Energy Independence

During the Arab-Jew War of 1973, the Arabs, specifically OPEC, placed an embargo of their oil on America for its support of Israel. We can and we should be energy independent. We have more coal and shale oil than Saudi Arabia has oil. We have the most advanced technology in the world. We surely can come up with the ways and the means of supplying ourselves with abundant energy to last us for all eternity. We should expect no less from ourselves.

I believe the trouble is that OPEC does not want the USA to be energy independent. They want us to be DEPENDENT on their oil. That way, they will have control over us because they will be holding a large supply of American dollars and they will have political leverage over us in their battle against Israel.

Right now, we are enjoying low prices at the gas pump. This, in a way, is hurting American production of oil and other energy production. Our number one priority should be to protect our energy production industry.

There is no need to make a sacrifice cheap oil for the sake of energy independence. The federal government should subsidize the exploration and exploitation of all of our energy resources. I believe this was the goal of the United States government during the Nixon Administration.