Communist Red China

Back in the 1970s, a friend of mine, Sue Eagan, and I were discussing who would rule the world in the future. She said it would be China. I said it would be Jesus. She look at me like I got that answer from a child’s fairy book story. But she was a college girl at the time, so she knew what she was talking about. Apparently, she did because today China has the greatest economy in the world. And the United States? We are on our way down. Our national debt is now over $18 trillion--the greatest debt in the history of the world. Slowly I began to admit that Sue was right, and I slowly resigned myself to the inevitable fact that someday soon I would be living under Red Chinese domination. Maybe it won’t be so bad, I thought. But then I started reading that it won’t be like that. There was an article from a book or news magazine that said that they want to exterminate us and take over our land--our land, meaning North America and Australia--and then colonize it with their own people so that there would be one vast Empire of China bordering on all four oceans occupying two of them being the third largest continent in the world--North well as 1/3 of the largest continent in the world--Asia.

January 17, 2016 Sunday. One of the books I’ve read on China, if not the same one, said that when China goes to war, they don’t usually fight on the same grounds or terms as their opponent. What I mean to say is, that China would not wage an all-out military war with the United States because we have superior air power and nuclear power, for now. We could wipe Communist Red China off the map several times over. What China does is that it uses any and every other possible way to destroy its enemy. Right now, the type of war they are waging against us is economic war. They are destroying our businesses and industries through lying and stealing. The feature segment of tonight’s 60 Minutes demonstrated this point quite clearly. It was so disturbing to watch. I was really dismayed and angry how China wages espionage on American companies on a daily basis. They steal our technology for the latest commercial products, then they produce them cheaper and drive our American companies out of business. The primary example they showed was a wind powered energy generator. An American company was making billions of dollars selling to China wind powered generators using the latest in American technology. The American company manufactured it so that the Chinese could not reverse engineer it in order find out how it works. But Communist Red Chinese bribed one of the company’s Austrian employees with lots of money and lots of sexy girls. This employee gave them all the information they wanted. So the Chinese were able to copy the product and produce it more cheaply than the American company whose technology they stole. As a result, the American company has lost millions, if not billions of dollars of business. They had to lay off hundreds of American workers. To add insult to injury, Massachusetts has bought millions of dollars worth of this Chinese companies’ wind powered generators funded by the Obama federal government.

This all follows Bible prophecy to the letter. It is some kind of curse God has put on us to destroy us for our sins, as it says in Leviticus 26:16, “And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it.” We Americans have developed remarkable products, but it is our enemies, the Communist Red Chinese, who are enjoying the fruits of our ideas. Another Bible prophecy fulfilled is what Paul said about our generation. He said in 2 Timothy 3:1-4, “This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, …traitors,..”

Rare Earths

60 Minutes did a segment about Communist Red China’s control over rare earths back on March 21, 2015. And it didn’t happen by accident. That was their policy and their goal. They took everything away from us that they needed to dominate the rare earth industry which is vital to our electronic industry, including the electronics that operate our most advanced fighter aircraft, the F-35.

Donald Trump knows what Communist Red China is doing to us.

Another video gone. It's about Donald Trump saying, "They're (China) killing us."

Communist Red Chinese Advances In Technology

January 8, 2017 Sunday. The latest issue of Newsmax (January 2017) has an article on Communist Red China that greatly disturbs me. It tells how they are making advances in technology that will surpass our own technology. Some of their technological achievements include:
1) The world’s fastest train
2) The world’s fastest supercomputer
3) The world’s largest radio telescope
4) Stealth jet fighters based on US technology

Here are some other alarming facts:
1) Of the number of Communist Red China college graduates, 44% major in engineering and science compared with only 16% of United States college graduates.
2) In September 2016, Communist Red China launched its own Tiangong-2 space station manned by two of its astronauts. Five years from now, they plan to have an expanded space station while the International Space Station goes into retirement.
3) They want to put a Communist Red Chinese man on the moon in the mid 2020s.
4) They plan to put a lunar lander on the far side of the moon.
5) They are building a space shuttle that can take off from airports.

Here is what the Communist Red Chinese military looks like today:
There are 2,335,000 Communist Red Chinese troops
There are 2,942 Communist Red Chinese planes
There are 9,150 Communist Red Chinese tanks
There are 670 Communist Red Chinese ships.


