The 2020 Presidential Elections

The candidates for the 2020 presidential election are (Republican) President Donald Trump and former (Democratic) Vice-President Joseph Biden who served under former President Barak Obama. The vice presidential candidates are (Republican) Michael Pence who served as President Trump's vice president for the last four years; and there is (Democratic) Kamala Harris who is a US Senator from California. 

For me, it is not hard to favor the Trump / Pence ticket over the Biden / Harris ticket. Though I am a registered Democrat, I agree with the policies of President Trump; and I disagree with the plans of Vice President Biden. I could mention that President Trump was formerly a Democrat, just as Ronald Reagan was formerly a Democrat. Both turned away from the Democratic Party because it drifted to socialist - leftist agenda which appears to threaten the safety of our nation.

Here are 18 reasons why I think Joe Biden should not be be our next president:

1) Joe Biden directed the FBI to spy on Donald Trump during the 2016 president campaign.

2) Joe Biden says he will use Federal power to require all Americans to wear masks in public. 

3) Joe Biden wants the US to rejoin World Health Organization after President Trump withdrew us from it today. I've noted before that WHO is a worthless branch of the UN whose members waste our tax money for lavish parties and vacations.

4) Joe Biden will raise taxes when asked about the tax cuts. However, he promises no one earning less than $400,000 will see an increase in their taxes.

5) He wants $7 trillion in new federal spending. 

6) He wants to take away assault guns away from citizens.

7) Wants to lift the ban on immigrants from Islam countries and other terrorists countries. And without assault guns, Muslims will be free to multiply in this country and take it over with little resistance.

8) Wants public schools to teach more about the Islam faith. Already, one minister of France has called his country a Muslim nation. More than likely, our children will not be taught about the 9/11 attacks, but rather that women are 3rd class citizens equal to animals who are to be beaten into submission, that every non-Muslim (especially Christians and Jews) is an enemy and should be killed. And they will be taught that there is no other God but Allah and that you should pray to Allah five times a day. 

9) He has made Kamala his vice president. In the past, she took police action against a journalist who was reporting the selling of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood. She also wants to give medical aid to illegal aliens. She wants universities and employers to discriminate against whites and in favor of browns and blacks.
Another candidate Joe Biden had in mind for his vice presidential running mate was Karen Bass, a pro-Castro leftist who financed terrorists in Los Angeles. She wants to re-import illegal aliens who have been deported for committing crimes. And like Kamela Harris, she wants to repeal a California law against racial discrimination.

10) Joe Biden claims that if Trump is reelected, the riots will continue. Is this a threat or is it only his personal feelings that he is sharing with us?

11) Joe and Hunter Biden have become business partners with the government of Communist Red China and American companies who sell both civilian and military goods. In this way, Communist Red China have access to our nuclear technology. This should be reason enough to keep Joe Biden from ever residing in the White House.

12) Joe Biden has plagiarized other politicians’ speeches without giving credit, like JFK.

13) He once said he was the top graduate in his class; he has three degrees; he was named an outstanding student in college. Now he says none of those things were true.

14) There is a video of Vice President Joe Biden calling troops “stupid bastards” for not clapping.

15) Joe Biden has trouble saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  He said, “I pledge allegiance to the flag for which it stands, one nation under God, for real.” And, "I pledge allegiance to the United State of America, one nation, indivisible, under God, for real.”

16) Joe Biden claims to have attended HBCU, a black university; but he never did. He did make at least two appearances there.

17) Joe Biden vows that Muslims will serve “at every level” in his administration. (Source: Jihad Watch). This is very dangerous. He is sympathetic to the Muslims who want to destroy this country, our Constitution, and to have our country follow Sharia Law.

18) Joe Biden is a flip-flop politician. One flip flop I have noticed is that he once said, "Come on, man. China is not a competitor." Then during the last presidential debate, he said China is a competitor.

Donald Trump

Candidate Donald Trump's main theme is: Promises made. Promises kept. We have to find out what those promises are, and then we have to see if they were really kept.
There were six promises Mr. Trump made. They were:
1) Tax Cuts - He promised to lower the corporate tax rate and to make large tax cuts for working Americans. He had to compromise with Congress to lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21 instead of the 15% he intended. He was able to lower taxes for individual Americans. Taxes for some Americans in Democrat-run states went up. 
2) An end to the Paris Climate Deal - Mr. Trump claimed that the Deal was concocted by Communist Red China, and that it stifles American growth. The Deal does not end until this November 4th after the elections. The USA is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Almost everyone is unhappy about the decision, but it is said that greenhouse gases will go down anyway because the US is relying more on gases than on coal.
3) Reshaping the Judiciary - Mr. Trump promised to install judges who are in favor of the Second Amendment. He also promised the Christian ministers that he would select judges who are pro-life. So far, President Trump has appointed conservative 3 judges to the Supreme Court and 200 conservative judges to the lower federal couts.


