 years. Biden's response was that this is hardly significant. He said he created 10 million jobs. He said manufacturing jobs are returning to the USA. And he believes they will be able to gain control of inflation.
* Biden says they are starting to reduce the national debt.
* He was not wearing a mask because he said the COVID pandemic is over.
* He says gasoline prices are starting to come down from an all-time high.
* He's working to solve the national railroad / labor union crisis to prevent a strike.
* Concerning the war in Ukraine, he said our allies there have regained 3,000 square miles back from Russia. He says we will continue to provide support for Ukraine for as long as it takes. He mentioned the civilian causalities in Ukraine, and he said that Putin is a war criminal.
* He warns Russia not to use chemical or nuclear weapons. He won't say what the consequences will be if they do. He just tells them, "Don't."
* On Taiwan, he says the US has a commitment to defend Taiwan; and he says US forces will be sent to Taiwan if Communist Red China attacks them.
* He defends the FBI's raid on Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago by showing pictures of top secret documents that were seized.
* He hopes to run for re-election in 2024 even though his approval rating is only 40%. He says its much too early to make the decision. 
* Scott Pelley asked him if he was fit for the job. He is the oldest president to take office in the history of the USA. To that, he says, "Watch me."
Comment: We're watching you, all right, Joe Biden. We're watching blow a big fart in front of the pope. We're watching you come in late for the queen's funeral. And we're watching you taking all these vacations. 
* Scott tells Biden that he has had a string of successes, but his approval rating is well below 50%. 
Comment: About those string of successes. We take for granted that Joe Biden has done something right since he moved into the the White House. But just to refresh our memories, could you list five or six of them?
* About his mental health, he says that there's nothing he can't do now that he couldn't do before.
"Oh, it's focused. I'd say it's-- I think it's-- I-- I haven't-- look, I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, my own head, the number of years," Mr. Biden said. "I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly. I mean, it's just not-- I haven't observed anything in terms of-- there's not things I don't do now that I did before, whether it's physical, or mental, or anything else."
Comment: Biden sure sounds focused to me--unless there's something wrong with my sense of focus, too.

* He says the poor economy is due to the effects of the COVID pandemic which is starting to ease up.
Comment: The COVID pandemic did effect the economy--NEEDLESSLY. The red states have restrictions for COVID like the blue states did. 
* Biden's family tragedies - His son died of cancer.
* Hunter's scandals - He loves his son Hunter. He had addiction problem that he overcame.
* The Democrats are most likely to lose seats in the House in November.
* There are Republicans who want to support him, but Biden says they can't because they will votes back home.
* He keeps a rosary in his pocket.
* There's a cartoon character who often looks to Heaven and says, "Why me?" Biben tells Scott, "Why not me?"
2) Raisi of Iran - Interview by Leslie Stahl
* Leslie had to wear a scarf and was not allowed to sit down before Raisi sat down.
* Raisi is 61 years old.


May 21, 2022
1) In Short Supply -
* Three hundred medications are in short supply around the country.
* Many of the needed medications have been discontinued because there is so little profit made from them.
* There are shortages every day. Doctors must choose which patients get medications and which patients must do without them--which patients live and which patients die.
* Hundreds of people around the country die from the lack of medications.
* The chemotherapy drug for cancer patients, with an 80% to 98% cure rate, is also in short supply.
* The manufacturing and purchasing of medications is so complicated that nobody can understand it. 

Comment 1) It is ironic that Big Pharma (Pfizer) has its commercial on 60 Minutes showing how it allows us to live normal and happy lives when we take the medications that they bless us with. Yet, clearly, in this segment, we see how Big Pharma really is: They are greedy for profits, and they are uncaring about the people who are suffering because of them.

Comment 2) I am still into the all-natural solution to health. I don't think we need to take drugs. Especially newborn babies. Mothers need to breast feed their newborn babies. They should not have to depend on formulas. Breast feeding is not some primitive practice that use to be done during the Stone Ages. God made mother's milk to be exactly what their babies need. As for the rest of us, we need to find a positive, happy attitude. We need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. We need to laugh at ourselves. Laughter is the best medicine, as we often have heard. We need healthy food and not junk food. That is very hard to do, as I can attest. I have cut down on my exercising and have increased the amount of food and junk food that I eat. I can't seem to lose the weight that I have gained. I currently weigh 170 pounds. We need to pray to God. We need to love our fellow man. 

Comment 3) Needles. The hospital's motto is to help heal you. To help the healing process, the patient must feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. The last thing the patient wants to see is a needle. Needles hurt. Needles are traumatic and depressing. It is exactly the opposite of what the patient needs. Sometimes it is unnecessary. The last time I was in the hospital, I had a needle in my arm at all times delivering water and salt so that I wouldn't dehydrate. It was unnecessary. Instead of a needle in my arm giving me water, all I had to do was drink some water when I was thirsty. That's what I'm doing now. I don't need a needle in my arm to quench my thirst. 
Sometimes, the doctor or nurse has trouble finding a vein in the patient's arm. But no problem. There's a better and more traumatic way for the doctor or nurse to find a vein. He/she simply sticks a needle in the back of the patient's hand. This is so painful and horrible, that it borders on torture. That's what it really is - torture.
2) Hope Chicago -
* Many poor students are accepted into college; but they cannot afford to pay for it.
* The Johnson College Prep gives poor students the money for a college education.
* Without a college education, the average black family must live on $25,000 a year.
* Chicago millionaire Canus donates some of his money to finance poor students through Johnson College Prep.
* Janice Jackson wants to help parents get a college education. 
* Billionaires around the country are asked to contribute part of their wealth so that every city in American has a "Hope Chicago" for it poor citizens.

* Billionaires around the country are asked to contribute part of their wealth so that every city in American has a "Hope Chicago" for it poor citizens.
Comment: It's too bad more billionaires didn't have guilty consciouses like Pete Kadens. A lot of our young people who graduated from college can't find work because of the H-1B program which allows USA companies to hire foreign students rather than Americans. America's billionaires also have located their factories inside Communist Red China for their cheap labor and their lower pollution standards. 
3) Jonas Kaufmann -
* German opera singer, 52 years old, born in Munich, Germany. He is the father of 5 children.
* He can sing in German, French, Italian, and English.
* His talent is in making simple songs into complicated songs.
* He lost his tenor voice on stage. He had to rebuilt it by starting from the beginning.
* He hired a new teacher. He learned to breath in a different way.
* He enjoys singing so much, he never want to give it up.
4) The End of the 54th Season -
* 60 Minutes will begin its 55th season with brand new segments starting next fall.


May 15, 2022
1) Bellingcat
* A group of investigative reporters founded by Elliot Higgins in 2014.
* He has evidence of attacks on hospitals and other evidence of criminal activity.
* In one case, a passenger plane was shot down by a missile which killed 298 people aboard.
* Assassins are attacking political opponents of Putin with poison and through other lethal means.

Comment 1) In the very beginning of the program, Elliot says that gathering information involves risks. If we stop taking risks, it's the end of democracy. It sure seems that way. The Muslims knocked down the Twin Towers in NYC in the 9/11 attack. Yet, instead of Islam being the great plague in the world with its global terrorism, its anti-Jewish doctrines, and its anti-Christian doctrines, which should be condemned, it is today considered Islamaphobia for anyone to criticize Islam. Ironically, Islamaphobia is the great crime of the world. One journalist/reporter, Daniel Pearl, had his neck cut for criticizing the Muslims. Learning from that example, today's members of the Main Stream Media know how to stay alive. 
Comment 2) There was a political cartoon several years ago in which the artist depicted the inside goings of how the Russians select their next leader. It was a process of elimination: One guy stabbed another guy.; another guy shot another guy; one guy pushed another guy out the window to his death; and another guy kicked a guy in a wheelchair down the stairs to his death. It would seem this artist wasn't far from the truth. In fact, he may have hit the nail right on the head -- This is exactly what political life in Russia is like under Vladimir Putin.
2) Sharswood
* A large family home in Pennsylvania County, Virginia.
* It was bought by Fred Miller, a black man, age 56.
* He lives in California. The home was bought for family get togethers.
* The cost of the house was $220,000. He bought it in 2020.
* The previous owner had it since 1917.
* It was built in 1850 by a NY architect.
* It use to be a plantation that used slaves.
* There are also slave holding houses where the slaves lived.
3) Continuation of the Sharswood story
* Fred Miller finds out that his ancestors were slaves at Sharwood.
* There is a slave cemetery marked only by pointed rocks with no names or markings.

Comment 1) Prayers and condolences go out to the families of the 10 people who were killed by the mass murderer at Tops Supermarket in Buffalo NY. 
Comment 2) New York State has one of strictest gun control laws in the nation. Yet, a madman was still able to obtain a gun to end the lives of 10 people--mostly blacks. 
Comment 3) A lot of liberals and Far Leftists were angry at the prospect that the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision would be reversed, and that the so-called right of abortion would be restricted or even abolished. It's hard for me to understand how they can be in favor of killing millions of unborn children but horrified at the shooting death of 10 people. What a crazy world!
Comment 4) Another irony is that laws are being enacted to prohobit any criticism of Islam (or Islamaphobia)--a religion that advocates and is responsable for the destruction of thousands of innocent lives--many times more than the 10 lives who were mass murdered in Buffalo.


May 8, 2022
1) Mark Esper - Former Secretary of Defense
* Called President Trump a threat to democracy in America.
* He wanted the US under Trump to send fighter jets to the Ukraine.
* He blames Trump for the war in Ukraine.
* He predicts that Russia will declare victory on May 9th (this Monday) by annexing eastern Ukraine.
* He said Trump was impeached for withholding aid to Ukraine.
* One of Trump's crazy ideas was to send US troops to Venezuela.
* Trump considered shooting missiles into Mexico to target the drugs cartels.
* What does Trump say about this? 60 Minutes says the responds they got from him was "No comment."
* He said Trump called Vice Present Mike Pence "a f loser."
* He said Trump suggest using paratroopers and have them shoot the protesters of the Jan. 6 riots in the foot.
* Trump demanded more loyalty from Mark Esper, but he replied to Trump, "My oath is to the Constitution, not you (Trump).

Comment 1) There's a lot of baloney from this guy that makes this segment a pure waste of time. For one thing, Russia started swallowing up its neighbors during the administrations of Obama and Biden. Putin did not acquire any new territory while Trump was president. 
Comment 2) Trump may have been impeached, but he wasn't removed from office. Trump was investigated by Mueller; hours, weeks, and months, plus millions of dollars were spent trying to find any crime Trump was guilty of. At the end of this trial, they found nothing. 
Comment 3) Trump did want to send troops to Venezuela, but it was unpopular, and it wasn't done. By the way, there ARE 100 Russian troops in Venezuela.
2) Crisis -
* Suicide, mental illness, and self harm are on the increase.
* There is one attempted suicide per shift (8-hour period).
* Aide for mentally trouble patients is far from adequate. Attention must be given to the patient as soon as possible; but the wait for such help is 40 days. 
* There is a 50% increase in the rate of suicide for girls.
* The COVID pandemic brought many individuals into a state of depression, sadness, hopelessness and isolation with the cancellation of classes which still persist today. 
* One solution is group therapy in which patients can talk to each other about their difficulties.

Comment 1) Left out of these solutions is God Almighty. He should be a major part of our lives. He has commanded us to love Him with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind. We should be praying to Him and reading His Word, the Bible. But in today's world, we leave Him completely out from everything. We turn on the TV and watch game shows in which people go crazy over brand new cars, trips to Hawaii, and just lots of plain old hard cash. We watch our stories about broken marriages and killings. God tells us that He will strike us with madness, blindness, and astonishment of heart. (Deuteronomy 28:28)

d astonishment of heart. (Deuteronomy 28:28)
Comment 2) The Bible states that a belief in God with His gift of the Holy Spirit brings us to a sound mind:
"For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (II Timothy 1:7)

3) Ballet in Exile -
* Ballet is essential to Russian society.
* One ballet star quit her career in protest to the war in Ukraine.
* She defected to the West; and she now has restarted her career in Amsterdam.
* In Ukraine, ballet performers have seen their world go from normal to destruction by war.
* They cry out, "Get us out of here."
* They board the train to leave their country through "the door to my dreams."
* In Russia, a ballet group was ordered to perform Spartacus, which supports Russian military intervention in Ukraine.
4) Abortion Rights Denied -
* This all began in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected in 2016 who pledged to send pro-life judges to the bench.
* This added 3 pro-life votes on the Supreme Court.
* Happy Mother's Day
Comment 1) This so hypocritical and sick of 60 Minutes. They are talking about killing babies. Then they say, "Happy Mother's Day."
Comment 2) The right of abortion is no right at all. There's nothing in the Bible in which God gives women the right of abortion. 


May 1, 2022
1) Harvest Of War -
* Pelosi pledges aid to Ukranian President Zelensky.
* $32 billion has been promised.
* The Port of Odessa is critical to feeding Ukraine's growing number of hungry and starving people.
* Each box of donated food can feed a family of four for four weeks.
* The number of needy people in Ukraine is going up from 2 million to 4 million.
* Access to critical aid is being cut off.
* Maripol did not fall; but the Russians did as much damage to it as they could.
* There is nothing left that is undamaged--schools, houses, apartments, hospitals, cars.
* Putin's goal was to liberate Ukraine. According to Ukrainians, that means being liberated from a life of peace, security, freedom, and safety to a life of hunger, starvation, destruction, separation of family and friends, and homelessness.
* One Ukranian prays for the Russians -- that they don't lose their humanity. 
* Food prices are rising. The disruption of farming is due to no fuel, no labor, and the lack of many other things.
* Food is taken from children who are hungry; and it is given to children who are starving.
* The Russians have proven themselves to be a ruthless enemy with no concern for innocent civilian lives.
* What is the future of Ukraine going to like? One Ukrainian answered that question saying he wishes Russia would disappear.

Comment 1) It is good to know that both political parties of the USA support the Ukrainians in their fight against Russia. It just makes me wonder if there are any strings attached to this good will. 
Comment 2) After World War II, the Soviets tried to take over all of Berlin by closing the roads from West Germany to Berlin. The Allies simply flew in supplies and dropped them by parachute. This is what we need to do in Ukraine.
Comment 3) The people of Ukraine are going through hell. We should pray for Ukraine that God will be merciful to them by ending this terrible war they are in with Russia. We should also pray that such a fate does not come upon us here in the USA. How many of us could endure the hardships that the Ukrainians are now enduring?
Comment 4) When Ronald Reagan was president, he called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." There is little or no difference between the Evil Soviet Empire back then and the Evil Russian Federation of today. The head of today's Russia is Vladimir Putin who once was a member of the KGB, the Soviet Union's Gestapo agency that spies and persecutes all those who stand up against tyranny.
2) Eurovision - Europeans from all over the continent compete for prizes and world stardom.
* It is an entertainment showcase with the higher goal of unifying Europe.
* Iceland uses Eurovision as a bridge to the rest of the continent and the world.
* There is singing, dancing, and glamour.
* There's a wide variety of acts including doom music.
* One group of entertainers pulled out a Palestinian flag--which is prohibited by the rules--and so was fined. Someone paid their fine for them.

Comment 1) Eurovision appears to be an amateur talent show much like the Ted Mack Show and The Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Like The Ed Sullivan Show, Eurovision presents acts from all over the world, not just from Europe.
Comment 2) It is interesting to know that Abba, the singing group sensation from Sweden during the 1980s and 1990s, got their start on Eurovision.

3) Birds Aren't Real - An absurd protest against all that is absurd.
* The organization was founded by Peter McIndoe.
* He claims every bird is a robot used by the government to watch each and every one of us.
* He staged a fake interview with a fake retired CIA agent who gave a fake testimony that robot birds are true.
* He held a March For Our Lives demonstration in favor of gun control.
* Whenever he stops someone on the streets to tell him or her that birds aren't real, he sometimes receives the answer, "I know that."
* Why does the government have robot birds? Peter McIndoe tells us it's for mass control.
* How does he support himself? By selling T-shirts.

Comment 1) There's much in our world that deserves to be criticized and even ridiculed. The Main Stream Media, especially some cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC, have some personalities who are far to the Left.  What is particularly disturbing is the title they have given to Joe Biden.

Comment 2) "Birds Aren't Real" is not as far from the truth as we may think. There's a lot of spying going on--from what I've been reading now and then. Some are from hidden cameras; some are from flying drones; and some are from computer viruses. There're also various kinds of listening devices. Last but not least, there's a data collection center in Utah that has information on everyone and on what everyone does. 
Comment 3) 60 Minutes had their own Peter McIndoe - political satirist. He was Andy Rooney who was on every week on 60 Minutes for about 5 minutes. Maybe 60 Minutes should hire this guy to take Andy Rooney's place.


April 24, 2022
1) Director Of The FBI - Christopher Ray
* He says the agency is on a war footing because of cyber attacks.
* Russia continues to do what they've always been doing--attacking the USA using cyber warfare.
* To combat Russia's attacks, we have severed their connections.
* Mr. Ray is 55 years old, is married, and has 2 children.
* He was appointed by President Trump and was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 92 to 5 to a 10-year term.
* He says one of the major problems the country is facing is the rise in juvenile crimes.
* There are increasing attacks on our law enforcement officials. Every 5 days, 1 police officer is killed.
* Two FBI agents were killed last year.
* The January 6 riot resulted in the arrest of 800 people.
* Terrorism is becoming more and more difficult with attacks coming from lone terrorists.
* Communist Red China is our biggest threat. They are the biggest hackers of our computers.
* Christopher Ray pledges to pursue the facts with speed and integrity.

Comment 1) "One of the major problems this country is facing is the rise in juvenile crimes." In other words--the breakdown of the family. Or should I say, the breakdown of the traditional family. We don't even know what a family is anymore. We have so many definitions of the word "family." There's the family of one. There's the family of two women. There's the family of two men. 
In 1950, the number of single-parent children was 1.5 million. Today (2022), it is 10.5 million. That's a 10 fold increase in the number of single-parent homes in the US over a 72-year period. The population of the USA increased in 1950 to 2022 from 158,804,396 to 337,677,606. That's a little over a two fold increase. We have a serious national problem when the population of the USA increases by 100% while the number of single-parent families increases by 1000%.
When I was in Holy Name grammar school, our teachers taught us this proverb: "A nation is as strong as its weakest family." We have a lot of "weak" families in this country. The FBI statistic on juvenite crime is proof of that. We are a weak nation; and we are growing weaker. 
2) Examining The Bin Laden Papers.
* The SEALS team who killed Osama Bin Laden collected computers, notes, books, and papers that provided a wealth of information that help defeat the Al-Qada terrorist group.
* Bin Laden had no idea the USA would go to war in Afghanistan. He thought there would be anti-war protests like during the days of the Vietnam War.
* Bin Laden wanted another 9/11 attack. He wanted to use private charter planes; and he wanted to attack our railroads to disrupt the distribution of oil throughout our country.
* His Al-Qada terrorist organization is now decimated.
* He has 2 daughters who helped relay his orders.
* Arab Spring brought questions about the future of Islam and the Arab people.
Mayor Eric Adams of New York City
* He won election to mayor on the law and order platform.
* Some of the problems he faces are rising crime, high unemployment, and business closings due to COVID restrictions.
* His law enforcement policies have resulted the removal of 1,800 illegal guns.
* He follows Rudy Giullani's policy of enforcing the laws that are on the books and arresting violators of minor crimes.
* He has responded to the people of NYC who have cried that the city has moved too far to the Left.

* He has been known as a swagger. The definition of a swagger is someone who has solved problems in the past, and who knows he will solve them again in the future.
* Mayor Adams has an amazing and even dark history. He joined a gangster group when he was 14 years old. He was arrested and kicked in the groin by the police. A Christian pastor turned his life around. Now that he is mayor, he is trying to fight for reform in the police department.
* He is 61 years old. He has a life partner and a son.
* He wants to open up New York City to tourists and commuters.
* He thinks masks should be worn on subways and other crowded places.
4) Euravision - a group of show acts selected from all over Europe.


April 17, 2022
1) Russia Planning Cyber Attack On America
* Putin doesn't care about norms. He is willing wage war.
* Shields up - we need to protect our computers, infrastructure, gasoline, food, water, everything from cyber attacks.
* Cyber war was used disrupt electric power in Ukraine before the Russian invasion. The most Ukrainians were sitting in the cold in the middle of winter with no heat or electricity.
* We can retaliate by taking Russia off the Internet.

Comment 1) After watching the segments about Volkswagen and EVTOLs, it seems like we are becoming more and more dependent on our electric grid and our computers. Which means we are becoming more and more at mercy of hackers and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks from Russia and Communist Red China. We are even vulnerable from such attacks from little North Korea. Our society can be totally disrupted by the flick of a switch. What we need is a world where we live in total peace and harmony. We need Second Coming of Jesus.

Comment 2) The Russians are busy trying hack into our computers. Many of those hackers are teenage boys. When any of them screws up our computers big time, they are hailed as heroes. 
As for Communist Red China, part of the Communist Red Chinese Army works in one building in Beijing 7 AM to 10 AM trying to hack into our computers.

2) Volkswagen
* Going electric - building more electric cars in the future.
* Sales in the USA has been going down due to taste of American drivers.
* Volkswagen will be coming out with a new version of the Buzz.
* Forty percent of Volkswagen's customers are in Communist Red China.

Comment 1) We are given a look into a Volkswagen factory, and we see robots assembling the automobiles. There are no people working on the assembly line.
3) EVTOLs - Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing Cars.
* With today's batteries, flying cars can run for 15 minutes or more.
* It will not be for sale to individuals. They will be used as taxis.
* They are quiet and need no warm up time.
* They will be autonomous - no human driver - to eliminate accidents due to human error.
4) Easter In Ukraine
* There is hope for peace and freedom in Ukraine.


April 10, 2022
1) The War In Ukraine - Interview with President Zelensky of Ukraine.
* He would not surrender back in February 2022.
* He is comfortable in his office and bomb shelter or bunker.
* His office is dark to prevent detection by bombs.
* His wife and family know that there is no other way but to stay in Ukraine. They fully support him.
* Among President Zelensky is that he is brutally honest and humble.
* He calls NATO weak and says that the UN shouldn't exist.
* In Bucha, a suburb of the capital of Kiev, dead bodies are exposed because of the hasty retreat of Russian soldiers from the city.
* A picture of Zelensky witnessing the carnage the Russians left behind shows a face of deep sadness and anguish.
* Survivors of Bucha tell how Russians shoot civilians in the legs and crush their cars with their tanks.
* They wonder how humans could be so evil.
* They believe that not only Putin, but every Russian who is involved in the war should be charged with war crimes. They are all guilty.
* Zelensky wants no-fly zones. He blames Biden and NATO for allow bombing by the Russians to continue.
* Zelensky has a son and a daughter.
* He is a former comedian who enjoyed presenting political satire.
* He was 41 years old (now 44 years old) when he became president of Ukraine. He won 71% of the vote.
* Ukraine has been at war since 2014 with the Russian invasion and occupation of the eastern provinces and the Crimean peninsula.
* Pres. Zelensky is counting on sanctions and a supply of weapons from the West to defeat the Russians.

Comment 1) "NATO is weak and the UN shouldn't exist." He's right about that. The UN was suppose to be mankind's last hope for world peace. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union started gobbling up eastern Europe; the communists took over China; and the North Koreans invaded South Korea. The Soviet Union had veto power over major issues that effected world peace. Also, Muslims nations were allowed into the organization which further weakened the UN to enforce peace. It became merely a platform for the Arab nations to verbally bash Israel. It is also a corrupt organization that wastes a lot of money on parties. It has been said that if you must take your problem to the United Nations, you know you have a hopeless case on your hands, and that you are wasting your time. 
As for NATO, it is up to the United States to lead the way for the fight for freedom. Once the United States decides what to do, it is up to our NATO allies to get on board and support us. Unfortunately, we have a president in the White House who is more interested in destroying America rather than defending America and the free world.

Comment 2) "They wonder how humans could be so evil." We have monuments to man's inhumanity to man at the Nazi death camps. The Bible says, "The heart is deceitful above all things - and desperately wicked. Who can know it." (Jeremiah 17:9) 
2) The War In Ukraine - The Continuation of the Interview with President Zelensky of Ukraine.
* Russian missile kills 50 people on an evacuation train.
* Ukraine is united - as a single fist.
* US arms are helping, but more is needed.
* Filling orders takes time.
* The US is spending $2 billion on aid to Ukraine.
* A city that once has a population of 450,000 is now a ghost town.
* Joe Biden has a list of Ukraine's needs. Will he fill it?
* Zelensky says the war will end in victory with no Russians in Ukraine--including the Crimean Peninsula.

Comment 1) I hope the Ukrainians get their wish. I, too, would like to see all of Ukraine (including the Crimean Peninsula) free of Russian troops.That is my hope and my prayer. We should all pray for Ukraine. My gut feeling, however, is that the US and its NATO allies will force Ukraine to settle for what it had prior to the February invasion. The US and its allies don't have the stomach to challenge Russia over its ocupation of the Crimean Peninsula.
3) Bitcoin Beach - El Zonte, El Salvador.
* Russia will accept the bitcoin.
* There were no job opportunities in El Zonte, El Salvador. 
* Michael Peterson brought bitcoins to El Zonte.


April 3, 2022
1) City of the Lion, Ukraine -
* A half million Ukrainians are refugees.
* There is bombing day and night.
* Refugee sites are crowded--with standing room only.
* Ukrainians are asking Russia, "Why are you doing this to us?"
* Hundreds of children have been killed.
* Hospitals are targeted--even the maternity wards are being hit. 
* The 1864 war crimes treaty forbids the bombing of hospitals.
* Medical supplies are coming from the USA. One box supplies the needs of 10,000 people for 3 months.
* Burned out apartment complexes. No gasoline means no traveling by car. No phones.
* Russia invaded Ukraine to liberate the Ukrainians. Ukrainians didn't want or ask to be liberated.
* Air raid sirens are part of everyday life.