Communist Red China In The News

November 28, 2017 Tuesday. It may seem like it’s a bit old fashion, and even silly, to call China “Communist Red China.” After all, the Cold War is over. We recognized China; we both have embassies in each other’s country. We buy a lot of Chinese goods. Their businessmen have set up their companies here in America, and our businessmen have set up their companies in China. There is also much travel between the two countries. President Trump went to visit Communist Red China recently; and he also had Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping visiting him in the White House.
However, this bit of news appeared today on the Christian Daily Patriot web site:

Christians in Communist Red China who celebrate Christmas must put up pictures of Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping instead of Jesus and various Christmas decorations. This is because the communist government is a totalitarian regime which places itself above God unlike the USA which is a “nation under God.”
Imagine the Republican Party going around from one house to another telling us to replace pictures of Santa Claus, baby Jesus, the Magi, and other Christmas decorations with pictures of Donald Trump. It is simply beyond imagination. But that’s the way it is in Communist Red China.

It may not be only Christians who are bothered by the communists. Last April, I went to Eastern Hills Mall and saw a pretty Chinese lady promoting a dance show at Shea’s Theater in downtown Buffalo. We talked about the communists in her country. I think she was a Buddhist, but I didn’t ask her. She said the communists are destroying her culture. I mentioned the purges they had in China’s history. She said, “Yeah!"

December 3, 2017 Sunday. Here is another web site page that shows what the punishment for celebrating Christmas in Communist Red China instead of President Xi Jinping Day. It is starvation. Those purges I mentioned aren’t simply relics of a bygone era. They are alive and well when you have a regime that considers itself above God.

Purges and mass murder are still alive and well in Communist Red China.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Communist Red China.


Since February 25, 2018, President Xi Jinping of Communist Red China can serve more than two terms as leader of his country. China is ruled by only one party, the Communist Party; so there is no opposition Xi Jinping winning another term, and then another term, and then another term, and then another term until he dies.

In United States history, the presidents we’ve had served two 4-years terms. Since George Washington, our presidents believed that serving more than two terms would make the office of president too powerful. It was only during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, that this tradition had been broken. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to four terms. He died three months into his fourth term. Six years later, the 22nd Amendment was added to the Constitution forbiding any American from serving as president of the US for more than two terms. We don’t want an all-powerful president.

But in Communist Red China, it’s different now. They have removed their “22nd Amendment.” So now their president can stay in office as long as he wants to. And he will grow stronger and stronger in power until he becomes an absolute dictator. Communist Red China’s last strongman was Mao Tse-tung. During his reign, 45 million Chinese were murdered over a four year period. Will history repeat itself?

The Armstrong church took note that in the Book of Revelations, our future leaders will be kings. The Armstrongs suggested that monarchies will replace democracies.


March 1, 2018 President Trump announced the placing of tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum. This is in response to Communist Red China’s dumping of cheap steel and aluminum on the American market so that American steel and aluminum companies are forced out of business. So many of our products are no longer made in the USA but in Communist Red China--toys, cell phones, smart phones, kitchen appliances, dishware, silverware, pants, dresses, shirts, shoes, sneakers, TV sets, radios, bicycles. All these products we now buy carry the “Made in (Communist Red) China” label. It’s been like that for over 15 years now. Even many, if not most, of our American flags are made in Communist Red China. Incredible!  Outrageous! This loss of industry has cost 3.5 million American jobs since 2001 when Communist Red China was admitted to the World Trade Organization.

Loss of jobs is devastating for families, companies, and communities.

For families - In a family in which there is only one wage earner, that loss of job would mean instant poverty since most American families live from one paycheck to another. It would bring about depression. The longer the unemployment of the former wage earner, the greater the depression. Continued depression could lead to drinking problems, domestic quarrels, divorce or even suicide.

For companies - When families suffer loss of income, they must tighten their belts and watch their pennies. Usually this means subscriptions to newspapers and magazines are canceled, memberships in clubs are stopped; businesses like clothing stores, the movie theaters, and restaurants are cut out of their shrunken budgets.

For communities - When a wage earner loses his job, the city treasury suffer the loss of taxes. These taxes are needed to keep our roads in shape, supply us with water and waste disposal, and provide us with police and fire protection. Instead, the communities must spend more taxes to support the families who lost their wage earner.