Donald Trump - President Elect

November 19, 2016 Saturday. Donald Trump is to be our next present--the 45th President of the United States of America. It is good to know that. I really didn’t think he would win. There’s a you tube video about the elections. It author talked about a message in the Bible Code which said that Trump would win the election, but that Hillary would steal. I opined that what this meant was that Donald Trump would indeed win the election, which he did, as anyone can obviously see. Even Hillary offered her congratulations to him. Yet, Mr. Trump could still be denied White House if the Electoral College votes for Hillary. The electors in the Electoral College must cast their votes by December 28th. And the votes are to be counted on January 6th, 2017. The electors have received death threats if they vote for Trump as our next president. Will they be brave and dutifully vote for the candidate who won the majority of votes in their states--making Donald Trump the rightful successor to Obama? Or will they heed the warning, play it safe, and vote for Hillary?

The Candidates

Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Eleanor Roosevelt of the 21st Century. The First Lady of the 42nd President of the United States of America. Former Madame Secretary of State of the United States. Former United States Senator representing New York State. That's quite a resume. She has this one unique quality about her: The less you know about her the more you like her. Since I know a lot about her, I don't like her.

What do I know about her? I have three books which I got when she was running for president in 2008:

1) The Truth About Hillary by Edward Klein

2) Hillary's Scheme by Carl Limbacher

3) Can She Be Stopped? by John Podhoretz

I also have a DVD entitled Hillary The Movie produced by Citizens United Publications

I have an audio tape entitled Hillary Up Close by Trooper Larry Patterson

Also I have a Deck of Hillary cards from Newsmax, which includes 52 nasty quotations Hillary made like the one about putting up the American flag. *

Here's what I know about her:

One, she is the biggest advocate of abortion in America. She and her husband Bill supported partial birth abortion--the most barbaric "medical procedure" on the earth--and were opposed to banning it.

Two, she apparently is for gay rights. She marched with the gays in the gay day parade in NYC. 

Three, she lies a lot. She and Bill went to Senator and Mrs. Moynihan to receive their endorsement for her becoming the next senator representing New York State. They could not stand them. They kept lying all the time. She never got their endorsement even though she didn't need it. 

Four, she is a hypocrite. She said "the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking. I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it. I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement."

Five and Six. She is somewhat stingy and has a violent temper. She use to own a brood of rabbits. One day, she asked a guy to watch her rabbits while went somewhere for a few minutes. Some children came by and saw the rabbits. They wanted one. So the guy gave them one rabbit. When Hillary came back, she counted all her rabbits. There was one missing. She got angry and punched the guy in the face leaving him with a bloody nose.

Seven and Eight. She's unpatriotic and has a dirty mouth. When she was First Lady of Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, she said, "Where is the goddamn f--king? I want the goddamn f--king flag up every f--king morning at f--king sunrise."

* This deck can be bought on ebay It is the 12th item down from the top. The front of the box has Hillary's face over the Statue of Liberty. Each of the suits has a different category. Diamonds are The First Lady. Spades are The REAL Hillary. Clubs are The Feminist. Hearts are Bill & Me. There's also two Joker cards. So that's 54 quotations in all. One sampling is similar to what Bill O'Reilly showed on his O'Reilly Factor. He shows Hillary telling one of her admirers who wants to take a picture of her, "Get to the back of the line. Get to the back of the line." The one card that's in The Hillary Deck quotes her as saying to one of her Secret Service agents, those whose job is to protect her life, "Stay the f--k back, stay the f--k away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me, or else!"

Newmax is or was a conservative magazine. I have been a subscriber to it for many years. Some of their articles are informative. Some articles, like on the Muslims, were so-so, "lukewarm" as the Bible would say, neither hot nor cold.

Nexmax was founded and is owned by Christopher Ruddy. He recently donated one million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. God says in the Bible, "I am the Lord. I change not." But Christopher Ruddy has changed.

Some of the highlights of the audio tape Hillary Up Close by Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson are:

1) Bill Clinton doesn't like to have close friends because he doesn't want them to ask him for any favors.

2) He is a user and backstabber. He will take donations from a supporter and then curse him behind his back.

3) He is a promiscuous sex addict. When any pretty girl would go by his governor's window, he would have one of his aides go out and get her name and phone number. He would spend several hours with Gennifer Flowers at the hotel several times.