Comment 1) This is not the way to live life--like sardines in a sardine can, listening to explosions and sirens, doing without the simple things in life. We Westerners are use to our creature comforts and carrying on in our own busy little lives. The people of Ukraine are just trying to survive. They are suffering and dying at the hands of the Russians. The Russians have laid mines on the roads in Ukraine. They are waging nearly total war against the Ukrainians. This war must end soon.
Comment 2) NATO membership - Ukraine should be accepted as a member of NATO and should receive full protection as a NATO member and ally. Russia then should be told to take its forces out of Ukraine. Otherwise, they will be destroyed by NATO forces. Sweden and Finland have also expressed interest in becoming members of NATO. They should be allowed join NATO.
2) Londongrad -
* The UK actively invited Russian millionaires to invest in their country.
* The money comes from untraceable sources.
* These millionaires and billionaires have close links to Putin and the Kremlin.
* Oligarchs want to build up influence in Britain.
* One oligarach spent 10 years in prison for criticizing Putin.
* Oligarchs launder their money - turning dirty money into clean money - by investing in housing.
* Most of Britain's politicians turn a blind eye to the corruption.
* Whistleblowers are often poisoned.
* Conservative politicians are favored. They have received a total of $4 million.
* Many in the House of Lords are quiting their positions because that institution, too, is becoming corrupt.
3) Laurie Anderson 
* Violinist, artist, actor, dancer.

* Has been performing for almost 50 years.
* She lives in downtown Manhatten.
* She grew up in Glen Allen, Illinois. She was one of eight children.


March 27, 2022


The Latest From Ukraine by Holly Williams -
* It's been a little over a month ago when Putin launched his deadly invasion of Ukraine.
* Cities have been bombed; and more than a 1000 civilians have been killed.
* Resistance has stiffened. Between 7 and 15 thousand Russian troops may have been killed.
* Russia may settle for limited goals rather than the conquest of the entire country.
* Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians are volunteering for military service.
* Some military supplies from NATO countries are helping out; but Ukrainian leaders want more.
* Pres. Biden in Poland said of Putin and his destruction: "This man cannot remain in power."
Comment 1) I think we should supply the Ukrainian people with as much military supplies as they need to expel the Russian military from their country.
Comment 2) Biden's words of anguish echos many of us who feel that Putin is a war criminal whose military campaign in Ukraine is nothing less than murder. Yet, Biden was told to explain his strong words so as not to make Russia resort to using nuclear weapons. He said he was voicing his own personal feelings and not setting any goals for a regime change in Moscow. It is interesting, by the way, to note that although nuclear war is unthinkable to us here in the Western world, in Russia and in Communist Red China, nuclear war is not only thinkable, but they may believe that nuclear war is both survivable and winnable. The Russians have already used the vacuum bomb; and there are rumors that Russia is thinking of using tactical nuclear weapons (nuclear artillery shells shot from long-range cannons).
1) Talking To The Past - Interviewing people before they die; and interacting with them after they have passed away.

* The person who is interviewed is asked any and every possible question there is to ask--over 2,000 questions.
* The person who is interviewed goes through the interviewing process which could last two weeks. 
* Those people who are interviewed include as many survivors of the Holocaust who are still alive, and those who helped liberated the Jews from the death camps.
* The holocaust survivors were eager to be interviewed.

* Heather Maio (pronounced Mayo) is the creator of this project.

* Other people are being interviewed: Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and just ordinary people.

Comment 1) Forgiveness - Some Jewish holocaust survivors will forgive their Nazi tormentors while others will never forgive them. Jesus talked about forgiveness when Peter came to Him and said, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Till seven times?" Jesus answered him, "I say not to you, until seven times, but seventy times seven." (Matthew 18: 21-35) He then went on to tell about a man who owed a lot of money to the king. The man begged for forgiveness, and the king forgave him all that debt. But soon afterwards, the man took hold a a pauper who owed the man some money. The pauper begged for patience, but the man refused. He sent him to prison until he paid what he owed him. The king heard about what the man did to the pauper. Therefore he took him and put him in prison for his lack of pity. Jesus final warning to us is: "So likewise shall My Heavenly Father do also to you if you from your forgive not every one his his brother their trespasses." 
When Jesus was dying on the cross, He forgave His enemies by saying, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23: 34) 
And when Stephen became the first Christian martyr, his last words were, "Lord, lay not this sin to their charge." (Acts 7:59) 
Who would forgive their enemies while they are still killing them? I don't think I would. May what Jesus said elsewhere in the Bible applies in this case, too. He said, "The things that are impossible with men are possible with God." (Luke 18: 27)
2) Talking It Out - Conversing with someone with the opposite views. 


March 20, 2022
1) Economic Shock and Awe - The West aiding the Ukraine by imposing economic sanctions against Russia.
* Deputy National Security Advisor Daleep Singh is credited with designing the economic sanctions against Russia which Putin described as "economic blitzkrieg."
* Are these sanctions working? There are some of the indications that they are: (1) Top Russians officials are describing the pain they are experiencing from these sanctions. (2) They are taking measures to prevent people from taking foreign currency out of the country. (3) Russia is headed towards a 1980s Soviet style living standard--an economic abyss.
* The first time Daleep Singh imposed sanctions was in 2014 when Russia took away the Crimean Penisula from the Ukraine.
* Putin has said that the sanctions are akin to a declaration of war.
* The US and its allies kicked most of Russia's banking institutions out of the Swift Banking System.
* The bank accounts of dozens of Russian billionaires were frozen. 
* The most dramatic strike was at the Central Bank of Russia. It has been cut off from $300 billion.

* Our allies and even neutral Switzerland have come on board with these sanctions. Over 30 countries have leveled 2,500 sanctions against Russia.
* The Russian ruble has lost a third of its value.
* Russia may soon default on its foreign loans for the first time since 1918.
* Daleep Singh predicts that Russia's economy will be no more than half the size it was before its invasion of the Ukraine.
* Strategic Failure - unable to project power and influence.
* Definition of power - Not about brute force nor land grabbing. It's about economic strength, technological sophistication, and story (the ability to attract ideas, talent, and good will).
* There are other targets where sanctions can be placed--the list of which has not been revealed.
* McDonald's, Coke Cola, Boeing and 400 other companies have closed their business in Russia.
* Cogent Communications has shut off Internet connections to Russian-related businesses. The biggest fear is that Russia could use their technology and facilities to launch cyber attacks.
* Very likely, there could be a Russian backlash to all these sanctions. Two possibilities are: (1) Russia's threat of using nuclear weapons or the actual use of nuclear weapons; and (2) relying on its allies (Iran, Venezuela, and Communist Red China) for financial support.
Comment 1) The sanctions didn't work back in 2014 after Russia seized the Crimean Peninsula. In my opinion, I do not believe the sanctions of 2022 will work either. The Russians will tighten their belts and bear with the sanctions. The only thing the leaders of Russia understand is force and the threat of force. 
Comment 2) In the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy employed the policy of what is called brinkmanship in which each side faces each other eyeball to eyeball until one of them blinks and walks away. Secretary State Dean Rusk told the world after the crisis was resolved, "The other side blinked." Today, it is the West who is blinking. Putin threatens nuclear war. He threatens to start cyber warfare. He has his army in the Ukraine. He fires missiles in the Ukraine which destroy hospitals and other civilian targets. The West is divided over "no fly zones." There is fear that establishing "no fly zones" will start a nuclear war and World War III. The West is blinking.
Comment 3) American modernists like Deputy Secretary Daleep Singh, in his view, says that the definition of power is not about brute force nor land grabbing, but about economic strength, technological sophistication and the ability to attract ideas, talent, and good will. He and others like him either are unaware or are simply ignoring the fact that the Islamic states have as their goal world domination. The goal of the Communist Red Chinese is to gain superiority in the world both economically and militarily. They have already claimed the South China Sea as their own territory (since 2020); and they threaten to take Taiwan by force. Some speculate they will make their attempt this Fall 2022. Along with the invasion of the Ukraine, it does not look like "land grabbing" is at an end.

2) Through the Roof - The Rise of Prices for Homes in the Sunbelt.
* Rent is increasing because the supply of housing cannot keep up with the demand. It is up 15% which is twice the inflation rate.
* The total money spent on rent by tenants is about half of their income.
* The increase in rent goes up by as much as 30%. Tenants have to settle for less food in their refrigerators to pay for the increase in rent.
* Not enough houses have been built for everyone who needs a place to live. This problem has been going on for a decade.
* The entire country suffers a shortage of 4 million homes.
* Corporations are buying up 30% of the homes that are available, then they are renting them out. 
* Gary Berman is CEO of Tricon Residential - one of the largest single-family homes in the USA.
* As stated by Gary, he may have 200 or 300 homes available; but he gets about 10,000 leasing inquiries a week.
* Corporate ownership affects only 2% of rental housing, so they are not responsible for the rise in rent. It is the demand for sun belt homes in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.
3) Sue Bird - Basketball Star


March 13, 2022 
The Latest News from the War in the Ukraine.
* Russian missiles (more than 2 dozen) hit a military base in western Ukraine not too far from the Polish border. Seventy five people were killed.
* The northern city of Chernihiv comes under another night of heavy bombardment. 
* Cities like Irpen are being battered by Russian artillery--sending residents fleeing for their lives.
* People who are without cars are packed into cargo vehicles where they are fed a little food and water.
* Newsman Brent Renaud was shot dead in his car by Russian troops in Irpen.
* Our 60 Minutes correspondent Charlie A'gagata tells us, "Tonight, hundreds of thousands of civilians face another night of shelling, sub freezing temperatures, without food, water, electricity, or a safe way out."

Comment: "A safe way out." Where is there safety? Where is that hospital where the president of the Ukraine visited those injured soldiers? In a safe place somewhere. Otherwise, if he weren't safe, he would be dead. Where is there safety? The only safe place I know of is deep underground. That's where the people of the Ukraine need to be. Back in the days of the American Civil War, the city of Atlanta was mostly underground and safe from Union artillery. The cities of the Ukraine need to do the same. Moreover, tunnels should be constructed so that transportation and communication can be carried out from one part the Ukraine to the other--and to Poland. 


1) Voting Rights & Wrongs - Trump believes he lost his re-election through fraud even though he lost more than 60 lawsuits in his attempt to overturn the election. 
* Voting laws are being changed in several battleground states. Republicans say it's to make voting more secure. Democrats say it's to make it harder for their traditional base to cast ballots.
* Wisconsin is one of the most contentious states in which Joe Biden won by less than 1% of the vote. 
* Kathy Burnier, a Republican state senator in Wisconsin, states with certainty and conviction, that there was no voter fraud in Wisconsin, nor in Georgia, nor in Arizona because it cannot be proven. She says this as a Christian who is only interested in telling the truth.
* The State Senate in Wisconsin is controlled mostly by Republicans.
* Michael Gableman is a Justice in Wisconsin, a Republican, and Trump supporter. His investigation into voter fraud was so secretive that one justice said it violated Wisconsin's public records law. 
* Gableman focuses his attention on the five largest Democratic cities that received grants from Mark Zuckerberg.  
* Only 24 out of 3 million votes casts were considered fraudulent.
* Elections Commission Administrator Megan Wolf says the election was free and fair. 
* Absentee votes shot up from 4% to 40%. There was expanded use of drop boxes for the benefit of those in nursing homes.
* Michael Gableman's voter fraud investigation will continue up to April.
Comment 1) First of all, we should suspect voter fraud in the 2020 election because that's what Joe Biden told us. He said, "...we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."
It's possible he made a mistake and that he meant to say "the most extensive and inclusive anti-voter fraud organization in the history of American politics," but I believe he didn't make a mistake. 
Comment 2) The number of absentee votes that shot up from 4% to 40% should make most people highly suspicious of possible voter fraud activity. One old lady in her 100s, an invalid in a nursing home bed, who couldn't even recognize her own sons was given a ballot to cast. She probably received help on which candidate to vote for. 
There were instances in some states, and maybe Wisconsin, too, of mail-in ballots that were sorted out into Trump and Biden votes. Then the votes for Trump were discarded. 
There are stories of Dominion voting machines which recorded the total votes for Trump and Biden. If Trump had a big lead over Biden, the machine could easily be programmed to switch the totals around so that Biden was the big winner and Trump was the loser.
The proposal of having voter photo ID cards was suggested as a way to cut down on voter fraud, but the majority of Democrats are opposed to such an idea. 
Comment 3) 60 Minutes says that the majority in the Wisconsin state senate are Republicans. I find that statement to be almost laughable. When I go to the voting booth, about half of the candidates running for office have been endorsed by both major parties and also all the minor parties.


2) Secretary Pete - And America's deteriorating Infrastructure.
* Bridge in Pittsburgh collaspes with buses and cars riding over it. Several people are injured.
* Bridges throughout the nation are in need of repair.
* Seven percent of over 50 year-old bridges are considered structurally deficient. 
* The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the state of nation's infrastructure a grade of C minus.
* Joe Biden recently signed a bill that guarantees $850 billion to fix our infrastructure over the next 5 years.
* $55 billion is to remove lead pipes and deliver taint-free drinking water.
* $65 billion is to expand broadband Internet service and make it more affordable.
* $65 billion is to upgrade the nation's power grid.

* $565 billion will be under the control of Pete Buttigieg and his Department of Transportation for improvements in tunnels, bridges, roads, mass transit, ports and airports.
* Pete Buttigieg says we haven't invested this much money since the Eisenhower days when we built the interstate highways.
* Where is all this money going? To rebuilt the collasped bridge in Pittsburg, for one thing. To fix the broken bridge in Washington DC, for another. And to fix a lot of bridges around the country. But a lot of the money will be given to the states who will decide what to do with it.
* Will the money more likely be spent on building new things rather than fixing the old things?
* Provisions in the bill to require using the money to repair the old things and and not to build new things were taken out. Buttigieg says it's still a good idea.
* Historically, the administration in power favors states who voted for him rather than those who voted against him. Buttigieg says there will be no politics involved in who gets the money.
* A new tunnel is planned to replace the 100 year old train tunnel under the Hudson River. A new bridge is planned to replace the old bridge between Ohio and Kentucky.
* Millions of dollars will be spent on airport terminals and runways in LA ($79 M), Chicago ($74 M), Dallas, and Atlanta ($92 M).
* Money will be spent on poor black neighborhoods that have been divided or damaged by the expressways going through them. 
* Politicians who voted against the infrastructure spending bill turned around and took credit for bringing money into their districts.
* Buttigieg is the first gay person to hold a cabinet position in the government. It was not long ago when people were fired from their jobs for being gay.
* Buttigieg and his husband Chasten adopted an infant boy and an infant girl. He took a maternity leave from his job as Secretary of Transportation during the supply crisis at the ports of LA and NY. 
* Butigieg says the supply problems will end when the pandemic problem ends. 
* AMTRAK gets $66 billion to improve its rails and tunnels, and to expand its existing service which is a small fraction of what is going towards roads and bridges for the automobile.
* It's not helping the climate, but Buttigieg says it will help us to do the smart thing which is to ride the transit system and buy electric cars. 
* The American Society of Civil Engineers concludes that when all the work is complete seven years from now, it will only be half of what is needed. The grade for America's infrastructure will be raise from a C minus to only a B.

​Comment 1) Not since the Eisenhower days have we spent so much money on infrastructure. What happened to the infrastructure bill Donald Trump wanted to pass? From what I've read about it, some Democrats were for it; some Democrats were against it; some Republicans were for it; and some Republicans were against it. Hopefully, we are more united in our agreement that we need to do something to fix American's infrastructure. 
Comment 2) $850 billion is a lot of money. Is all of that money going towards the repair of our infrastructure, or will some of that money be eaten up by graft? Who is going to oversee this money so that it isn't placed into somebody's private account?
Comment 3) Most of the money (hopefully not to crooked politicians) will be going towards our roads and bridges to make traveling by automobile more safer. We have a love affair with our automobiles. We will not give them up. The automobile industry helped tear down our passenger rail system so that we are dependent on our cars. Even the railroad industry doesn't want us using AMTRAK. Two of my friends wanted to take AMTRAK from Buffalo to Cleveland, but the trip would have taken 17 hours. It only takes about 3 hours to make the trip by car. 


March 6, 2022


1) The War In Ukraine - Latest update on the war in the Ukraine.
* Refugees from the Ukraine are pouring into Poland. One Polish city of 60,000 accepted 78,000 refugees.
* There are horror stories of children crying and the sounds of lots of rockets and lots of explosions.
* Refugees are saying that the Russians are bombing civilians. 
* One Ukranian said she spent four days in a bomb shelter. 
* There was a train from the Ukraine arriving in Poland that was packed with refugees. There was no room to move around. There was another train of refugees following close behind.
* Poland helps because they want to help. They remember when Stalin shipped perhaps thousands of Poles to Siberia during WW2.

Comment 1) Russia's invasion of the Ukraine is nothing less than a war crime. We should do all we can to help the Ukrainians  except actually do their fighting for them--much like we did when we helped the Afghanis / Mujahideen fight and drive out the Russians who took over their country during the Jimmy Carter Administration. I would like to see us give or lend them our best weapons like A-1 Abrams tank and the A-10 Warthog support plane. We could also lend them our newest jet fighers, the F-35.
Comment 2) One commentator said the only winners in this war are the Muslims. We have two Christian (Ukraine and Russia) adversaries using up their resources and manpower while the Islamic states sit on the sidelines waiting to devour what's left of them.
Comment 3) One report has it that the Russians have a hit list of all the Ukrainian leaders that they want to kill once they've completed there take over of the country. We must make sure this does not happen.
Comment 4) This war must not drag on much longer for the sake of the Ukrainian people. And they must eventually be given membership in NATO, so that Russia will never invade the Ukraine again.
2) State of the Pandemic - the war on COVID
* There are more variants of COVID.
* Dr. Rochelle Walensky says omicron viruses are rising while delta viruses are falling.
* One doctor from North Ireland says the vaccinations help boost the immune cells in much the way a staircase help you climb to the next floor step by step.

Comment 1) I still would rather not take any jabs. A neighbor of mine had gotten her flu shots. A week or two later, she had gotten the flu.
Comment 2) The COVID vaccination program is nothing but big business for Big Pharma. They have raked in over $43 billion.
Comment 3) The best way to avoid getting COVID is to keep warm, avoid putting your hands to your mouth, and take vitamin c when you think something might be wrong with you. I take the chewable kind with a dose of one-half gram. I let it desolve in my mouth and let it mix in with my saliva before swallowing it.
Comment 4) We are all 90% germs. Most likely, we all have COVID. What keeps us from getting sick is a healthy immune system. 
Comment 5) The COVID vaccine is responsible for deaths due to heart inflammation. The risk is small; but it is still there.
Comment 6) Many doctors and nurses refuse to take the jabs. One of them is Dr. Joseph Mercola (  

3) Flying Blind - Snow Skier from North Dakota.
*  He started snow skiing when he was a young boy when.
* He skied into a tree when he was 15 years old which brought on brain tumors that was affecting his optic nerve.
* He required a 12-hour surgery and 3 more major brain surgeries.

* His father or one of his brothers gives him direction via 2-way radio as he's skiing down the slopes of Big Sky, Montana.

Comment 1: When I use to complain to my mother about the way I was about my speech defect and my short arm / right shoulder defect, she would tell me about some people who have no arms and who can't talk. Similarly, unlike one of the members of the Kennedy Family, Jacob Smith is lucky to be alive after skiing into a tree.
Comment 2: Jacob mentioned something about success at the end of the segment. I don't think it's about success. It's about keep on doing what you like doing. We've seen on 60 Minutes rodeo stars who have their legs broken by the bull they were riding. Yet, after their long road to recovery, they go back into rodeo because that's what they enjoy doing.


February 27, 2022
1) Fourth Day of the Ukraine War
* Update - Russian troops are encircling the Ukraine's two largest cities
* Close to a half million people are leaving the Ukraine.
* The leaders of both countries are signaling that they are ready to talk peace.
2) The Grid
* Millions in the Ukraine who are without power.
* Disruptions in the power grid are caused mostly by cyber attack.
* The electric grid in the USA is extremely vulnerable to cyber and terrorist attack.
* One such attack occurred in California in which a night attacker successfully destroyed an electrical grid.
* There was no security for the grid.
* The attacker left a minute before the authorities arrived.
* We are vulnerable to a nationwide blackout.

* It was suggested that we need to establish a federal agency that would supervise all of our electric companies to make sure they all comply with adequate security measures. Right now, each company is free to set up their own rules and regulations.

Comment 1) Electric companies know the dangers and the threats. But they rather not spend their money on added security. 

3) Wrongful Detainees
* In Myanmar (Burma), an American journalist, was arrested, handcuffed, and blindfolded for wrongful association.
* Officials in Washington try whatever means to bring them out of prison and back home.
4) Headline, Deadlines, Bottom Lines
* Newspapers are fast disappearing.
* Most people get their news from the Internet or from TV.
* The Mercury was a thriving newspaper in 1972 with a news building full of reporters and journalist. Today is it merely a one-man business run in an upper room. 
* Local newspapers help to bond a community together. 
* Large corporations are buying out local newspapers and using the profits for personal enjoyment. One executive used his profits to buy himself a multi-million-dollar mansion. This news item was discovered by a local newspaper. 

* Without local newspapers, corruption in the government increases. One government official raised his salary to $800,000.


February 20, 2022
1) The Front - An understanding of what the issues are concerning the war in The Ukraine.
* Russia feels that the Ukraine is within its sphere of influence; and so the Ukraine should never join NATO.
* The Ukrainians feel there is still a chance to talk peaceably.
* The Ukraine wants to become a member of NATO.
* They regret having given up their nuclear weapons. Their security was guaranteed by both the USA and Russia.
* Russia has the Ukraine surrounded by tanks, planes, ships, and troops on its border and the border with Belarus.
* The shameful withdrawal of US support in Afghanistan has embolden Russian President Putin to put pressure on the Ukraine and possibly even invade them.
* The Ukrainians think they won't be invaded. They are carrying on in Kiev, the capital, business as usual.
* The Ukrainians are use to hardship. They suffered greatly from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II. They say, "We know the threat and we will deal with it."

Comment 1) It's difficult to know what will happen within a few days or even in a few moments concerning the Ukraine. What will Joe Biden do? Will he allow the Russians to take over the Ukraine? Another possibility is that the Russians are giving Joe Biden an opportunity to declare a great victory in the Ukraine so that he will be a hero in order to the Democrats unbeatable in the 2022 elections, and it will make Joe Biden unbeatable in the 2024 elections. 
Comment 2) The past is the key to the future. During World War II, Russia attacked Finland and seized a few bits of Finnish territory. Finland is not and never was a member of NATO. It has been neutral during the Cold War. In the Far East. Russia seized the Kurile Islands from Japan near the end of World War II. Rusisa has never given them back to Japan. The Kurile Islands are still Russian territory. And eight years ago, in February and March of 2014, Russia took over the Crimean peninsula which belonged to the Ukraine. 
Comment 3) Another possibe reason for US involvement in the Ukraine is Joe Biden's low popularity at home. It is a distraction from his failed economic policies. A trip abroad and even meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is not only a distraction from his failed economic policies, but also helps to keep the public's mind off the thousands of illegal immigrants Biden is bringing into this country to jeopardize our security. This is happening at our southern border with illegal aliens coming in from Mexico; and it is also happening with planeloads of Afghan refugees who many suspect are Taliban soldiers that will fight and kill for the cause of Islam within our borders.
2) Targeting Americans - American officials are being attacked by some mysterious, invisible weapon.
* These weapons are causing serious headaches, vertigo (dizziness), and nausea.
* One official suffered repeated attacks.
* He did not report the attacks earlier for fear losing his security clearance.
* Other officials are still recovering from their attacks. One official is legally blind. He needs a service dog to guide him wherever he goes.
* These attacks are accompanied by loud chirping sounds that can wake you up out of bed.

* The three family dogs all howled at the same time when they heard the sound.
* Former UN Ambassador John Bolton says there is evidence of a deliberate attack.
* Officials are repeatedly attacked in Communist Red China. One official who suffered from such attacks was glad to be back in the good ole USA.
3) Targeting Americans - Who is responsible?
* There are many heartbreaking stories of those who were victims of the attacks.
* Some attacks occurred in New Dehli, India.
* The weapon attacks the auditory part of the inner ear.
* These weapons are known as pulsed electronic weapons or microwave weapons
* Russia and Communist Red China are the main suspects.
* The CIA says there is no proof that Russia or Communist Red China are responsible for the attacks, or if there really are any attacks.
* One official says these attacks are just shy of warfare.
* The US raised this issue with Russia. They deny any responsibility.

Comment 1) These two segments seem to be a repeat of what was aired on June 27, 2021; but there may have been other information that was added to it. The pictures of the weapons being used seemed to be new information.

Comment 2) Some high officials connect the dots from the injuries that were done to them and conclude that they were attacked by either Russia or Communist Red China. The officials in the Biden Administration do not connect the dots and say there is no evidence of any attack by either Russia or Communist Red China. It is my strong opinion that Joe Biden as POTUS is unready, unwilling, and unable to protect American citizens anywhere in the world including the USA.


February 13, 2022
1) Weather And Wine - a repeat of December 26, 2021


February 7, 2022
1) Death In Training - Accidents in Armor Vehicles.
* Rollovers are common in all types of military vehicles - not a rare incident, but a systemic problem, over 2/3 of accidents are rollovers.
* From 2010 to 2019, there were 3,753 accidents resulting in 123 Army and Marine deaths.
* Most of the accidents occurred in daylight on regular roads and even in parking lots.
* These accidents are regarded as normal events that everyone expects to happen now and then.
* In one accident, 7 survived, while 9 died in a drowning accident in which the AAV (Amphivious Armored Vehicle) sank to the bottom of the ocean. The dead were found with their body armor and their gear armor on. This was the result of no safety training. They didn't know what to do. The USMC did their own investigation and found the accident "preventable."
* Some military vehicles are over 40 years old and are in terrible condition. The AAV's are often called, "Floating Coffins." 
* Example: As soon as one training mission began, the AAV started taking on water. First, the water was ankle deep. Then, the water became calf deep. Safety lights didn't work. There's supposed to be two safety boats in an AAV; but there were none.
* The Ferris Doctrine makes it impossible to sue the military for any reason including faulty equipment.
* An accident - A crew was called upon at 1 AM on a rainy night to tow another vehicle with their own vehicle. The towed vehicle slid and hit the towing vehicle causing a rollover. One of the men was pinned down from the waist down. His left leg was amputated. His right leg was so badly injured, he had to learn to walk for 2 years. 
* One in five enlistees join the Army with no driver's license. 
* Army and Marine Corp refused to be interviewed by 60 Minutes.
* Humvee - the vehicle most often involved in accidents. It's a rough ride for those inside involved in a rollover. Using dummies, videos show their heads are slammed against the roof of the vehicles. The installation of anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control systems are mandatory in all new Humvees. It would cost a fraction to repair the faulty, old Humvees rather than buy new ones. But the Pentagon listens to its defense contractors instead; and so, we spend 13 billion dollars more on new Humvees rather than repair the old ones.