May 9, 2018 Wednesday. Tucker Carlson of Fox News is telling his night viewers that Communist Red China is our greatest threat. This is what I have been warning about for the last 20 years. Communist Red China’s economy is as strong, if not stronger than ours. Tucker Carlson said they have done this by wrecking our economy. They have stolen our jobs, our factories, our technology, and our intelligence. He showed Communist Red China’s modern navy and said they are building islands in the South China Sea to be used as air fields to take control of the region. They are using laser beams to blind the eyes of our Air Force pilots.

It was a STUPID MISTAKE to have recognized Communist Red China. 


June 28, 2018 Thursday. Last week on Fox News, Tucker Carlson told us about how Communist Red China is financing American universities with lots of cold hard cash. In return, these American universities are giving them our latest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries even before we Americans have a chance to enjoy these ideas and products. If it takes Communist Red Chinese money to keep these American universities afloat, then we should shut them down rather than let them help Emperor Xi destroy us. 
In his electronic report, Dr. Blaylock argued against Trump’s tariffs against (Communist Red) China. He explained that it’s like you going to your grocery store and giving the owner your money. He now has a surplus of dollars over you. But he takes those surplus dollars and invests it for more supplies. The guy who supplies our grocery man the goods we buy from him is our employer who pays us our wages and salaries that we use to buy from our grocery man. Dr. Blaylock uses this analogy to tell us that though Communist Red China has a surplus of dollars, they use those surplus dollars to invest in American companies and, yes, our American universities. The trouble is, these American companies and universities are then required to give Communist Red China their latest discoveries and technology so that they (Communist Red China) can use it to destroy us.


August 12, 2018 Sunday. Mark Levin of Fox News has an hourly program on Sunday nights at 10 PM Eastern Time. His guest on this day was Michael Pillsbury who recently wrote a book on Communist Red China which is entitled, The Hundred Years Marathon.  He tells how militaristic Communist Red China is by concentrating all their efforts to acquire advanced technology. He said they have done this by telling everyone that they are our friends.  Therefore, the technology they acquire supposedly is for the benefit of all mankind when, in truth, it is to make Communist Red China the absolute dominant super power in the world.  The book’s title shows that Communist Red China is committed to a long-range goal which they hope to achieve within five to ten years.  Part of their goal is to knock out our ability to maintain communications, particularly satellite communications with our forces throughout the world.
Author Michael Pillsbury said it is fortunate for the USA that we have Donald Trump as our president because he is aware of the danger Communist Red China poses to our country and our allies. It is the main reason why he has begun the establishment of the United States Space Force, which is to safeguard our satellite communications system. 
It also hoped that President Trump will appoint a “czar” who will oversee the all the activities of the Communist Red Chinese within the United States. They are in our colleges and universities; and they are penetrating our American companies - all to gain as much of our technology as they can. Another reason Communist Red China has influenced our universities is to squash anti-communist dissidents who complain about the loss of freedom in their homeland China. Rather than becoming a more free and open society in our modern era, Communist Red China is doing more and more to suppress freedom and human rights.
Lastly, and of great importance, is what Michael Pillsbury says is the need to establish a common and united front against Communist Red China’s ambitions. Currently, only 50%, just one half of our citizens, are supporting the President in his defense against Communist Red Chinese espionage and pirating. The other half of the country is busy accusing Mr. Trump of Russian collusion instead of exposing and warning us of the dangers we face from Communist Red China.

Precious Gems on the Pacific Ocean Floor

On Sunday, November 17, 2019, 60 Minutes did a segment on thousands of little gems or nodules sitting on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Mexico composed of nickel and cobalt, and which are worth $16 trillion. A dozen nations have claimed the right to mine these modules including France, Cuba, and Russia. The one nation that has the biggest claim is Communist Red China. The United States has made no claim in the area. 60 Minutes tells us that we are not only missing out on a fortune of precious metals almost in our own backyard (Hawaii), but we are more than likely will become more dependent for these rare earth metals on Communist Red China in a few years. The outrageous irony of all this is that Communist Red China already had laid claim to the entire South China Sea. To travel through the South China Sea, you would either have to have permission from Commmunist Red China, or you would have to travel under the protection of the U.S. Navy.

March 21, 2021 Sunday. I am currently reading a booklet entitled Red Alert that was published only last year. It says that the vast wealth Communist Red China has obtained from their cheap and slave labor is used to bribe US officials in government and industry. Even in Hollywood, according to Bill Maher, no one is allow to say anything bad about Communist Red China.

Red China