4) Bill and Hillary's marriage can be described as combative. They would often swear and curse each other even in front of their daughter Chelsea. There conversations often included the "n" word and would always end with the "Jew" word.

5) Bill has a distain for the military and the police. He would sometimes use the "pig" word when referring to the police.

6) In the United States, a man or woman is innocent until proven guilty. Vince Foster died from a gun shot wound. His death was ruled a suicide. Larry thinks otherwise. Vince Foster was a successful man. He had an affectionate relationship with Hillary. Larry think's Vince Foster was murdered. He also says the Clintons stole Vince Foster's office files; and they got away with it without anyone questioning them.

In Hillary’s Scheme, Bill’s sexual conquests included what would be called more than just extra marital affairs. At least one of his encounters was a rape.

Neither Bill nor Hillary can keep their word. Both made promises not to run for office again. Both of them broke their promise. With Bill, he promised the editor of the Little Rock newspaper he wouldn’t run for president, but he would remain as governor to make sure a policy was carried out. For that promise, the news editor gave him their endorsement which he badly needed. With Hillary, made the promise before at least five news organizations that he would not run for president. Apparently, her word means nothing to them nor to anyone else.

Like most politicians, the Clintons like to take credit for all the good things that happen, and they like to put the blame on the other person for all the bad things that happen. In the 1992 campaign, the economy was sluggish. George Bush the First did not want to use the R word (recession). He signed a tax cut into law. Bill Clinton’s slogan was, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The tax cut did the job. But it was a year too late. The economy was stimulated during Clinton’s administration and he took the credit for it. Ironically, during his last year in office, Bill Clinton signed into law the free trade agreement with Communist Red China which resulted in American jobs going overseas--a slow death to our economy. Of course, George Bush the Second was to be blamed for that.

During the Clinton Administration, Bill was involved in several scandals such as Chinagate (in which he sold our nation’s military secrets to the Communist Red Chinese for millions of dollars) and Pardongate (accepting millions of dollars to pardon a criminal). Some witnesses risked their careers and even their very lives to expose the Clinton corruption. When Bush became president, he dropped all investigations into these scandals as a token of reconciliation of the two political parties and to reunite the country. He even gave the Clinton’s a free Air Force One ride to and from Cardinal O’Connor’s funeral in NYC and was even sitting with Hillary on the plane. How did Hillary response to these overtures? By blaming his tax cuts on the 9/11 attacks which she said made us weak and defenseless and by accusing Bush of knowing ("Bush Knew!") about the 9/11 attacks before they happened.

On page 71 of this book are a few examples of the hate and distain Hillary has for Republicans--and the filthy mouth she has to go with that hate. When the Clintons were invited by Bush the First to a clambake, Hillary screamed, “F him, Bill. He’s Reagan’s goddamn vice president.” When her bodyguard L.D. Brown showed Hillary a picture of him and Nancy standing together, she told him to burn it. And when Hillary and her daughter Chelsea passed by the Reagan White House in a taxi, Chelsea wanted to go and see it. Hillary told her, “We’ll take a tour there when someone decent lives there.”

On the next page starts the chapter on her temper. She accuses Donald Trump of having an out-of-control temper that disqualifies him from the presidency. Yet, Hillary’s temper comes right out of hell fire. The ones closest to her say she’s almost in a constant state of rage. She is nothing less than a holy terror. If you dare to disagree with her, she will cuss you out. The worst of her swears words include: “You f--king Jew bastard.” She doesn’t want the public to know that, especially in New York State where she lives because New York has a large Jewish population; and she doesn’t want to lose the Jewish vote.

The mainstream news media never reports these terrible swear words uses. But Trooper Paterson said he has heard Hillary use anti-Semitic slurs on at least 20 different occasions.

On the other hand, she gave a kiss on the cheek to Yassar Arafat’s wife after she gave a speech accusing the Israelis of using poisonous grenades which infect Palestinian women and children with cancer.

At a Palestinian fund raising event, Hillary received $50,000 in May 2000. She accepted another $50,000 from the Boston chapter of the American Muslim Alliance, a group that advocates the use of force against Israel. She claimed she never heard of the group. But her signature was on a written letter in which she thanked the American Muslim Alliance for staging the event three months before she said that.

Trooper Paterson told us about how the Clintons refer to the police as “pigs.” Some of her supporters are worse. What comes out of their mouths are not mere words, but saliva. On May 16, 2000, the five-member honor guard, carrying the American flag, made up of local Albany policemen who were invited into the convention, were spat upon by unknown members of the Democratic delegates. They were also called “Nazis.“ The news media refused to print the story because it was so outrageous.