Comment 1) Humvees are the next step from the Jeep. The Jeep was the small vehicle that was used by the US Army in World War II, the Korea War, and the Vietname War. In modern warfare, they are extremely vulnerable, but their high speed makes them useful in transporting officers from one end of the battlefield to the other.

Comment 2) Every Humvees, new or old, should at least have a safety belt.


2) The Breaking Point - 
* Hospital work is more demanding largely because nearly 400,000 nurses and caretakers have left. 
* A typical hospital in a typical city like Louisville, Kentucky - emergency rooms are full. The hospital is usually in an emergency survivor mode.
* There are 9 nurses caring for 72 patients.
* 115 caretakers called in sick on one day.
* One nurse had to take care of 40 patients one time.
* Aides (those who perform menial tasks such as helping patients out of bed and turning them over) are also in short supply.
* Patients become very angry at times. They cuss nurses out with every name in the street language book.
* Hospitals are hiring nurses as fast as they come in the door. 
* Applicants to medical schools are being denied entrance because there aren't enough instructors.
* Baby-Boomers will be adding more burden to an already overburdened medical institution.


3) Canada's Unmarked Graves - One of the most shameful chapters in Canada's history.
* Two hundred unmarked graves were detected in Canada. 
* The Christianization of Canadian native children started in the 1880s and continued through most of the 20th century. 
* More than 150,000 children were taken to these "residential schools."
* Native Canadian children were ripped away from their parents to be Christianized. 
* The last of the 139 schools for native Canadian Indians were closed in 1998. Most were torn down.
* One of the children, Leota Wolf, who is now grown up, has frightful memories of when she was a student at one of these schools. She wishes all the school buildings were torn down. 
* She was taken from her home by the police when she was 5 years old in 1960. Doing the math, that means she was about 6 years younger than I am, which is 72, 72-6, or 66 years old is what she is now. 
* When they first arrived at the school, their long hair was shaved off. If they spoke their native language, they were often punished. 
* Leota says she was punished by being placed in a small, cold, dark room. The lightbulb was removed from her room. And the heavy door was slammed shut and locked. 
* The priests would fondle the girls' hair.
* Leota grew up as a very mean person because of all that happened to her.
* Canada's Christian conversion system was modeled after the one that was used in the USA, namely in Pennsylvania since 1879.

* Chief Wilton Littlechild was taken to a residential school when he was six years old. 
* He was given a new name - "Sixty five." He said that was the beginning of psychological abuse. There was physical abuse and sexual abuse also. He became angry, which he took it out by playing hockey. He went on to study law at the unversity.
* In 2008, thousands of survivors filed a lawsuit which ended the residential schools in Canada.
* The Canadian government paid out billions of dollars in compensation.
* One survivor told of being punched and slapped repeatedly underwater by her teacher on the first day of school. She didn't think she would survive her first day in school.
* More than three thousand children did not survive. The death rate was 20 times what it was outside the schools. Parents of dead children were sometimes not notified of their children's deaths.
* Children died of disease, overcrowding, malnutrition, physical abuse, or they were killed when they tried to run away. Some who ran away and were caught were forcedby a priest to knee on a broom handle for three days by.
* The names of the dead unidentified children are trying to be known so that they can have dignity after death.
* Children had to dig the graves for their dead classmates.
* The residential schools left a bitter mark on the children when they graduated. Some ended up in adoption homes, some going on welfare, and others going to prisons.
* Ed Bitter was abused by his own classmates. He was sexually abused by a nun. He turned to alcohol. He had no goals in life. He married and was without affection for his wife for 40 years. Only after 40 years was he able to tell his wife that he loved her. It feels good to love.
* Leota Wolf and children and her grandchildren suffered the effects of the residential schools. There was domestic violence and substance abuse.
* The abuse that was done to her, she passed onto her siblings and children. And the abuse that was done to her siblings was passed onto her and their chldren. 
* She says she's at peace with herself when she sings the Hail Mary in her own native (Cree) Canadian Indian language.

Comment 1) The Bible says men should have short hair and women should have long hair. (I Corinthians 11:14-15) In the first case, the Indian women's hair was cut short contrary to the Bible, and the Indian men's hair was cut short in agreement with the Bible. In the second case, when the Indians were free, the women grew their hair long in agreement with the Bible; and the Indian men grew their hair long in contrary to the Bible. 
Commentary 2) The Catholic Church is world renowned as a church that maintains a strict disciplinary policy--especially over its schools. Some of the teachers, especially the nuns, have done a lot of violence to its students. One nun in 4th grade would slap the face of this one boy almost every day. Those nuns believed it was their right from God to punish the students this way. One nun told her class, "God gave me good hands to hit." They also warn the students that they shouldn't dare hit back at a priest or a nun. They are holy people. If you hit a holy person, you are committing the sin of sacrilege; and you will go straight to hell.

I said "students." Nuns don't punish students. Students are bright, attentive, obedient, and hard working. It's the "pupils" they punish. Pupils are merely lazy young people who just sit at their desks and take up time and space.

Laziness is a great evil according to this fourth grade nun teacher. She said it is a CAPITAL SIN!!! So if you ever feel like picking up your feet and laying your head back, you could be hanged for that.
The Lord Jesus has a different opinion of those "holy" nuns and priests who slap children and believe they're going to heaven when they die. He said in 
Matthew 18:6, "If anyone causes one of these little ones-those who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."
A true holy person would be much like God - the God of Love: someone with "love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. Against such, there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23.
Comment 3) The teachers of the residential church may have been Catholic, but they certainly weren't Christian. If they were, they're mission wouldn't have been to make the Cree forget their native heritage. It would be to teach them about the greatest gift of God - love. The Cree children did not grow up in love. They grew up in hate and violence. They passed on the hate and the violence onto to their relatives and children. 
Comment 4) We in the Armstrong church experienced almost the same thing. We were taught about God's love by the Armstrongs in the early beginnings of the church. But when the Armstrong church became rich and powerful, the Armstrong's said the most important thing in God's church is: GOVERNMENT. Herbert W. Armstrong claimed to be the third highest official in the church after God the Father and Jesus Christ.
Comment 5) Leota Wolf said she is at peace with herself when she sings the Hail Mary in her native language. It is "The Our Father" that she should sing and pray to--not Mary. The Catholic Church claims they don't worship Mary, but the entire month of May is dedicated by the Catholic Church in praying to Mary. Not only that, but throughout the world, the Feast of the Assumption is celebrated on August 15th as the day Mary was taken up into Heaven. There is no written word in the Bible that such an event took place. 


January 30, 2022 
1) The Final Act - Tony Bennett on his 95th birthday - a repeat of October 3, 2021
2) The Get Back Sessions - The Beatles last year together - a repeat of November 14, 2021
3) Best Band In The Land - The St. Augustine Catholic High School Band of New Orleans - a repeat of March 14, 2021


January 16, 2022
1) The Betrayal - The Diary of Ann Frank.
* Ann Frank was a young Jewish girl who lived in The Netherlands with her family during World War II and the Nazi Holocaust.
* She was in hiding from the Nazis in a secret apartment room in Amsterdam with her family. 
* The door to her secret apartment was behind a book shelf.
* She kept a diary of events during the time of her hiding. 
* On August 1, 1944, on a warm day, at 10:30 in the morning, Ann Frank with the rest of her family were taken away by the Nazis.
* Who betrayed Ann Frank and her family? Two investigations were made. But many facts were left out. Relevant persons and eyewitnesses were missing. 
* The government in The Netherlands called on Vince Pankoke, a cold case investigator, to try to solve the mystery of who betrayed Anne Frank and her family.
* Three fourths of the Jews in The Netherlands were murdered in holocaust. There were about 25,000 of them. 
2) The Betrayal - Part 2
* Vince Pankoke takes the job, goes to The Netherlands, and searches for clues.
* Who is the guilty one? It must be a really bad man - a psychopathic man.
* He examines the site inside and out.
* He is aided in his search by the archives that the Nazis left that helped them find Jews.
* His search leads him to the founding member of the Jewish Council. 
* When the Nazis arrest a Jew, the first question they ask him/her is: "Do you know where any Jews are hiding?" The more information they give, the more lenient they're punishment is said to be. 
* A question we can all ask ourselves: "What would I have done?"
* Jews were dehumanized during the Holocaust. After WW2, they were humanized again.

Comment 1) "What would I have done?" I would have sacrificed myself rather let someone else suffer and die in my place. Isn't that what everyone else would do? But we don't have the whole story. What if the enemy holds a knife to your son's throat and demands you give information or else your son gets it? What would you do then?

Comment 2) What would I have done? Pray. Jesus said, "Watch therefore and pray always that you will be counted worthy to escape all these things that come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man." Luke 21:36.

Comment 3) I often wonder if the Jews prayed to God during the Holocaust in World War II.  From what I've read, the Jews in Germany didn't believe Hitler when he said he would go after the Jews. Hitler told everyone what he would do if he took over Germany. He said he would go after the Jews. But nobody believed him. They wondered what he meant. Another problem is that the Jews were divided. There were the German Jews with light hair and blue eyes, and there were the Russian Jews with dark hair and dark eyes. When Hitler started killing the Jews, the German Jews thought he was only killing the Russian Jews. Later, they were shocked to learn that Hitler had killed their (German Jews) relatives as well. 

Comment 4) God bless the Ritchie Boys for their service. And God bless America. God blessed America with the Ritchie Boys. Thank God for the Ritchie Boys.

Comment 5) Another group which served in World War II which we can be proud of and thankful for are the Code Talkers. They were America Navaho Indians who invented a secret code using their own difficult language which the Japanese could not break. They were part of the Marines. Some of them were only 15 years old.

Comment 6) Jacob's Troubles. The Bible mentions Jacob's Troubles at the end of the world near the Second Coming. That period is known as The Great Tribulation. It is a time of great persecution of the Jews and Christians. And why not. The Islamic World has grown great and desires to capture the entire globe. They are buying, stealing, and killing the infidels with their oil wealth and influence. The Jews ought to take heed of their threats. There are indications that the Great Tribulation will be far worse than the Holocaust of World War II. 

3) Chris Stapleton - Country and Western Singer.
* He is 43 years old. He was born in eastern Kentucky. He is married; his wife's name is Morgan.
* He has won numerous Grammys. Of his collections, he treasures those that convey friendship.
* Some say he is a great guitar player. He believes he is "not a great guitar player."
* His first goal in life was to become an engineer. Then he became a song writer.
* He has written over a thousand songs. So far, only two became hits.
* The album "Traveler" was written in one week while he and Morgan were traveling to Arizona to buy a car.

Comment 1) I don't listen to much music anymore. I remember in the early days of my life watching and listening to country music. The country singers would play their guitars. Some of them would play a double neck guitar. This one singer was playing a triple neck guitar. When rock and roll music became popular with the white folks, I immediately fell in love with it. Later on in life, I had an interest in watching a country music show with the purdy girls dancing. I thought country music was more Christian than rock music, but the country singers seems to be plagued with life's problems like divorce just like rock and roll singers. In fact, one of my favorite country tunes is "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" by Tammy Wynette. She also sings a real beauty with the song, "Stand 
By Your Man," which I like a lot.


January 9, 2022

Comment 1) Before the January 9th Sunday edition of 60 Minutes began, there was a commercial from the Freedom From Religion organization. The speaker, an atheist, stated that it was our Founding Fathers' intention that our nation and government be a secular nation. This is a flat out lie. Our Founding Father never intended the Constitution to be secular and atheistic. They didn't even consider the Constitution to be the supreme law of the land. The Constitution was merely a pact designed to make the 13 original states more unified. It had nothing to do with religion. All that the 1st Amendment says is, "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion." This power was reserved for the states--if that's what they wanted. Our Founding Fathers actually encouraged religion. John Adams, our 2nd president and one of our Founding Fathers stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” According to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, “Religion, morality and knowledge being essential to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.” If our Founding Fathers thought that the Constitution would be the supreme law of a secular nation, they would have thrown the Constitution right out the window.

Comment 2) God blesses the nation that prays to Him and who obeys His commandments. It is one of reasons why our country has grown great and prospered. Unfortunately, with prosperity comes ingratitude and pride. We think we did everything all by ourselves. As it says in Proverbs 30:9, "Least I be full and deny you, and say, 'Who is the Lord?' ...." We don't even want to admit that God exists. We are becoming more and more atheistic because of our affluence.


1) Quitting 
* American workers are quitting their jobs. Many jobs are open.
* Pandemic has resulted in 22,000,000 lost jobs.
* One in seven jobs today are remote.

Comment 1) There seems to be a contradiction here. On the one hand, there are many jobs that are going begging for workers. On the other hand, millions of jobs have been lost.

2) One Small Step - The Adversity of the January 6th riot or insurrection.
* The need for the whole country to be heard.
* A "culture of contempt" is thriving.
* Storycorps, founded by Dave Isay, has enemies facing each other and telling each other about their backgrounds in hopes of better understanding.
* A father and a son are proud of each other.
* There's "a flame of good" in each one of us.

Comment 1) I am skeptical of two enemies facing each other and trying to understand each other. A Muslim will not try to "understand" you. He will try to convert you to his "perfect" religion." If you don't, you are to be killed. 
If you try to argue with an anarchist, he will spit at you. 
One guy at a store tore up a dollar bill before handing it to the clerk. Another guy asked him, "Why did you do that?" The first guy put his thumb on the second guy's forehead and then he (the first guy) showed him (the second guy) his knife before leaving the store. So much for a warm, friendly, inteligent conversation.

3) NFL Balitmore Ravens Field Goal Kicker Justin Tucker
* He kicked the longest field goal in the history of the NFL -  a 66 yarder.
* He weighs only 180 lbs.
* He was not drafted.
* Today's field goal kickers are making longer field goals; but they are also making more misses.


January 2, 2022
1) The Richie Boys - Another look at the Ritchie Boys - the secret American intelligence gathering group during World War II.
* One of the Ritchie Boys was Guy Stern, now age 99, enjoys swimming and jogging, lives in a suburb of Detroit.
* The name Ritchie Boys came from where they were training, in Camp Ritchie, Maryland.
* They proved themselves very effective, 60% of intelligence was gathered by them.
* They were made up of 2,000 German-born Jews.
* Guy Stern remembers when he was a schoolboy in Germany during the Nazi rule. He told his father, "Classes are becoming a torture center."
* He was the one and only member of his family of seven who escaped to America.
* He came to America at the age of 15. He lived with his uncle in New Jersey.
* Another one of the Ritchie Boys was Paul Fairbrook. He was 10 years old when he left Germany.
* He learned to interrigate in 8 weeks.
* Victor Bromberg is another one of the Ritchie Boys. He is now 98 years old.
2) The Richie Boys - the Personal War
* Some of them landed in Normandy on D-Day. They saw the wounded and the dead.
* They interrigated tens of thousands of prisoners.
* The main questions they asked were: "Where are the minefields?" and "Where are the machine gun nests?"
* Complicity - The Ritchie Boys learned to get along with the prisoners. They tried to empathize with them by saying, "This is a terrible war." They would hand out cigarettes which was very helpful. 
* Some were disguised as Russian commisars to strike fear into some of the prisoners.
* They were able to convince some of the German commanders into surrendering without firing a shot.
* They knew the importance of the signed signature. Many of the leaflets that were dropped behind enemy lines had Dwight Eisenhower's signature on it.
* Some of the Ritchie Boys donned German uniforms to sneak behind enemy lines in order to destroy valuable equipment.
* They discovered the misery and horrors of the holocaust victims.
* One of them has survivor's guilt and is suffering from it to this very day.
3) The Ritchie Boys - Indentifying war criminals after the war.
* They derive personal satisfaction in defeating the Nazi SS.
* All Nazi officials were to be arrested and to stand trial in Nurenburg. Many of them were executed.
* They're excuse for their war crimes: "I was forced to do it," and "I had no choice."
* There was no sorrow or apologies coming from them.
* The members of the Nazi SS could be identified by the tattoo mark on the upper part of their left arm to show what their blood type is.
* After the war, the Ritchie Boys came home and got married.
* About 250 of the Ritchie Boys continued their work in intelligence gathering, and they became part of the CIA when it was formed in 1947.

Comment 1) The Ritchie Boys were in Normandy on D-Day. They saw a lot of wounded soldiers and a lot of dead soldiers. They also saw the holocaust. They saw their fellow Jews as nothing more than skin and bones. They've found their families who they left behind all dead. Six million Jews died in the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. Many Jews who survived the holocaust became atheists. "How could a loving God and Father allow this to happen to us?" they may have asked. Did the Jews really deserve what happened to them? The answer is: No and Yes.

In one of the Psalms, Israel is praising God. Then events turn really bad. They ask God why He has done this. Nevertheless, they continue to obey God. 

Psalms 44:1-8 tell about God rescuing the israelites from Egypt and taking them to the Holy Land. No foe was able to oppose them.
"We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us what work you did in their days in the times of old; how you did drive out the heathen with your hand and planted them; how you afflicted the people and cast them out. For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own are save. But your right hand and your arm and the light of your countenance because you had favor unto them. You are my King, O God, command deliverances for Jacob. Through you will we push down our enemies. Through your name we will tread them under that rise up against us. For I will not trust in my bow; neither shall my sword save me. But you have saved us from our enemies, and has put them to shame that hated us. In God we boast all the day long and praise your name forever."
But then God forgets the Israelites, and He allows them to suffer defeat and shame for no reason:
"But you have cast off and put us to shame, and you go not forth with our armies. You make us turn our backs from the enemy; and they which hate us take spoil for themselves. You have given us as sheep appointed for meat; and you have scattered us among the heathen. You sell your people for nothing; and you do not increase your wealth by their price. You make us a reproach to our neighbors - a shaking of the head among the people. My confusion is continually before me; and the shame of my face has covered me. For the voice of him that reproaches and blasphemes by reason of the enemy and avenger - all this has come upon us. YET WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU, NEITHER HAVE WE DEALT FALSELY IN YOUR CONVENANT. Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from your way. Though you havesore broken us in the place of dragons and covered us with the shadow of death, if we have forgotten the name of our God or stretched out our  hands to a strange god, shall not God search this out? For he Knows the secrets of the heart. Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long. We are counted as sheep for the slaughter. Awake, why sleep, O Lord? Arise. Cast us not off forever. Why do you hide your face and forget our affliction and our oppression? For our soul is bowed down to the dust. Our belly cleaves to the earth. Arise for our help and redeem us for your mercies' sake."

The reason why God punishes the Jews and why the world hates them is because they killed Jesus and would not accept him as their Savior. To this day, the majority of the Jews do not accept Jesus as their Savior. In fact, in his book, "The Jews In America," author Arthur Hertzberg tells us that it's okay for a Jewish atheist to be a Jewish rabbi; but if a Jew accepts Jesus, he is no longer considered a Jew. This is not entirely their fault because Jesus himself said, "No one can come to me unless the Father who has sent me draw him." (John 6:44) God has also hardened the hearts of the Jews and reject Jesus in order that some of the Gentiles would receive grace. 
The Jews have received a terrible curse for rejecting Christ. It is mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:18-19, "I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth. And he shall speak unto them  all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him."



December 26, 2021
1) Weather And Wine - Signs of Climate Change
* France is experiencing high temperatures.
* They are suffering a $2 billion loss in business due to grape crop failure and no wine production.
* One family in France has been in business since 1700 - the time of the French Revolution.
* They have suffered 90% in harvest loss.
* They produce 40 to 50 thousand bottles of wine in normal temperatures. This year they produced none.
* The warm weather has brought on flooding which had brought on vine diseases.
* Winter cleans the disease; but this winter has been too warm to do that.
* During spring, there has been frost all over France.
* The loss in revenue was $800 million.
* This warm weather disaster has spread all over Europe.
* It also affects much of the world. Wine was grown in California. Now it is being grown in Oregon.
* Different varieties of grapes are being grown that can flourish in the hotter weather.
* The ironic thing about this disaster is that fewer grapes mean better tasting wine.
2) Climate Change - The continuation of Weather And Wine
* Climate change is bad for some; but it is good for others.
* England is experiencing warmer weather that is favorable for growing grapes and processing wine.
* They have grown so many grapes that they had to scramble to build new storage tanks for them. A lot of grapes simply had to be thrown out.
* Temperatures in England are up in the 80s.
* An American company introduced grape growing for wine in England; then a French wine company started growing grapes for wine in England.
* Sales from wine in England were $220 million.

Comment 1) The stated problem is that temperatures in France and around the world are too warm for growing grapes for wine. The culprit to blame is climate change. One solution is to introduce a different variety of grapes that will grow in France. In my opinion, that solution will only be temporary. The time may come when these new varieties will also be difficult to grow. When I was in (Holy Name of Jesus) grammar school, we were taught that farmers must practice crop rotations by planting different vegetables each year instead of the same ones year after year, generation after generation. Also, in the Bible, God told the Israelites that they must allow the land to enjoy a sabbath. Every seven years, a portion of the farmland must remain idle. No planting or harvesting is to be done on that piece of land. 
Comment 2) If climate change is the main culprit, or even one of the main culprits, I think a finger could be pointed at Communist Red China who have the dirtiest air in the world thanks to all the factories that are producing cheap Communist Red Chinese goods that we buy at our stores. Those factories not only produce dirt cheap goods but also produce carbon dioxide which is creating a greenhouse effect all over the earth. The day the population of mainland Communist Red China traded in their bicycles for automobiles, I think, is the most tragic day in the history of the planet. The rest of the industralized world with its fossil-fuel burning automobiles is to blame as well for our greenhouse / CO2 problems.

3) Drawing Truth To Power
* One Chinese man-critic / protester telling the truth about Communist Red China.
* He has been living in Australia
* His name is something like Buddy Sell.
* There are strict laws against criticizing Communist Red China.
* They want total control.
* He often draws Winnie the Pooh because it's a character that everybody loves. He shows Communist Red Chinese troops beating Winnie the Pooh and shooting him.
* He mocks the leader of Communist Red China - President Xi - who was appointed president for life. He shows Pres. Xi the way he looks now to the time when he is an old man to the time when he is Mr. Skeleton.
* He only recently and incidentally learned about the Tianamen Square massacre that took place on April 5, 1976, in which Communist Red China used force to crush the democratic student demonstrations. Communist Red China tries to blot this event out of its history books as though it never happened.
* One of his heroes in that bloody event was Tank Man who stood up against an advancing tank. He says there are many "Tank Men" in Communist Red China who pass the spirit of freedom and democracy from one generation to the next.
* Communist Red China is trying to blackmail nations like Italy who criticize and who allow the criticizing of Communist Red China by threating to end trade privileges. 
4) Next Week - More footage on the Richie Boys - the German Jews who helped gather intelligence for the US Army in World War II.


December 19, 2021
1) The Beast - The Tornado that struck Kentucky and 9 other states.

* One victim said, "It sounded like 10 trains coming at you."
* The tornado was 1 mile wide.
* Casualties from the storm were 90 dead with no one missing.
* Debris from the storm reached as high as 30,000 feet in the sky.
* Half of the city of Mayfield KY was destroyed.
* Is this storm the result of climate change? It's difficult to determine.
* The real answer to this question is: Be prepared because dangerous storms will continue.
* A 50-year-old father shields his 20-year-old son because his son's young life is more important.
* A university building that was only 18 months old was completely destroyed.
Comment 1) There was no place for the villagers to hide from the storm. I believe that in Kansas, they have tornado holes in which one or two people can jump into in order to protect themselves from tornadoes. In the South and nearby states, houses don't have basements. 

Comment 2) The Lord seems to be a terrible God with those tornados. One tornado went through a cabin where a troop of Boy Scouts were staying not too long ago. A tornado slashed right through the cabin and kill a few of the Scouts. 

"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." (Job 1:21)
Comment 3) I sometimes wonder if our enemies are able to control the weather. Cuba is almost always spared the wrath of God during the hurricane season. But we in the USA must suffer greatly from them. 
2) America's Dirty Secret - Sewage Disaster in Alabama - no access to sewage treatment.
* Lounge County, Alabama is poverty stricken.
* One resident was working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. His job was eliminated because of automation.
* "Benign neglect" - Three fourths the homes have failed sewage systems.
* The once eradicated hook worm is beginning to make its appearance again.
* Who is responsible? The county has no money. The Dept. of Health is not responsible.
* There is no state program to correct this situation. 
* One resident was asked, "Do you feel forgotten?" He answered, "Yes, sir."

Comment 1) We don't have the whole story here. This could be much like what we have seen in Baltimore. It is a city run by blacks who spend a lot of public money on themselves buying beautiful homes, cars, and clothes.
Comment 2) It's unbelievable that we are allowing any group of people (black, white, red, brown, or green) in America to live in abject squaler - in the midst of sewage!!! Those people should be taken off that smelly plantation that resembles nothing more than a giantic unflushed toilet, and they should be placed in new, modern, clean apartment buildings.
Comment 3) Who is responsible for those people? On the Internet, we sometimes see our Hollywood movie actors and actresses with the incomes they enjoy and the luxury they have immersed themselves in. Couldn't they as good little liberal Democrats, or Christians, or Jews, or atheists part with a small fraction of their wealth to help out their poor little black brothers and sisters in Alabama?

Comment 4) My parents went on a short visit to Mexico when they were staying in San Diego, California. They tasted tomatoes grown in Mexico in which human waste was used as fertilizer. They said the tomatoes tasted good. Perhaps the black people in Alabama could learn to use their human waste as fertizers to grow vegetables.
Comment 5) California is learning to recycle their sewage water so that it becomes drinkable. Perhaps that is the answer to the problem that the black people in Alabama are facing. 

