When the economy is bad, immigration is usually cut back to prevent newcomers from competing with natural born citizens for scarce jobs.  This is how immigration should be now (during the Obama Administration)--it should be cut back because of our poor economy.

The immigration issue is much deeper than the question of how many people we should take in every year. We have illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. We have illegal immigrants committing felonies and murdering American citizens. The recent (July 1, 2015) murder of Kate Steinle  has highlighted how corrupt and immoral our immigration policy has become. We have over 100 sanctuary cities across America like San Francisco where Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez who had six or seven previous arrests, They allow illegal aliens to roam around without fear of arrest or deportation. When an illegal alien is arrested for committing a crime, the local police is suppose to notify the federal authorities, who are suppose to prosecute or at least deport the illegal alien back across the border to Mexico. This is not what happened in the case of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. Bill O'Reilly of The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News is sponsoring Kate's Law. It is a law that if and when passed, will make it a mandatory sentence of 5 years in prison if an illegal alien shows up in this country after having been convicted of a felony. I think that is way, way too soft. An illegal alien is a trespasser when crossing the border into our country. Since an illegal alien is an unwelcomed foreigner and not a citizen, he is not entitled to be protected by any of our laws including the Constitutional ban against cruel and unusual punishment. A five-year sentence at hard labor should be given to any and all illegal aliens crossing the border into the USA. And if an illegal alien has crossed the border and commits a crime, then he is no longer merely a trespasser. He is an invader. Any and all illegal aliens who have been caught committing a crime in the USA is an invader and should be shot. As for sanctuary cities. These cities are in rebellion. The leaders of these cities--meaning the mayors, supervisors, and council members--should all be arrested and serve a minimum of five years in prison.

I just bought a copy of Ann Coulter's book Adios, America. She tells about "anchor babies." Those are newborn babies of foreign couples. The pregnant foreign mother is brought into this country almost always as an illegal alien. She goes to an American hospital and has her baby. And because of some twisted interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, that baby who was born in the USA is an American citizen. Ann said one Mexican woman did that seven times. Unbelievable! We should amend the Constitution so that there are no more anchor babies.

Another thing Ann talked about was diversity. The Politically Correct have changed this word to mean "non-white" or "non-Anglo". She said true diversity, the mixing of the races, never works. It didn't work in Turkey when the Turks slaughtered a million Kurds. It doesn't work in Canada where the French-speaking Canadians hate the English-speaking Canadians. And it doesn't work here where the Hispanics refuse to assimilate into white English-speaking America. Even the Bible says diversity doesn't work. In telling King Nebuchadnezzar his dream about the huge statue, Daniel said in Daniel 2:43 about the toe that are partly iron and partly clay, "And whereas you saw iron mixed with miry clay; they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men, but they shall not cleave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay." 

I am currently (July 30, 2015) on page 249 of 280 page of Ann's book. She was saying on TV that we worry about ISIS in the Middle East. We should be a lot more worried about all the illegal immigrants we are allowing in the U.S., especially from Mexico. She wasn't kidding. ISIS simply cuts your head off. The illegal Mexicans dismember your body. They gang rape. They set our forests on fire. They throw their trash everywhere except in the trash can. You would think that because Mexico is a Catholic country that they would be more civilized. But Ann says the only civilized people in the world are the English-speaking countries and Western Europe.   

Ann talks about the H-1B program that allows an American company to hire an expert from a foreign country that's badly needed if none are to be found in the USA. She tells how the program is nothing more than a scam and a slap in the face to us hard-working Americans. Two examples are Disney World and the California Employment Office in Sacramento. At Disney World, Americans are told they must train workers from India who will replace them and work at a much rate of pay. In Sacramento, workers from India were brought in to processed claims of American workers who just lost their jobs. Ann tells about even greater abuses of the H-1B program. She says rich men from India bring 12-year old girls to America with them to have sex with them. So 12-year old girls from India not only are not experts in some technical field according to the requirements of the H-1B program, they are victims of men who are violating our statutory rape laws.

Ann's advice to America is simple: Stop immigration. Ironically, we too often prevent those Christians and Jews who are fleeing persecution and certain death from entering our borders. So our immigration laws are outrageous in allowing our enemies to come in; and they are shameful in that they prevent us from helping our Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters in distress.

The Wall - Donald Trump says that if and when he becomes president, he will put up a wall along the Mexican border and they will pay for it. He hasn't told us how Mexico will pay for our wall. Someone on Fox News, I think it was either Hannity or O'Reilly, guess that would mean scrapping the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and charging a tariff on imported goods coming from Mexico to pay for the wall. I think there should be a wall along the Mexican border whether Mexico pays for it or not. Maybe we could build two walls. On the top of the wall would be a highway for automobile traffic. Maybe we could even build a canal. During the crisis we had with Panama back in the 1970's over the Panama Canal, I wondered why we couldn't build a canal from the Pacific Ocean in California to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Whatever we built there, we should at least have a fence with the border patrol forces guarding it. And with that, we could place scanners and cameras to keep watch over the border 24 hours a day.

Mexico regards the wall as an unfriendly act. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi says that the wall is a sign of weakness. She is for open borders. She once said that there is no border.

When I was in grammar school, we were taught that the US-Canadian border is the longest undefended border in the world. There are some undefended borders between other countries. There are no defended borders between Austria and Switzerland. Some countries have natural borders. The British Isles are surrounded by the sea. Between Chile and Argentina are the Andes Mountains. Between the US and Mexico, there is the Rio Grande River along the Texas border. Along the New Mexico, Arizona, and California border, there is mostly desert. But this border has been recently paved with modern roads and highways. From what I’ve heard, it is easier to cross the US-Mexican border than it is to cross the US-Canadian border.

"Diversity Is Our Strength"
On Fox News back in November, 2018, Tucker Carlson of Fox News was wrestling with that phrase, "Diversity Is Our Strength" from the Left who are in favor of open borders and the right for anyone in the world to enter our country. I suspect that it means the same as the French Canadian woman who was enforcing the law in Quebec Province in which all businesses were required to advertise in French only. Even the menus at McDonald's Restaurant had to be all in French. Oui, oui. She told the 60 Minutes or 20/20 reporter that this was for the sake of diversity. So that's what diversity meant to her. It meant "French only." I believe that's what our Hispanic friends are saying to us in the Southwest. They're saying, "Hispanics only."

In the old days, we welcomed immigrants who came from countries with little or no freedom. They appreciated all their new freedoms and were grateful and proud to be Americans. In fact, they put the rest of us to shame because we took our freedoms and our prosperity for granted. 

Today, we are suppose to let in anyone who wants to come into this country regardless as to whether they love this country or hate it. With respect to the Caravan that has trying to get into the USA from Central America and Mexico, they don't appear to love America. They are flying the flag of Honduras. We are not Honduras. 
Some people compare the Caravan to the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt into the Holy Land. If that is true of the Caravan, then that is bad news for the USA because the Israelites were ordered by God to destroy all the inhabitants of the Holy Land and take over their land.

We need to be careful about who we let into our borders. We want people who share our Judeo-Christian values. 

Some day we may not be able to allow anyone into this country. When I was a teenager, it was told that all the world's population could fit into an area the size of New Hampshire standing up. Today, all the world's population could fit in an area the size of Texas in skyscrapers many stories high.