Helping the bad guys - In her younger days at Yale University, Hillary was a great admirer of the Black Panthers. One of them, Bobby Seals, was accused of killing a fellow Black Panther member Alex Rackley they thought to be a police informant. His body was found in the Coginchaug River that had been marked with cigarette burns, scalded with boiling water, clubbed over the head, stabbed with an ice pick, and then shot twice. Hillary was co-editor of a pro-Black Panther newspaper which depicted a policeman as a bullet-riddened beheaded pig. She helped to organize demonstrations in order to stop the trial of Bobby Seals.

News Blackout and Bias - In October 14, 2001, a van sped through a check point at 35 mph without stopping. The guard at the checkpoint was injured. The driver of the van was a Secret Service agent, and the passenger was Hillary. A news reporter tried to get more information on the injuries of the guard, but he was unable to. Even the wife of the guard told the reporter that they couldn’t talk about the incident even though they wanted to. In contrast, at the same time, a parking ticket incident by a high-ranking Republican with an Oklahoma airport security guard received nationwide attention.

Goon Squads???? -- No one can fault our politicians for wanting protection for themselves. There are a lot of strange people in the world who want only to harm our leaders. In Hillary’s case, some reporters and protestors have said Hillary stifles free speech. Reporters who try to ask her questions are blocked by her security men while she runs away from them. There are protestors who are knocked down to the ground for simply booing at Hillary. Other booers were told by several security men who surrounded them to stop booing.

Strong Arm and Heavy Handed Tactics - “Why don’t reporters ask Hillary some really hard questions?” some may ask. They seem to ask her only the soft questions. The answer is that Hillary gets after the reporters and personalities who dare to ask her hard questions. The TV or radio talk show host finds that his or her career has come to an end. Such was the case in Richard Bey of WOR. At the height of his career and when his popularity ratings were at his highest, his show was abruptly canceled and he was fired. Then there’s Tom Bauerle of WGR-AM in Buffalo. He was fired from his job soon after he asked Hillary if she had any extramarital affairs. He is now working for another radio station.

Why Doesn’t Hillary Divorce Bill? - Bill Clinton has had hundreds of adulterous relations with other (single and married) women since he and Hillary got married. The Bible says, “But I say to you, any man who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, causes her to commit adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” (Matthew 5:32) Hillary is within her right to divorce Bill. Why doesn’t she? Because, for one reason, it would admit to the world that she covered up for her husband all those women who have accused him of sexual immorality. It would be admission that all those women were telling the truth. For another reason, Hillary finds being married to Bill has political advantages. He was able to dissuade her from divorcing him by offering her government positions.

The Mrs. Juanita Broaddrick Case - This is a case of extreme irony and hypocrisy. Bill Clinton had sex with a businesswoman who was totally unwilling. He jabbed her through her pantyhose, and when he was finished, he bit her lips to cause her lips to bleed and swell. This happened back in 1978 when Bill was governor of Arkansas. In 1994, Hillary was champion of an anti-rape crisis cause which created a rape victim center in Arkansas. Rather than commit her sexually addicted husband for therapy, she confronted Juanita Broaddrick and warned her that she ought to remain silent.

Intimidation and News Blackout - Intimidation takes the form of certain people watching you and following you. It may take the form of mysterious phone calls. It involves breaking in and entering your home when you’re away to let out the pet cats or to steal something. Sometimes it has to do threats of physical violence or actual physical violence. If a victim still wants to go to the press with something evil the Clintons did (which would be called a “bimbo eruption“), the press may not publish it. They may not publish it because it is not nice to publish it or they feel the public really isn’t interested in any of it. On the other hand, any little offense against the Clintons is treated as headline news and brings sympathy to Bill and Hillary. An example of this is when Rick Lazio demanded Hillary sign a petition during a debate. The press made him look like a bully, and so he lost the election to Hillary for the U.S. Senate.

Travelgate - There were seven firings in the White House Travel Office after Bill Clinton's election to the White House. Hillary was known to do all the dirty stuff. She was responsible for the firings. But when asked about them, she said no, she didn’t do it.

Using the IRS - Bill and Hillary found that they could use the IRS as a way to harass their enemies. Some of the people they had the IRS audit were Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, Paula Jones who accused Bill of sexual harassment, the NRA, as well as 33 other conservative individuals and organizations. When the IRS was questioned about auditing conservatives, the IRS said they were not playing politics. When the IRS was asked to provide the names of those people who requested the audits on the conservatives, to protect Hillary, the IRS said those files were destroyed. Even though everyone hates the tax man, the IRS is (or was) a noble institute that is far above politics. Richard Nixon tried to use it to his advantage, but the people there wouldn’t let him. But the smartest woman in the world figured out how to drag it through the mud and use it as her attack dog.