3) Trevor Noah - a relative (as we all are) of Noah who built the Ark to survive the Flood.
* Black and white comedian from South Africa who lives and works in America.
* Age: 37 years old.
* He grew up in apartheid in which it is against the law for blacks and whites to mix. His black father would drive their van while Trevor, an almost white person, would sit all the way in the back of the van to avoid violating the law.
* A crowd of 15,000 came to listen to his humor.
* He said about laughter, "We need it every single day. Every single day."

3) Trevor Noah - a relative (as we all are) of Noah who built the Ark to survive the Flood.
* Black and white comedian from South Africa who lives and works in America.
* Age: 37 years old.
* He grew up in apartheid in which it is against the law for blacks and whites to mix. His black father would drive their van while Trevor, an almost white person, would sit all the way in the back of the van to avoid violating the law.
* A crowd of 15,000 came to listen to his humor.
* He said about laughter, "We need it every single day. Every single day."
Comment: Laughter has been called the best medicine. I believe I mentioned a middle-aged man who was in the hospital with cancer. He didn't like the food. He didn't like what was on TV in his room. He was tired of seeing sick people in pain and in misery. He decided to take his own health into his own hands. He had his wife cook the foods that he enjoys and to bring in a projector so that they could enjoy watching old W. C. Fields movies until they laughed themselves to tears - and until his cancer receded to the point that he was discharged as a healthy man completely free of his cancer.


December 12, 2021
1) Negotiating With the Taliban - Starvation in Afghanistan. 
* Afghanistan is on the verge of mass starvation under the rule of the Taliban.
* Current population of Afghanistan is 38 million.
* There are long lines of men waiting for food.
* For 22 million people, the situation is severe.
* One million children are starving.
* Not many women on the streets.
* The roads are now free of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).
* Armed Taliban soldiers watch 60 Minutes interview with guns pointing.
* International aid groups will not help because of the Taliban's refusal to educate girls.
* Donations are needed to support 75% the Taliban government.
* Mothers have no food or clothing for children.
* Families are selling their young daughters in return for food.
* One international aid worker says the West should help out in Afghanistan. "Should 38,000,000 starve for a few thousand?" she asks.

Comment 1: When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they hunted down anyone who had any dealings with the Americans who were there. They also went door to door looking for anyone who had any Christian web sites on their smart phones and killed them. Now they are killing the rest of the people slowly but surely with hunger and starvation. This (the Taliban) is one group that needs to be destroyed. 
Comment 2: This so-called religion of Islam should not be allowed to exist in the 21st century with its Weapons of Mass Destruction. We need to live in a world where men and women treat each other as brothers and sisters--where there is love and concern for each other. We need to live in a world where there is no fear or hate. The Islam religion is nothing but fear and hate which are enforced at the point of a gun, a sword, and a knife.
Comment 3: When Jesus returns at His Second Coming, He will go out to fight and destroy the armies of the world who are oppressing His people the Jews and the Christians. Who are these armies who will be coming against their own Maker and the God of Love and Peace? More and more, it looks like it's those who embrace the religion hate, fear, and war--the religion of Islam.
Comment 4: The one nation that is benefiting from the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban is Communist Red China. They have taken over the airport and are using it to their own advantage. 
Comment 5: Neither the Moslems nor the Communist Red Chinese seemed concern about the blight of the starving Afghanis. Why can't countries like Saudi Araba and Qatar open up their vaults and spend a little of their money to feed the starving people of Afghanistan?
Comment 6: This is what Joe Biden wants--the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and to arm them to the teeth. He is the Second Coming of the Barak Obama Administration. Barak Obama was raised in Indonesia as a Moslem, and he spent 20 years in a so-called Christian church listening to the "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright saying, "God damn America." It should be no surprise that his vice president (Joe Biden) should feel and act the same way he does.
2) Let There Be Light - The Launching of the James Webb Telescope on Dec. 24th.
* The James Webb Telescope is 100 times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope.
* It will allow us to see to the beginning of time.
* The life expectancy of the telescope is from 5 1/2 years to 10 years.
* There are 18 mirrors that will unfold and act as one.
* The cost of the telescope was $10 billion. 
* Only 5% of the universe is known; 95% of the universe is still unknown.
* Scientists and engineers are 100% confident in the success of the telescope because of numerous tests.
* Like on the Hubble Space Telescope, each of the world's astronomers will be given so many hours to use the James Webb Telescope. One astronomer said she's been given 100 hours for the use of the Webb Telescope.
* We need the Webb Telescope because we want to know if there's life out there in outer space.
* Scott Pending said, "What we see will be what we don't understand--the very definition of "Wonder."

Comment 1) According to 60 Minutes and our astronomers, we only know about 5% of the universe. Ninety-five percent of the universe is still unknown. One astronomer compared the known universe to the size of a light bulb. By comparison, the unknown universe would be the size of the dwarf planet Pluto, which is half the size of the 48 United States.

Comment 2) Astronomers don't know what they will see with the James Webb Telescope. Maybe we will see a lot more galaxies than with the Hubble Space Telescope. We are dealing with light. We may not be sure what we are seeing is what really is or really was. Light can be affected by gravity. So, what we will see might be greatly distorted. One creationist claims that light has been slowed down to zero mph speed at Yale University or at another university.
Comment 3) The future telescope. No doubt what we will learn from the James Webb Telescope will influence our next telescope. I read of a giant telescope which would be 1 mile long and which would be able to see planets in other solar systems. That would be truly awesome.

Comment 4) "The Heavens declare the glory of God..." Psalm 19:1. The Jame Webb Telescope was launched from French Guiana on Christmas Day, 2021. It is fascinating to think that in six months, we will be seeing pictures of the universe never before seen. Astronomers say the telescope will see back billions of years to the beginning of time. It is not necessary to go back billions of years if the earth and the universe are only 10 thousand years old as Creationists say it is. 

Comment 5) The one big reason we have sent the big James Webb Telescope into space is: Is there life out there? From the pages of the Bible, we know that God lives in the heavens. We also know that the angels dwell in heaven as it says in Nehemiah 9:6, "You, even you, are LORD alone; you have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host (angels), the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and you preserve them all; and the host of heaven (angels) worships you."

Comment 6) Catalog of events so far:

January 25, 2022 Tuesday.  A month ago, December 25th, the James Webb Telescope was launched from French Guiana.

On December 28th, the James Webb Space Telescope passed the moon's orbit. 

On January 24, 2022, one month after it was launched, the James Webb Telescope reached its destination of one million miles away from Earth.

From now (Feb. 4th) until June or July, the James Webb Telescope will be undergoing calabrations and alignment. It also needs to cool down to -370 degrees Farenheit. That is only 80 or 90 degrees warmer that absolute zero. This is necessary so that the James Webb Telescope doesn't see its own infrared rays.
3) An Island Off An Island - Fogo Island is a small island located off the northeastern coast of New Foundland, Canada.
* New Foundland is in a time zone all it's own. It is one half hour earlier than its neighbors. When it is 8:30 in New Foundland, it 8:00 in Labrador, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. 
* Life style on Fogo Island is similar to that of the 18th century.
* The island's one and only occupation was the catching and processing of fish.
* Recently, a hotel was built on the island. The question is: Why?
* In the 20th Century, there came the industralizing of the fishing. Ships with their nets fish the nearby waters until they were almost completely depleted. There is a 10-year ban on such fishing. Fish around New Foundland are starting to reblenish once more.
* The loss of the fish industry on Fogo Island has cut the population in half from 5,000 to 2,500. 
* The Fogo Island Hotel employs 300 workers. There is a spinoff of the hotel which has created industries in weaving, hypersonic gardening, dining, and dancing. 

Comment 1) The people of Fogo Island are known for their friendliness and hospitality. This is similar to what I've read several years ago about two young men who were dating near the Canadian border. The one man was American and the other was a Canadian. They both agreed that Canadian girls are more livelier. Perhaps they can teach us more of that liveliness to us folks down here south of the border.
Comment 2) The depletion of fish in the Grand Banks around New Foundland is indeed a disaster. I don't know if this is true, but in my days as a young boy, there was a story that the Grand Banks contained so many fish, that all you had to do was sail through the sea there, and the fish would leap into your boat. The French still have their only two islands left in North America after the loss of their empire (New France) from the French and Indian War. The French requested that they be allowed to keep two islands, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, because of the rich fishing grounds. And now all that is gone. I would rather see the ban on industrialized fishing continue indefinitely. 
4) Next Week - The Science behind the Super Storms that killed over 80 people in Kentucky and nearby states.


December 5, 2021 
1) Reality Winner - Heroine or Traitor?
* Was born on December 4, 1991 in Alice, TX.
* She joined the US Air Force when she was 19 years old.
* She speaks three languages which includes one from Pakistan and one from Iran.
* She was stationed at Ft. Gordon GA where she gathered intelligence on Pakistan.
* She had access to Russian information on the US presidential election of 2020.
* This information was classified Top Secret, but she felt it was her patriotic duty to disclose this information to the media and to the American public. She felt it was an attack on our vote.
* For this violation of the law, she was sentenced to, and did serve 4 years in prison. She is out of prison but is now on probation for 3 years.
* She compares the time she served in prison with a man who was sent to prison for selling Top Secret information to Communist Red China. The man served 6 months less time than she did.

Comment 1) The 60 Minutes moderator said this case is complicated. It sure is. What has this to do about saving the 2018 midterm elections? 
Comment 2) There's some finger pointing that Trump knew about Russian interference in the 2020 elections. There might have been. But I would say the Russians are against Trump and the Republicans, and they are for Biden and the Democrats. 

Comment 3) Justice isn't the same throughout America. There are Obama-appointed judges and there are Trump-appointed judges. An Obama-appointed judge will allow rapists and criminal illegal aliens to run free. A Trump-appointed judge would block Biden from stopping federal agents from arresting illegal aliens.
2) China's Next Revolution -
* Communist Red Chinese President Xi (pronounced "she" as in girl) is now undoing all the free-market principles that has helped Communist Red China become a superpower - if not the Number One Super Power in the world.
* There are crackdowns in the government and throughout Communist Red China - just like in the old days of Chairman Mao.
* President Xi tells the world, "capitalism must die out, socialism is in."
* President Xi tells American companies doing business in Communist Red China, "Your data is now our data."
* He has issued an edict to restrict game playing on the Didi to 3 hours on the weekends.
* There are empty cities in Communist Red China with no people.
* American businessmen continue to invest in Communist Red China despite the instability and the unpredictability of Communist Red China because of its billion consumers. 
* Some businessmen argue that socialism is a better system than capitalism because Communist Red China now has a better infrastructure with better roads, better bridges, better education, a better air force, a better navy, a better army and a better space force. Other professionals would argue that this is simply propaganda.

Comment 1) Believe it or not, the Communist Red Chinese really are communists. The founders of the Russian Revolution that brought communism to that country in 1917 did not have to worry about their faulty economic system causing problems and misery on the Russian people. They said, "The West will sell us the rope we need to hang them." What the Communist Red Chinese couldn't provide for their own people, they have bought or stolen from the West. 
(a) The Clintons sold Communist Red China the secrets to our super computers technology and to our missile technology. Communist Red China now has the fastest super computers in the world. And they are capable of launching a nuclear missile attack on the USA. Along with nuclear missiles, they also have space craft to seize the high ground of space to spy on us, and to launch a high tech weapon attack upon us.
(b) A guy from India stole secrets about stealth technology from the USA and sold it to Communist Red China.
Not only that, but Communist Red China also has access to our most advanced technology because there are 250,000 of their students attending our best universities. It is said that in most cases, or even in every case, Communist Red China is able to use our high technology before we get a chance to use it. 
3) Fashion - An Interview with Alexander Gucci
* His fashion ideas include "beautiful strangeness."
* One fashion idea is the wearing of ski masks that make people look like cyclops (one-eyed monsters).

* Another fashion idea is carrying a model of your own head with you.
* In one part of the interview, Gucci said, "I like ugly things." He also said, "I like strange things." And, "Nothing is precious."

Comment 1) It use to be said, "Clothes make the man." But now it is fashion when "Nothing is precious," and we have the wearing of one-eyed monster masks. God made clothes according to the Bible when Adam and Eve began to have children. From what I've been taught when I was in the Armstrong church is that clothes were made to enhance or to adorn the person with beauty and/or authority--they were not simply made to hide nakedness.
Comment 2) One fashion idea is to carry with you a model of your own head. This is really "IN" all right because of our Muslim friends who often carry out their religious commandment of "striking the neck" of the infidel. It's a growing part of our global culture. (Sarcasm off).

4) Next Week - New Foundland, Canada - Saving an island's life - The life of an island is Hospitality.


November 28, 2021
1) Hazing - College and Initiation Rites and Pranks
* Sam Martinez, a student of Washington State University, and a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity died on Nov. 11, 2018.
* He had one half gallon of rum (equal to 40 shots) in his blood stream, which is 5 times the legal limit.
* Linda was the investigator searching for the facts in his death.
* Members of the fraternity were uncooperative.
* The fraternity is a part of a corporation (National Fraternity) with a multi-million-dollar budget.
* The spokesman said that giving out the facts would be non effective and non beneficial.
* The fraternity blames Sam by saying, "Why was he drinking?"
* Date night - he brought a woman with him who was handcuffed to her while he was drinking vodka.
* Sam's mother and her concern for the rest of us: "I don't want to see any more men die."

Comments: 1) Peer pressure and peer approval are powerful forces in a young person's life. Everyone wants to belong to a greater family where he/she will feel love and support and is accepted. And they often turn to fraternities / sororities for that love and support. Sam Martinez's death shows that there must be some kind of law enforcement authority in attendance at these frat parties. My suggestion would be that a member of campus security in uniform or in plain clothes should mingle in with these young adults at the fraternities.
2) Young people are in a hurry to grow up into adults. They consider drinking and smoking as things that adults do. It's also the cool thing to do. When I was in college, there was talk of one guy drinking the other guy under the table. 

3) In the Star Trek The Next Generation episode, "Family," Capt. Jean Luc Picard's brother gave him a bottle of wine as a farewell present. He told Capt. Picard two things: (1) Don't drink it all at once; and (2) Don't drink alone. 

2) Saving Mountain Guerillas
* Poachers want guerilla's hands, heads.
* Farmers want more land where the guerillas live.
* It costs $1500 for a tour to see guerillas per hour.
* Border guards are former poachers.
* All guerillas are numbered and known by name.
* Humans can learn to speak guerilla talk. There's one like a pig's snort that means, "We come in peace."
* Guerillas sometimes show aggressiveness to humans to show them who's boss.

Comment: The human population is increasing by the millions. It is unfortunate that very little of our wildlife will remain in several years.
3) Rita Moreno
* From Puerto Rico.
* She is approaching her 90s.
* She is a winner of many awards and honors.
* She starred in West Side Story.
* Other actresses who worked with her admired her for her constant rehearsing.
* She had to endure racial slurs like "Spick."
* She also had to suffer from sexual harassments by powerful men.
* She was raped when she was 16.
* Most of the roles she played were those of a native girl.
* She was featured on the front cover of Life Magazine in 1954.
* She had a troubling relationship with Marlon Brando. He wanted her to get an abortion.
* She cried when she acted out a rape scene which painful memories she had been trying to bury.

Comment: I've read elsewhere that most, if not all, aspiring actresses must submit to their male superiors who demand sexual favors if they wish to reach stardom. This would explain why Hollywood and Broadway are to the Far Left on the political scale. They are anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Israel.
4) Next Sunday - The High Fashion Modeling Industry


November 21, 2021 
1) Reimaging Police - an interview with Philip Anteba Golf - Yale social scientist.
* He says some conservatives believe taking money from the police force weakens a community's protection from criminals. He argues that taking money from the police force and giving to social programs to help the poor is a far better idea.
* He says not all of our police force need to be armed. There are non-violent crimes that can be responded to with unarmed policemen and women.
* He is in favor of instituting a "don't touch a suspect without a backup" policy.
* Police are retiring in large numbers because of all these restrictions. 

Comment 1) The police need to be prepared for anything in any given situation. A non-violent crime could suddenly become a violent crime.
Comment 2) Some of these liberal politicians who call for defunding the police and more police restrictions are the same ones who insist on receiving maxmium protection with armed body guards for themselves and high walls for their residences. 

2) Supersonic - The return of the Supersonic Transport (SST) or, passenger airlines traveling faster than the speed of sound.
* In the early days of the Jet Age, testing was done in Oklahoma with Air Force jets that could travel at supersonic speed. The result was a clamor of complaints about the loud boom resulting from breaking the sound barrier. 
* Laws were soon passed in nearly all 50 states forbidding jets from flying faster than the speed of sound. Supersonic planes could only travel faster than sound over the ocean or over sparsely populated land area.
* Businessmen and scientists lament that today's passenger airlines take 51 hours to travel around the world, and that they cannot fly faster than 575 mph.
* A company called BOOM, along with United Airlines, is trying to design a passenger airliner that can fly faster than sound which will produce only a thump or thumps instead of booms. That plane is called the X-59.
* It should be ready for flight testing in the year 2059.  The engine for this plane hasn't even been built yet.

Comment 1) In this age of intercontinental ballistic missiles and astronauts traveling to the International Space Station, it's hard to believe that a supersonic passenger plane won't be ready until 38 years or more from now. Our astronauts are expected to return to the moon and land on Mars long before that. 

3) Colingula's Garden 
* Colingula was the third emperor of the Roman Empire. He ruled from 37 AD to 41 AD.
* He lived a life of splendor and sexual depravity. 
* Any slight offense to this ruler would mean instant death.
* His own guards and his own people plotted against him and killed him when he was only 28 years old.
* The area where Colingula had his palace and gardens is now being built as an underground parking lot.
* Fragments of this garden are carefully collected, preserved, and pieced together.

Comment 1) Colingula was a great builder who created many marvelous things--for himself. For the poor, he didn't do much of anything for them. That is what Jesus said in Matthew 20:25, in which He said, "You know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you.but let whoever will great among you, let him be your minister. And whoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. For the Son of Man came not to be ministered to, but to minister, and to give his life as a ransom for many."
4) Thanksgiving - A sweeter Thanksgiving.
* 60 Minutes says this year's Thanksgiving Day dinner should taste sweeter because COVID vaccinations and mask wearing have defeated COVID--so that lockdowns and social distancing are no longer necessary. Families will be allowed to come together.


November 14, 2021
1) Freight Expectations -
* Goods from Asia are not able to move from port to the markets.
* It use to take 2 days for a manufactured item to get to the market. Now it takes 9 days.
* 40% of goods coming from overseas goes through the port of Los Angeles.
* Cargo ships wait in port for weeks before unloading their goods.
* Huge profits are being made from all this bottlenecking. One observer said this is seeing "inflation first hand."
* Store houses are nearly empty when they are normally full.
* When goods and merchandise can't be moved, they are placed in storage; and a fee is charged for storage. One supplier said he lost over a million dollars because his goods were in storage rather than shipped to markets.

Comment 1: It was suggested that leaders of city government, businessmen, and union leaders get together to try to solve this mess. I wouldn't know where to begin. The Port of Los Angeles might learn something from the Port of New York City. Or maybe there is no solution. LA might be just as corrupt as NYC. The only additional problem it might have is the influence of Communist Red China with its vast reserves of currency and its determination to destroy our economy as well as our entire nation. With that thought in mind ---
Comment 2: We should never have recognized Communist Red China. They have taken our factories away and our jobs away. Much, if not most, of our manufactured products are made in Communist Red China. They are the most dangerous enemy the United States has faced in our history while at the same time they are probably our biggest trading partner. This is absolute insanity. They are arming themselves with nuclear weapons; they are using our most advanced technology against us; and now they are very bold in demanding the surrender of Taiwan. 

2) Andrew Sullivan -
* A British man who became an American citizen.
* He is 58 years old.
* He lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
* He believes that we Americans have departed from the principles our Founding Fathers wanted us to be guided by - which are to reason, to argue, and to compromise.
* He says Conservatives are too sure of themselves. They don't compromise. 
* He says we need to get away from personalities like Donald Trump and instead follow our principles.
* He became employed by the Left-wing paper or magazine The New Republic. Five years later, he became its editor.
* He is gay and married his husband in 2007.
* He is also Catholic, but he doesn't find any contradiction between his religion which prohibits homosexuality and his gay life style. He said as a Catholic, he is truthful to himself.
* He is one of those who introduced the Bell Curve controversy which says that Blacks are intellectually inferior from birth. He said it's false, but we should discuss it anyway.
* He was banned from becoming a US citizen for 23 years because he has HIV.

Comment 1) Our Founding Fathers gave us the Declaration of Independence which says that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. They listed three of them: 1) Life, 2) Liberty, and 3) the pursuit of happiness. They also gave us the Constitution which, according to John Adams, was meant for a Christian society.

Comment 3) I do not wish to be considered anti-Catholic. After all, they believe that Jesus is the Son of God. They are strongly anti-abortion / pro-life. Their stated doctrine is that they are opposed to homosexuality. They believe Catholic men should marry Catholic women and raised good Catholic children. My relatives and many of my neighbors are Catholic. However, when I joined the Armstrong church, I learned that many Catholic teachings are against the Bible. Even though they are opposed to homosexuality, it is estimated that almost 30% of the Catholic priesthood is gay. They are also idol worshippers. They claim they do not worships statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph when they knee and pray before them. They claim they are really praying to those in heaven that those statues represent. One example of the double standard Catholics accept is a story one of the nuns told us at Holy Name of Jesus where I went to grammar school. A Catholic boy was praying to a crucifix that he had hanging on his wall. "He wasn't praying to the crucifix but to Jesus in Heaven which the crucifix represent," the nun said. Then the boy's Protestant grandmother came over for a visit. So the boy took the crucifix off the wall and put it in his dresser drawer. Now, when he said his prayers at night before he went to bed, he was praying to the wall. In the one case, the boy was praying to Jesus and not to the crucifix. In the other case without the crucifix, the boy was now praying to the wall and not to Jesus.

The Bible indicates that there is a direct relationship between idolatry and homosexuality. In Romans 1:23-27, we read, "...and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man (the Crucifix?), and to birds (the dove-the Holy Spirit?), and four-footed beasts (the Lamb of God?), and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up to vile affections - for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature. And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet."

Comment 4) The Bell Curve was studied by my friend Don Roberts who use to belong to the Armstrong church. He said a lot of black babies don't receive proper nourishment after they are born. As a result, they grow up with a permanent mental handicap. I have also read that many blacks are anti-white, and they don't want to learn "white" education.

3) The Get Back Sessions - The Beatles - An Interview with Peter Jackson
* He is from New Zealand.
* He has access to Apple Records, founded by The Beatles in 1969.
* One of the mistaken ideas is that Yoko Ono broke up The Beatles.
* The Beatles broke up 14 months after their last concert on the roof of Apple Studios.
* Billy Preston was a major influence in their music in their last years as a group.
* At times, the Beatles showed how energetic and talented they were. They composed 14 songs in only 22 days.

Comment 1: Yoko Ono may not have been responsible for the breakup of the Beatles, but she was sure responsible for the breakup of John & Cynthia Lennon's marriage. 
It was said on 60 Minutes about the Beatles that it's hard for people to live together for so many years. That may be true. The Rolling Stones seem to be the exception. Two members of the Beatles were said to be temperamental. There was a series of articles about the Beatles in the Buffalo News in the commentary section next to the editorial page. It is said that Paul told Ringo one time time, "Take your coat and get out of here." It is said of John Lennon that he used the F word in every sentence he spoke. He even told his son Julian one time, "I don't like the way you f----n laugh."
Comment 2: It is still my opinion that the former Beatles used other writer's music. I've read that one of the Moody Blues members gave Paul McCartney the song "Band On The Run," or some other song. Paul added a few notes to the song. Then he took credit for the whole song.  
4) Next Week - The Reintroduction of Supersonic Passenger Planes - planes that can take us anywhere in the world in 5 hours.
Comment: Are we moving forwards or backwards? The SST is a big noise maker since it travels faster than the speed of sound. The sonic boom follows close behind the plane. It would cause quite a disturbance for the people on the ground. One solution might be for these planes to travel in space until they reach their destination. 


November 7, 2021


1) The Second Amendment Preservation Act -
* Gunowners are in favor of it because Pres. Joe Biden has called for the confiscation of their assault (M-16) rifles.
* Law enforcers (the sheriffs and the police) don't like it because it imposes a $50,000 fine on them for violating gunowners rights.
* Some citizens the police do not wish to see firearms with are those who have committed domestic violence.

Comment: It's hard to say who is right and who is wrong. What would our Founding Fathers have to say about private citizens owning machine guns that can kill dozens of people at a time? On the other hand, the first step in the establishment of a totalitarian state is for citizens to lose their right to bear arms.
2) The Longest Running Spill - Caused by a hurricane that toppled an oil rig to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.
* This leak has been spilling oil since 2004.
* Ways of recovering this spilled oil have been invented and tested.
* 800,000 gallons of spilled oil have been recovered so far.

Comment: Hopefully those who are responsible for the oil spill will do whatever they can to clean up the mess. God holds us responsible for taking care of the Earth. In Genesis, God gave Adam and Eve the responsibility to dress and keep the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:15) In the Book of Revelation, we read that God will "destroy them who destroy the Earth." (Revelation 11:18) From this verse, it seems more likely that mankind will continue to pollute the Earth more and more until its destruction.
3) Carnegie Heroes - Andrew Carnegie, captain of the steel industry in the early 1900s, set aside a fund that is worth $100 million in today's money.
* A list of heroes is collected. Ten percent of these heroes are awarded money that is sometimes passed on to the 2nd and 3rd generation.
* Definition of a Hero: Someone who put his own life at risk to save the life of another. Heroes often say: "I did only what I had to do." And, "I didn't even think about it."
* The opposite of a hero is a psychopath who has no feelings.

Comment: Psychopaths come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One neighbor I had was very proud of his front lawn. In the wintertime, he would shovel most of the snow from his driveway onto his neighbor's lawn. None of his snow would he shovel on his front lawn. In the summertime, he would make sure that the water from his roof would drain through his neighbor's yard, not through his yard. 
4) An update on Ocean Clean Up - an environmental group started by Boyan Slat of The Netherlands. 
* So far, thousands of tons of garbage have been taken out of the oceans.  