September 10, 2016 Saturday. In Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor last Thursday, one of two lady lawyers mentioned that when Hillary was secretary of state, she warned those in the State Department not to use their own personal server to open up government emails. But now, Hillary is guilty doing the same herself according to the FBI. Conclusion: Hillary is a hypocrite for doing what she told others not to do. She is also a liar if she’s saying she didn’t know using her personal servers would jeopardize national security.

September 10, 2016 Saturday. Four Americans died in the terrorist assault on our consulate in Benghazi. But now, Hillary is saying that no lives were lost in Benghazi. With a simple lie she is trying to change history.

September 12, 2016 Tuesday. One Hillary supporter said on Megan Kelly’s show that 50,000 lives were lost in war because of George Bush. The thing is--George Bush isn’t saying that that only 10,000 lives were lost or that no lives were lost like Hillary is saying about Benghazi.

Hillary’s Health
September 14, 2016 Wednesday. Hillary’s health has been seriously questioned lately. She had to leave the 9/11 Memorial Day Observance early. She was seen collapsing as she was about to enter her limousine. She was also seen coughing ceaselessly for 4 minutes at one time while her staff stood aside and did nothing. About the coughing, Rush Limbaugh wondered if her staff did nothing simply because it was something that was typical of her to go through. Hillary’s response is that she’s had pneumonia for the past few days, and that she thinks it’s no big deal. Hillary also had shown signs of neurological disorders such as seizures and laps in memory. Some medical experts fear these problems of hers may be permanent.
So what kind of president will Hillary be? Will she be temporarily incapacitated during a time of crisis? Will she be largely a symbolic president performing mostly ceremonial duties while the real power is exercised by someone else?

Hillary and the Basket of Deplorables
September 15, 2016 Thursday. Last week Friday, Hillary said, “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables--the racists, sexists, homophobics, xenophobics, Islamophobics, you name it.” This statement would have politically killed any other candidate who would have said this. Look what the statement about our troops who were fighting in Vietnam being “brainwashed” did to George Romney in his presidential bid back in 1967-1968. But Hillary gets a pass. She simply went too far with the name calling--a favorite tactic of the Far Left. She apologized, so that’s the end of that.
The list of names Hillary gave was illogical, if I may sound a little Vulcanish. If you are a homosexual, and you don’t like to be stoned to death or be thrown down from a tall building to your death, then you just might be a little Islamophobic, because that’s what the Muslims do in Iran. If you are a woman who doesn’t like to be treated like a third-class citizen, who likes to wear the latest fashions, who likes to drive around in a car, who doesn’t like to get beat up or raped, then you also would tend to be a little Islamophobic. On the other hand, if you are a Muslim, then you probably think that Western women don’t have enough clothes on; they shouldn’t be allow to vote or hold office; and that they shouldn’t be allowed to do much of anything except bear and raise a lot of children, then you would tend to be a little sexist in Hillary’s eyes. At the Democratic convention, whites were told that they had to go to the back of the building. That’s reverse racism, isn't it?

Finally, there is the “you name it” category. That sounds like the wide paint brush stroke that includes everybody and the rest of us. Are you anti-abortion? Then you are deplorable. Are you pro-abortion? Then you are deplorable. Are you an anti-war protester? Then you are deplorable. Are you serving in the military? Then you are deplorable. Are you a doctor? Then you are deplorable. Are you a patient? Then you are deplorable. Are you a fireman? Then you are deplorable. Are you a policeman? Then you are deplorable. Are you an office worker? Then you are deplorable. Are you a factory worker? Then you are deplorable. You name it.

The First Presidential Debates

September 27, 2016 Tuesday. Last night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their first presidential debates that was broadcast live nationwide on all three networks plus the news channels. I missed the first minute or two. I quickly lost interest in it and started looking for something better to watch. The debate seemed more like a slugfest. I realized that I was missing the greatest event in the history of American politics. For the first time, a woman (unfortunately, a bad one) was standing on the stage as one of the two main candidates who was running for president.

Donald Trump was his usual self who was telling the America people about the terrible trade deals we have made with every country in the world; and that he would fix that. He had trouble at first with the sniffles. There seemed to be water coming down from his nose. But about ten minutes later, he had everything under control and seemed to be all right. It was Hillary who has had problems with her health lately. At times, she seemed to be plagued with seizures, coughing spells, and near fainting spells. But last night, she looked pretty healthy to me.

Hillary was smiling most of the time. It was smile that really bothered me. It was more like a sneer or a smirk on her face that wouldn’t go away. She seemed to laughing at Donald Trump who she looked upon as an impostor or worse--someone who was not worthy to be a candidate for president. Throughout the debate, she was using one-liners which seemed to be cheap shots designed to throw Donald off balance and into a kind of rage that would take him out of game plan. She seemed well prepared for the debate while Donald looked a bit rusty. He did not answer a question that the moderator asked him, but instead talked about how badly the economy was doing. I think he got away with it because the economy is the most important issue.

As I said, this looked like a slugfest when it should have been an educational experience for the voters. We Americans tuned to learn about each candidate’s platform and how they will help America. There’s only 42 days left before Election Day. Voters are paying more and more attention to which candidate they want to be their president for the next four years. Unfortunately, Hillary was playing politics.

September 29, 2016 Thursday. The below web sites show may help us to understand why Hillary appeared so clever and witty. It seems like she was cheating. Not only that, moderator Lester Holt was in on the cheating with her. She had studied Trump’s past speeches and knew when to hit him with what is called a zinger. She would then rub her nose as a signal to Holt that she wanted to take a cheap shot at Trump. Holt gave her a few extra seconds to do that.

Another trick was supposedly that Hillary had a transmitter or receiver hooked up on her somewhere so that she could be coached by her supporters offstage during the debates. I tried to see if she had anything in her ears, but all I could see was her earrings. So I am not sure if she was coached. But I do think she was using hand signals with Holt.

The Second Presidential Debates

October 10, 2016 Monday. Last night was the second of three presidential debates. It was held in St. Louis, Missouri at Washington University. It started out on the controversial Trump tape from 11 years ago. Donald Trump was having sniffle problems again that lasted for about a half an hour. His voice seemed very quiet at first. Hillary Clinton said Trump changes the subject from the main topic. This was true throughout parts of the debate. However, he should do that when the subject becomes personal and irrelevant to the issues that affect our country. Also, Trump knows that the deck is stacked against him even before the debate begins. The moderator is favorable to Hillary while she is unfavorable to Trump. She would be criticizing him; and she would be praising her.

At the beginning of the debate, Hillary would start her rebuttal that Trump’s statements were all false and that everything he said is untrue.

Trump mentioned the bad trade deals we have with every nation on earth. He said our trade deficit is 800 billion dollars.

Hillary tried to paint Trump as a racist, but Trump said he would provide the best education for everyone.

Trump spent a lot of time on the top secret emails that Hillary opened on a personal server. He accused her of lying when she said she didn’t know they were top secret. She suppose to know because they have a “C” them which indicates that they are top secret. He also mentioned that she deleted many of the emails; and that she returned only 35,000 of the more than 50,000 emails she had on her personal server.

On the topic of Obamacare, Trump said it should be repealed because it is too expensive. There is one insurer. There should be competition among many insurers to bring down the price. He mentioned how Obamacare is looking like Canada’s health care. There are many Canadians crossing the border to get better health care in the U.S. because in Canada, patients have to wait too long. Hillary’s response was that Obamacare is better than nothing; and that it needs to be fixed, not abolished. Trump rebutted that her own husband, Bill Clinton was saying the other day that Obamacare is crazy.

On ISIS, Trump said there should be vetted of all immigrants so that we don’t let in criminals. Hillary implied that Trump was racist and divisive by barring (peace-loving) Muslims from the country. Her naïve solution is to make Muslims in this country feel wanted and needed. Martha Raddatz, one of the two moderators, asked Hillary about the 550% increase in Muslim immigrants wants into this country on top of the 10,000 immigrants Obama is bringing in. She told a sad story about a 4-year boy in Syria bled to death from a Russian bomb. She tried to score points by saying that Russia wants Trump to be president. Nothing was said about Hillary agreeing to the sale of our only source of uranium in Canada to a Russian company for a $2 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Trump wants to lower taxes. Hillary wants to raise taxes. She said Donald’s plan is to lower taxes for the rich, and to let the middle class There’s was mention of the carried interest tax loophole. They both agreed that it should be closed.

Trump talked about the line in the sand that Obama drew but never backed up. His words, his threats, his promises mean nothing to our adversaries.

He mentioned that Russia’s nuclear arsenal is brand new and state of the art while ours is in danger of becoming antiquated. Russia has a superior number of nuclear warheads.

He talked about the disaster in Libya--how Hillary was deaf to 600 requests for help while terrorists were attacking our embassy in Benghazi. As a result, four Americans including the ambassador were killed.

On Iran, Trump accused Obama and Hillary of building up their nuclear arsenal so that they are now a nuclear threat. There was the recent “secret” delivery of hard cash and currency from the US to Iran. He pointed out that Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism.