October 31, 2021


1) Democracy Lost - Nicaragua
* Daniel Ortega is the ruling president of Nicaragua.
* He has arrested all seven opponents who are running against him in the presidential election.
* He was once voted out of office.
* When he regained power, he made his wife the vice president.
* He has control over his country's oil companies.
* He is afraid that once he loses power again he will be thrown in prison.
* The relatives of his political opponents are afraid they might be dead. They requested proof that they are still alive. They are still alive, but they live in dungeons and must endure psychological torture.
* About 3,800 Nicaraguans have fled their country to the US border.
* The government of Nicaragua has received $350 million from the UN to feed its hungry. Some believe that money was used for arms to increase government security and to strengthen the police force.
* Russia is supplying military and financial support. There is fear this will turn Nicaragua into a socialist state like Cuba and Venezuela, and that Daniel Ortega will remain president (or dictator) for life. 

Comment 1: Daniel Ortega was the leader of the Sandinistas that overthrew the Nicaraguan government during President Bush the First administration. The Sandinistas identified themselves in public using numbers. Daniel Ortega, the leader, was numero cero (number zero). 
When Daniel Ortega lost the election, there was a political cartoon about him on a raft sailing to Cuba. Fidel Castro looked at him and asked him, "You lost a WHAT?" 
Soon after that, Fidel Castro held a rally in Havana with the crowd cheering "Ole!" or something like that. Fidel then said, "You have just re-elected the Revolution."

Comment 2: Simon Bolivar was a military officer who was born in Caracas, Venezuela back in July 1783. He helped the Spanish-speaking countries of South America gain their independence from Spain. He is known as the George Washington of South America. After he won victory for South America, he saw it fall into 9 different pieces of squabbling nations. He lamented before his death, "I have plowed the seas." 

Comment 3: Nicaragua and the rest of Latin America should take a page or two from Costa Rica, the next-door neighbor of Nicaragua. Some facts about Costa Rica (gathered from Wikipedia on "Costa Rica"): 

  1.  It has a long history of a stable democracy and is listed as the 37th most democratic country in the world.
  2.  It has the 7th freest press.
  3.  It abolished its military in 1949 (the same year I was born--72 years ago).
  4.  It is the 12th happiest country in the world.

2) A New Model - 
* Award-winning builders in Boston have formed an architectural organization known as MASS (Model of Architecture Serving Society).
* They have designed buildings that use air flow rather than air conditioners to make them more germ free.
* They use materials from nearby locations rather than import them from faraway places like Communist Red China.
* One of the builders (Murphy) started his career by renovating his father's house. This made his father so happy that the cancer he was afflicted with went into full remission.
* In 2007, he designed a laundry building in Rwanda, Africa (a small country just south of the equator east of the Congo).  

Comment: It is very good to see talented people using their skills to help others. They were able to use throw-away items such as rocks on farmland and use them for building material. The material wasn't just thrown one on top of another. They were cut into intricate patterns and then carefully pieced together.
3) The Future Of Sapiens
* An interview with Yuval Noah Harari of Tel Aviv, Israel, a young man who is gay and has been married to his husband for 20 years. 
* He talks about creating superior beings. 
* We are coming to the time when we can re-engineer our bodies with gene editing and human/machine hybrids.
* He claims there will be greater equality.
* There is a danger of storing data on people with more knowledge about them then they know about themselves.
* He is warning people of problems of the future in hopes of preventing them from happening.

Comment 1: Yuval Noah Harari should take warning about Sodom and Gomorrah and what God did to it as an example to all mankind. God said homosexuality is an abomination to Him. (Deuteronomy 18:22) Calling it "marriage" does not make it less sinful. If the Mafia told you not to do something and you did it, you would expect nothing less than death from them. But with God, we think He is all forgiving, all merciful, and all loving. And so we think He won't do anything about it. But He says through the Apostle Paul, "Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind....shall inherit the kingdom of God." (I Corinthians 6:9-10)

In verse 11, he says, "And such WERE some of you..." It is possible for gay people to leave the homosexual life style. I've read even about a gay woman and a gay man who became straight and married each other. It is very difficult to leave the homosexual life style from what I've read. The gay person has to give up all his friends. He/she has to totally move away from the environment they are in that encourages homosexuality. And they have to devote themselves to prayer and Bible reading. 
Comment 2) As a Star Trek fan, reading about becoming superior beings in which we will become human/machine hybrids makes me think of the Borg. They are robot humans whose skin is pale white, and who have machine implants to make their senses more acute. Each one is called a drone, and they are all under the control of a Borg queen. Having implants in our bodies that will monitor our health may be a good thing. But it should be up to each individual to decide if they want this for themselves.
Comment 3) Having full equality is an ideal we all share. But the Bible warns that this is not what is going to happen. More and more, the world's wealth and political power are being controlled by fewer and fewer individuals. We shouldn't worry too much about equality as we should about love towards God and our fellow man. Jesus told us, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many will wax cold." (Matthew 24:12) THAT'S what we should be worried about. We should worry that the world is becoming  more and more evil, and that there will be less and less love.
Comment 4) From what I've read, certain government centers already know more about you than you know about yourself. 
Comment 5) The problems of the future I am worried about are the increasing power of Communist Red China both economically and militarily. They no longer fear us. They are nearly equal to us militarily. Someday soon, they hope to be superior enough so that we can expect them to attack us with weapons that we provided to them from our own universities and high tech companies. There is also the menace of the Muslims who already attacked us on 9/11, and they are slowly conquering us from within our own borders.    


October 24, 2021
1) Prince Vs. Spy
* Dr. Saad is 62, married, with 8 children. He is the "Spy."
* He is said to be honorable.
* He fled to Canada and is being hunted by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
* Two of his children in Saudi Arabia were imprisoned.
* His son-in-law in Saudi Arabia received 100 lashes
* America owes him many thanks for saving us from al-qada.
* There's not much the USA can do to Prince Mohammed bin Salman because his kingdom (Saudi Arabia) is our ally against Iran.

Comment: Dr. Saad would be wise to stay in hiding because of the way we in America (especially those in the Biden/Harris White House) show our appreciation and loyalty to those who have helped us--like in Afghanistan. He should keep in mind that we are friends to our enemies and enemies to our friends. Our loyalty is FOR SALE to the highest bidder.
2) Running Dry - The Colorado River and the Southwest
* Home to 40 million people.
* Is experiencing a severe drought.
* Lake Powell and Lake Meade, which are the chief reservoirs of the Colorado River system, are down to 30% of their capacity, which is a drop of 50 feet.
* This may not be enough to generate electric power.
* 70% of the water is used for agriculture.

Comment 1: 60 Minutes left out 70% of the story, which is California. It is old news I've read in US News & World Report or some other news magazine that California takes in 60% of the Colorado River. It is the law. The people of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah can't do anything about it. According to Wikipedia, California is actually taking in 70% of the Colorado River.

Comment 2: California takes water from another part of the country and uses it for its own needs. This is what we need to do on a large scale throughout the country. In the South, we have flooding with too much water--especially during the hurricane season. If could built pipelines to send this excess water to the west, that would help everybody. It would be like the old days in which we pictured the planet Mars with its canals. We thought the Martians had built those canals to transport water from the north and south poles of that world to the drier regions around its equator. 
We should use more sea water from the oceans, desalt it, and send it to where it is needed. I've read that Saudi Arabia is doing just that sort of thing We should use more sea water from the oceans, desalt it, and send it where it is needed. I've read that Saudi Arabia is doing just that sort of thing in various parts of their country. 
California is doing a lot of recycling of its water--turning its sewage into drinking water. We need to do that with all of our sewage water.

Comment 3: The challenge is up to us to keep our water pure and plentiful. We need to do the same for our air. 

3) Michael Keaton - who is best known as the star in the movie Batman.
* He is 70 years old.
* He is the youngest of seven children.
* He was born in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh.
* In addition to playing Batman, he also played a newspaper man, a lawyer, and a doctor.
* The movie Batman earned $400,000,000.
* He has a ranch in Montana.


October 17, 2021
1) Interview with Robert Gates - Secretary of State
* Born September 25, 1943 - 78 years old - from Wichita, Kansas.
* He is sad about Afghanistan. He says it didn't have to happen the way it did.
* Some say in this modern age we don't need ground forces to maintain a proper anti-terrorist response. But the deaths of 7 innocent people in Afghanistan proved otherwise.
* The Afghanistan mission has proven to be a success. No terrorist attacks have been launched in the US.
* Joe Biden opposed all of President Ronald Reagan's foreign policy.
* The solution to Taiwan is deterrence and defense. We must tell Communist Red China that there will be consequences if they attack Taiwan. And Taiwan needs to have a strong military if Communist Red China does someday attack.
* Robert Gates considered himself to be a strong anti-Trump Republican. He believes Trump shoots from the hip.
* We have an unhinged society with hatred and violence. 
* He says we cannot change nations from within.

Comment 1: How would Robert Gates have wanted our involvement to end in Afghanistan The answer is - short of converting the Afghanis to Christianity so that they would have to defend their religion as well as their country, there would be no satisfactory end to the war in Afghanistan. The US would have to maintain a permanent military presence in Afghanistan so that what happened back in August 2021 would not ever have happened. 
Comment 2: Robert Gates says Donald Trump's foreign policy could be described as "shoot from the hip." Ronald Reagan's policy was called "shoot from the hip." During the Ronald Reagan Administration, the Berlin Wall fell and East and West Germany were finally united into one Germany. You have to be tough with communism and Islam. In my opinion, neither Reagan nor Trump were tough enough.  
Comment 3: Robert Gates is right that we have an unhinged society with hatred and violence. Part of our problem is that we no longer have any core beliefs. We use to be a Christian nation that taught its children from grade school to college the Bible. Since 1962, the Supreme Court has taken the reading of the Bible out of our public schools. 
Comment 4: Robert Gates says we cannot change nations from within. The Muslims and the Communists don't believe that. The Muslims in Afghanistan have shown that they will go from door to door to murder anyone who is Christian or has had anything to do with the Americans while our troops were in that country. In a matter of weeks, if it hasn't happened already, Afghanistan will be solidly anti-American Islamic.
2) The Green River Drift - cattle ranching
* A 70-mile route in Wyoming for ranchers to drive their cattle to the market.
* It takes 13 days for them to make the trip.
* The number of cattle ranches is dwindling. 
* Ranchers make a profit of $50 per calf.
* Women consider themselves to be better "cowboys" than men. The women don't go to town to visit the taverns like the men do.
* 15% of calves are lost to predators. There may be other causes of loss like sever weather.
* The land doesn't change. It's the same as it was a hundred years ago--no development, no highways.
* Cattle ranchers who are engaged in this sort of occupation say it is a labor of love and a life worth living.

Comment: It was said that women make better cowboys than the men because the women don't stop at the bars and taverns. I've read that a lot of these small cattle towns try to get the ranchers to spend some of the money they make in the town. Maybe if these towns had shopping malls, they could get the cowboy women to spend some of their well.
3) Whither ye Olde English Pub -
* One English tavern is over 1200 years old.
* Princes and paupers are both welcome.
* General Charles de Gaul wrote one of his great speeches in one of those English pubs.
* The number of pubs are decreasing due to the smoking ban. COVID19 was fatal to many of them.

Comment: If I were a Far Right extremist, I would suspect that the COVID19 shutdowns are part of a plot by Communist Red China and the Far Leftists to destroy Western business and culture.


October 10, 2021
1) Deepfake - Hyper realistic video and audio recordings, or,  phony pictures and phony sayings of real people and unreal people using computers.
* Right away, you can guess that this form of technology might be used to impersonate anyone in order to commit a crime.
* A fake video of Tom Cruise singing a song and playing the guitar has already been created by a 32-year old Belgian named Chris Ume.
* Chris Ume says as long as he admits these videos are fake, he is not violating any copyright laws.
* The parody/deepfake production is easily made by using a genuine person who looks, talks, and acts like Tom Cruise.
* Among the advantages of parody/fakery is that you can easily make the person look younger or different (with or without a mustache or glasses).
* There is a possibility that this technology is being used by the Russians to interfere with the US presidential elections.
* The FBI has put out notifications that Russia and Communist Red China are using deepfakes to create imitations of famous Americans to denounce their own country.
* The first widespread use of deepfakes was in the pornography industry. Faces of famous actors and actresses were superimposed onto nude figures.
* Artificial intelligence technology, which could be used to detect deepfakes, is being employed to detect weaknesses in deepfakes that may be corrected in order to create a better deepfake product.
* Deepfake technology is rapidly advancing from still photos of fake people to audio and videos (or motion pictures) of fake people.
* It took only eight minutes for deepfake company Synthesia to create an artificial video of 60 Minutes Bill Whitaker speaking one sentence.
* An artificial / deepface famous personality or VIP would be able to speak in 64 languages.
* Simple alterations are easy to make to deepfake commercials so that they can be more marketable in another country.
* Political endorsements by deepfake actors and actresses are made without their consent. Most deepfakes are considered "protected free speech." However, commercial use of the likeness of a performer is banned for 40 years after their death in NYC. Legal issues continue to be fought.
* How can people trust what they see with their own eyes in this new world of deepfakes? 'It's a part of life that you just have to accept,' - seems to be the only answer.

Comment 1: Jesus made a prophecy for our time. He said, "Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8)  Some Bible ministers interpret this verse as meaning that not only will there be a falling away from the Christian faith but also faith in many or all of our institutions. The main stream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and AOL) are losing people's trust in what they say. People won't believe anything anyone says anymore. And now, deepfake is here to reinforce that distrust.

Comment 2: We need Christianity--especially for the future. We cannot have nations with nuclear weapons who have goals and objectives to enslave the world and institute Sharia Law or communism.

2) One Thousand Children - Surges of children at the southern border.

* A woman from El Salvador said her two sons were taken from her by the US border patrol, and they are now in Indiana.
Comment 1: I find this shocking and appalling that our own US government would do this. 60 Minutes also mentioned former Pres. Trump's "Zero Tolerance" policy as something cruel and inhuman, and that it is causing a lot needless anguish, pain, and suffering. My own view of immigration is that illegal immigration is being encouraged by the Biden/Harris Administration, and that there is a flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border. 
Comment 2: The Armstrongs in their Worldwide Church of God broadcasts warned about the "population bomb" or "population explosion." The population of the world when I was a young lad back in 1965 was roughly 2 billion people. Since last year (Jan. 2020), the world's population has grown to over 7.8 billion people and is continuing to grow larger and larger every year. We cannot have open borders as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi advocate  and simply take in everyone who wants to come into this country. 
3) College Debt - The Smallest College - Deep Springs, California

* Their curriculum includes:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Learning to grow alfalfa
  3. Taking care of cows
  4. Riding horses

* Sarah Stigny is the dean.
* L.L. Nun is the founder
* Tuition is free; it is paid for by the alumni.


October 3, 2021
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen -  (pronounced HOW-gin) - A 37-year old Data Scientist from Iowa with a degree in Computer Engineering and a Harvard Masters Degree in Business.
* She spent 15 of her years working for Google and Pinterest.
* She secretly copied tens of thousand of internal research papers to present as evidence that Facebook is lying to the public about hate and misinformation.
* Facebook with its hate, anger, and lying format is making our society, along with the rest of the world, lose faith and trust in each other and also concern for each other's welfare..
* Facebook promotes ethnic violence by allowing the military of Myanmar (formerly called Burma) to use Facebook to commit genocide back in 2018.
* She was recruited by Facebook in 2019. She took the job only if she was allowed to work against misinformation. She was assigned to Civil Integrity to make sure there was high quality information on Facebook. After the 2020 election, Facebook dissolved Civil Integrity.
* Facebook has a "Like" algorithm which has all of the users favorite topics. But Frances Haugen says Facebook steers the user to topics that generate hate and anger. This helps to create more profits. A safer algorithm means less ads; and less ads means less money.
* After the 2020 election, Facebook took down these safety features. This allowed extremists to communicate with each other and to stage the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.
* Facebook's Instagram harms girls by making them more susceptible to suicide and by putting on weight.
* According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is constantly improving its safety features to keep the platform "in line with our country's values."
* Washington legal group - The Whistleblowers Aid - is taking Facebook to the FCC. Facebook is obligated by law not to lie to its investors. 
* Whistleblowers are protected by law when they communicate to the FCC. They are not charged with the crime of stealing someone's property when they copy company documents. 
* Facts about Facebook: 

  1. 1) It is a $1 trillion company. 
  2. 2) It is 17 years old. 
  3. 3) It has 2.8 billion users worldwide - 60% of all Internet-connected people

* Frances Haugen believes the government should impose regulations because Facebook has shown repeatedly that it chooses profit over safety.

Comment 1) When I was attending ECC, our math teacher said that money is the most important thing in the world. Nobody disagreed with her--not even yours truly. We all want a better life with a little more money to support ourselves and to enjoy life's little pleasures. But some people want a lot of money. In my time, we would call such a strong desire for a lot money - GREED. 

Comment 2) Facebook shows that we live in a world that is opposite of God's commandments, which are summed up in one word - love. Facebook's stock in trade is anger and hatred. Without anger and hatred, it loses money. When concerns of love and safety are considered, Facebook loses money. It's the same in many of our industries. In the medical industry, Big Pharma makes billions of dollars by selling its drugs. Its drugs never cure anybody. If a cure is found for any disease, Big Pharma will do whatever it has to in order to eliminate the threat to its profits. The news media, like CNN, is also an industry that markets hate, specifically--Trump hatred. When Trump was president, CNN's ratings were high because CNN would be constantly criticizing Pres. Donald Trump. But when Trump left the White House, CNN's rating sank.

Comment 3) I would like to see Facebook broken up into little pieces. It has too much control over social discourse. With the rest of the media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Tweeter) they are solidly for the Democratic Party, the ultra liberals, and the Far Leftists. They are against the Republicans, the Conservatives, the Christians, and the religious right. Many times they black out and even ban the ads. Such as in the case with Donald Trump. His ads and web sites have been totally banished by the media. 

Comment 4) Facebook encourages anger and hatred for everything and everyone except where it should be directed at--Islam and the Muslims. It is their religious duty according to their (Muslim's) Koran to smite the Jews and the Christians and to take over the world. Women are third class citizens who are to be treated as dogs. They are to be beaten if they do not fear and obey their husbands. They are to be raped if they do not wear the burka and are fully clothed from the top of their heads to below their ankles. Facebook even has a Muslim on their censorship staff (from what I've read) to make sure there is nothing on their platform that might offend the Muslims. 

2) Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program - 
* Millions of Americans are burdened with crushing debt.
* Congress passed a law in 2007 to help some of those people. It's called the Forgiveness Program.
* Your debt will be completely paid if you:
1) are employed in a public service job, are a policeman/woman, soldier, or teacher.
2) worked for 10 years.
3) make 120 monthly payments (for 10 years).
After your 120th payment, whatever is left of your debt, is forgiven.

Leslie Stahl believes 
we should call it "The Unforgiveness Program" because -
1) 98% who apply for the program were told they were ineligible.
2) It's hard to read the instructions. Of the 180,000 active service personnel, only 124 individuals managed to navigate through the confusing rules to get their debt wiped clean.
Leslie interviewed 4 or 5 members of JAG (lawyers who work for the military). These are people who SHOULD have completed the application and to receive their debt forgiveness without much difficulty. These people are:
1) Heather Trayble who owed $90,000
2) Brandon Jones who owed $108,000
3) Carson Sprot who owed $150,000
4) Charles Olson who owed over $150,000.
* All of them thought they were all paid up; but all of them were told they still had years left before they were paid up. 
* None of them were late in making their payments.
Bureaucratic gobbledeegook, BS, and red tape on why they still owed money:
1) The codes were wrong.
2) No response to their (the borrower's) letters with questions. The only answer they received was, "Everything is fine."
3) Some borrowers were told that they have to take out a new loan and pay that all up. None of the money they paid on the old loan is counted.
4) Heather Trayble was in Afghanistan. She used the Morale Line which cuts off after 20 minutes. When she is connected to her loaners, she is put on hold. So by the time they get back to her, her 20 minutes is almost gone; and she is unable to have her questions answered. 
5) Heather asked the loaner for a phone number in which she wouldn't be put on hold. They said they couldn't do that.
6) Heather had problem with the loaner who hiked her payments.
7) One law says that when a soldier is in a war zone, there's a pause in making payments. But when they are out of the war zone, none of the previous payments count. They have to start making payments all over again--starting with payment #1.
8) Nine out of 10 applications for the program are denied.
9) In the military, one borrower had to have his/her commanding officer sign the application form.
10) The borrower is told the wrong commanding officer signed the form.
11) The borrower is told the commanding officer forgot to date the form.
12) Payment doesn't count if it is one penny short.
13) Payment doesn't count if it is one or more pennies over.
14) In one case, the payment record needed to come under review. After 3 years, the payment record is still under review.
15) Similar to #3 - A new loan company may come in to collect the payments. All the previous payments made to the old loan company don't count.
16) Charles Olsen had problem #15. He made six years of payments to his old loan company. The new loan company would not give him credit for the six years. Some of the reasons why not were:

  1. The due date wasn't correct.
  2. The amount wasn't correct.
  3. Even though he has records of paying the right amount on time, the information wasn't transferred properly from the old loan service company to the new loan service company. 

17) Charles Olsen has been arguing with the new loan service company for over a year now.
18) Brandon Jones made 3 years of payments. He says it comes to a point to either hire an attorney or else just pay everything all over again.
19) The main reasons for all these problems: Student loan service companies are only interested in the bottom line. They often cheat our servicemen and women.
20) They (the loan service companies) receive hundreds of millions of dollars to implement these programs. 
21} Law suits filed across the country reveal all the cheating that is going on.
22} Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says loan servicers regularly provide inaccurate information.
Other Notes:
* We've learned that Pres. Biden has the power to fix the mess immediately.
* The Department of Education says 350 people have been recently forgiven their debt.
* The DOE says they plan a major overhaul of the system as early as this week.

Comment: If Joe Biden is like his former boss Barak Obama, then he hates our military and our veterans. In one instance, a veteran died in in the lobby of a VA hospital while he was waiting for treatment. While he was president, Obama chased a wedding reception party off one of the Hawaiian islands so that he could use it for his vacation. 
If anyone thinks that Pres. Biden will immediately fix the problem and that the system will undergo a major overhaul this week, I would say: Don't hold your breath.
3) The Final Act - Tony Bennett 
* Born August 3, 1926, age 95 years old.
* Has been singing for 70 years.
* Has Alzheimer's disease. He can't remember the names of his musicians who now play in his band.
* Like everyone else, the CORVID epidemic has hurt his business.
* He is able to sing 20 of his old songs without any notes or cue cards.
* His voice is still good.
* He does not remember giving his last concert.

Comment: Tony Bennett's performance is regarded as miraculous considering that he has Alzheimer's disease. It must have been the music that jarred something inside his head. Not really. This is typical of Alzheimer's disease patients. Their short-term memory is shot, but their long-term memory is still intact. There was one instance when an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease received visitors he hadn't seen in a while. He could remember some events that they share together many years ago in minute detail because his long-term memory was still good. 


September 26, 2021 
1) Take The Fight To The Night - Chinook helicopter is used to fight forest fires.
* There's a shortage firefighters.
* The helicopter drops 3,000 gallons of water or fire retardant.
* Computers help make accurate drops.
* Night time is the best time to attack fires when temperatures are lower.
* The sooner a fire is attacked and put out the better.
* It costs $500 million to fight fires in North Carolina.
* There's some internal fighting between state, federal and other agencies.
* New methods of fighting fires always meets the usual resistance to change.

Comment : It is good that our firefighters are always on the lookout for forest fires--to make sure that little forest fires don't become big forest fires. There have been instances in which terrorists have deliberately committed arson to our forests as a way of attacking us from within our own borders. Perhaps we could set up a surveillance satellite in orbit to scan our forests 24/7 in order to warn us of any fires that are being started.
2) Rep. Liz Cheney - 
* A conservative who embraces some liberal ideas.
* She received a call from Nancy Pelosi to be a member of a fact-finding committee on the January 6th riots on the Capitol.
* She is an anti-Trumper who does not believe that the election was stolen by Biden.
* She admits that the Biden Administration has proven disastrous in dealing with the economy and the pull out from Afghanistan.
* She is against Trump because he doesn't obey the law.
* She has a 33% approval rating in her home state of Wyoming.
* She's been married for 27 years, has 5 children from ages 15 to 27.
* In May 2021, she was striped of her GOP Conference Chairman ship in May 2021.. 
* Money from liberals are pouring into her campaign.
* She feels she has been wrong in the past about her stand against LBGT movement. She now feels a person should not be persecuted for what they are.
Comment 1: Both Liz Cheney and Leslie Stahl agree that the 2020 election was fair with no fraud. At best, this assumption is questionable. There are many doubts about the validity of the 2020 presidential election. Below are two examples:

Comment 2: She said Trump doesn't obey the law. Yet, millions of dollars and hundreds of hours were spent by Congress during the Trump Administration to find any kind of crime Trump committed. According to the Mueller Report, they found nothing.

Comment 3: She feels she has wronged the gay community about her past stand against the LBGT movement. My views have changed about the gay community over the years as well. At first, I wondered why God would be so opposed to homosexuality that He would command the death penalty. He even destroyed entire cities in which its citizens engaged in homosexual activity. The reason is that homosexuality is an unhealthy life style. Gay couples are more prone to hepatitis and AIDS. Thus, life expectancy for a gay couple is from 8 to 20 years shorter than for heterosexual couples. Jesus warned us that before His Second Coming, the world will become much as it was in the days of Lot. Lot lived in Sodom. In Sodom there was not even 5 righteous souls among perhaps between 600 to 1200 people or more. All of that city came out to have sex with the angels who they saw as men. (Genesis 19:5) Today, many in the gay community are well educated, rich, and very influential. "As it was in the days of Lot, they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built. But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed." (Luke 19:28-30)

3) Free Diving - A sport in which divers try to hold their breath as long as they can and go as deep as they can into the ocean without the aid of SCUBA diving equipment.
* The world's record is held by Alexey Molchanov of Russia who went 430 feet down and held his breath for 4 minutes and 33 seconds.
* So far, 60 divers have died.
* There has been only one death during competition in 20 years.
* Alexey Molchanov also holds the record of the longest swim in cold water under ice at 262 feet.
* He inhales two gallons of air before he dives.
* He lost his mother who died while free diving.

Comment: Needless to say, this is a very dangerous sport, particularly when the diver tries to go as deep as he/she can. The diver can go too deep and not have enough time to return to the surface before his lungs give out. Another danger is that of being swallowed up by a shark. It is always wise for a free diver to have a partner with him who is equipped with scuba gear and a shark gun. 


September 12, 2021 - Premiere of the 54th year of 60 Minutes
1) Nine / Eleven And The FDNY
* 343 of the 750 members of the Fire Department of New York City were killed on 9/11/2001.
* The first firefighter to die was when one of the people in the building decided to jump to his/her death rather than be burned to a crisp.
* One firefighter counted the minutes when the first plane struck one of the two towers to the time the first building collapsed. It was 102 minutes.
* Some firefighters thought the fires could not be put out while some thought they could be put out. The fires could not be put out because of the jet fuel from the planes.
* One of the ladies in the building, Melissa, was calling out on her phone for someone to help her. The heat was very, very hot she said. A firefighter tried to reach her, but the building collapsed; and she died.
* The time it for one of the buildings to collapse to the ground  was only 10 seconds. But for those on ground zero, it seemed like an eternity.
* Some of children of the firefighters who survived their fathers' deaths were inspired to dedicate their lives as firefighters. 

Comment: 1) These firefighters went to help people who asked for their help. The firefighters knew they weren't coming back. This is what Jesus talked about when he said, "Greater love has no man than this - that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13)  And strangers. These firefighters laid down their lives for total and complete strangers.

Comment 2) I often wonder how those people who lost their lives in the Twin Towers could have been saved. What if there were fire poles for them to slid down? This is all about hindsight. In practical sense, those fire poles would be laughed at. They would be an embarrassment. Management would probably hate them so much, they would have them removed. 

​Comment 3) Not much is said about the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington VA. Hijacked airliner Flight 77 damaged three buildings in the Pentagon and killed 189 people - 125 in the building and 64 passengers in the plane. The damage was repaired a year later.

Comment 4) In contrast, the two Twin Towers were never rebuilt. There are two big holes in the ground where the two Twin Towers once stood. When one reads about the new World Trade Center in Wikipedia or one of the other information sites, it is found that the new building was constructed with as much security in mind as possible. Stronger concrete has been used. The site was chosen to make it more difficult to attack on the ground. There are emergency elevators in case the building is hit by a plane. The stairways are wider and more improved. There's even anti-aircraft defenses to protect it from another plane attack. The planners of the new building were not thinking that there might be another attack; they were thinking that there WILL be another attack. They have no doubt that there will be another attack--sooner or later.
Comment 5: I really would like to see something built in those two holes. If it's now some kind of memorial to the people who lost their lives on 9/11, I believe some other way could be found to honor them. Two buildings could be built on those two sites. (After all, it is prime Manhattan real estate). The names of those lost on 9/11 could be written on the walls inside those buildings. The buildings need not be as tall as the ones that were demolished, but anything is better than nothing. The words, "Mission Accomplished," were used to describe the actions we took in Afghanistan after 9/11. The two holes in the ground at Ground Zero represent the mission that was accomplished by the 9/11 hijackers and their sponsors. The Twin Towers are down; and they are still  down. Those two holes should be erased as soon as possible.
Comment 6: After the 9/11 attacks, many Americans were asking not only who did this to us but why did they do this to us. What did the Muslims have against us? From what they've told us, they previously gave us an ultimatum to convert to Islam or suffer death; and we ignored them. 

Comment 7: We need to strengthen our Christian faith. Right now we are failing to uphold our Christian principles that made our country strong, moral and good. Here are some examples:
- We don't know how to have happy marriages. About half of our marriages end up in divorce. We use to say this proverb in our schools: "A family that works together, plays together, prays together, stays together. 
- We are the greatest purveyors of pornography in the world. Pornography does a great deal of damage to marriages, say some authorities. When we took Afghanistan after 9/11, we introduced them to Western culture. We sent them Playboy Magazines, Hustler Magazines, and other types of pornography. We can't expect to nation build and pacify the Islamic World that way.

- One report from the days soon after the 9/11 attacks was that a group of US missionaries sent over a shipment of Bibles to Iraq. A US Army soldier was ordered to burn all the Bibles. 
- Americans spend hours each day watching television which is filled with murder, lying, cheating, and wanting (commercials). It is said that watching TV reduces brain activity and promotes laziness.

If we Americans don't know how to live good, wholesome, godly Christian lives, how we go into these other countries and tell them how to live their lives?


September 5, 2021

1) The Last Pandemic - repeat of April 11th
* Using blood filters in the body to screen out coronaviruses.
* Inserting subdermal sensory devices in the body to learn the health of an individual in 3 minutes.


2) The Ritchie Boys - repeat of May 9th
* Young Jewish Germans who escaped from Nazi Germany and joined the US Army.
* They were trained to collect intelligence data from German civilians and German prisoners.
* Sixty percent of the intelligence gathered in World War II in Europe was gathered by the Ritchie Boys. 
* One of the Ritchie Boys said he was glad to help out America in our fight against Nazi Germany because that was his revenge on the Nazis for destroying his family. He said he earned the right to be an American. Some of our liberal leaders would say that everyone in the world has the right to come to America. Many of us are losing our appreciation for the freedoms we have and our love for America. Some of our college teachers are saying they consider themselves to be citizens of the world rather than citizens of America. We even have leaders in Congress and the White House who hate their own country and want to destroy it.
Note: Next week (September 12, 2021) will be the premiere of 54th year of 60 Minutes on TV.


August 29, 2021

1) Computer Chip - repeat
* There is a worldwide shortage of computer chips which is expected to last 1 or 2 years.
* Taiwan is the chief supplier of computer chips. They are hoping this fact makes war less likely to happen.
2) UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) or UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) - repeat
* Have been seen every day for the last two years.
3) Comeback - NFL Quarterback Alec Smith - repeat
* Suffered a broken leg in the Nov. 18, 2018 Houston Texans / Washington Redskins game.
* His injury was so severe that his leg was nearly amputated. 
* On top of that, unfortunately, he had infection that was nearly fatal.


August 22, 2021
1) Race In The Ranks - repeat 
Lloyd Austin-black general 
* Climbing the ladder to 4-star general
* There's always doubts about his qualifications because he's black.
* The last black man to be a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was Colin Powell 30 years ago.
* Discharge rate is 57% greater for blacks than for whites
* Hidden rules that black try to obey while in the military: 1) Don't look muscular; 2) Have a quiet voice; 3) Try to be better.
* Blacks make up 17% of the service, 8% of the officers, and 2% of the pilots


2) Geldingadalir - New volcano in Iceland - repeat
* 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit hot. 
* Sometimes gives off sulfur dioxide
* 9 miles deep
* The lava from it moves 20 to 30 feet a day
* There's no sign of decrease.
Kindred In The Bleachers - repeat
* Sports writer 
* Attended 40 Super Bowls.
* Had 300 interviews with champion boxer Mohammad Ali.


August 15, 2021

1) COVID On A Cruise Ship -
* Three passengers were found to have COVID. One of them died.
* Every passenger started coughing. 
* Passenger suffered from fatigue, tightness of chess, lost of taste and smell.
* Some were burning up with fever.
* There was criminal conduct on the part of the cruise lines by making the sick, elderly patients wait around for 5 hours before they were treated.
* Patients were pale green; they were coughing; they had respiratory stress; they were wobbling and falling.
* There was lack of communications between the cruise ship, the airlines, the governments of France and the US. Atlanta, the center where the diseased patients are care for, didn't know about the emergency and so was unprepared to received them.
* The sick patients were simply released and were sent on their way home.
* The CDC did not inform the state governments of the illness of the passengers when they came home.


2) Justice Defenders of Kenya and Uganda - 
* Inmates in these two countries are given education in law so that they are aware of legal recourse instead of languishing in prison for many years.
3) Kings of the Road -
* Trucks move 70% of the nation's goods
* Driverless trucks are being employed in mostly southern states and in Communist Red China. 
* The have cameras on the top of the truck and sensors on sides and back of the truck that make automated driving far superior in safety and efficiency. 
* The loss of 2,000 truck driver jobs and the loss of 90,000 on line jobs is at stake.

Comment 1: I don't see how there can be driverless trucks. We still required pilots on our airliners. I read about pilots on BAC going to sleep as computers flew the airliners across the Atlantic. 
Comment 2: How would trucks fill up on fuel if there was no one to operate the pumps? 
Comment 3: I tried out for truck driving two or three times. I overheard one driver manager say that the turnover rate for truck drivers is 80%. Some guys (and gals) like driving trucks, but a lot of people don't. One truck driver teacher at a truck driving school said he had a perfect student who did everything right. But after the student was through with the course, he wanted nothing to do with truck driving. 
Comment 4: We should welcome computers and sensors in our trucks to provide maximum safety and efficiency. 


August 8, 2021


1) Almost at War with Iran – repeat

* 60 Minutes all but blames former Pres. Trump for almost starting a war with Iran by using drone bombs to kill Iranian terrorist General Qasem Soleimani at the Bagdad Airport in Iraq.

* Iran strikes back by launching 16 missiles at US bases in Iraq which killed no one.

* There were injuries in which our men suffered from headaches, vomiting, and concussions for two weeks. Some of them may suffer for the rest of their lives.

Comment: An Iranian drone attacked an Israeli-owned cargo ship and killed two crewmen. Iran is fully capable launching an attack on innocent people without any provocation.


2) Boston Dynamics – Designing Robots – repeat

* “Spot” is a dog-like robot.

* Robots carry heavy boxes for 16 hours without requiring a break.

* Some robots can dance to 'The Mash Potatoes.'

Comment: We need to control the use of robots in our society, particularly in regards to the labor force. Robots may make fine workers, but as Henry Ford observed, it is the average worker who buys the product that business profits from. Robots do not go to the stores to buy the products that keep our economy going.


3) Tranquilizing Grizzly Bears

* Grizzly bears are tranquilized and tagged to keep track of their numbers and their whereabouts.


August 1, 2021


1) Ingenuity & Perseverance - Mars lander  - repeat of story in May


2) Daren Walker - Gay Black Man - CEO of Ford Foundation - repeat

Comment 1: Daren's father wants nothing to do with him. This is unfortunate. According to some religious sources, an absent father is one of the main causes of homosexuality in men. 


3) The Premonition - Mike Lewis - Warned about the COVID19 Epidemic - repeat


July 25, 2021


1) The Case Against Curtis Flower - a repeat
* A black man is accused of murder by a white prosecutor. 
* He spent half his life in prison, which is 23 years.
* There is no DNA evidence of his crime.
* There are no witnesses of his crime.
* No murder weapon was found.
* He had no criminal background.
* He has been tried 6 times. He finally gained his freedom. 
* The prosecutor, Doug Evans, wants to try him again for the 7th time.
* An all-white jury decided his case.
* Every effort was made to exclude blacks from serving on the jury.
2) The Wright Way - A family of rodeo riders. A repeat.
* Their profession has been disrupted by the COVID epidemic.
* There are only 9 professional rodeo riders.
* Mr. Cody is a two-time champion.
* The rodeo superbowl is held in Las Vegas.
* Injuries from this sport include skull fracture and crushed ribs when the horse fell on top of the rider.
* They have large families with sons who are eager to carry on the sport.
3) Prince and the Revelation - repeat of late rock star Prince that first showed on April 11.


July 18, 2021

1) Survivors of the COVID19 Epidemic
2) Six Teens in the South Pacific Stranded on a Small Island
3) Companies Seeking Employees with Autism


July 11, 2021

1) Handcuffed To The Truth - The greatest war crimes in history are being committed today in Syria. (This segment is a repeat of February 21, 2021)
* Attrocities include gassing of innocent people, the bombing of hospitals, and the burning of houses.
* Nerve gas was used to kill 1,400 people
* Torture and rape are frequently employed.
* Records of these crimes with President Assad's signature on them are being smuggled out. There are over 9,000 documents.
* In one case, a young man was riding a bus to his mother's funeral. He was found with a rebel song on his cell phone. The authorities had him tortured (eyes gouged) and killed (electrocuted).
* An American-born Syrian from Columbus, Ohio took a plane to Damascus. He was arrested and tortured for 23 days.
* Chemical weapons have been used more than 300 times.
* A hearing on this matter was vetoed by Russia and Communist Red China.
* P.S. The war is almost over.

Comment: This situation reminds me of what it was like in the days of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and the Shah of Iran. Saddam would bomb and gas his own people (the Kurds in northern Iraq). The Shah was a brutal dictator but who was also interested in bringing progress to Iran. He was a good friend of the West. Both these men are gone; and now we see Islamic states in their two countries. In the case of Iran, that nation has gone from being our greatest friend to being one of our worst enemies. In the case of Iraq, they now have Islam as their state religion in their Constitution. I don't consider that to be a good thing. If Assad is disposed of by one means or another, will that be a good thing? Not if he's replace by some imam. No way.

2) Robots To The Rescue - Using robots to repair nuclear reactor damage. (A repeat from July 28, 2019)
* When a nuclear reactor has a meltdown, it costs $200 billion to repair it.
* Robots use lasers to cut the defective part and place it in a container.
* Earthquakes and tsunamis are also a cause for nuclear reactor disasters. One earthquake that hit Japan measured 9.4 on the Richter scale. About 15,000 people died.
* An explosion at one of the reactors sent a cloud of radioactive smoke across a 12-mile radius.
* Leslie Stalh dressed up in a protective outfit to look inside a damaged reactor. She had to cover up every part of her skin. She wore three pairs of gloves and three pairs of socks. And she wore a face mask. With all that protection, she could only stay in the contaminated area for 15 minutes.
* The older robots that were ready to respond to the emergency lasted only a few hours.
* The new robot model includes "Little Sun Fish" that swims to the damaged area.
* The estimated time of repair of these nuclear reactors is 50 to 60 years. 
* Contaminated water is treated before it is drained into the ocean.
3) Colson Whitehead - a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize. (This segment is a repeat of February 28, 2021)
* One critic said of his books, "He is refreshing our understanding of the world."


July 4, 2021
1) Biden and Putin - Russia's Cyber War Against the USA
* Solarwinds detected virus infection in 18,000 computers.
* It was learned that Russia had these bugs in our computers for nine months before they were detected.
* It is believed that 1,000 engineers in Russia worked on this attack.
* The malware was so hard to detect; it was found only when an American employee had two sign-in codes instead of one.
* Trump blamed Communist Red China for the voter machine fraud; but Secretary of State Bill Bar insisted it was Russia who is at fault.
* Russia first tested its malware on Ukraine's computer in which they infected them with self-destruct viruses.
* The US government can protect its computer from viruses; but private US companies do not. US government computers become infected when they share data with private US companies.
2) Ken Burns - Who Writes About The Story OF America.
* He shoots films of the US and us.
* Country music tells the story with three chords and the truth.
* He did stories on the Statue of Liberty, the Civil War, and the Brooklyn Bridge.
3) Mardi Gras Is Canceled - But the St. Augustine High School Band of New Orleans Still Plays On.
* Voted "The Best Band of the Year."
* It is a Black All-Boys band with 85 members. Ray Johnson, the band's leader, said 150 would be ideal.


June 27, 2021
1) Targeting Americans - With an Energy Weapon
* These weapons are RF (radio frequency) microwave guns.
* In Cuba, 25 Americans were hit with an energy weapon.
* In Communist Red China, 15 Americans were hit with an energy weapon.
* Symptoms of an energy weapon include:
(1) sensitivity to light
(2) short term memory loss
(3) hot all over the body
(4) vomiting
(5) headaches
(6) nose bleeds
(7) dogs were throwing up blood

(8) children frequently become dizzy and fall flat on their faces

The victim of an energy weapon would immediately experience:
(1) intense pressure on the temples
(2) sonic waves that become higher and higher in pitch
* The National Security Agency classifies these attacks to be similar to a traumatic head injury
* The State Department issues complaints to Cuba, but minimizes cases from Communist Red China.
* Russia is also suspected of using energy weapons.

Comment: Another case of energy weapons deployment is in Communist Red China's border war with India. Troops of India's army fled in terrible pain from an invisible energy weapon. This may not be the same kind of energy weapon, but we sure know it is effective. 


2) Nuremberg Prosecutor - Benjamin Ferencz
* Born in Ciolt, Hungary (now Romania) in March 11, 1920. Age: 101 years old.
* He emigrated to the USA with his parents when he was 10 months because of the persecution of the Hungarian Jews.
* He lived in NYC.
* When the US entered WW2, he tried to join the armed forces, but rejected because he was too short.

* He studied crime prevention at the City College of New York and earned a scholarship to Harvard from his final exam.
* He graduated from Harvard in 1943. After that, he joined the Army where he was in the anti-aircraft unit.
* He landed in Omaha (France) during the D-Day invasion. 
* He saw the pitiful sights of the Nazi death camps that were liberated by the Americans. Many, if not all, of the inmates were nothing more than skin and bones.
* He was crying as he told about one case in which a Jewish prisoner hid his food and saved it for his son. He didn't want the other prisoners to take it.
* He researched the holocaust. He found that the Nazi SS followed the German army to round up Jews, Gypsies and Communists to be killed.
* The Nazis took films of the executions. They would have the Jews run to the place where they were shot and then buried. 

* The Nazi atrocities enraged him. He said the perpetrators of the holocaust should be brought to justice. This outrage of his got him appointed as the prosecutor at the Nuremburg Trials at the age of 27.
* The Nazi executioners would keep a record of the number Jews they had killed each day. These records were seized and taken to the Nuremberg Trials. Each of the Nazi executioners pled "not guilty" to the killing of any Jews.

* The Nazi executioners showed no emotion. They had blank faces--as though they were waiting for a bus.
* The Nazi executioners regarded themselves as patriotic human beings.
* Ben Ferencz's moral code is: we should have law--not war.

* He believes that the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were immoral.
* He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 
* He stays active to keep himself alive after reaching 100. Among his exercises are doing 100 pushups and swimming in his pool everyday. 

Comment 1: There are many sad stories from the Holocaust: 
(a) One little Jewish boy said to his mother, "I wish I were a dog. because dogs are treated better.
(b) Dr. Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" was looking flirtatiously at a beautiful young Jewish woman in her birthday suit. The young woman was in total disgust as she along with hundreds of other Jews were herded into the death chambers.
(c) When Gen. George Patton and his Third Army liberated a Nazi death camp, the sight of it made him throw up. He ordered the reporters and newspaper people to take pictures of the camp because nobody would believe them when they told them about all the horrors they saw.
(d) When food and medical aid arrived for the survivors of the death camps, the survivors ran for the blood plasma and drank that because they knew if they ate regular food, their shrunken bodies would reject it. The Americans who saw that were aghast.
(e) Life expectancy in the death camps was not much more than a month. The inmates slowly died of exhaustion and starvation as they were forced to do 10 hours of hard labor a day with little or no food. 
(f) A Jewish American soldier was captured by the Germans. When they learned he was Jewish, they took him to one of the death camps. After he was rescued by the American Army, he was found to have lost more than half his weight. His Army uniform which he still wore had to be burned because it was full of lice. 

Comment 2: "The Nazi executioners pleaded 'Not Guilty' to the charge of killing Jews. Technically, that may be right. They ordered the Jews to be killed, but they had nothing to do with actually killing of Jews themselves. However, they ordered the Jews to be killed; so they bore the responsibility for their deaths. 
Comment 3: The Nazi Germans weren't just patriots, they were nationalists. They were conquerors. They wanted to take over the world. They took over France and tried to make them German. They forbade the speaking of the French language, and they forbade the flying of the French flag. The French could only fly the Nazi flag and speak German. With Japan, Germany planned to take over America.
Comment 4: Ben Ferencz's moral code is "We should have law--not war." The law in Nazi-dominated Europe in the 1940s was that Jews were not allowed to exist. 

When Moses was born, the law in Egypt was that every male Israelite born was to be thrown into the Nile River. We need good laws, not just laws. The Constitution is the law of the land (USA). It is a good law, but our Founding Fathers knew that it was not just for anybody. It was made for a Christian (or Judeo-Christian) nation. 

According to a book I read many years ago Jews In America, the Jews are apprehensive and wary of laws because through law the Holocaust took place. That is why Jews are against laws that are against abortion. They feel all laws are wrong. This is not true. There are good laws and there are bad laws. The the First Two Commandments (or Laws) of God are: 1) Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. And, 2) Love your neighbor as yourself.  Jesus said, "There is no law greater than these." Mark 12:31. These two good laws are not just "higher laws" that we sometimes resort to. These laws are the HIGHEST Laws in all the Universe.  

Comment 5: I can do only one pushup. But my one pushup is more thorough than his 100 pushups. I start on the floor with arms extended and locked. Then I go down with my nose to the floor. Then I rise back up my arms extended and locked. Then I go back down with my nose to the floor. I count that as one pushup. That's all I can do now.

Comment 6: The United Nations was suppose to be the world's last hope for peace. It started out fairly well. It adopted the Rights of Man as the code they would all abide by. But the Soviet Union was under communism, as well as eastern Europe. Also, as more Arab/Muslim states were admitted to the UN, the Rights of Man were ignored, and Sharia Law was observed instead. This law says Jews and Christians are dogs and should be slain. More and more of the UN's time was taken up by Arab states verbally attacking Israel--the only democratic nation in the Middle East.

Comment 6: God Punishes The People of Israel (The Jews). -- The Jews suffered terribly in the Holocaust. Millions of them were murdered. Did they deserve such punishment? My answer is "No." "Absolutely not." "No way." "Uh-uh."

But maybe it is "Yes." The Greatest Generation was preceded by the Roaring Twenties. That era was filled with corruption, gangsterism, mobsters, and bootlegging. How much of that were the Jews responsible for?  


James Cordon - YouTube comedian

* Has been living in the USA for 6 years.
* He is seen in 8 to 10 countries.

* He is an actor and pianist
* He has 3 children.
* He is on a quest for happiness. 
* He is an optimist about everything 90% of time.


June 20, 2021


1) The Trial Derrick Chauvin - the police officer who was found guilty in the death of George Floyd of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
* Those at the trial said Derrick Chauvin had this look of defiance on his face as though as a police officer, he could not be convicted of any wrongdoing. 
* Keith Ellison was the prosecutor. He said he was only looking at George Floyd as a human being.
* The main witness was Charles McMillian who cried during his testimony in court.
* The jury that reached the verdict was made up of half black and half white people. Some of them were well educated with college degrees.
* Witnesses says and evidence (recorders and cameras) show that George Floyd said 27 times, "I can't breathe."
* Derrick Chauvin faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

Comment 1: It is unfortunate, if true, that Officer Chauvin caused the death of George Lloyd. He was probably patrolling a tough neighborhood. He wouldn't know if George Floyd was telling the truth or faking it when he (George) said he couldn't breathe.

Comment 2: If Keith Ellison was the prosecutor, then he was looking at George Floyd more than a human being. As one of America's first Muslim Congressmen, he was probably looking at George Floyd as a martyr and a weapon to divide and cause pain to America.
When Keith Ellison was sworn in as a congressman, he refused to be sworn in with his hand on the Bible. He wanted to be sworn in with his hand on the Koran. That's a big difference. The Bible commands us to judge righteously. The Koran tells Muslims to lie, to steal, and to kill in the name of Allah. . 


2) The Oath Keepers - a repeat or follow up of a similar story.
* The FBI regards the Oath Keepers as an anti-government militia movement. 
* They are armed and in plain sight.
* They use Zello radio to communicate with each other. Some of their messages includes "Revolution or bust."
* Jessica Watkins was their leader in the January 6 Capitol riot. She was overhead saying, "Sticking to the plan." She said something about "Citizens arrest," and "Overrun the Capitol."
* There were 40 Oath Keepers who took part in the January 6 riot. And there were 18 Oath Keepers who were arrested including Jessica Watkins.
* The Oath Keeper were founded by Steward Rhodes after the election of Barak Obama. 
* They have recruited thousands; many of them in Arizona. 
* They are against the confiscation of guns.
* Oath Keepers were present when Black Lives Matter held a protest.
* Some Oath Keepers are in disagreement with their founder Steward Rhodes. 
* Stashes of weapons were found in nearby hotels in Washington during the Capitol riots of January 6.
* Trials for those arrested will begin in the fall. 

Comment: The reason for the creation of Oath Keepers was the election of Barak Obama to the White House. The agenda and legacy of Barak Obama is that he wants to destroy America. Joe Biden and his administration has been called "Obama's Third Term." There is danger to America from Muslims and from Communist Red China that must be confronted if and when worse comes to worst.


3) Japan's Babe Ruth - Shohei Ohtani
* Born: July 5, 1994, which would make him almost 27 years old.
* He came from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.
* He stands at 6 feet, 4 inches.
* He is leader in home runs. He is also an outstanding pitcher; and he is often compared to Babe Ruth. Nevertheless, his coach in Japan would usually tell him, "You've got to get better."
* 60 Minutes made this segment while Otani was still playing in Japan. However, he has been with the Los Angles Angels since he signed up with them on December 8, 2017.

Comment 1: But can he sing and dance like Babe Ruth? Never mind Babe Ruth. How about like Kyu Sakamoto who had the number one record in the world in 1963 with his song, "Sukiyaki"?
Comment 2: There's something immoral and indecent about movie stars, sports stars, and singing stars making a lot of money for the little work they do. As John Lennon of The Beatles once said of the movie he was in, "A Hard Day's Night," he said, "I have no idea what the title means." 
Proverbs 30: 7-9 says, "Two things have I required of You. Don't deny me them before I die: 1) Remove me far from vanity and lies; and, 2) Give me neither poverty nor riches. Feed me with food convenient for me--lest I be full and deny You, and say, "Who is the Lord?" Nor lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain."