There was a question about what if Aleppo falls? I am scratching my head. What or where is Aleppo? They were spending a lot of time talking about Aleppo. Checking the Internet, Aleppo is a city in Syria that the warring factions are fighting over. Hillary said we should not use our own American forces, but only special forces. To my mind, special forces mean US SEALS or Green Berets. That’s what special forces are. Personally, I think we should use whatever force is necessary to clean up the area and bring peace to the region. We do not have to use troops that are in harm’s way, and even a favorite target of Muslim. Our experience in Afghanistan shows that drones and military robots do a magnificent job in fighting the enemy and keeping our casualty rate down. Hillary mentioned “Bagdaddy.” Really? What about Goodmommy? Checking the Internet, there really is a Bagdaddy somewhere in the world.

The two candidates were asked how they would rate the other as president. Trump mentioned that Hillary regards a significant portion of Americans as deplorables. He said NAFTA was a disaster which has allowed American factories to move to Mexico and cost millions of Americans their jobs. Hillary said Trump is divisive. She said she is good to children and Latinos even though she is the biggest supporter of abortion--even late term abortions which kills one unborn child in the third trimester every 1.14 hour. From 6-9 months in the womb to a 12-year old girl who was raped by a 40-year old man. Hillary blocked forensic evidence. The rapist served 1 year in prison for fondling the girl.

In the area of energy and raw material independence, Hillary wants to put the coal industry out of business. Trump says clean coal can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. Trump says China is dumping steel to put the steel industry in America out of business.

The Third and Last of the Presidential Debates

October 20, 2016 Thursday. Last night was the last of the presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and with Chris Wallace at the moderator. I must confess that I did not watch the entire presentation. I didn’t like it when the three of them were talking over each other. It is apparent that there is no love lost between Hillary and Trump. It was a supposedly a battle between two ideologies.

I was glad that Donald Trump didn’t have the sniffles or a runny nose. He seemed to be in good health last night.

I found it somewhat surprising that Hillary would stand before Chris Wallace as the moderator. From what I’ve heard, all Democrats have taken some sort of vow not to talk to anyone from Fox News.

Hillary seemed to answer the questions as a thoroughly knowledgeable person. However, in the back of my mind, I wonder if she was getting any help when I was looking at her earrings. Some say she evaded some of Chris Wallace’s questions.

The first topic of discussion was the Supreme Court. Donald’s answer seemed better. He has a list of 20 people he is considering for the Supreme Court bench. All of these people are well qualified and highly recommended. Hillary, on the other hand, wants judges who are against corporations, and who are for women’s right (abortion), and marriage equality (gay marriage). She wants to take what God has made holy sacred (marriage and life) and let the Supreme Court, doctors, and mothers and gays if it applies to them. Trump also wants to safeguard our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Hillary was concerned about little toddlers getting their hands on guns and hurting themselves or others. These are the same toddlers she condemned to die through partial birth abortion when they were in their mother’s womb.

Trumps said the abortion issue should go back to the states. Hillary said abortion should be part of our Constitution. I believe she said that fetuses have no rights. Hillary said such decisions are personal for the sake of the life and health of the mother. It’s been proven that late term abortion is never performed to save the life of the mother. When she talks about the “health” of the mother, legally that could mean anything from a headache, to worries and nervousness. Hillary said government has no business interfering in personal decisions. If that were true, we would have a chaotic world. A person could decide he/ she has the right to rob a bank or anybody if he/she that is the best thing to do.

On immigration, Trump says we need strong borders. He said ICE and the border patrol all agree with him that we need to protect our borders. He said illegal aliens are killing our children. He said heroin is pouring over the border. Drugs lords have to be thrown out of the country. Hillary says children of illegal immigrant parents are worried that their parents will be deported.

On Russia, Hillary says Trump is a friend of Russia; while Trump said Hillary has been outsmarted by the Russians. The Russians used a truce in Syria to expand their control over more territory just like the Vietcong took advantage of truces they made with us during the Vietnam War.

On the economy, Trump says Hillary raised taxes. He wants Germany, Japan and Saudi Arabia to pay their fair share of their own defenses. Trump wants more free trade; but he wants to renegotiate the bad trade deals we have with every nation on earth. Hillary wants to give tax breaks to the middle class and not to the rich. She said that will create new jobs and new businesses. That sounds wonderful, except why didn’t this happen under the Obama Administration over the last eight years? Trump said he wants to cut taxes. He said our national economic growth rate has been an abysmal 1% a year. He noted the rising imports coming in from China and Vietnam. He believes he’s qualified to fix the economy because he has built a phenomenal business. He says Hillary has been in government for over 30 years, but she hasn’t accomplished anything.