June 13, 2021
1) High Velocity Rifles - 
* The AR-16 is America's most popular rifle. It is light weight. It was used in the Vietnam War by our troops as a short-range weapon. Not mentioned by 60 Minutes: It had a bad reputation of occasionally jamming on the battlefield.  I believe that Congress ordered the manufacturer to redesign the gun.
* The bullet of AR-16 rifle is about the same size as that of an automatic hand gun. But the cartridge of the bullet is about three time larger than the automatic hand gun cartridge. This makes the bullet shoot to its target near, or past, the speed of sound. As a result, the injury caused to the victim is massive.
* Injuries which have been caused by AR-16 gun shots include: (1) loss of half the victim's blood; (2) total destruction of body organs; and (3) fragmentation or shattering of bones. Not mentioned by 60 Minutes, a demonstration was held between the AR-16 and its Russian counterpart, the AK-47, against aluminum containers of tomato juice. The AK-47 bullet left an entrance hole and and an exit hole with tomato juice pouring out on each side of the can. The AR-16 bullet left the can a complete jagged mess with tomato juice all over the place.
* Crimes that were committed using the AR-16 rifle include: (1) 26 people murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School at Newton CT on December 14, 2012; and (2) 58 dead in the Las Vegas NV shooting on October 1, 2017. 
* Bump stocks turns AR-16 rifles into machine guns.
* First Aid kits and training for grammar school and high school students include treating for AR-16 gun shot wounds.

Comment 1: A spokeswoman on the segment mentioned that the AR-16 bullet tumbles; but 60 Minutes emphasized that it was the speed of the bullet that causes all the damage to the victim. The AR-16 is a rifle with no grooves within the barrel, so that there is no spiral or spin on the bullet. The bullet starts to tumble as soon as it leaves the barrel of the gun. When the bullet hits the victim, it is at an angle. The bullet may hit the victim as it is traveling sideways or backwards, so there is a large tear in the flesh, as well as heavy damage inside the body.
Comment 2: How can men (and women) be so crazy as to do harm and murder to innocent people! The answer is very complex. Some blame it on legalized abortion in which women have the right to kill their own babies. Some blame it on what we watch on TV with all the killings. Some blame it on taking the Bible out of our schools and teaching our children evolution. Others blame the Islam religion which teaches its followers to do away with the infidels. The answer is probably a little of each and all of the above. 

2) The Last Slave Ship - In 1860, 110 Negroes were taken from Africa to be sold as slaves. 
* The lower deck of the ship where they were crammed into was only 5 feet in height. 
* They were naked. 
* The ship was burned and sunk to hide the evidence of it being used as a slave ship.
* There are children of these slaves who now live in Africatown, Alabama. The children of the slave owner also live nearby.

Comment: We in the USA are about to create a new federal holiday to commemorate the freeing of slaves. Yet, we still support slavery by buying goods that were made in Communist Red China. They use slaves from prisoners as well as cheap labor.

3) Simone Biles - Black American gymnastic athletic.
* She is 23 years old, and stands 4 feet, 8 inches tall.
* She far outclasses everyone. She was training for the Tokyo Olympics, but it has been postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus epidemic.
* She has been a victim of sexual abuse by her trainer. She naturally refuses to talk about it. 


June 6, 2021
1) How did COVID-19 originate? Was it from a bat or from a laboratory? This is a repeat of the segment that was aired on March 28, 2021.
* Communist Red China will not allow the World Health Organization to investigate. They do their own investigation and give their report to WHO (The World Health Organization). There is no transparency. WHO is not allowed to do their own investigation.
* It is suspected that one source of the virus came from wild animals, such as bats from bat caves, which were chopped up and sold in the marketplace. 
* Scientists in Communists Red China do their research while their government officials are looking over their shoulders. 

Comment 1: Communist Red China is doing everything they can to overpower the USA including infecting our citizens with various diseases. The next plague they want to introduce to us is bird flu. In the meantime, they are building up their nuclear weapons for the day when they think they can take us on. 
Comment 2: We should ban all travel of citizens of Communist Red China to the US. 
Comment 3: We should have never recognized Communist Red China.

2) Ransomware - A computer program that can hijack a business’s computers. 
* Some businesses have to pay up to $40 million to the hacker to open up their computers. 
* Hackers attack hospitals, small towns like Leeds, Indiana, and police records and files.
* Hospitals had to divert patients to other hospitals 20 miles away because of computer damage.
* The name of the ransomware is Samsam. 
* The hackers are difficult to trace because they deal in bitcoins. 
* Suspects include a few Iranians who have so far collected $6 million in ransom. There are also a few Russians who are involved in such activities.
* Once a ransom is paid off, there is no guarantee that the hacker won’t strike again.

Comment: Wrecking someone's computer and computer information is called cyber warfare. The perpetrators of cyber warfare should be treated as enemy combatants and to be done away with.
3) Sir David Attenborough - A repeat of Sept. 27, 2020 - world famed naturalist who films any and all parts of nature throughout the world. 
* He says we are replacing the wild with the tame. 
* The Great Barrier Reef, which was once the most beautiful undersea spectacle on earth, is dead. 
* Solar energy, which is clean and free, can replace fossil fuels. 
* There is much damage, but we can save our world for our children.

Comment 1: The world's population is growing larger and larger every year. Therefore it is inevitable that wildlife will be squeezed out and crowded out of their natural habitat and be placed in zoos, cages and nature parks.

Comment 2: It would be nice if Sir David could tell us how we can save our planet. Using solar energy is a good start. I suggested that to a co-worker in Richmond, VA back in 1986. He said it would put Alaska and Texas out of business. The other 48 states shouldn't have to suffer for their sakes. Besides that, oil has been known to be too valuable to burn. We need other sources of fuel.

Comment 3: It is unlikely Big Oil and the automobile industry will give up burning fossil fuels (gasoline and petroleum). They want their profits and power. The government also needs taxes from fossil fuels. So it is not going to solve the problem by going solar. 


May 30, 2021
1) Attack On The Judiciary - A follow up on a previous segment on the same subject.
* There has been a 400% increase in the number of threats to our judges.
* Judge Ester Salas of Newark, New Jersey had her house invaded by a killer. Her only child Daniel was shot dead. Her husband Mark was shot three times. 
* Judge Salas wants laws passed to protect judges like her. She wants all information erased on Internet concerning their location, phone numbers, and places of frequent visits.
* She is selling her house in which she lived for 20 years.
* The murderer killed himself. His name was Roy Den Hollander, 72 years old, a lawyer who was unsuccessful in his law suits against women's involvement in politics. He targeted her because she delayed his lawsuit on some women's rights issue. He is the prime suspect in the murder of lawyer Marc Angelucci. He had a folder on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. It is believe he was planning to assassinate her. 
* There have been threats from Russia against some of our judges.
* During the siege of the Capitol on January 6th, there was a truckload of weapons nearby.
* There has been a 25% increase in threats to over 1,200.

Comment: In the Bible, Jesus said of our day, "Because lawlessness is increased, the love of many will grow cold." Matthew 24:12. With the Bible virtually banned from our public schools, we are allowing our children to grow up without any moral guidance. 
Comment 2: Jesus said the last days before His Second Coming would be like in the days of Noah. (Matthew 24:37). In the days of Noah, In Genesis 6:5, it says, "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."
Comment 3: Judge Ester Salas wants laws to restrict information on the identity and location of judges. It wasn't long ago when judges proudly boasted of their position. Today, they are going into hiding because their lives are threaten more than at any time in the history of the USA. Along with judges, the Jews are told to go into hiding from the Muslims who are among us. 
2) The 90+ Group -
* The number of people in the over 90 age group has tripled.
* There are ways of helping yourself reach an ripe old age such exercising (walking), doing mental activities like spelling, interacting with others, and even putting on a few pounds.
* Most elders people struggle with dementia.
* Over half of the children born today will reach the age of 100 or more.
* Ruthy Stall and other elderly people have trouble remembering. She does not remember Leslie Stahl who met her before. She doesn't remember her parents.
* The cause of dementia, alzheimer's disease in uncertain. There are TDP43 and other elements that are blamed for it. But some elderly people are resilient and are good in math.

Comment: There are several good suggestions to help ensure a long life. Here are some of them: 
(a) Exercising - Walking is the best exercise at all ages. One guy in 90s would make walking his thing. Instead of taking his car, he would walk to and from wherever he wanted. I have noticed that once a person stops walking, a year later, that person passes away.
(b) Massaging - When I was in the Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong interviewed three men in their 90s on what their secret is for longevity. One said it was exercising; another said he didn't exercise. Another said it was abstaining from tobacco products; another said he enjoyed smoking. The third man said he ate healthy foods; another man said he ate whatever he wanted. The one thing they all had in common was that they used long towels after a bath to give themselves a massage. 
(c) Praying - Praying to God seems to help. Some say prayer always helps. It is healthy to realize that God is the giver of life. He decides how long each of us is to live. I remember reading about of great physic who ate healthy foods, exercised regularly, did long distance running, and stayed away from cigarette smoking. Still, came down with cancer; and within three years, he was dead. So we really can't be certain of anything when it comes to our health.
(d) A Merry Heart - Laughter is said to be the best medicine. At Erie Community College, we were told about an elderly man in the hospital who was being treated for cancer. He was depressed as all the other patients were. He and his wife decided to do something about that. His wife brought him all the foods that he enjoyed at home. She brought in their projector and films of their favorite comedian--W. C. Fields. They were both laughing and enjoying the movies. As a result, his cancer went in remission until it was no more; and so he was discharged from the hospital as a healthy man.

(e) Avoid TV - It has been demonstrated that the more hours you spend watching the TV, the dumber and more depressed you become.

3) German Pianist Igor Levit - 
* Born in Russia. Moved to Germany with his Jewish parents.
* He says, "Music is not an extravagance but a necessity."
* He becomes a part of the musical instrument.
* The COVID19 pandemic has been a disaster to him. 
* He is giving concerts through the Internet broadcast from his living at home. Three hundred fifty thousand (350,000) enjoyed his production.
* Mixes his music with soul, jazz, and rock.
* As a political activist, he has received more than a few death threats.


May 23, 2021

1) Cutting Aid To Transgender Healthcare -
* Erica Anderson, a transgender (man) is opposed to the State of Arkansas discontinuing aid to transgenders.
* There use to be one transgender clinic in the country in Boston. Now there are 50 clinics throughout the country.
* Erica Anderson claims there aren't many well-trained physicians in the field of transgender healthcare.
* Transgenders take hormone shots.
* One transgender had a mastectomy.
* Persecutions against transgenders. Forty-four transgenders have been killed.
* Pres. Joe Biden says he will enforce laws that discriminate against transgenders.

Comment 1: Transgenderism is against the laws of God. Since our country is no longer following the laws of God, we are going the way of ancient Rome and ancient Greece into more and more depravity.
Comment 2: I remember when I was in the Armstrong Church, Mr. Sell, the minister, gave a sermon on a grievous sin and sinner in which a man took hold of a young boy. He gave the young boy hormone shots which turned him into an "it" which he began to have sex with. Mr. Sell raised his voice and said, "Brethren, when you read about such things as this, it makes you SICK! It makes you want to VOMIT! It makes you want to THROW UP!" But not anymore. Thanks to 60 Minutes and the rest of the Main Stream Media, we are losing our sense of shame and our sense of revulsion.

Comment 3: Persecutions against transgenders have resulted in 44 deaths. Hopefully those killings were not committed by Christians. Our duty according to the Bible is to avoid people who are committing these sex sins, not kill them. It's all right to barf a little. (Just kidding.) As Christians, we are told to love our neighbors and to love our enemies. In love, we give them the warning that those who do those things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. 
Comment 4: Joe Biden has in his cabinet those members who are transgender. There are also members in Congress and throughout the Federal government who are Muslims. A Muslims attitude towards transgenders and the like is to have them executed. It is an irony that Joe Biden embraces a group of people who want to do away with another group of people that he also embraces.

Comment 5: There are some transgenders who are trying to go back to the way they were. This makes me think of how we became male or female in the first place. At conception, the male sperm unites with the female ovum to create a new one-cell human being. It's sex has been determined by what the female ovum has accepted of the thousands of sperms that penetrated it. Each of us could have been a boy or we could have been a girl. I often try to visualize what a boy or man would look like if he were a girl or a woman. And I try to visualize what a girl or a woman would look like if she were a boy or a man. We get to see something that in this segment of 60 Minutes when we view some of the before and after pictures of those transgenders who transit back to normal. The ones who returned to normal look better and happier than they were when they were transgender.

2) Lava Flow - 
* The beginning of a new volcano in Iceland named Geldingadalir which erupted in March 2021.
* The size of some of the lava ejected by the volcano are as large as cars.
* Sulfur dioxide is also sometimes spewed from the volcano, so gas masks are needed.
* Volcano glass is searched for near the lava flow.
* Volcanologists are working towards the day when eruption warnings to the inhabitants who live near volcanoes can be given to them in as little as a few days.
* Matter ejected the volcano may come from as far down as 9 miles deep into the earth.
* The lava flow moves at a rate of 30 feet a day.
* Crowds enjoy such activities as barbecuing hot dogs with heat coming from the lava.
* The sound of the lava flow like that of broken glass.
* Koton volcano is the largest volcanoes in Iceland. It is covered with glaciers. It erupts every 50 years, and it is due to erupt soon.

Comment: This is what I would call a benign volcano eruption. It's something you can get close to. It's not hurting anybody. You can take pictures of it. You can have a winnie roast. But that is only a very small part of the picture. The other volcano, Koton, is said to be overdue for an eruption. When it blows, it is likely to spew ashes into the sky and cause problems for Europe.
According to the Bible, Jesus said there would be earthquakes in different places around the world before His Second Coming. One Bible minister, Gary Hendricks of the Christian Jew Foundation, said earthquakes and volcanic activity would increase in frequency and in intensity. Each and every year, we have more and more earthquakes, according to Gary, which can be verified.
3) The Tulsa OK Race Massacre -
* Occurred in the village of Greenwood OK which was rich in oil on Memorial Day in 1921.
* The whole town was burned to the ground.
* It's people were mainly professional such as doctors and lawyers.
* One black man said his grandfather saw people being shot right in front of his face.

* A black man who was in the same elevator as a white woman was lynched.

* A Gatling gun was used.
* Police joined the mob.
* Old women, old men, and children were victims. There were the bashing of heads.
* About 1200 homes were destroyed.
* Looting of furniture and money took place before the homes were burned.
* Between 150 to 350 people were killed.
* Many of the blacks were taken to internment camps.
* The Massacre is never taught in any of the black schools.
* There were no arrests; and no claims for damage were honored by the insurance companies.
* Anomalies in the ground indicate there may be mass graves.
* There have been 30 excavations so far.
* Some of the dead may have die violently; but others may have died of the Spanish flu.
* The DNA of living relatives may help identify those who have been found in the mass graves.
* Tulsa OK is half black and half white. The blacks live in the south part of the city while the whites lives in the north part of the city.
* The average life span of a white living in Tulsa is 11 years greater than the average life span of a black.
* June 1 of this year will be the start of another excavation.

Comment 1: There is a lot of the story that seems to be missing. Was there any reason why the whites attacked and destroyed the blacks. 
Comment 2: The year is 1921. This is the beginning of the Roaring 20s with the Prohibition Amendment, bootlegging, gangsters, and racketeers, Did this have anything to do with why the whites attacked the blacks?
Comment 3: The Roaring 20s was known as one of the most shameful periods in American history. The irony is that 20 years later, it was followed by the Greatest Generation Ever who made great sacrifices to defeat two enemies in World War II.


May 16, 2021


1) AI Facial Recognition - Computers are used to identify thieves and other criminals to help capture them.

Comment: Facial recognition is being used in Communist Red China to identify Christians who want to worship the true God. 

2) Unidentified Flying Objects or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) - More sightings.

* Senate orders investigation.
* UFOs can be detected with infra light and radar.
* They have no markings.
* They have no visible means of propulsion.
* One of them has been seen by four pilots at one time.
Comment 1: Did the pilots try to communicate with the UFOs?
Comment 2: Can our satellites and astronauts detect these UFOs?

Comment 3: I have two opinions on what those UFOs were based on the information that was given in this segment: (a) They were drones. Drones are unmanned robot planes that can make abrupt turns which, if made by a manned aircraft, would send the pilot into unconsciousness if he/she were to make those same turns. One example of a sharp turning drone was in Afghanistan in which the Afghans fired a missile at an American drone flying overhead. The drone escape destruction by making a 180 degree turn which sent it in the opposite direction away from the missile. The only problem with this guess is that drones have propulsion units that are visible. They are either propeller driven or powered by jets. (b) It was a hologram. A hologram is a picture or projection. of perhaps laser beams, of anything that can be seen in mid air. An image of a UFO was created so that it could fly at slow speeds, hover in mid air, suddenly speed up, and instantly reverse its direction.

Comment 4: The woman pilot who was one of the observers of the UAP said at the end of the segment, "I felt the vulnerability of not being able to defend myself," to 60 Minutes. I feel otherwise. With Biden in the WH, a lot of corruption is taking place. I feel comfortable that God is watching us, and that He will someday intervene to make sure that evil does not triumph in the end.


3) The Latest Tennis Champion - The story of Rafael Nadal of Spain, age 35.  


May 9, 2021

1) The Martian probe Perseverance - The US space probe was launched on July 30th of last year; and it landed on Mars in February on the 18th.
* Its mission is to look for life.
* Not only are the people at NASA joyful of its success, but also so are the companies who built it.
* Perseverance also includes a helicopter with a camera which is built of strong light-weight materials.
* The challenge of the helicopter is to fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars.
* The cost of the program was $85 million.
* Both the rover and the helicopter are mostly controlled by computers. Control by humans is not fast enough. 
* Scientist estimate Mars to be 3.5 billion years old.
* One scientist said if life is not found on Mars, it is unlikely it will be found anywhere else.
* Life on Mars could possible be something we don't know about. "How do you look for life as we don't know?" is the question.
Comment 1: We seemed to be locked into believing that the evolution "theory" is true, and that Mars, Earth, and the universe are billions of years old. If the solar system were that old, the sun would have been much hotter than it is now and would have melted the inner planets. 
Comment 2: We go to Mars in search of life. If life cannot be found on Mars, then it's not likely to be found anywhere else, one scientist tells us. Perhaps life will be found on Mars simply because we have already begun to contaminate it with life from Earth. Scientists who think life evolved on Mars have to accept the theory of spontaneous generation which is the belief that living matter came from non-living matter. This has been proven unscientific. The scientific law is that life can only come from life; and living matter can only come from living matter.
2) The Ritchie Boys - World War II's greatest heroes. 
* German born - they were mostly Jews
* One of them was Guy Stern, now 99 years old.
* He was born in Hildesheim, Germany. 
* When Hitler came to power, he was a student in school. He told his father, "Classes are becoming a torture chamber."
* His family could only send one of their members to escape to America. He was the one; and he was only 15 years old.
* Looking back on how valuable his service was to the USA. He said he was only doing his job.
* He and the other took satisfaction that they were getting revenge on Hitler.
* He discovered that every member of his family in Germany were killed. 
* The Ritchie Boys take their name from the military school in Ritchie, Maryland. 
* Their performance during the war was rated as "very effective." Sixty percent or more of the information obtained from the enemy was gathered by the Ritchie Boys.
* The Ritchie Boys were trained in intelligence gathering and in fighting. Guy Stern said he was trained to sneak up on an enemy soldier with a bayonet, put his bayonet to the soldier's neck, and then "boom."
* The Ritchie Boys were mingled in with all parts of the US Army. They fought from D-Day to the invasion of Germany to the Battle of the Bulge.
* They interrogated the prisoners. They wanted to know where the mine field were and where the machine guns were.
* They tried to be friendly with the prisoners. Violence and threat of violence didn't work.
* One of them posed as a Russian commissar. They said the German prisoners feared them the most.
* Sad stories include one of the Ritchie Boys being shot and killed by American GI's because of his German accent.
* They were shocked by the horrors of the Nazi death camps with the sight of people who were close to death. 
* They keep in touch with each other.
* The contributions they made to this country make each of them feel they have the right to be an American.

Comment: They said that violence and the threat of violence doesn't work. Yet, they pose as a Russian commissar--which is the same thing as threatening with violence.
3) Short Note On Exploring the Ancient Ruins of Baia -
* From gathering facts about the undersea ruins, scientists were able to reconstruct how this Mediterranean city once looked like.


May 2, 2021

1) Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin -
* He says we are competing against Communist Red China. 
* We do not wish to contain Communist Red China.
* The situation with Communist Red China has worsened. They are becoming more repressive at home and more aggressive abroad.
* It is not in anyone's interest for a military confrontation.
* He said we are in the dawn of a new cold war.
* Comparing Communist Red China with the USA: Communist Red China thinks long term while the USA thinks short term. We are starting to learn to think long term.
* On Afghanistan, our troops are leaving, but we will have a presence there with economic assistance.
* Guantanamo Bay is to be closed.
* On illegal immigrants, 170,000 are in custody.
* Claims that the Joe Biden Administration inherited a broken system when it came to stopping illegal aliens from entering our country.
* His message to illegal aliens: Don't come in.
* He wants to treat unaccompanied alien children humanely.
* On Ukraine, he said there's Russian troops building up on the border, but they are pulling back.

Comment 1: So far, the only thing I have against Anthony Blinkin is that he is an outspoken critic of Israel. He is also the former Secretary of State under Obama. I don't consider that an asset to this country. 
Comment 2: "We don't wish to contain (Communist Red) China." Joe Biden is often called "Joe China" in conservative news sites. They say that Communist Red China has been funding his family businesses. 
Comment 3: He said it is not in anyone's interest for a military confrontation. What does Communist Red China say about that? They say the South China Sea belongs to them. They say Taiwan belongs to them; and they will take by force if they have to. They have the largest army and the largest navy in the world. One of their generals said that their goal to take over North America and Australia and to extinguish everyone on those two continents.

Comment 4: Blinkin says that illegal aliens are not welcome in the USA. His message to them, "Don't come in," appears to be an outright lie when you read this article on how Biden is preventing the deportation of most of the illegal aliens that enter this country. It is as Mr. Trump told us, that criminals are being allowed into our country.
2) The Manufacture of Microchips -
* Microchips are used in every part of our daily lives-in our hospitals, in our cars, and in our computers.
* There are fewer companies manufacturing microchips. Intel of Phoenix AZ is the one and only company making microchips in the USA.
* Leslie Stahl had to suit up from head to toe in something like a space suit before going inside the factory to look around. 
* It takes 6 months to make a microchip.
* Each machine involved in the manufacturing of microchips costs billions of dollars.
* There is a shortage of microchips. It will take years to catch up to the demand.
* There are only three companies in the world who manufacture microchips.
* The USA use to manufacture 37% of the world's microchips. Now it only manufactures 12%.
* A promise of $50 billion by Joe Biden to help out our microchip industry.
* The most advanced microcomputer chips that are used by Microsoft, Apple and other computer companies are made by TSMC of Taiwan--the leader in microchip manufacturing.
* Because it takes 6 months to manufacture a microchip, it takes 7 to 8 months for the microchips to move down the supply line.
* More money should come from the US government for research and development of American-made microchips.

* TSMC is investing in computer manufacturing factories right next door to Intel in Phoenix AZ.
* Twenty five percent of the customers of microchips are in Communist Red China. 
* Taiwan's safety is in doubt. There is no telling what will happen to Taiwan in the future.

Comment 1: I am surprised we had any microchip manufacturers left in this country. I thought Communist Red China put them all out of business. Maybe I suspected there might be a few American microchip manufacturers who build the computers for our military.

Comment 2: Perhaps the reason why TSMC is investing in a plant right next door to Intel in Phoenix AZ is because Taiwan's safety is in doubt during the Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration. 
3) Michael Lewis - author of The Premonition.
* He said scientists foresaw the coming of the COVID-19 epidemic.
* There are other events of the future he can foresee happening.
* He saw the welding of doors shut in Communist Red China to contain the COVID-19 virus.
* There's a group called the Wolverines whose mission is to make Americans aware of and to respond to the CORVID-19 epidemic.
* On the ocean cruiser Diamond Princess, 30% of the passengers were infected with the virus. He predicted that 300,000 could die from these infected passengers.
4) Those people who are willing to roll up their sleeves to be injected by the COVID-19 vaccination are becoming fewer and fewer. There are incentives to have them take their shots such as offering them free drinks.

Comment 1: I still haven't gotten my shots. I am still worried that the vaccine will cause death as it has with a few individuals.

Comment 2: In the web site below, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch talks (starting in time frame 34:15 and ending in time frame 34:30) about the lockdowns of churches as a way of persecuting the Christian church.


April 25, 2021

1) The Prosecution -
* Officer Derek Chauvin who is accused of killing George Floyd.
* McMillian was crying in the courtroom for him.
* One half of the police force is white, the other half is black and Hispanic.
* The white policemen looked defiant because they are never convicted of murder.
* George Floyd did everything he was told to do except go into the police truck because he was claustrophobic.
* Nobody wants revenge--only accountability. 

Comment: I may be wrong, but this reminds me of the O.J. Simpson trial in which a black man was accused of killing two white people, but the black man was declared "not guilty." Many blacks are anti-white; and there are more than a few whites who are anti-black. It's a case of black vs. white. This story should not have been shown on 60 Minutes.
2) Alexei Navalny - Political opponent of Russia's Putin.
* Was treated for drug overdose.
* His family and friends wrote letters to Putin for his help.
* Alexi was sent to Berlin for treatment for strongest poison created by man - Novichok. 
* France's Macron and Germany's Merkel criticizes Putin for use of poison. USA's Trump does not.
* Corruption in Russia being exposed by Alexi. Yachts and mansions are given away for favors.
* Alexi's skin was dyed green; he was beaten, arrested, and jailed.
* The whole system in Russia is corrupt - police, judges, courts, and the media.
* Concern for his two children? He is fully supported by his wife and two grown children (son and daughter). 
* Biden warns of consequences if Navalny dies while in Russian custody.

Comment 1: "The whole system in Russia is corrupt - the police, the judges, the courts, and the media." It sounds a lot like the USA. We even have a man in the WH that many say got there through voter fraud.

Comment 2: If Navalny dies, there's nothing we can do to Russia--unless I'm missing something. Russia can tough it out. They need nothing from the West. I think Putin is having a big laugh over this.
3) Showstopper -
* Live music and dancing discontinued in NYC.
* The music and dancing is the human connection between the entertainers and the audience.
* Of those entertainers, 95% are currently unemployed. They are selling their homes and musical instruments to pay off their bills.