On the question of fitness to be president, Hillary said Trump belittles women by kissing them and groping them. She said he calls them names like “not pretty,” and “disgusting.” Trump said that nobody respects women more than he does. I am a little skeptical about that. He has had two marriages that ended in divorce.

[ I wish to interrupt myself here. About half of America’s marriages end up in divorce. Though I dislike the idea of a couple getting a divorce, God can forgive a couple for divorce and remarriage, just like he can forgive any sin. The only reason I point out Trump’s two divorces is that he claims to be a Christian who is for Christians. He promises to appoint pro life judges to the Supreme Court. He promises to help Christians who are persecuted in the Middle East. He has the backing of Christian ministers in much of the South. The question is: Is the real Trump the Christian Trump who is now forgiven of his past mistakes and will keep his promises? Or is the real Trump the one who broke his marriage vows and is only claiming to be Christian to get Christians to vote for him--and will not keep his promises?]

Hillary said Donald is divisive while she tries to raise up all people to a better way of life. Yet, Hillary called many Americans, a “basket of deplorable” only a week or two ago. Trump said Hillary is above the law; that she gets away with five times as much for lying than a four-star general who was sent to jail. He said Hillary took millions of dollars from Qatar (pronounced “cutter”), a Persian Gulf nation on the Arabian Peninsula. This nation is a suspect, if not a proven, financial supporter of ISIS. They completely ignore women’s rights according to their Muslim beliefs. Trump said Hillary should give back those $25 million. I agree. Maybe not give it back because they don’t deserve to get it back. She should give it to Jordan who is trying to help the Syrian refugees who have fled their war ravaged country. This is also against the law because no candidate for office is suppose to accept money from any foreign country. Hillary gets around this by having set up the Clinton Foundation which accepts millions of dollars from Muslim countries.

On the topic of foreign hot spots, Trump said Obama created instability in the Middle East when he withdrew all of our troops from there. He mentioned the red line that Obama drew in the sand in Syria which was violated without suffering any consequences from Obama.

On the national debt, moderator Chris Wallace said the national debt will rise no matter which candidate wins the elections.

About entitlements, Trump said he will save Medicare. I think he said he will do this by cutting taxes and help businesses to grow. He said he will repeal Obamacare. It is a disaster. He said the cost of premiums have increase from 60% to 80%. Hillary said something about having sufficient sources to enhance long-term benefits.

Closing statements - Why should we elect you?

Trump said Hillary is raising money from interest groups and is beholden to their cause. He said the police are disrespected. The poor are being shot. And Hillary is all talk and no action. With Hillary, you get four more years of Obama, said Trump.

Hillary said she’s reaching out to children, to families, to everyone except interests groups and corporations. I think she means the opposite. She’s for abortion; she marches with the gays; and she has taken money from the Arabs and many corporations.

The last question Chris Wallace asked is will the candidates accept the results of the election. Trump said he will wait and see. After he said this, many conservatives jumped on him. They said he won the debate, but that this was a major mistake to question our voting system. I agree with Trump. There has been many instances of Democratic voters who are registered in two or more states. They are voting more than once. They are boarding buses and going across state lines. There are also instances of Democrats counting dead people as voters and having them vote Democrat. The major worry is that many polling places are going electronic. George Soros who is an enemy of the United States was given the job by Obama to count the ballots in about 16 different states. These 16 states will probably be for Hillary. Election fraud is hard to detect without proper voter registration. Many judges who favor the Democratic Party have ruled against photo ID registration cards.

The Al Smith Dinner - After the debates in Las Vegas, Nevada, both Hillary and Trump flew to New York City to attend the Al Smith Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Critics say that Trump was harsh with Hillary. It was noted that previous presidential candidate guests were light hearted and told jokes about themselves. An example of this is George Bush who told about a guy who told him he looked like George Bush. He asked if other people said the same thing. Bush answered yes. The guy said, “I bet that makes you mad.” The one supposedly outrageous statement made is when Trump said, “Hillary hates Catholics.” I don’t know if Hillary ever said she hates Catholics. However, there does seem to be recent revelations from Wikileaks that Hillary wants to infiltrate the Catholic Church with friends who have her views on abortion and gay marriage in order to change their rules. The Al Smith Dinner honors Al Smith who was governor of New York State and also the first Catholic to run for president of the United States. It was attended by Catholic Cardinal Dolan who was sitting in between Hillary and Trump. I think that it is shocking that a Roman Catholic archbishop would sit next to Hillary Clinton with her views and platform on abortion and partial birth abortion. When Hillary Clinton was invited by Canisius College, a Catholic institute, the bishop of Buffalo disassociated the college from the Catholic Church for having her as a guest speaker. (I can’t verify this.)