Comment 1: My opinion is that the reaction to the COVID-19 disease is exaggerated, I have seen signs on the doors of stores and restaurants that say, "If you are sick, don't come in here." I think that is enough. People who are coughing shouldn't be allowed in a public building. We should be zealous about using disinfectants. But we shouldn't shut down our theaters, stadiums and churches. 
Comment 2: There are some people who say the closing down public buildings is some kind of power grab. I am inclined to believe this--especially when there are states like South Dakota and Texas who have no shutdowns and no requirements for wearing of masks. 


April 18, 2021

1) The Oath Keepers -
* They are known as an anti-government militia group.
* Four hundred members of their group have been charged with some crime that was committed in the Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol.
* Their main means of communication is through Zello. Over 150 million people use that talk system.
* Conversations can easily be intercepted and recorded. One message that was recorded was "Revolution or bust."
* As a Far Right organization, their communications should have been paid more attention to.
* Since Jan. 6, Zello has deleted 2,000 channels.
* One of the leaders of Oath Keepers is Stewart Rhodes from Lexington MA. He is an honorably discharged veteran who served in the Army for four years.
* The Oath Keepers consider themselves to be guardians of the Constitution. 
* They considered Donald Trump "their" man when he was in the White House.
* Some Oath Keepers consider Rhodes to be too violent.
* The Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers is the largest chapter in the country. Jim Arroyo is the vice president of that chapter.

Comment 1: So just who are the Oath Keepers? What oath are they keeping? Almost everyone (Wikipedia, Southern Poverty Law Center, 60 Minutes, Anti-Defamation League) describes them as an anti-government, right-wing, radical, fringe organization. Their oath and loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States. On 60 Minutes, they claim that they are against evil. "Evil" as they define it is opposing the words of the Constitution. You are either for the Constitution or against it. Nothing is mentioned about God. So would i join this organization? I am slightly curious about it, but I don't think I would join it. Their web site is if you want more information on them.

Comment 2: It's been said that the left-moderate-right view has been shifting towards the left. So that the moderate people JFK would have nominated to the courts and appoint to his cabinet back in his day would be considered conservative and Far Right in our day. 


2) The CDC Says That Racism Is A Threat To Health -
* Unequal access to quality health care.
* There are 200 premature deaths per day.
* In countries like South Africa, Australia, and the UK there is discrimination.
* A black college graduate is three times more likely to die than white college graduates.
* The N word is used. Someone goes by flying the Confederate flag.
* Need to improve living conditions to improve health.
* The need to lower obesity and to eat healthy foods.
* No store in black neighborhoods.
* Carver Markets of Atlanta is trying to alleviate that problem.
* The mayor of Atlanta commented that it took 400 years to get into this dilemma. It will take a while to reach a solution.

Comment 1: It is unfortunate that there is a difference in the quality of medical care received by whites and blacks. Is it racism like 60 Minutes implies? My guess is that more white people have higher paying jobs with better and more comprehensive health care. On the other hand, most black people rely on Medicare and Medicaid which isn't as good. 
Comment 2: There was mentioned that the neighborhood where these black people lived is rat infested. Rat control should be the responsibility of both the residents and the city government. Garbage should be disposed of in metal cans so that there is nothing to attract the rats. Buildings should be secure so that no rats can enter any structure from the outside. The city should educate the residents on rat control in their neighborhood.   

Once, when I was a member of Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, I was reading in one of their magazines which they sent me, which was Tomorrow's World. Tomorrow's World was a much more spiritual magazine then The Plain Truth. It was sent to Church members only; it was not for the general public. In one issue, there was an article on Brasilia--Brazil's brand new capital city. Brazil boasted that it was the City of Tomorrow. The Church's response to that was, "Maybe, but there is one thing wrong with it--today's people." The magazine showed pictures of brand new high rise apartment buildings that were turned into an ugly, blighted slum area. "Tomorrow's cities will have tomorrow's people," stated Tomorrow's World. As the Bible warns, "And it shall come to pass, if you will harken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and do all His commandments which I command you this day, that the Lord your God will set you on high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come on you and overtake you if you shall harken to the voice of the Lord your God: Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field..." (Deuteronomy 28:1-3) "But it shall come to pass, if you will not harken to the voice of the Lord your God to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command you this day, that all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you: Cursed shall you be in the city and cursed shall you be in the field..." (Deuteronomy 28:15-16). It matters that people learn to obey the laws of sanitation and cleanliness as well as the laws of love and mercy.

3) Viola Davis - Triple Crown of Acting
* She gradually climbed her way to the top.
* She first had a career in recording.
* She never felt feminine.
* She played the part of a bisexual character.
* She pushed the bounds of femininity.
* She was born in Central Falls, Rhode Island.
* When she was in high school, she decided she wanted to be an actress.
* She has a need to tell people how others feel.
* The movie industry thinks of her as second rate. 
* Now she is calling the shots.

4) A Look Back At The Report Done On Global Warming -
The ice sheet in Greenland is constantly melting.


April 11, 2021

1) An Interview with Jerome Powell - Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. 
* He predicts a strong economy in the near future.
* Right now, some parts of the economy are good while other parts of the economy are bad.
* An example of the bad economy - some people are forced to live in tents.
* The interest rates are being held to zero %.
* Back in 1980, the interest rates were 20%.
* $800 billion were borrowed by investors to invest in stocks.
* Cyber attacks are occurring on all institutions.

Comment 1: It is difficult to understand all that. My thinking is that Joe Biden will be allowing more Communist Red Chinese goods to enter the USA. Communist Red China likes to cheat on trades deals wherever and whenever they can. Donald Trump would not let them do that. Joe Biden will.

Comment 2: He mentions that cyber attacks are occurring on all institutions. In other words, the Communist Red Chinese army is as busy as ever trying to disrupt our banks and educational institutions and is also trying to steal our technology from our companies. The American news media isn't suppose to say anything bad about Communist Red China. It seems like Jerome Powell was just barely able to sneak that little piece of information in there.
2) Report On The Progress of the COVID19 Cures -
* There is an active program being carried out by DARPA and other agencies. 
* One method of treatment is a device that takes blood out of the patient's body, filters out the germs and bacteria, and then pumps the purified blood back into the body.
* Another device is placed under the skin so that it monitors different aspects of the blood.
* In 1918, there was the Spanish flu epidemic which caused widespread suffering and deaths. There are still patients close to 100 years old in which the immune cell of that disease can be extracted from their bodies.
* The search goes on for the "needle in the haystack" immunity cell. There are immunity cells for each and every disease. We just need to find that particular immunity cell and activate it.
* There is currently two COVID19 vaccines for two varieties of COVID19. In 5 years, there will be a vaccine that will be able to cure all varieties of COVID19.

Comment: I am skeptical about these predictions. It seems too good to be true. There are sources (including 60 Minutes) who say that the American medical field only cares about making money. They don't want you to be healthy and immune to disease. 
3) Prince -
* Prince Rogers Nelson was a prolific writer of rock songs. 
* One album that is about to be released is Welcome to America. Another album is Check The Road.
* His schedule was 24/7--writing and playing music.
* He could play any musical instrument.
* He died at the age of 57 on April 21, 2016 from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. 
* He left no heirs. He left no will. 
* He is survived by his father, a sister and two ex wives.

Comment 1: Prince lived a life of success and failure. He was highly talented in the music business and reaped the rewards of a successful career. But he seemed to be a failure in love and marriage. This is like the USA in which we highly value money and financial success, but are poor in spiritual matters. The Bible mentions those of us who obtain wealth but are poor towards God. In I Corinthians 13:1-2, it says, "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries, and have not charity, I am nothing."

Comment 2: Prince was known to stay awake 24/7. This is incredibly unhealthy. The loss of sleep was sure to have wrecked his physical and mental health. 


April 4, 2021 (Easter Sunday)

1) The Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccination-
* Biden Administration has set a goal of 90% of the USA population to be vaccinated by April 19th.
* Palm Beach, Florida is giving vaccinations. They are the only town in the county to give out vaccinations. West Palm Beach says they are ready and willing to give out the vaccine. 
* Mistakes have been made. Vaccine meant for the poor areas are instead going to the rich areas.
* Florida Governor Ron Desantis is trying to make sure the vaccine is available to all senior citizens.
* Rich folks from all over the world are traveling to Palm Beach to get their COVID-19 shots.
* Some folks have no problem getting their shots. They make an appointment, travel to where they have to go, then they get their shots.
* Others have difficulty making an appointment. Only 2% of blacks have been vaccinated; and only 3% of Hispanics are vaccinated. These groups make up 50% of the population.
* Places where vaccinations are available are 25 miles away.
* Publix is given responsibility for vaccinating the public. Publix is an active political campaign donor. They charge Medicare $40 for each person they vaccinate.

Comment 1: Joe Biden set a goal of April 19 when America will be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Will that mean America will go back to normal? No, according to Dr. Fauci. We will still have to wear masks to avoid spreading the disease to those who weren't vaccinated. There's also news from Israel that even though most of the people there have been vaccinated, that the disease continues to spread in that country.
Comment 2: The importance of the COVID-19 vaccine seems to have been blown all out of proportion. Not only do we absolutely NEED to get our vaccination as soon as possible, but there seems to be some kind of race war or class warfare of rich vs poor and white vs black. Those who are rich and white are getting their shots while those who are poor and black are not. 
Comment 3: It is still my opinion that Hydroxychloroquine is the best answer to the cornavirus problem. That, and staying warm, and taking your vitamins--especially vitamin c. 
Comment 4: I am having doubts that people in warm climates are in danger of the "dreaded" COVID-19. There is plenty of sunshine and plenty of ultraviolet rays to destroy the cornavirus germs and to keep everyone healthy.
Comment 5: Republican Governor Ronald Desantis of Florida seems to be the liberal MSM's new favorite target. There are reports that 60 Minutes edited the segment so that much of what Gov. Desantis said is missing. 
2) Darren Walker - President of the Ford Foundation
* Homosexual; but his partner died a few years ago.
* He believes that philanthropy in America needs a major rethinking.
* The Ford Foundation gives out $14 billion or 1,500 grants a year to groups like PBS (Public Broadcasting Station).
* They are trying to fight inequality.
* Darren Walker was born in Ames, Texas. He comes from a large family. His father won't see him. 
* He believes in capitalism even though the top few rich own more wealth than all the poor people at the bottom.
* He's trying to help in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic. Theaters and others in the arts and crafts industry are closing and are in need of help.
* He says Americans must give up some of our privileges if we want to survive.

Comment 1: Darren Walker is a homosexual because, according to what I learned at one of the Armstrong churches services I attended, he had an indfferent, uncaring, and absent father. The elder who gave the sermon (Mr. Patrick Regord) used a text book in which the subject was carefully researched.
Comment 2: I am suspicious when I read that the Ford Foundation headed by a homosexual is trying to fight inequality. What is his ideal of "equality?" Is it that transgenders be allowed to use girl's bathrooms and to compete on girl's sports teams?
3) Survival of Castaways -
* A group of 6 school boys were stranded on a small island in the Pacific Ocean for 15 months in 1965.
* They stole a whaling boat and traveled 500 miles. They were in a storm in which they lost their sails and their rudder. They had no food or water with them.
* They came to a small volcanic island called Ata and wrecked the boat on the rocky shore. They thanked God for sparing their lives.
* They ate raw fish to satisfy their hunger; and they drank blood and eggs to satisfy their thirst.
* They learned to make fire and to keep it going.
* They prayed to God that they would return home.
* There was some fighting and quarreling between them when selfishness came upon them.
* An Australian sailor discovered their existence on the island.
* They learned that they were given up for dead back home. 
* Once they returned back home, they were arrested for stealing the boat.Eventually they paid for the boat.
* Thanks to a Dutch and a British author, their story is read by 17 million people.
* Rather than continue their education, they went their separate ways and obtained employment. One works for an Australian chef. Another became a pastor.

Comment 1: The Armstrong church spoke about most people having God and the Christian religion as their just-in-case religion. Those six adventurers weren't thinking about God when they stole the boat. They only started praying when their lives were in danger.
Comment 2: This story could have come out of the Bible. The six teenagers did wrong. God punished them for their wrong. They repented of their sin and asked God to spare their lives. God spared their lives and brought them back home again. Happy ending.


March 28, 2021

1) The Investigation of the Origins of the CORVID-19 Epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Was it the result of animal virus such as bats from caves or rabbits from the market place? The Communist Red Chinese government would not allow WHO to investigate. Communist Red China would do all the investigation and then make their determinations to WHO. There is no transparency. Communist Red China even claims that the virus originated from the USA. The Communist Red Chinese military is working along side with the Wuhan scientists to try to develop stronger and more infectious viruses. 

Comment: 60 Minutes admits that Communist Red China will not cooperate in helping the world recover from the COVID-19 epidemic. They are a secret society that is only interested in hurting America and our allies. They should be treated as a terrorist nation.

2) Boston Dynamics - manufacturer of robots. 
They are developing robots that run, leap, spin, and dance. They are made to resemble animals and humans with legs and feet which are able to traverse difficult terrain. Some robots like "The Cheetah" can run as fast as 30 mph. Robots are not independent. They need to be run by humans using remote control. Building robots is trial and error. For every success there are dozens of failures. The robotics industry is a marriage between bicycle technicians and engineers. The robotics companies seem to be losing patience with their product. They want something to market and make a profit on.

Comment: 60 Minutes said they had a hard time getting permission from Boston Dynamics to film their robots. We saw robots that walk, run, climb, spin, and dance. What we didn't see are robots that can kill. This web site give a sample of the drones and robots that both the US and Communist Red China are developing for future wars:
3) Dave Kindred - Sports Writer
He has interviewed Mohammad Ali the boxing champion. Ali use to call him "Louisville" after his hometown. He had been with him his entire career.
He's been in 40 Super Bowls, numerous Master Golf ternaments. 
He also likes reporting on the girl's High School Lady Potters. He says they don't pout and they don't b-tch, er, complain.
4) Outbreak Science - A forecasting agency for the beginnings of disease epidemics.

Comment: A map was shown picturing disease alert sites all along the Communist Red Chinese coastline as well as in other Pacific nations near Communist Red China. I am very skeptical about the reliability of these Communist Red Chinese sites.


March 21, 2021

1) Michael Sherwin is investigating the Jan. 6th assault on the Capitol. There are hundreds of law breakers he wants to prosecute. Ten percent of them were in some kind of militia. The demonstration started out with a carnival atmosphere with some people selling shirts and popcorn. Then the situation turned ugly as more militants joined the group. They had on military gear. One hundred thirty-police officers were attacked. The attackers used the kind of spray hunters employ to ward off bears. Two dangerous plots failed. There were found molotov cocktails with styrofoam. This would make them as painful as napalm. There were also pipe bombs found. The protestors say in their defense that they were there because President Trump urged them do what they did. Each of the offenders will be judged on whether or not there was an intent to do wrong. Everyone will be treated fairly under the law.

2) General Lloyd Austin - a black general in the military who made it to the top through a long slow process. He met resistance every step of the way. He mentioned the time he was with a group of officers. They all wore civilian clothes. Someone was looking for the general, and he passed right by him because he was black. Twice as many Hispanics receive dishonorable discharges than Hispanics. In order to be acceptable by whites in the military, a black must be smart, he must not be loud, he should not have good posture lest he appear muscular and threatening. The military is made up of 17% blacks, but of those blacks, only 8% of them are officers. Colin Powell was the previous black general. That was 30 years ago. Things haven't changed that much since.

Comment 1: Nobody complains about the majority of players in the NFL being black. 
Comment 2: "Birds of a feather flock together," as the old saying goes. Most whites want to be with whites; and most blacks want to be with blacks. I knew a young black woman who was a co-worker of mine in our office. She was the only black person in there. She was quiet and didn't talk much. But when another black woman came into our room, the both of them were chatting, smiling, and giggling non stop. That was quite a difference. Most of us were amazed!
Comment 3: In his early years, Stevie Wonder was interviewed by Dick Clark on his dance show. One of the questions he was asked was about his favorite singers. Stevie started with Ray Charles and named about 10 other singers. They were all black. How is it that a blind black singer only likes black singers? Someone had to teach him that this singer is a black and that he should like him; and that that singer is a white and he shouldn't really care about him.

3) Reopening Schools Before It Is Safe - One fourth of our students are still not in school because of COVID-19. 
How can we return them safely to school? We are collecting information in order to find some answers. 
The facilities are being wiped clean of germs. 
We are quarantining those students who have been in close contact with those who are COVID-19 positive. 
There are more transmission in elementary schools than in high schools. The use of "roomies" and "zoomies" in which students can be separated, and to learn with the use of cameras and microphones. The results of employing these "virtual" classrooms have been lower grades. 
Students need to interact without masks in music and cheerleading. Masks seem to be "political."

Comment: I feel the wearing of masks is ridiculous. Breathing through your nose is probably just as safe as wearing a mask. Young children under two years old are not required to wear masks from what I hear. Why not? Is it because it restricts the flow of air to the young person's nose and mouth? That's what I think it does to me. That's why you see all these football players and other athletics without masks. Another thing masks do is restrict your vision. I almost tripped and fell on my face last Sunday (March 21) because the mask I was wearing was partly blocking my view. It's probably why Joe Biden stumbled and fell on the stairways when he was boarding his plane. 

4) A Year Ago - And Now "The New Normal."
* Masks have to be worn.
* The streets are empty.
* People have to refrain from hugging. 

Comment: During the Obama Administration, America was hit by the swine flu which supposedly originated by (Guess where?) Communist Red China. Obama said of the COVID-19 epidemic that he would have much more than Mr. Trump did. What did Obama do for the swine flue. Answer: Nothing. He did nothing.
Here is a video of what South Dakota is doing about the COVID-19 epidemic:


March 14, 2021

1) Unusual efforts are being made to have COVID-19 testing kits become available like putting them in candy dispensers and at golf courses. Coronavirus will be difficult to eradicate. Three new strains of COVID-19 are developing. There's: (1) the UK variant, (2) the Brazil variant, and (3) the South African variant.

2) George Floyd was allegedly shot dead by white police in St. Louis. Kim Garner, a black woman, was elected on her promise to bring fairness. She said non-violent criminals should not be locked up. She said white home owners do not have the right to defend their homes with guns against rioters and mobs. She has received death threats. The out-of-control murder is at a 50-year high. There have been racial slurs on Facebook against blacks. Two police officers were fired for using racial slurs.

Comment 1: I don't know if this is a mistake on my part or 60 Minutes, but George Floyd was not shot by the police. He allegedly strangled by a policeman who kept his knee on his neck for eight minutes. There is evidence that the real cause of death was drug overdose.

Comment 2: Kim Garner said homeowners don't have the right to defend their homes with guns against rioters. This is a frightful state to be in the USA. For one thing, riots are becoming normal again just as they were during years during the Lyndon Johnson Administration. In these times as ours when people are less Christian, like in the Old West with bandits, train robbers, and cowboys-and-Indians. Only in today's world, Kim Garner says it's wrong for the good guys to use their guns to defend their homes. The following article is one example of how wrong this policy is:
This is a shocking case of two teenagers invading a poor defenseless mentally ill man in his home and setting him on fire. It is is pure evil. This is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment - so that we can protect ourselves from ruthless and merciless killers such as these two teenagers.

In the days when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York City, the streets were safe because the laws on the books were strictly enforced. This is what we expect of our city, county, and state leaders. This is what is written in the Preamble of our Constitution where it says that we the people have a duty to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility. 


3) Best Band In The Land - Featuring the all-Catholic St. Augustine H.S. Marching Bank in New Orleans.


March 7, 2021

1) Poor people in Columbus, Ohio living through the COVID-19 recession. Joe Biden is ready to sign the third COVID-19 relief bill. Before, 24-year old Cortney Yodler was just hanging on with several jobs. Now, during the COVID-19 recession, she can’t find any work. Nine million jobs lost. The poor are unable to pay their bills. Needs of the poor include warmth for their bodies, tents, shoes, and clothes. They have problems like diabetes, skin issues, and hunger. One individual was without food for two days. National guard has to taken over food bank jobs because the normal employees can no longer get to their jobs. Many of the poor lives in cars and vans. It won’t be until 2024 before low wage jobs return.

Comment 1: That is only half the story. There are some states where there is no lockdown and no requirement for the wearing of masks. These states (like South Dakota, Texas, and Florida) are experiencing relative prosperity in constrast to Ohio, New York and all the other blue states.

Comment 2: The day will soon come when every one in the USA and the world will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Isn't that wonderful?!!! It sure is, boys and girls!!!

2) The search for a treatment for COVID-19- One possible drug would be fluvoxamine. It may be ready for FDA approval, but it can cause nausea in some patients.

Comment: The drug hydroxychloroquine that is used to treat malaria has also been found to be a treatment for coronavirus. It is not only effective but it is also cheap. Which is probably why the second largest Hydroxychloroquine manufacturing plant was bombed in Taiwan. If there's one thing Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical companies) hate, it's a cheap cure for anything.

3) Artemis - the US space program to send American men AND women back to the moon. The moon rocket will produce 8 million pounds of thrust at launch. The US has plans to build a space station in orbit around the moon. It will be called Gateway. The number of astronauts in NASA numbers 9 men and 9 women. The question 60 Minutes raised was, “Why go back to the moon?” The answer is that ice was discovered at the south lunar pole. We go there to stay. 60 Minutes wonders why a capitalist nation like the USA practices socialism when it comes to the space program. It should be for private companies. Delays on SLS launch. It will cost $2 billion for each launch. Reusable rockets have been flown eight times. 

Comment: 60 Minutes has a very cold attitude about the US space program. "We've already been to the moon. What's the point of doing it all over again?" is their reasoning. So we've discovered ice at the south pole of the moon. "Big deal! Is that why we should go back to the moon?" 60 Minutes might ask. The main reason is because space is the new high ground. We cannot allow Communist Red China and Russia gain advantage over us in space.

Our secondary goal in space should be to mine the Asteroid 16 Psyche in order to eliminate our disgraceful $25 trillion debt.  

Another criticism of 60 Minutes is that the SLS moon program has suffered delay after delay. It started in 2011, but here we are ten years later, and not one SLS rocket has been fired from earth. The first scheduled launch of the SLS rocket is for November 2021. Will we see the first liftoff of the SLS rocket this November, or will it be further delayed? We'll see.

4) White supremacy movement - race war. Shoot minorities without facing the law.


February 28, 2021

1) Millions of Americans are still waiting for their COVID-19 shot. Johnson & Johnson is joining two other pharmaceutical companies to produce the vaccine. Five hundred thousand people have died from COVID-19 so far. Three hundred thousand Americans have been vaccinated. The demand for the vaccine far outstrips the supply. The neediest get the vaccines. The goal is to vaccinate 100 million by July. The scope of the project is comparable to a moon shot program.  A 94-year old man is on borrowed time. "When am I going to get my shot?" Americans are asking.
Comment 1: Even with every American vaccinated against the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci tells us that we will still have to keep wearing our masks.
Comment 2: One authority commented (which I have long been suspicious of) is that Communist Red China afflicted us with the disease along with the rest of the world. Now they are profiting from it by selling us the masks, the vaccines, and whatever else we need to cope with it.
Comment 3: This is my personal opinion more than anything else. Maybe I'm right about this--that COVID-19 is more of a hysteria than a disease. This 60 Minute segment strongly suggests that Americans are impatient for a vaccine that will provide complete immunity from COVID-19,and that life will return to normal once this is done.  

2) An Iranian strike against a US base at Al-asad in Iraq.  All of the servicemen crawled into bunkers that were made to hold 10 people. A total of 27 missiles were fired at the base. There were no causalities, but hundreds of the soldiers experienced headaches, vomiting, and traumatic brain injury.
Comment: There may not have been any casualties in this attack, but the story is far from over. One serviceman said the headaches occur every day. Many with this sort of injury have resorted to suicide. So it's not that there weren't any casualties, it's that they haven't occurred yet. 

3) Colson Whitehead - black American writer and winner of several awards including two Pulitzer prizes. He authored books on the underground railroad.


February 21, 2021

1) Threats against judges. Threats are increasing. Killer of woman judge’s son searched for information on the judge from the Internet. Since that time, 4,200 threats have been posted on line against judges. Trump tweeted about a "so-called" judge. This judge says that hurts the entire judiciary. Some threats come from Putin’s Russia. 

Comment 1:: I think 60 Minutes said that judges have always been threatened. But with the help of the Internet, those threats are increasing. The lives of our judges and the lives of their families are also increasingly in jeopardy--especially as our society deteriorates. 

Comment 2: The lady judge whose son was killed told 60 Minutes that she will not be deterred. She will continue on as judge, and she will continue to carry out the duties as judge to uphold the law. This is called bravery and courage. This what we sing about in our national anthem with the words "And the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave." All Americans should remember that we serve God, and that we are here to do His will no matter what the cost.
Comment 3: 60 Minutes quoted one judge who noted that Mr. Trump singled out one particular judge as "a so-called" judge. He said this remark was offensive to all judges. I think not. I think this is a cheap shot against Mr. Trump. Jesus said the same thing when He spoke the parable of the unjust judge as it is written in Luke 18:2-7. There are Clinton-appointed and Obama-appointed judges who are in favor of abortion. And there are Trump-appointed judges who are against abortion. For example, Planned Parenthood needed a judge's permission according to law before they could perform an abortion on a young woman. In 15 minutes, Planned Parenthood obtained court approval for the abortion. That judge is what you would call "a so-called judge."  


2) The war of Syrian President Assad against his own people using nerve gas which is banned throughout the world. There is also torture, gouging out of eyes, and rape. Evidence of these atrocities are being smuggled out of Syria in hopes of taking Assad to the world court.

Comment: It hard to believe that these atrocities are still be committed after we've through the Holocaust during World War II. Especially disturbing is the gouging of the eyes. 

3) QAnon - a global kabal involving Satan worship. They post hateful messages like "We are going to take out the Deep State." Trump said many of them like him. They are starting to militarize from QAnon to Qarmy. Son discusses what they have done to his mother--made her disassociate with her family. He’s trying to undo their effects.



1) The State of the Navy, Part 1
* A repeat of the segment that was aired March 19, 2023.


2) The State of The Navy, Part 2
* A repeat of the segment that was aired March 19, 2023-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3) Only In America
* A repeat of the segment that was aired March 19, 2023